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Atom gCeramic VCC Gold Kanger Subtank Replacement Coils

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  • Atom gCeramic VCC Gold Kanger Subtank Replacement Coils
  • Atom gCeramic VCC Gold Kanger Subtank Replacement Coils
  • Atom gCeramic VCC Gold Kanger Subtank Replacement Coils
  • Atom gCeramic VCC Gold Kanger Subtank Replacement Coils

Atom gCeramic VCC Gold Kanger Subtank Replacement Coils

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Expect incredible performance and pure tasting clouds from Atom’s gCeramic VCC (Vertical Ceramic Coil) coils, which will turn your Kanger Tank into an efficient vapor-churning machine. Atom gCeramic VCC coils are available in boxes of 4 coils and fire at the sub ohm rate of 0.9 ohms.


Take your Kanger Tank’s performance to the next level with Atom’s gCeramic gold plated replacement subtank coils. gCeramic VCC (Vertical Ceramic Coil) coils are built for sub ohm performance without the need for rebuilding—just twist, fill, prime and vape!

Adeptly designed by master coil creators Atom Vapes, gCeramic coils were engineered for the utmost perfection in flavor production. Where other wicks tend to burn overtime greatly affecting the purity of an e-juice’s taste, gCeramic coils are packed inside a high quality porous ceramic wick that will not burn or alter the flavor of any e-liquid used with it.

gCeramic VCC Coils are built with superior quality porous ceramic wicks and high grade coils for the purest flavor from every puff. Each coil is a vertical ceramic coil build that is surrounded by large wick openings in a unique 24ct gold plated housing for a voltage flow that is currently the most reliable in the vaping industry.

gCeramic VCC Gold Kanger Subtank replacement coils fire at the sub ohm rate of 0.9ohms and can ideally be used on the wattage settings of 20 watts to 35 watts.

**Prevent overheating, burnt wicks & dry hits by priming correctly.

Wet your coils properly with e-liquid by dripping through each wick opening before installing into your tank. After installing and filling your tank with e-liquid, wait a few minutes (2-5 minutes recommended) to allow the e-liquid to properly seep into your coil.

Allow your coil to rest for 30 seconds between each pull, we recommend that your pulls don’t exceed 3-4 seconds (for best performance). The optimal wattage for gCeramic Coils are tested at 30 watts, for higher wattages make sure that you prime with a dry pull in between each use.

gCeramic VCC Gold Kanger Subtank Coils Specs

  • Material: 24ct Gold Plated Copper Components
  • Resistance: 0.9 Ohms
  • Connecting Pin: Gold Plated Copper
  • Recommended Wattage Setting: 30 Watts (Can be used between 20W – 35W)
  • Wick: Superior Grade Ceramic Wick
  • Wire: Kanthal or Nichrome Vertical Clapton
  • Compatible With the Following Tanks: Kanger Subtank Mini, Subtank Plus & Subtank Nano
  • Device Compatibility: Devices that have sub ohm capabilities like the LAVABOX, LAVATUBE 3, Kanger KBox Mini, IPV D2, iStick TC40W, eVic VTC Mini Box Mod, iStick 100W & Tesla 80W TC

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