Your Guide to Dry Herb, Wax, CBD Hemp Oil Devices


The use of cannabis hemp plant is gaining traction in the US due to the positive potential benefits that one main ingredient of the plant has, cannabidiol or CBD. CBD is one of over 113 compounds in the hemp plant that is present in high concentration, second to the better-known THC. Though both present the same potential benefits, what makes CBD stand out is the fact that it is non-psychoactive unlike THC.

Unlike THC, CBD will not make a person “high” or “stoned”. Giving this chemical compound an edge in the medical community as more health professionals are turning to its use as treatments to many different ailments with very minimum side effects.

Due to the increasing positivity of using CBD, more and more products are being created for those who are interested in utilizing hemp plants in order to take advantage of its potential medical benefits. The popularity of vaping over smoking has also created a boom of products that allows people to use hemp plants without the need of combustion. CBD is now available in different forms such as dabs/waxes, CBD oils and dry herb form.

These different forms of uses of the hemp plant have created the need for new products that allows users to use CBD in their desired method. Check out the guide below and learn more about the latest and most popular CBD hemp plant products now available.


Dry Herb Vaporizers:


Some users prefer being able to utilize CBD in its natural state, as a dry herb and so the industry has called for the creation of vaporizers that are no longer limited to the desk top variety. Taking after the vaping industry, companies have found a way to create vaporizers that are hand-held and powerful enough to efficiently vaporize the dry herb hemp with the added convenience of a device that is pocket-sized and portable.


The Best Dry Herb Vaporizers



Herbva Vaporizer by Airistech


- Dry Herb Vaporizer

- Ceramic Chamber with Magnetic Cover

- Long lasting 2200mAh Built-in Battery

- Portable & Non-Combustion

- Heats Up Within 20 Seconds



Firefly 2 Vaporizer


- Dry Herb or Wax

- Ultra-fast 45 Min Recharge

- 3 Second Heating Time

- Customizable Temperature Settings



PAX 3 Vaporizer


- Dry Herb or Wax

- Heats Up Within 15 Seconds

- 3500 mah Built-in Battery

- Bluetooth & App enabled



Davinci IQ Vaporizer


- Replaceable 18650 battery

- On-demand Hit & Energy Save Mode

- Heats Up Within 16 Seconds

- Bluetooth & App enabled


Rosin Dry Herb Presses


Some users prefer to be more hands on with the CBD hemp products as they enjoy making their own hemp oil using Rosin Tech. Rosin tech is a heat extraction method that utilizes heat and a pressing action to extract the CBD rich resin from the hemp plant. Users can now create their own CBD hemp oil, wax and dab concentrates with easy to use hemp plant presses.


The Best Rosin Press





- Make Your Own Wax & Dabs

- Non-Solvent Oil Extraction

- Voted Best Value Dry Herb Oil Press

- Fully-Automatic Rosin Press


CBD Hemp Oil Atomizers


For those who enjoy vaping, CBD Hemp Oil Atomizer products now exist that allow users to efficiently vaporize CBD oil that has been extracted from the dry herb hemp plant. CBD hemp oil can be easily added to a favorite e-liquid (buy CBD Drip Hemp Oil), which can be easily vaped in a regular vaping device/mod. Or can be used on its own with atomizers made specifically for use with CBD hemp oil concentrates and its thicker consistency.


The Best CBD Hemp Oil Atomizers



 G2 Atomizer by Airisvape


- Copper Metallic & Glass Design

- Medical Grade Glass Tank

- Full-Ceramic Heating Core

- No Leak & Crack Proof



MIG Vapor | Brain Fogger


- Can be used with any Sub Ohm Capable Device

- 510 Gold plated Connection

- Stacked Coil Design

- Heat Sensitive Airflow Base



Puffco+ (Plus) Pen Vaporizer


- Heats Up Within 12 Seconds

- All Ceramic Coil Free CDRY amber

- Enhanced Airflow

- Three Temp Settings & Sesh Mode



Hemp Dab Kits


Another method that users can utilize CBD hemp is through the use of CBD dabs or wax, which is a solid form of extracted CBD hemp oil with the consistency of wax or crystals.


The Best Hemp Dab Kit



GreenLightVapes G9 510 Nail


- 510 Threading with Ceramic Nail

- Glass Bubbler

- Can be used with any Sub Ohm Capable Device



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