Clutching your VOLCANO Lavatube in hand you press the spherical button, its gentle “click” resounding as you take a sweet and satisfying pull of your flavor for the day, an energizing Hana Honeydew. You blowout slowly to allow the smooth melon flavor wash over your entire palate and you smile, contentedly because since you’ve made the switch to becoming a VOLCANO Vaper you realize that the air around you is smoke and stink-free.  And that’s not the only thing about you now since you’ve become a vaper. Here’s 25 other scenarios that you may have experienced since you’ve made the switch.

What you look like when you step into one of our stores to check out our latest products

Ace Ventura

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You order a ton of our e-liquid


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You get really excited when Volcano holds a giveaway

Colbert Excited

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When we release a new product



Mailman becomes your best frenemy, depending on if he has your vapemail

Fez Loves You 

                      Has your vape mail




           Doesn't have your vape mail



 You’ll feel like a genius when the vaper lingo finally makes sense to you

Captain America

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You ash your INFERNO, then you find yourself looking around to make sure no one noticed



You still find yourself overreacting when someone asks you not to smoke around them

Hulk SMash


Then afterwards you proceed to explain in great detail that you are vaping and not smoking

It's science


It never fails to happen that you’ll get stuck in a debate about fda regulations on the safety of ecigs with someone who thinks they know it all…


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…but they really don’t

Thank you


This happens when you encounter second hand smoke

Jim Carey Gag


Your thoughts when someone tries to sample your favorite customer eliquid blend


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You’ll become so passionate about your VOLCANO eCigs device and e-juice collection that your Significant other will constantly ask you why you need so many


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You'll realize you may have gone overboard the day after the VOLCANO eCigs Cyber Monday sale



 AT ONE POINT You will even become an expert at “stealth vaping”

Stealth Vaping

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When your e-cig drops in between your car seat and the center console

Power Rangers

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You then figure the need to have back ups for your back ups, so that it doesn’t happen again

Pete Ready


You’ll suddenly realize what the variable settings on your LAVATUBE can do for your vape


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BUT Even with all of your prep & research, the time will come when you experience a dry hit…

Im Dying


Or vaper’s tongue for the first time

Im Okay

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When you successfully make the transition from tobacco cigarettes to ecigs

No Power Over Me


You purposely match your LAVATUBE to your outfit for the day



When vaping is more than just a way to fend off your cravings, nor is it just a hobby anymore—it is now a lifestyle

Me Now


You when you have successfully helped someone make the switch too

Self Five

15 Signs you should be admitted to Vapeaholics Anonymous - See more at:
15 Signs you should be admitted to Vapeaholics Anonymous - See more at: