Halawa? Lolo? Mauna? Our eliquid flavors are named after the beauty of our home state Hawai'i.

Chances are, if you are not familiar with Hawaiian geography or slang, you may have wondered what they mean or how to pronounce them. To provide a better understanding of the Hawaiian language used in some of our eliquid names, here are their definitions and connections to Hawaii.

Aloha Apple – Aloha (Ah-low-ha) means a combination of things such as love, compassion, sympathy, greetings, kindness and farewell. We use it in many different ways but in this case, for the name Aloha Apple, it’s definition would be inviting. Our Aloha Apple is an inviting and welcoming flavor that puts you at ease and results in relaxation.

Halawa Guava – Halawa (Ha-la-va) is defined as curve, as in the road or along a beach and is also a name of a city in both O`ahu (O-ah-who) and Moloka`i (Moe-low-ka-i). After a vape of Halawa Guava, you will feel like you are walking on the beach in Hawai`i.

Hana Honeydew – In Hawaiian, Hana (ha-na) means valley and is also the name of a beautiful city on the island of Maui that is a must see when visiting. Similar to Hana’s must see beauty, Hana Honeydew is a must vape eliquid flavor.

Hawaiian Espresso gets it’s name from our specialty coffee we carry and serve at all of our VOLCANO Vapor Lounge & Cafes in Hawai`i.  Vaping this flavor will be sure to result in a little coffee buzz.

Hula Punch - Hula (Who-la) is a form of dance done with chant (oli) or song (mele) that was developed in the Hawaiian Islands by Polynesians. It portrays the words of the oli or mele in visual dance form just like the Hula Punch portrays the sweet yet tarty punch you get when vaping it.

Kawika’s Kiwi -  Hawaiians give their children names with meaning like Kawika. Kawika (Ka-ve-ka) in definition means balanced and receptive to cooperation as well as subtle yet comforting to others. With our Kiwi eliquid being balanced in both sweet and tart, naming it Kawika’s Kiwi just seemd right.

Kona Coffee - Kona (Cone-ah) means leeward or dry side of the island and is the area that provides the ideal growing climate for coffee. The coffee grown here is considered one of the premium specialty coffees of the world. Our Kona Coffee eliquid has been crafted to provide you with that same smooth and classic coffee taste.

Lahaina Lychee – Lahaina (La-hi-nah) means cruel sun describing the sunny and dry climate of Lahaina, Maui. While Lychee is a round, white sweet fruit popular here in the islands as well as other countries around the world.  With Lychees love for sunshine, we saw it fit to name our Lychee inspired flavor Lahaina Lychee.

Lolo Lime - Lolo is slang for crazy in the Hawaiian language which is also what you will be for our Lolo Lime eliquid once you have tried it.

Maui Mango - Maui, also known as the valley isle, is the second largest island of Hawai`i and also home of some well known Mango farms. Making sure our Mango eliquid was crafted with bursts of sweet ripe nectar flavor like the Mangoes grown on Maui to give you a little taste of the islands.

Mauna (Ma-ow-nah) Dew is an eliquid flavor that is similar to a well known beverage, with Mauna translating to mountain, that will have you ready to "dew" anything.

Ono (Oh-no) Orange Cream translates to "Delicious Orange Cream" describing the taste of this creamy and smooth flavor that will have you "ono" for more.

Pele’s Papaya – At exhale of Pele’s Papaya, you feel the warm rush of tropical Papaya sweetness as if it was a rush of lava from the Goddess of Fire herself, Pele (Peh-leh).

Shaka Strawberry - Shaka is a hand gesture commonly used here in Hawaii as a greeting from far instead of a wave meaning Aloha, how are you, okay, bye & thank you. In other areas of the world, Shaka means Hang Loose and is used most commonly by surfers to express their laid back lifestyle that Shaka Strawberry also expresses with it’s simple yet laid back strawberry candy taste.

Waikiki Watermelon – Waikiki (Why-key-key) translates to sprouting fresh water which is what the O`ahu city used to be filled with before the development of the now popular tourist destination. Jumping into the ocean in Waikiki will give you that same crisp and refreshing feeling you get when vaping our Waikiki Watermelon.

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