Looking for a great Vape-cipe to spice up your everyday vape?

After long hours slaving over the eliquid station, testing out thousands of mixes and making sure all were VOLCANO approved, the VOLCANO Ohana (Family) cooked up a wide variety of eliquid mixes to satisfy all taste buds.

VOLCANO eliquid flavors are mostly base flavors, Maui Mango, Aloha Apple, etc. which allow for endless mix possibilites between flavors to customize your own vaping experience. We do have some of our own blends - Choconilla Haze, BluewaterPunch, etc. and encourage all VOLCANO vapers to find their own favorite blend. Here are some of our most notable staff blends by percentage. Enjoy!

Baja Blast (Created by Hannah from Las Vegas):

70% Bluewater Punch

30% Mauna Dew

Banana Pudding (Created by Hannah from Las Vegas):

95% Bonzai Banana

5% Vanilla Bean

Banana Spilt (Created by Kelly from Ala Moana):

40% Bonzai Banana

40% Vanilla Bean

10% Milk Chocolate

10% Shaka Strawberry

BBS (Created by Evonte from Wahiawa):

40% Bluewater Punch

40% Shaka Strawberry

20% Bonzai Banana

Berry-Nana-Dew (Created by Jacie from Ewa):

80% Shaka Strawberry

10% Bonzai Banana

10% Hana Honeydew

Bluango (Created by Joe from Las Vegas):

70% Blueberry Breeze

30% Maui Mango

Blue Cotton Candy (Created by Deidra from Wahiawa):

50% Cotton Candy

50% Blueberry Breeze

Blue Dew Baja (Created by Damara from St. Petersburg):

70% Mauna Dew

15% Bluewater Punch

15% Lolo Lime

Blue-Nana Burst (Created by Michele from Wahiawa):

40% Blueberry Breeze

40% Bonzai Banana

20% Menthol Burst

Bosslyn Berry (Created by Jocelyn from Ewa):

40% Red Wings

50% Blueberry Breeze

10% Menthol Burst

Burst of Paradise (Created by David from Wahiawa):

35% Halawa Guava

30% Ono Orange Cream

30% Waikiki Watermelon

5% Menthol Burst

Candy Rain (Created by Rainy from Ewa):

50% Cotton Candy

40% Red Wings

10% Menthol Burst

Caramel Apple Sucker (Created by Joe S. from Las Vegas):

70% Apple Pie

30% Salted Caramel

Caramel Latte (Created by Dylan from Maui):

40% Kona Coffee

60% Salted Caramel

Carnival (Created by Liz from Ala Moana):

50% Shaka Strawberry

50% Cotton Candy

Cherry Cordial (Created by Michelle from Maui):

60% Milk Chocolate

30% Cherry Lava

10% Vanilla Bean

Cherry Limeade (Created by Mike from Woodfield):

33% Cherry Lava

67% Lolo Lime

Chocolate Covered Caramel (Created by Mike from Woodfield):

75% Milk Chocolate

25% Salted Caramel

Christmas (Created by Melissa from Ala Moana):

50% Apple Pie

35% Salted Caramel

15% Vanilla Bean

Drop of Red Hot Lava to Taste

Cool Blue Limeade (Created by Mike from St. Petersburg):

50% Blueberry Breeze

40% Lolo Lime

10% Menthol Burst

Fire Ice Cream (Created by Damara from St. Petersburg):

50% Menthol Burst

35% Red Hot Lava

15% Vanilla Bean

Fiyah Krakka (Created by Kelsey from Ewa):

40% Red Hot Lava

40% Cherry Lava

10% Menthol Burst

Flying Tart Berry (Created by Patrick from Ala Moana):

33% Shaka Strawberry

33% Sweet Tart

34% Red Wings

Fruity Pebbles (Created by Erika from Pearlridge):

20% Pearadise

10% Kawika's Kiwi

10% Cherry Lava

10% Waikiki Watermelon

10% Grape Escape

10% Shaka Strawberry

10% Pipeline Peach

10% Pineapple Punch

10% Jungle Fruit

Fruity Roll-Up (Created by Mike from St. Petersburg):

50% Shaka Strawberry

50% Bluewater Punch

Grape Ice (Created by Mike from Woodfield):

75% Grape Escape

25% Menthol Burst

GuaChee (Created by Paul from CS):

50% Halawa Guava

50% Lahaina Lychee

Guava Delight (Created by Michele from Pearlridge):

65% Halawa Guava

15% Shaka Strawberry

15% Ono Orange Cream

5% Menthol Burst

Guava Flow (Created by Erika from Pearlridge):

40% Halawa Guava

25% Shaka Strawberry

20% Pina Volada

15% Pineapple Punch

Karma Haze (Created by Mike from Woodfield):

75% Choconilla Haze

25% Salted Caramel

Li Hing Mui (Created by Guylyn from Maui):

50% Pipeline Peach

30% Pele's Papaya

10% Surfer Soda

10% Tobacco Pure

Melon Bliss (Created by Ron from Pearlridge):

30% Halawa Guava

30% Pearadise

30% Hana Honeydew

10% Menthol Burst

Melona (Created by Stephanie from Ala Moana):

50% Pearadise

50% Hana Honeydew

Mixed Melons (Created by Elisa from Woodfield):

50% Waikiki Watermelon

50% Hana Honeydew

P4 (Created by Ron from Pearlridge):

25% Pineapple Punch

25% Pipeline Peach

25% Pele's Papaya

25% Pearadise

Peach Cobbler (Created by Kelly from Ala Moana):

50% Pipeline Peach

50% Vanilla Bean

Drop of Red Hot Lava to Taste

PearChi (Created by Mike from St. Petersburg):

50% Pearadise

50% Lahaina Lychee

POG Fog (Created by John from Product Development):

35% Pineapple Punch

20% Ono Orange Cream

45% Halawa Guava

Purple Wings (Created Kalsie from Ala Moana):

60% Grape Escape

40% Red Wings

Salted Caramel Mocha (Created by Erika from Pearlridge):

30% Salted Caramel

40% Milk Chocolate

30% Kona Coffee

Secrets (Created by Donovan from Ewa):

40% Aloha Apple

20% Shaka Strawberry

40% Pipeline Peach

Skittles (Created by Chuck from Las Vegas):

50% Lahaina Lychee

50% Pipeline Peach

Sooooo Good (Created by Kim from Wahiawa):

33% Cotton Candy

33% Halawa Guava

34% Shaka Strawberry

Sweet Wings (Created by John from Product Development):

50% Sweet Tart

50% Red Wings

Tropical Breeze (Created by Team Ala Moana):

33% Shaka Strawberry

33% Pineapple Punch

34% Halawa Guava

Volcano Blood (Created by Joe from Ewa):

35% Shaka Strawberry

35% Halawa Guava

30% Lolo Lime

Wildberry Tart (Created by Michelle from Maui):

40% Shaka Strawberry

35% Blueberry Breeze

20% Kawika's Kiwi

5% Vanilla Bean