Vapecurious Recipe#4: Tacos & Donuts of Los Angeles

Continuing with our Los Angeles theme, this week's Vapecurious Recipe features two foods that La-La Land is known for. Their tacos and glazed donuts! So read on for two easy recipes to create these delicious foods and find out the perfect VOLCANO e-liquid pairings that you can enjoy with both. Continue Reading

e-Liquid Mix of the Week: Fire Ice Cream

With the summer heat slowly drifting away, we thought we would celebrate the start of fall with a warm and spicy eliquid mix that will leave you feeling cooled down. Check out the details on our Mix of the Week, Fire Ice Cream.

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Vapefarer: The Top 10 Places to Vape in Los Angeles

Because we are there this weekend for the Electronic Cigarette Convention, we are featuring Los Angeles as our next Vapefarer Journey! Come with us as we visit the City of Angels and tell you about the Top 10 Places that you must vape at while you are there! Continue Reading

eLiquid Mix of the Week: Mixed Melons

With over 40 different eliquid flavors, there are thousands of ono (delicious) eliquid mixtures out there waiting for us to create and you to enjoy. With our flavor of the week in mind, we created a melon filled mixture that may remind you of a specific candy treat. Check out this week’s mix of the week and get your vape on!

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Vape Tricks 101: Vapenado

Vapers like to have fun whether it’s with dressing their device up or creating crazy eliquid mixtures that are surprisingly delicious. One thing is for sure, all Vapers love them some vape tricks! Check out this current edition of Vape Tricks 101 featuring The Vapenado.

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15 Differences Between a Newbie Vaper & a Veteran Vaper

All Vapers start their journey to making to switch as a Newbie that is new to anything and everything e-cig related. They often look to a Veteran Vaper for help when they run into issues or need advice since they have most likely been in that situation before. To give you a better idea of what being a Newbie Vaper is like compared to being a Veteran Vaper, we've compiled a list of the differences between a Newbie and a Vaper.

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The Top 10 Must-Vape The Places in NYC

Some of New York City's most notable landmarks in a nutshell. Find your next perfect place to enjoy a vape break in the Big Apple. 

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eLiquid Mix of the Week: Li Hing Mui

Get a little taste of Hawaii’s history as we present our flavor of the week, Li Hing Mui. A flavor introduced to the islands in the early 1900’s that has captured the taste buds of many locals and still does to this day. Get a better idea of what Li Hing Mui tastes like and what e-liquid flavors it’ll take to create it.

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e-Liquidology: Does e-Liquid Expire?

When we fall in love with a new e-liquid flavor we can't help but want to stock up for life just in case it is discontinued. As you swim in your lifetime supply of your favorite eliquid flavor, you start to wonder if e-liquid expires. This week’s e-Liquidolgy blog will help you answer that question and give you some tips on how to prevent wasted eliquid.

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e-Liquidology: Custom Nicotine Strengths

After making the switch to vaping you may start to notice that the strength of nicotine you are currently using may be a little too much but when you go to the next step down, it isn't enough. Although this may cause a little stress, we have just the solution for you! Check out this blog on creating custom strengths of nicotine to help make your transition even smoother.

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