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Customer of the Week - Derek

As a Hazardous Waste Disposer, Derek encounters a lot of risky situations. Until about 2 years ago, he had been in a stinkier situation for 35 years. See how Derek was able to clear the danger zone and make the switch in just 3 days!

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Odd Mods That Are Brilliantly Awesome

eCig Mods are definitely not for everyone! They can be a little intimidating with the different settings available and their size. But what if the mod looked like something you use daily - like a backpack or a coke can? That would be great! Check out these odd mods that are brilliantly awesome.

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Vape-Curious Recipe #2: All American Burger & Apple Pie

How are your taste buds and tummy celebrating the fourth of July? We got you covered! Prepare this all American meal consisting of an honorable burger, a firecracker beverage and an amazing apple pie thoughtfully paired with an eliquid flavor that'll be sure to have your taste buds and tummy signing the national anthem!

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VOLCANO eCigs 4th of July Weekend Sale

As you're planning your Fourth of July this year at the beach, hosting a back yard BBQ for family or friends or watching an amazing firework show make sure to check out our most patriotic sale of the year to vape with pride.

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New Limited Time eLiquid Flavors

These new eliquid flavors are created to bring back some nostalgic summer memories, but won't last long. Like the fading summer heat, these limited edition flavors will also disappear quick. Continue Reading

Guest Blog - Glenn Kassel of SFATA

As a participant in the vapor industry since late 2008, Glenn has seen a lot of changes! It seems these changes are moving at warp speed, with the exception of proper regulation. Now that the proposed deeming regulations have been published, he finds them quite troubling. See what Glenn Kassel of SFATA has to say about these changes.


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Meet the Staff - Joe

Our Vapor Lounge & Cafes have a happy Vaper vibe when you walk in, whether you are there for your very first ecigarette starter kit, eliquid refills or a panini and frappe combo. To maintain that welcoming feeling, we must have equally happy employees. Meet Joe. Starting as a Sales Associate 3 years ago, Joe is well known in our VOLCANO Vaper Community for his outstanding customer service and genuine want to help. This is why he is the Manager of our VOLCANO Vapor Lounge & Cafe in Ewa. Check out his story.

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eCigarette Etiquette: Your Vaping Code of Behavior

Ever fall victim to the rude person smoking right next to you at the bus stop or the silent farter in your economics class? We all have and wonder, where are their manners? Well, as Vapers, we totally have manners but may not know the proper etiquette. To prevent the angry glares and pointing fingers, check out our eCigarette Etiquette - Your Vaping Code of Behavior!

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Vape Myths Debunked #1 - eCigs Contain Antifreeze

As Vapers, we hear some outrageous claims about ecigs and eliquid that make the truth unclear. We feel you. We're doing the dirty work and getting to the bottom of these myths in our series of blogs called Vape Myths Debunked. Check out the first myth we chose to tackle - eLiquid Contains Antifreeze.

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Save Your eCig & eLiquid from the Summer Heat

Summertime means summer fun and summer heat! Enjoy your sun filled day without sacrificing your vape goods. Save your ecigs and eliquid from the blazing heat with these helpful tips.

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