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CALL TO ACTION: Stop Massachusetts from Banning eCig Use

As Vapers, we know how horrible it would feel to find out that there is a possibility that the use of ecigarettes will be banned. Our fellow Vapers in Massachusetts are being faced with that feeling right now due to the potential ban on the use of electronic cigarettes wherever smoking is banned, in Massachusetts. See what you can do to help the vaping community in Massachusetts and speak up against this bill.

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All Time 5 Most Popular VOLCANO eLiquid Flavors

While browsing through our collection of eliquid flavors, you can’t help but wonder what everyone else is vaping. We were also very curious to see what the majority were enjoying! Get to know our all time top 5 eliquid picks and give them a try.

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Vapefarer: The Top 10 Must-Vape There Places in Texas

eCigs in hand, we took a breath-taking and adventurous journey to Hawaii hitting up 10 of the top must-vape places to visit on the island of Oahu. We've jumped on a plane and traveled to our next destination - Texas! Join us as we explore the beauty of Texas and explore it's Top 10 Must-Vape There Places.

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Vape-curious Recipe #3: Germany's Wurst

In celebration of Germany's win against Argentina early this month, we are featuring a dish they are well-known for - Würst! Check out this week's Vape-curious recipe and make some time to indulge in a delicious, Germany inspired meal.

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The Time to Act is Now! : An Overview of CASAA’s Action Plan Regarding the Proposed FDA Regulations

We can always count on CASAA to have a plan of action against ecig regulations. Take a look at an overview of CASAA's action plan for the recently proposed FDA regulations and see what YOU can do to help.

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The Vaping Noob's Guide to eCigarette Batteries

We tend to think that all batteries are made the same and therefore are maintained the in the same way too. When it comes to ecig batteries, there are different techniques and procedures we would recommend to go through to get the best out of your ecigarette batteries. To give you a better understanding of ecig batteries in general, we introduce you to our easy to reference guide to ecigarette batteries.

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VOLCANO eCigs Awarded #1 Best Smokeless Shop

We are honored to have been informed that we were voted, by our customers, Hawaii’s Best Smokeless Shop of 2014. After a little more than four years of helping countless people make the switch and gaining so many loyal customers, we thank you all for getting us to where we are today.

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eLiquid-ology: PG vs VG

Towards the end of your newbie stage, you may start to wonder what makes those serious clouds of vapor. Is it propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin? Or it is both? Check out our PG vs VG blog from our eLiquid-ology series to help you paint a better picture of what can get you the perfect vape and cloud of vapor.

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Vape for Free

Finding a quality ecig for a great price is awesome but being able to vape a great product for free is even better! Learn how every purchase you make with VOLCANO eCigs gets you closer to vaping for free.

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Vape Myths Debunked #2: Second Hand Vape

Most of us have experienced second hand smoke and can all agree that it is opposite of pleasant. Being exposed to vapor daily, we know that second hand vape is completely different in many ways. But is it harmful to others? We've done our research have debunked this vape myth for you.

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