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5 Steps You Can Take So You Can Find Your All-Day-Vape eLiquid

Is your perfect All-Day-Vape eliquid flavor still eluding you? Have you vaped so many different types of eliquids by now that you've lost count? Don't give up hope, we've done our research and have compiled a step-by-step list to help you finally find your perfect All-Day-Vape eliquid flavor. Continue Reading

The Pitfalls of Buying Cheap eCigarettes

Some ecigarette companies will appeal to your pocket and do their best to tempt your interest in buying their cheap starter kits or high discounts on their batteries and eliquids. But the technology in ecigs are very advanced and like any high-tech device they come at a premium price. So don’t fall for the attractive cheaper cost and find out the reasons why paying a little more at first is always better for your vaping experience and wallet in the long run. Continue Reading

CALL TO ACTION: Three New Hawaii Bills Have Been Introduced

Hawaii Vapers! Three new bills have been introduced in Hawaii that will greatly affect your vaping and so we need your testimonies! The Hawaii State legislature have introduced HB34, HB525 and HB586 all relating to where you can use your ecig, if these bills are passed it is only one more step until ecigs are banned just like their tobacco cigarette counterpart. Tomorrow Friday January 30, 2015 the HLT will be holding a reading for these three bills starting at 10:10AM in House Conference room 329—make the time to attend and share your testimony on why vaping should not be banned like smoking. Continue Reading

eLiquid Mix Of The Week: Knock-Out Punch

Want an eliquid flavor that will knock you out with its refreshing and energizing flavors? Check out this week's Mix of the Week Knock-Out Punch, for the perfect wake-me-up taste that will jump-start your morning! Continue Reading

Can The Vapor From Your eCig Set Off A Smoke Detector?

We know we aren’t smoking anymore, we are vaping with ecigarettes, but have you ever wondered if smoke detectors treat the vapor our devices produce in the same way? Does the vapor created from ecigarettes have the ability to also set off smoke detectors the way a billow of smoke can? We wondered the same thing and so we set off to answer the question for you. Continue Reading

Your Vapes On A Plane: Is It Okay To Bring Your eCig On A Flight?

Ever wondered if there are any restrictions the TSA has set regarding bringing your ecig and eliquids with you on a flight? We wondered too, after a bit of research we were able to compile this easy guide on how to prepare your devices and eliquids when getting ready to travel. Continue Reading

What You Can Do As A Vaper To Prepare For This Year's Legislative Sessions

There were many vaping legislations last year because states took the regulation of ecigs into their own hands due to the absence of the FDA's rulings. This year will not be any different. As a vaper, the best thing that you can do is prepare for the legislations because you can definitely expect to see more regulations on vaping due to the constant media coverage on the topic. To help put you on the right track, here are a few steps that you can take to make sure that you are ready for anything that comes up in your local town. Continue Reading

eLiquid Mix Of The Week: Dazzling Ewa'lei

A customer favorite at our Ewa Beach Vapor Cafe Location, check out the details on our delectable eliquid mixture for this week, Dazzling Ewa'lei. Creates such a delicious vape that it will be your All-Day-Vape flavor with your first puff. Continue Reading


Not sure where to apply IDEAL NOALOX on your LAVATUBE? Check out this short blog post with a handy graphic showing exactly where to apply the product and learn more about its benefits when used correctly with your device. Continue Reading

Stand Out From the Crowd With Our New Circle Series Shirts!

Looking to add more to your vape gear? Check our newly released VOLCANO Brand Circle Series tees, all three as stylish as they are comfortable. Continue Reading

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