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e-Cig Laws & News

FDA Pushes Back Deeming Regulations on Vaping to 2022

Great news for the vaping industry as FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb has announced that the deadlines for the PMTA applications has been pushed back to 2022.

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San Francisco to Ban the Sale of Flavored E-Juices

San Franciso has become the first US city to pass a law that would effectively ban the sales of flavored and menthol e-juices.

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Penn State Study: E-Cigs "Less Addictive" Than Tobacco Cigarettes

Researchers at the Penn State College of Medicine have found that people who regularly vape are less dependent on their device than those who smoke cigarettes.

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The FDA Has Suspended Their Deeming Rule Over E-Cigs

The Trump Administration has suspended the Food and Drug Administration’s deeming regulations on the vapor industry, which gave the FDA the ability to regulate all vapor products.

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Vapor Industry's Allies Rally In FDA Regulation Fight

The Vapor Industry sees hope during the Trump Administration as congressional allies come together to fight the FDA's deeming regulations over vape products.

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Rep. Hunter's New Bill Set to Stop FDA's Deeming Regs

Rep. Duncan Hunter is in the limelight again for the vaping industry with his new pro-vape bill which may just stop the FDA's onerous deeming regulations in its tracks.

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The US Navy Has Banned E-Cigs Onboard Vessels

Recent reports of e-cig device failures and injuries have led the US Navy to ban the use of vaping products onboard Navy vessels.

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Number of UK Smokers Plunge 17% Those Quitting Hit Record High

Just a little over five years ago more than 20% of Britons were cigarette smokers, recently published data has shown that this number has fallen while the number of quitters has hit a high since records began in 1974. Is this shift due to the rise in e-cigarette use?

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Reps Cole & Bishop Introduce New Vape Bill

Congressman Tom Cole and Congressman Sanford Bishop introduced new legislation today in the hopes of changing the predicate date for vape products.

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Vaping Is Safer Than Smoking Says Long Term Study

Long term vaping is less toxic than smoking tobacco cigarettes according to newly published research in the Annals of Internal Medicine.

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