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Guest Blog - Glenn Kassel of SFATA

As a participant in the vapor industry since late 2008, Glenn has seen a lot of changes! It seems these changes are moving at warp speed, with the exception of proper regulation. Now that the proposed deeming regulations have been published, he finds them quite troubling. See what Glenn Kassel of SFATA has to say about these changes.


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FDA Extends Deeming e-Cigarette Comment Period

The Food and Drug Administration has extended its commenting period on the proposed regulation on e-cigarettes. The new date is now August 8th, 2014 to submit all written comments. Continue Reading

New York State Ban on eLiquid Sales

It was a purposed bill but now has passed through the senate. Find out how you can help the New York Vaping Community prevent this New York State eLiquid Sales Ban from becoming law.

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NY Purposed eLiquid Ban

New York State has purposed Bill S6939 which would prohibit the sale, offer to sell or giving away of eliquid within the whole state. If passed it will take effect 90 days after it becomes law. See how you can help.

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eLiquid Sales Ban in Illinois

HB 5689 would require the Illinois Department of Public Health to establish standards for 'special packaging' for all eliquid to be sold in which could take anywhere from six months to two years to actually become law.  Until these regulations have become law, the sale of all eliquid in Illinois will be banned.

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L.A. City Council Bans E-Cigarettes in Public Places

Like New York and Chicago, just yesterday L.A.’s City Council in a 14-0 vote collectively banned e-cigarette use in public places where smoking has already been banned.

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Washington State Vape Bills

The Washington State Senate that would impose an unwarranted 95% wholesale tax on all electronic cigarette products containing nicotine.

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Utah Bill to Tax E-Cigarettes

HB 112 would give unelected and non-expert bureaucrats at the Utah Department of Health (DOH) the power to set quality and manufacturing standards for all electronic cigarette products (devices, mods, atomizers, batteries, battery chargers, etc.) that are imported or sold within the State of Utah.

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Los Angeles Vape Ban

Hey L.A., your rights to use electronic cigarettes are bring threatened. Take this moment to voice your opinion against the upcoming bills. 

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Rhode Island 80% eCig Tax

Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee has asked the Rhode Island Legislature to pass a budget bill that would impose an enormous 80% wholesale tax on all electronic cigarette devices

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