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Customer of the week - Tim

I tried a different e-cigarette company before but it was of lesser quality and I just didn't take to it. Then I decided to try out VOLCANO ecigs.

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Customer of the week - John

I have been vaping since March 2012 and I have been a VOLCANO eCigarette customer since Vape Bash 2012 in April.

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Customer of the week - Shawn

I have been vaping now for about 2 months.  I have been a customer for the same amount of time...

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customer of the week - Jason

My wife and I started in February this year and have used Volcano ever since. We tried a few other brands years ago, but was never satisfied until we tried the INFERNO e-cigarette.

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VOLCANO e-cigarettes Customer of the week - Bellamour

Our VOLCANO e-cigarettes customer of the week this week is Bellamour - one of the orginal Volcanites whose a stallward in the video chat room and forum. Lets hear her story!

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