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A collection of tips and tricks put together by the Volcanoecigs Team that will help you master your Volcanecigs gear.

Vape Dehydration & How to Avoid It

Are you feeling a little dehydrated when you vape? Don't you worry, this is common with Vapers new and seasoned. Check out our blog to find out exactly what you can do in these situations and also how to avoid that dreadful dehydration feel in the future.

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Vape Tricks 101: Vapenado

Vapers like to have fun whether it’s with dressing their device up or creating crazy eliquid mixtures that are surprisingly delicious. One thing is for sure, all Vapers love them some vape tricks! Check out this current edition of Vape Tricks 101 featuring The Vapenado.

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eLiquid-ology: Does e-Liquid Expire?

When we fall in love with a new e-liquid flavor we can't help but want to stock up for life just in case it is discontinued. As you swim in your lifetime supply of your favorite eliquid flavor, you start to wonder if e-liquid expires. This week’s e-Liquidolgy blog will help you answer that question and give you some tips on how to prevent wasted eliquid.

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Guide to Your eCig Model

Starting your journey on making the switch to vaping is a huge step and you want to make sure you start off on the right foot to prevent bumps, trips and falls along the way. To help you start off on the right foot, we have created a quick guide that’ll help any newbie pick the right e-cigarette starter kit for their vaping needs.

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eLiquid-ology: Custom Nicotine Strengths

After making the switch to vaping you may start to notice that the strength of nicotine you are currently using may be a little too much but when you go to the next step down, it isn't enough. Although this may cause a little stress, we have just the solution for you! Check out this blog on creating custom strengths of nicotine to help make your transition even smoother.

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eLiquid-ology: PG & VG eLiquid Ratios

Once the newbie stage has come and gone, we start to become very intrigued by the eliquid we use. We notice the strength of the flavor, the intensity of the throat hit and the vapor production. We then start to wonder why some eliquids vape differently and how to find the perfect vape? This is a common question among Vapers. Read on to learn a little more about our PG and VG ratio and why we chose to formulate our eliquid that way.

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eLiquid-ology: What is Vegetable Glycerin?

VG also know as Vegetable Glycerin in something that Vapers are very familiar with whether or not they use it in their eliquid. To get better acquainted with VG and how it affects your vape, we've laid it all out for you here in this blog.

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The Vaping Noob's Guide to eCigarette Batteries

We tend to think that all batteries are made the same and therefore are maintained the in the same way too. When it comes to ecig batteries, there are different techniques and procedures we would recommend to go through to get the best out of your ecigarette batteries. To give you a better understanding of ecig batteries in general, we introduce you to our easy to reference guide to ecigarette batteries.

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eLiquid-ology: PG vs VG

Towards the end of your newbie stage, you may start to wonder what makes those serious clouds of vapor. Is it propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin? Or it is both? Check out our PG vs VG blog from our eLiquid-ology series to help you paint a better picture of what can get you the perfect vape and cloud of vapor.

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eLiquid-ology: To Steep or Not to Steep?

To steep or not to steep? —A question that regularly circulates among those who vape. VOLCANO eliquids are ready to use right out of the bottle. The time that it takes to get to your front door and into your hands has given the ejuice ample time to mature, so steeping our eliquid really isn’t necessary.  But for those with discerning tastebuds, here is some information on eliquid steeping and the best methods for you to use.

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