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A collection of tips and tricks put together by the Volcanoecigs Team that will help you master your Volcanecigs gear.

e-Liquidology: To Steep or Not to Steep?

To steep or not to steep? —A question that regularly circulates among that vaping. VOLCANO e-liquids are ready to use right out of the bottle. The time that it takes to get to your front door and into your hands has given the ejuice ample time to mature, so steeping our eliquid really isn’t necessary.  But for those with discerning tastebuds, here is some information on eliquid steeping and the best methods for you to use.

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5 Unbelievably Delicious eLiquid Mixes

What do you do when you're bored with your vape? Ask around for another flavor or mix to spice it up or dive in and create your own? Well, one thing is for sure, our personal VOLCANO Mixologists take the risk and dive in to the world of Mixology. Through their research and on the edge pairing, they have found a group of unbelievably delicious e-liquid mixes. Don't judge a book by it's cover!

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New Product - IDEAL NOALOX

No one likes the sound of a crunchy LAVATUBE. Get the details on our new product IDEAL NOALOX that kicks out the crunch and brings in the buttery, smoothness.

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How to be a Stealth Vaping Ninja

Proud Vaper's always have their e-cig devices in hand and are prepared to vape at anytime. Although you may be vaping in an area it is allowed, there are certain situations where you will need to or want to be a little more discrete out of respect for the people around.  In those situations, you'll need to learn the techniques of the Stealth Vaping Ninja. It took a lot of patience, meditation and witt to obtain the knowledge from the Master Stealth Vaping NInja but we did. Here are the tips to  become a Stealth Vaping Ninja.

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e-Cigarette Etiquette: Your Vaping Code of Behavior

Ever fall victim to the rude smoker smoking right next to you at the bus stop or the silent farter in your economics class? We all have and wonder, where are their manners? Well, as Vapers, we totally have manners but may not know the proper etiquette. To prevent the angry glares and pointing fingers, check out our eCigarette Etiquette - Your Vaping Code of Behavior!

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Save Your eCig & eLiquid from the Summer Heat

Summertime means summer fun and summer heat! Enjoy your sun filled day without sacrificing your vape goods. Save your e-cigs and e-liquid from the blazing heat with these helpful tips.

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What do Ohm, watts and volts mean for my ecig?

After driving out of newbie town into the world of vaping, you'll start to notice that there's a lot more to vaping than meets the eye. As you keep driving you see welcome signs to mAH Town, Amp City, the City of Volts and Ohm Country. Since you've never heard any of these places you keep driving because you're happily vaping. To give you a better idea of what you could be missing out on, we have explored for you. Ohm my gosh, you may find the perfect vape.

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What is Vaper's Tongue?

It has many names, ranging from vaper’s tongue, flavor fatigue, zombie tongue, flavor exhaustion, and scientifically, olfactory fatigue—whatever you want to call it, it’s an unavoidable ill-fated outcome of vaping.

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Your Guide to Variable Wattage and Voltage

It scares the newbie yet excites the vapeaholic.  It’s your enemy if you use it wrong and your best friend if you’ve been schooled on how to execute it properly. In most cases, there’s no turning back at this point. What is it? The variable wattage and variable voltage e-cigarette device.

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How to Blow Vape O's

Once the newbie phase has come and gone, you'll notice your fellow Vapers and Vapeaholics creating Vape O's that look as delicious as Honey Nut Cheerios. Although they make it look easy, you know there's more to it than meets the eye. You're right! Follow these steps and in no time you'll be filling your bowl with Vape O's.

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