After vaping for some time, Vapers start to get very creative with the way they vape. Whether it's the e-cigarette device they use, the e-liquid flavors they vape or the accessories- one thing is for sure, they definitely get creative with their clouds of vapor. We did some extensive research and have gathered the top 10 most popular vapor tricks out there right now. We rated the difficulty of the vapor tricks on a scale of 1 - 10 and also provided the recommended tools needed for a successful turn out.  Without further adieu, here are the top 10 most popular vapor tricks.


The Vape-stache


With the fast growing popularity of the mustache on shirts, drip tips, straws and even cars there is no doubt that a talented vaper would have come up with the Vape-stache. Being one of the hardest vape tricks out there, rated at a 9 on a scale of 1 – 10, having the right electronic cigarette is key along with patience and e-liquid with a lower strength of nicotine for longer practice times.

To achieve this awesome trick. Make sure you get a nice thick "o" and let is sail away slowly. Then, approach the "o" from behind and inhale the vapor back in with you nose and also you mouth. This will briefly cause the illusion of a vape-stache. Careful, to much movement can disrupt the air and make for a messy vape-stache.  

The Vapor Bull Ring

 vapor bull ring

Unlike an actual bull ring, the vapor bull ring will leave no extra holes and disappears pretty quickly. With this vaper trick rated at an 8 on a scale of 1 – 10, it will also take a fair amount of practice using an e-cig device that has the ability to produce more vapor to create that highly visible thick ring resembling the bull ring.

Get the perfect bull ring, let a nice "o" float and medium speed. Run up behind the "o" and which your nostrils only, in hale the top center of the ring and the illusion of the vape will look like a bull ring. Try in front of a mirror to see your success. 

Vapey Mouse

vapey mouse 

If vapor could speak, it would let out a big, “Squeak” in this Vapey Mouse trick.  With those little round ears how could you resist an attempt this trick! Rated at a 7 on a scale of 1 – 10, the Vapey Mouse is very doable considering that you have mastered the “O”. Any type of e-cigarette device can be used for this trick as long as there is minimal wind.

To achieve this trick, simply blow one larger "o" of vapor and then while slowly trailing the larger "o" blow two smaller rings and aim them at attaching them at the top two corners of the larger "o". You will see the magic success right away. 

The Dragon


Dragons are legendary creatures featured in many different myths world wide. With their power to exhale fire from their mouths and smoke from their noses, it was only a matter of time before a vaper would try the same thing, minus the fire. This is one of the harder variations of the dragon vape tricks you’ll see vapers everywhere trying it out. 

With this move not needing nearly as much precise shaping of vapor to accomplish, it was rated a 6.5 on a scale of 1 – 10. For such a fierce looking vape trick we would recommend a power house such as our LAVATUBE v2.5 which will give you the power of finding that perfect setting to achieve your most authentic looking dragon representation with vapor.

To do this trick simply get a nice pull of vapor of your device. Next, in one massive release of vapor, exhale the vapor out of both your nostrils and mouth at the same time. Clench y

The French Inhale

 french inhale

With a subtle yet attractive look, the French inhale is another popular vape trick rated at a 6 on a scale of 1 – 10. Once you have gotten this trick down, you’ll be reaching for your cup of French vanilla flavored coffee along with your Milk Chocolate e-liquid to enjoy with your baguette while you chill on your patio. Needing more effort from you than your e-cigarette device, you can get away with using any or our starter kits for this trick.

To master the French inhale, simply direct the flow of vapor out of your mouth up toward your nostrils and inhale with your nostrils at the same time. This will create the effect of flowing vapor. 

The Vape-nado


Vape-nado’s are touching down all over the world making it yet another popular vape trick rated at a 5.5 on a scale of 1 – 10. For a successful Vape-nado, minimal to no wind will be necessary as well as a slow and steady exhale of vapor. The more vapor you can get the more distinguished your Vape-nado will be so utilizing our INFERNO BCT set-up will not only give you amazing flavor but also great vapor production for this trick.

To set off a vape-nato, simply blow a cloud a vapor on a flat surface. Make sure you get low enough to where the vapor can pool up on the table or flat surface you have chosen. Next, take your hand and make it flat like your about to give someone a high five. Slide you hand pinky side down into the center of the pool of vapor and in one quick swipe, thrust your hand upward vertically and the pooling vapor will follow your hand into a spinning vortex.  

The Ghost


Although not as shocking as a real ghost, this vape trick will leave you baffled and sometimes even at a loss for words after seeing how close a cloud of vapor can come to resembling a ghost. With techniques similar to the French inhale and vape-ios, this vape trick is rated a 4.5 on a scale of 1 – 10 needing just a little bit of patience along with a great electronic cigarette and eliquid flavor.

Vape Bubble

 vape bubble

Vaper’s, especially Vapeaholics, will start to have urges to fill anything and everything with vapor like cups, bowls, bottles and bubbles. Vape Bubbles are rated at a 3 on a 1 – 10 scale because they are easy but take some skill to master depending on how elaborate your Vape Bubble structure. Regardless of the type of Vape Bubble structure you plan to build, you will need bubbles, a straw and an electronic cigarette device that will produce a good amount of vapor. Once you have those items, it’s bubble time!



Cheerios with their crunchy and honey nut goodness ain’t got nothing on our Vape-ios! Being rated at a 3.5 on a scale of 1 – 10, Vape-ios are fairly easy to do. Like most of the vape tricks, you want to use an e-cig device that provides a good amount of vapor like our INFERNO with the BCT TubeTank or LAVATUBE v2.5 along with your favorite eliquid flavor.  Nothing like Halawa Guava vape-ios to start the day.

If you are already a master at the "o" then get ready to test your skills. You can either tap the side of your cheek with a mouth full of vapor which will send out small "o"s in sequence or you can free hand it and push out small breaths of air creating a waterfall of small "o"s. 

Serious Cloud of Vapor

 serious cloud of vapor

Rated at a 1, the Serious Could of Vapor can be done with no skill at all.  All you need is an e-cigarette device like our LAVATUBE v2.5 with little to no wind and you got your Serious Cloud of Vapor.

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