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Instructional Videos

Here you'll find a collection of instructional videos in a range of topics to help guide you through your vaping journey. We hope these make it easier for you to make your transition to the better smoking alternative.

All-new MAGMA Kit

Introducing our newest MAGMA kit. More powerful vapor production, increased user features and much more. Check out all that The MAGMA has to offer. 

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Clearomizer and Mega Clearomizer

Lava Larry walks your through all the essentials to vaping with our easy to use Clearomizer system.

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LAVATUBE Version 2

Say hello, again. The all new colorfully reengineered LAVATUBE Version 2 available online and in all retail locations. The sleek new design offers the best vaping experience on the market. 

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TubeTank Instructional Video

Lava Larry gives a demo of the TubeTank Vapor Delivery System from Volcanoecigs and shows you how to setup the unit for use.

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The INFERNO Battery Charging Instructional Video

Follow along as Lava Larry walks you through the battery charging process for the new INFERNO Kit.

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The INFERNO Introduction Video

Lava Larry gives you an inside peek at the all-new INFERNO Kit and explains who the kit is best suited for and what the kit comes with.

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