In just 2 hours over 100 volunteers from the Surfrider Foundation in partnership with VOLCANO ecigs collected 11,176 cigarette butts from Kakaako Beach Park located in Honolulu, Hawaii. The cigarettes butts collected were part of a joint campaign by the Surfrider Foundation Oahu Chapter and VOLCANO Fine Electronic Cigarettes to raise awarness about the discard left behind by cigarette smokers. VOLCANO ecig products do not produce any cigarette butt discard. 

Hawaii news stations cover electronic cigarette company donation to surfrider foundation

Cigarette butt cleanup involves Hawaii electronic cigarette company

Over 11k cigarette butts collected from Hawaii beach

Hawaii ecig company collects over 11 thousand cigarette butts from beach

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Volcano ecigs participated in a beach cleanup with the Surfrider foundation

Volcano ecigs donates $5,588 to the Surfrider foundation for cigarette beach cleanup

Over 11 thousand cigarette butts were collected by Volcano Ecigs

Volunteers from Volcano Fine Electronic Cigarettes collect cigarette butts