Whats an Actual Lava Tube

All of our VOLCANO Vapor Ohana (family or community) know that we have a Hawaii Volcano theme when it comes to naming our products. Not only is it where VOLCANO eCigs was established and is headquartered, but it also represents the strength and durability of our products. For example, our newest addition to the VOLCANO eCigs Ohana - the LAVATUBE v2.5. Named after an actual Lava Tube formed by vibrant lava flows.

We all know that an actual Lava Tube is somehow formed by lava. But how? Join us as we explain the reasoning for naming our LAVATUBE eCig Mod series and some fun facts on actual Lava Tubes here in Hawaii.

Lava Tube vs LAVATUBE Mod Series

Lava Tube

Lava tubes are natural channels created by flowing lava, which continues to move underneath the hardened surface of the lava flow. Lava will continue to flow through the lava tube during a volcanic eruption until the volcano has become inactive leaving cooled rock. What are left are the beautiful lava tubes that attract people from all over the world.


Although it may seem like we’re just going along with a theme when naming our products, there’s a little more behind it than you think.

The LAVATUBE v2.5 Mod isn’t just an ecigarette device. It’s a handheld powerhouse giving you your custom vape resulting in some serious clouds of vapor! Like an actual Lava Tube, the LAVATUBE v2.5 has a strong and sturdy tubular shape that will always stand out from the crowd when activated. People from all over the world have heard of it and want a piece of the action.


How Hawai`i was Created

Before the beautiful lava tubes of Hawai`i were created, Hawai`i was born. Unlike any other piece of land Hawai`i is the most isolated chain of islands in the world. So how was Hawai`i created? Check out this video from the History Channel explaining how the islands of Hawai`i came to be.



Different Types of Lava

`A`a, meaning stony, rough lava in Hawaiian, is a common type of lava seen worldwide. It is a loose, broken and sharp type of lava that is found near the most active area of the flow or where a lava flow was once active. This type of lava usually erupts at temperatures of 1000 to 1100 °C.


Pahoehoe, Hawaiian for smooth, unbroken lava, is another common type of lava found in a majority of lava flows. This type of lava has a smoother surface texture due to the pace of the lava flowing underneath the thicker surface crust. Pahoehoe also forms lava tubes and usually have a temperature of 1100 to 1200 °C.


Pillow Lava is formed when a lava flow meets the ocean from under or above water and when lava flows beneath thick glacial ice. This type of lava gets its name from the pillow like formations it creates when immediately making contact with the ocean or glacial ice.



Lava Tube Formation

Lava tubes are breathtaking and such an experience to walk through. With each lava tube being one-of-a-kind, it’s amazing to think of how they were created. Here’s Park Ranger Dave Barnes of Hawai`i Volcanoes National Park to explain just how lava tubes are formed.



Hawai`i’s Most Popular Lava Tubes

Kazumura Cave

Kazumura Cave is located on the Big Island of Hawai`i on the eastern slope of Kilauea, the most recently active volcano on the Big Island. It has been named the longest and deepest lava tube in the world measured at 40.7 miles long and 3,614 feet deep.

Boredom is non-existent with the many different features throughout the lava tube such as lava blades and beautiful lava with a reddish tint. With a long journey ahead to capture all of Kazumura’s beauty, make sure to bring along your favorite Red Hot Lava mixture for a lava inspired vape.


Hana Lava Tube aka Ka`eleku Caverns

The Hana Lava Tube or Ka`eleku Cavern is located in Hana on the island of Maui. Hana is well known for it’s Highway to Hana consisting of a two hour drive each way and narrow, winding roads painted with an amazingly, unforgettable scenery the whole way.

Once you’ve conquered the Highway to Hana, you’re treated with a small yet beautiful little town with only a handful of attractions – Ka`eleku Caverns being one of them. The Hana Lava Tube is most known for icicle like lava formations within the lava tube formed shortly after the lava flow left.


Thurston Lava Tube

The Thurston Lava Tube is located on the Big Island of Hawai`i near Kilauea Iki and is one of the few show caves in the Hawaiian Islands. Formed about 350 – 500 years ago, the Thurston Lava Tube is one of the main attractions when visiting Hawai`i Volcanoes National Park. Since Thurston Lava Tube is only about 150 m, you can enjoy this journey with your LAVATUBE v2.5 Mod along with a nice tropic flavor such as Halawa Guava.