Essentially, a Vaper is someone that vapes with an ecigarette device.

But as we all know, there is definitely a fine line between some that periodically uses an ecig and someone that will not go a day and even an hour without it. So, how do you know when you are truely a Vaper? To help you make that distinction, we've compiled a list of characteristics that all Vapers will have once becoming a true Vaper.

You have more ejuice than you can vape over a year


 What do Vapers do with all of that eliquid? They become their own Mixologist! Read our eLiquid Mixes blog to spice up your everyday vape.

You finally care about and understand Ohm’s Law


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You have more drip tips than devices to put them on


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You plan device purchases over your upcoming paychecks


 See how much you've saved since you have made the switch to vaping! Savings Calculator >

You have an ecig holster and/or lanyard and proudly wear it in public


Show off your ecig and hang it on one of our  lanyards.

You have a vape bag/kit where you carry all of your daily vaping supplies



You keep your favorite ecig and flavor on your nightstand when going to bed to ready yourself for your morning “wake and vape”


 Check out this Vape-Curious recipe for your perfect "wake & vape" breakfast eliquid and food pairing! >

You feel absolutely comfortable vaping out in public and feel pity for those individuals still smoking analogs




You refer to your devices as your “Collection” and have them proudly displayed in your house. After all they are your trophies for quitting smoking analogs, so you should display them with great pride!


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You can easily match your device to what you are wearing for the day—7 days a week


 Vape the rainbow with our wide selection of INFERNO and LAVATUBE v2.5 colors.

You get a funny look from your significant other when you are neatly organizing all of your vaping supplies


 Keep your ecig and ecig accessories neatly organized with a carrying case.

You can’t find an outlet to plug your thumb drive or cellphone into because every USB outlet and wall outlet that you have is always charging a battery or device.


Keep your ecig battery and accessory supplies fully stocked to prevent any vapeless moments! Check out our ecig batteries and accessories >

When you get in the car in the morning, you have your device, back up ejuice, shades, and you forgot your wallet



Stocking batteries and ejuice is the first thing on your list when prepping for a trip, no matter how short it may be


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When you know more recipes for ejuice combinations than recipes for a meal


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When people tell you that you can’t smoke and you answer, “I’m not smoking”



When your significant other suddenly wants more kisses and cuddle time



You constantly find yourself in deep debates with people about why ecigs are not bad for you



You know you’re a vaper when one day you realize that making the switch was not as hard as you thought it would be


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