Sales Executive - Japanese Speaker $16/hr

Job Description:

Summary of Duties:

Solicits orders for merchandise or services over telephone: Calls prospective customers to explain type of service or merchandise offered. Quotes prices and tries to persuade customer to buy, using prepared sales talk. Records names, addresses, purchases, and reactions of prospects solicited. Refers orders to other workers for filling. Keys data from order card into computer, using keyboard. May develop lists of prospects from city and telephone directories. May type report on sales activities.

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Work Schedule: Monday to Friday; 7am - 4pm

Primary Responsibility:

1. Contacts customers by phone, mail, or in person to offer or persuade them to purchase merchandise or services. 2. Explains products or services and prices and demonstrate use of products. 3. Writes orders for merchandise or enters order into computer. 4. Arranges buying party and solicit sponsorship of parties to sell merchandise. 5. Maintains records of accounts and orders and develop prospect lists.

Skills Required:

• Strong ability to persuade others to approach things differently • Excellent command of the English language verbally, in writing, & reading. • Social Perceptiveness • Active Listening • Service Oriented personality • Strong ability to negotiate to bring others together and try to reconcile differences • Knows how to find information and identify its essential information • Can use basic mathematics to solve problems • Ability to weigh the relative costs and benefits of a potential action • Ability to observe and evaluate the outcomes of a problem solution to identify lessons learned or redirect efforts • Ability to identify the nature of problems • Ability to manage one's own time and the time of others • Able to evaluate the likely success of an idea in relation to the demands of the situation • Ability to use logic and analysis to identify the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches

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