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INFERNO Complete Starter Kit

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Compact and powerful, the INFERNO e-cigarette is the most popular midsize starter kit available. Complete with two USB passthrough batteries and the precision designed BCT TubeTank system, the INFERNO is a versatile device well suited for all users seeking a performance experience.

As low as: $79.99

Price as configured: $79.99

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Price as configured: $79.99


The INFERNO Kit is the perfect electronic cigarette starter kit for someone who's looking for great performance and long lasting battery life.  The included Tube Tank BCT setup and long lasting INFERNO batteries makes this kit ideal for smokers who are on the go.  With the included pass though USB batteries, you can charge and vape at the same time and have enough battery life to vape for more than 15 hours between charges! The Tube Tank BCT system is a revolutionary vapor delivery system that is simple and effective to use!  Simply fill the tube with your chosen e-liquid, screw on the base with the replaceable heating coil and you're set for hours of enjoyable vaping time!  This kit is perfect for smokers who smoke a pack-a-day or more!

The all-new INFERNO Kit includes:

  • (1) Gift Box
  • (1) 650 mAH Pass-through INFERNO Battery with 5-Click power on/off
  • (1) 900 mAh Pass-through INFERNO Battery with 5-Click power on/off
  • (1) Wall Charging Adapter
  • (1) Mini USB Cable
  • (1) Tube Tank BCT setup with (1) 1.8Ω heating coil
  • (1) 3-Pack of 1.8Ω replacement heating coils
  • (1) 15ml Bottle of USA MADE V-Liquid

This kit gives you everything you need to start vaping like a pro right out of the box! So what are you waiting for, give the new INFERNO kit a shot today! You won't be disappointed!

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall
    I love the bright colors
    Review by Anitraon 5/25/16
    I love the bright colors and the awesome e juice..I'm gonna get this starter kit next payday..I'm so excited to get it in the mail..
  • Overall
    Great Product *****
    Review by Christyon 5/6/16
    I love the Inferno, it looks and vapes so nice and smooth. I think the size of the tank is just the right size. I did alot of checking on this Inferno and everywhere I looked everyone recommended this product, actually everyone was just ranting about everything regarding the Inferno. In all the reviews, everyone had the inferno in first or second place. You can not go wrong. The only thing that I regret is I got the color green. I don't know what I was thinking. I should of got pink or blue. But oh well what's a girl to do lol.
  • Overall
    Review by Brendaon 3/10/16
    I love it... by far the best one Ive owned.
    I will never buy another brand kit is well worth
    the money ! It's awesome... I love it !!
  • Overall
    Great Product
    Review by Russell Webbon 2/16/16
    I bought this inferno for my wife and she is loving it. She was using a Halo brand and grew tired of always having to change out the wick also leaking problems. I am going to purchase a Inferno starter kit myself, great dealing with the fine people of Hawaii. Mahalo for the good experience.
  • Overall
    LOVE IT!!! ❤️
    Review by Tanyaon 2/11/16
    LOVE IT!!! ❤️
  • Overall
    Good device but don't use thin Juice
    Review by Jebon 1/25/16
    Leaks and gurgles like crazy with thin high PG juice in my experience.

    -Good battery life
    -Excellent taste/flavor throat hit
    -Cool Vape not hot like some Mods
    -Easy to use
    -Super portable

    -High PG juice causes random leaks all over.. even 50/50 leaked occasionally
  • Overall
    Heavy smoker
    Review by Billon 1/9/16
    So far great product! I bought the Inferno complete starter kit which came with everything you need to get started vaping. I'm it as a crutch to help me cut down/quit. I smoke a pack and a half to two packs a day and spend way too much money on my habit. The Inferno has been awesome! I've only had it for 5 days and have gone from the above mentioned amount of cigarettes to 8 to 12 a day! This is huge to me! It's great that I can over time reduce the amount of nicotine in my vape. I truly believe that this product will help me quit!
  • Overall
    I love my new Inferno.
    Review by Lindaon 1/4/16
    I love my new Inferno. It is just perfect for what I need. I haven't smoked a real cigarette in 2 days. This Inferno is just what I needed. It keeps me satisfied.!!
  • Overall
    Review by Johnny on 12/15/15
  • Overall
    love it so far
    Review by Markon 12/12/15
    Moved up from Magma and this thing is awesome by comparison
  • Overall
    Very good
    Review by Lindaon 12/4/15
    Only product that got me away from smoking cigarettes 30 years. I've been ill currently I'm stuck at home a lot, appreciate the website. Just wish it was a little easier to navigate.
  • Overall
    Very good
    Review by Lindaon 12/4/15
    Very good
  • Overall
    Awesome !
    Review by Mary Louon 11/11/15
    I love it ! They delivered everything quick . I bought the complete starter kit and its awesome. I haven't had a cigarette since. I had also bought all the Lava line . I don't care for that. It doesn't have much of a taste . I was disappointed . I had gotten 18 mg in the Lava line so maybe if it was a lower MG it would have a taste and not be bland. I'm going to get another starter kit so I have a extra on hand. Customer care was awesome and very helpful. Thak you. I'm looking forword of trying other flavors you have.
  • Overall
    I love it!
    Review by Peggy D.on 11/5/15
    I'm in the process of quitting tobacco cigarettes & switching to an e-cig. I've tried a few different types of e-cig & this one is the one for me! I'm happy about everything this product is. Thank you so much-the search is finally over!
  • Overall
    The Best
    Review by Sheryl on 9/14/15
    The best liquid vapor I've found! And the company is awesome to work with!
  • Overall
    Review by CrackerJacKon 9/11/15
    Battery life is a little short, would be nice to have two bottles of liquid for a starter kit. Pulls great, trying to quit smoking this helps with the oral fixation if smoking.
  • Overall
    Review by Alan on 9/5/15
    Have been using the item for over 2 years and am extremely satisfied with product and service.
  • Overall
    Simply, great.
    Review by Matthewon 9/5/15
    I received my Inferno starter kit on time from when I ordered it, and started the set up right away. It was WAY much easier than it looked. I started vaping and it was automatic in how great the device is. No leaks what-so-ever, and it brings out the flavor of the e-liquid beautifully. I bought it in a killer sale, and with another e-liquid in total cost be about $49. Best money I ever spent. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who wanted to try this out. Their choices in e-liquid are great as well, and If your thinking about buying this and having doubts null that from your mind, because its just amazing.
  • Overall
    Review by Gabrielleon 7/28/15
    I love the inferno! I have 3 in different colors and the flavors are so fun! I recently moved and I have to order everything online and it's so quick and easy! I get everything I need in just 2 days! Keep it up guys!
  • Overall
    Much Needed
    Review by Harleyon 7/18/15
    So after purchasing this product a while back all i can say is that it's amazing. I've had my ups and downs especially with how fragile the tank could be due to breaking 2 while it was in my pocket (separate occasions). Though honestly I'm satisfied with the price for a vape, but I think it might be time to upgrade to the lavatube 3 seeing how its finally out.
  • Overall
    Summary of Your Review
    Review by Lindaon 7/14/15
    I had my inferno about a week and i love it was using magma decided to up grade and its everything I hoped it would be .
  • Overall
    Awesome product!
    Review by Justinon 7/9/15
    I've had my inferno for a couple weeks now and absolutely love it. Also, the customer service at volcano is outstanding. Can't wait to try more volcano products!
  • Overall
    The New Inferno e-cigs by Volcano
    Review by Paulon 6/24/15
    I've been a chain smoker for most of my adult life and once the e-cigs became available I began what seemed to be a never ending search a product that was easy to use, capable of delivering as advertised, portable, and that lasted long enough that I would feel comfortable traveling away from home without requiring me to pack a small suitcase, Well, the new Inferno provides a dependable, vapor delivery solution that tastes good and has allowed me to finally walk away from those tobacco cigs. I find it to be the best system out of my 20+ other e-cig products to date. The Inferno is an excellent performer that anyone looking for a dependable, easy to use e-cig should definitely consider.
  • Overall
    Works for me
    Review by davethraveon 6/16/15
    lets see I haven't smoked for 3 1/2 years I like to take a hit now and then and it does the trick
  • Overall
    don't tinker with the Inferno
    Review by Bonnieon 6/8/15
    You can redesign the rest, but don't mess with Inferno! I have 3 units plus spare coils, tank, ,rings, etc.. It's a classy looking e-cig and the best performing one out there for someone who wants a dependable, vapor delivery system and isn't interested in seeing how big a cloud they can make. I just want a good e-cig with long lasting components, and that's Inferno!
    Sorry, but I'm not into funky, chunky, blocky, teckkie, or mega clouds.
  • Overall
    Review by Chelseaon 6/1/15
    The inferno is perfect for a first time vapor's kit. It's super easy to use and maintain. You'll be ready to start vaping within just a few minutes of delivery. Plus there's so many different fun ways to customize. I'm also a big fan of the year limited warranty, which you won't find many other places. It's great for first timers or anyone looking for a simple ecig for carry-on.
  • Overall
    Review by Geneon 5/9/15
    I have tried the over the counter Vuze, and Blu e-cigs, but I always just ended up going back to smoking because they just weren't satisfying enough. I have never felt like going back to cigarettes after getting this vaporizer. It produces soooo much vapor, that a few puffs can feel like smoking a whole cigarette and take away that craving. It actually feels like you are smoking a cigarette in regards to the feeling in your throat and lungs when you inhale. But you don't have to worry as much about damaging your lungs, or the lingering smoke odor.

    This is such a quality made product, it feels like a piece of modern art in your hand. It is all polished stainless steel. It doesn't leak like other vaporizers I have tried. You can disassemble it easily. You can replace the coils, the tank, the drip tip, and the batteries. Even though it is $80, it is a bargain compared to what else is out there, because you are getting such lasting quality for the price. I have tried other vaporizers that I bought over the counter such as Faze. This one is the same price but leaps and bounds above in quality.

    You actually save a lot of money using this and recoup the cost of the original investment fairly quickly. I only smoked about 2 packs a week, but at $10 a pack, it only took me about 4 weeks to recoup the cost of the kit, including the e-liquid, and to start saving money. I no longer have to feel so bad about destroying my lungs with cigarette smoke. If you are a smoker and considering this, buy it. Unless you have some kind of special case where you cant tolerate the e-liquid vapor, you will like this.
  • Overall
    I smoked for 46 years !
    Review by Kathieon 4/24/15
    ReviewI smoked I smoked for 46 years and tried everything on the market and a few things other people told me that worked for them, NOTHING worked for me. UNTIL these ecigs. It has been over a year and a half since I have had a cigarette!!!! You have to REALLY WANT to quit otherwise the cigs will win again. MY family is so proud of me and I feel like a winner........finally. !
  • Overall
    Review by Sharon on 4/15/15
    In this price range I own a couple other brands, this is by far my favorite. Very easy to fill and clean. Happy to have purchased this pen, I hated to spend more money on another pen,but now I think I have found exactly what I needed, I'm trying to quit smoking and vaping has been working, I will purchase this again.
  • Overall
    Great product!
    Review by nessaon 4/8/15
    Been chewing nicotine gum for 5 years! Decided to give the Inferno a try. Very easy to use and I love it!
  • Overall
    Order it you won't be disappointed.
    Review by Jameson 4/2/15
    This is one of the best vaporizers I own in this price range. Gives good flavor and plenty of vapor . I was impressed with the product enough that I will be ordering a lavatube today just on the fact of how great the inferno is.
  • Overall
    I like it
    Review by Roberton 3/23/15
    Its one of my first pens and so far its great easy to change out the flavors and clean it I only have a few problems with it.
    The thinner liquids tend to leak a little bit into the airway and my other complaint is I wish it used the same charger as my phone but other then that its been working great
  • Overall
    Review by barryon 3/19/15
    I love this e-cigg, so much, I upgraded after a few weeks already. also, I got my tax return so I could afford it now. but if your thinking of getting this,it's a good choice, but I would just save up and pay a little more to get the top end model. the main reason I upgraded is that the e-liquid goes fast, so I wanted one that I didn't have to keep filling up. but I know they also sell bigger tanks for this model as well. but I also purchased the extra huge tank for the bigger model. will review the new one when I get it.
  • Overall
    I like it!
    Review by Randyon 2/27/15
    The volcano inferno is a great kit! I've been using it for about 6 mo and just bought another "starter kit" for back-up before going on vacation. So far it works well replacing cigarettes for me, and I can "smoke" in the house now instead of going outside. With Iowa winters, that's a good thing!
  • Overall
    Luv it !
    Review by Lisaon 2/19/15
    This is the absolute best thing to help me quit smoking, so easy and enjoyable to use, and i love the flavored liquids! Tastes a thousand times better than a cigarette!
  • Overall
    very pleased
    Review by Susanon 2/11/15
    I'm so glad I went with my instinct on purchasing this product.
    I couldn't be happy!
    Thanks to one and all for all your hard work and dedication in the development of your products.
    I will definitely be a repeat customer.
  • Overall
    Awesome product
    Review by Bozzon 1/22/15
    I've used several other brands and was never totally satisfied until now. The inferno is a solid-well crafted and stylish looking E-cig. There have been many reviews stating "it leaks." Simply put, if you care for it properly and follow the "tips" from customers service, you'll never have an issue. A slow-long draw is key. Also, keep it clean and replace the O rings when needed. My wife and I use ours heavily throughout the day/night and it still works like new. Again, follow the tips provided by volcano customer service and you'll love this product.
  • Overall
    love it!
    Review by Jenniferon 1/17/15
    Had one that I bought in Hawaii and hubby wanted one and refused to get anything but volcano. I recommend this to everyone. No problems with our products.
  • Overall
    love it!
    Review by Tracinaon 1/12/15
    Its great.should have included replacement tube tank o rings in the starter kit though, lost the one it came with in the first week of getting it.
  • Overall
    Review by Rachelon 1/6/15
    Had this for about two months now. It's great! I definitely recommend it to my vaping and non vaping friends. I've tried several other vaping devices and this takes the cake, especially for the price. I have a friend who has the lavatube which is almost twice the price and even she agreed this is almost as good. The quality is good, the amount of vapor is insane! Only gripe is after regular use the battery life has decreased a bit. Still okay since you can vape while charging.
  • Overall
    Great product right out of the Box
    Review by Aaronon 1/2/15
    Super product!! Works as vaper so I am most impressed
  • Overall
    Smooth but Powerful
    Review by Walton 12/20/14
    I have been using a different brand for nearly a year. On the other brand, I would need to replace the coil about once per week. I've had my Inferno for 2 weeks and the first coil is still going strong.

    It is very easy to fill. There is plenty of room between the inner and outer tubes to add your juice without flooding it. Where it comes apart for filling, it is metal on metal threads with a gasket so it comes apart much easier than a plastic to metal joint.

    The batteries are powerful and long lasting. Of course, both batteries are pass thru so you can vape while charging.

    Yes, this kit is worth 3 of the $25 starter kits that a lot of local shops sell. No regrets at all about my Inferno purchase.
  • Overall
    The Inferno Kit
    Review by Lindaon 12/15/14
    I loved everything except the juice. The Inferno e-cig is the best, not too big and it is easy to fill. The kit has everything you need to get started. I'm just wondering about the heating coils.... they don't seem to last very long. Can you clean them or is there any way to make them last longer?

    I was so excitesd to try the orange cream juice and was very disappointesd in it. NO taste and no orange flavor.
  • Overall
    Great Product Overall
    Review by Paulon 12/15/14
    I believe that Volcano hardware is superior to the vast majority of the marketplace because of the care and attention that the company gives to all of its products.

    I have had an Inferno since its first or second iteration (with the original Tube Tank). The batteries that came with my original kit lasted for about a year and a half of heavy use before giving up the ghost.

    So, I bought another starter kit with the new BCT Tank and find it much easier to use and less messy in general. Add in the fact that the BCT system makes the whole thing look classy, and you're looking at a great value for the money you spend.

    I will say that the BCT Tank system is not really a beginner friendly set-up. The first uses gave me the burnt coil blues, and I used up my supply of replacements. Prime and prime again did nothing to alleviate the issue. The one thing that I found that worked every time is to fill the tank, prime the coil, and then let the complete tank sit overnight. I have yet to have another burnt coil issue.

    The only thing that I do not like about the BCT system as a whole is the amount of e-liquid that you end up wasting because of overdraw into the tip basin. Maybe this is just an issue of too much suction on use. I am experimenting with draw strength in the hope that I can find a comfortable draw that won't waste much e-liquid.
  • Overall
    The Best Kit Ever
    Review by Markon 12/5/14
    I just received my Inferno Kit today. This is the best ecig I've owned. Assume vapor hit and the Inferno looks very nice. I would recommend this vaporizer to anyone who wants maximum vapor.
  • Overall
    A Stunning Product
    Review by Kyleon 11/27/14
    I have been using electronic cigarettes for the last year and all of them seem to break, leak, lose power, or not produce enough flavor. Since I started using the Volcano Inferno I have yet to have any of those issues. I use it all day long and it never gives me issues. I noticed that the battery has a unique connection so it is not changeable with e-go batteries and other tanks. Other then that there is nothing wrong with this set up. It has to be hands down the best one I have used.

    I am thinking about buying a few more just to give out as gifts to friends so they can experience the greatness of this electronic cigarette.

    Volcano you have made an amazing electronic cigarette. I plan on coming back for years
  • Overall
    I like it...a more than sufficient substitute compared to regular cigs.
    Review by Jasonon 11/20/14
    If you're considering an e-cig already...go on and jump in...the water is fine! :-)
  • Overall
    Review by Kathy Don 11/19/14
    Had tryied vaping before but it didn't turn me on with other brands. Then I have some health problems so decided to try again to vape & get off cigs. Have smoked for 57 years & am now off of cigs & vaping like mad. I love this Inferno. Easy to use right out of the box. Easy to fill . Very nice hit to it. Pretty darn close to a cig which other brands weren't even close. I love my Inferno.
    Am now happily cig free. No more tobacco, no more ash, no more stench of a cig. Am truly a happy camper here. Also, I love the idea that when I'm home I can plug into my laptop & vape away, saving on my battery. Am on the pc a lot too. Also, I got the cig lighter plug in for the car in case I need it when on the road. Although I vape away without it going down the road.
  • Overall
    Review by Kathy Don 11/19/14
    Had tryied vaping before but it didn't turn me on with other brands. Then I have some health problems so decided to try again to vape & get off cigs. Have smoked for 57 years & am now off of cigs & vaping like mad. I love this Inferno. Easy to use right out of the box. Easy to fill . Very nice hit to it. Pretty darn close to a cig which other brands weren't even close. I love my Inferno.
    Am now happily cig free. No more tobacco, no more ash, no more stench of a cig. Am truly a happy camper here.
  • Overall
    Came in fast!
    Review by Louison 11/17/14
    Came in fast, really enjoying it.
  • Overall
    Love It
    Review by Anthonyon 11/14/14
    This kit comes with everything you need. The coolest thing is mixing the flavors and coming up with some smooth flavors. Haven't had any problems with leeks or anything. Just treat it nice and easy and no problem. The case is nice and all the parts are heavy duty.
  • Overall
    Summary of Your Review
    Review by Johnon 11/13/14
    Very happy so far. It seems to be a great,high quality product in every way. I highly recommend it.
  • Overall
    An amazing product - satisfied beyond belief
    Review by Johnon 10/31/14
    After having reviewed more electronic products than I can remember, I settled on trying the Inferno from Volcano. After a week using the product it has surpassed *all* of my expectations. Super high quality and great construction - everything can be replaced, and it is modular to boot.

    Add to that the vapor produced is smooth and has a great cloud to accompany it. I've ordered another batch of liquids to sample, and have no doubts I'll continue to buy from Volcano in the future.

    There is the smallest of learning curves to vaping the Inferno without getting burnt hits or juice hits, but that was really easy to find. Start a light dry-pull less than a second before hitting the button, and release the button one or two seconds before finishing the pull - perfect every time.

    I stayed away from cigarettes for decades (that's right - I didn't smoke anything) due to the negatives, but Volcano's Inferno intrigued me enough to get into vaping, and I'm super happy I did. Way to go Volcano!
  • Overall
    Very well made device. Couldn't be happier with my purchase.
    Review by Kathleenon 10/30/14
    Very well made device. Couldn't be happier with my purchase.
  • Overall
    Battery life disappointment
    Review by Faithon 10/22/14
    I've been using my inferno for about a week now. I love the strength of the battery and the sexy purple color but I have to say I am not impressed with the battery life. I switched over from a regular ego-t expecting to be able to vape the same if not longer amount of time with the inferno but I find myself having to charge more often. It's not really a problem since I always have my charger with me I just expected a little more from the battery. Overall I am satisfied.
  • Overall
    Review by Jaimeon 10/21/14
    I wish I would have gotten this a year and a half ago when I first quit the real thing and went to the e-cigs. By far worth the price and the backing that the company offers. Don't waste any more money at the gas station and get something that will last.
  • Overall
    Big thumbs up
    Review by JoeRon 10/9/14
    Don't hesitate, buy this "starter" kit. The BCT Tube Tank is a great performer.
    Easy fill, easy cleaning, and it just works (great).
    Get it.
  • Overall
    Pleasantly Surprised
    Review by Derekon 10/7/14
    I gotta say I'm loving this new inferno, much better than the over the counter ecig I was trying.
    I like the quality of the product, the ease of use, and the fact I haven't picked up a cigarette since, which is the biggest plus.
  • Overall
    So Far I'm Impressed...
    Review by Brandonon 10/2/14
    I'm really enjoying my Inferno starter kit so far (I've had it for about a week), and I'm impressed with the design and how it functions. I tried ecigs about 5 years ago to quit smoking but they never worked properly and I had all sorts of problems with them so I ended up continuing to smoke. But so far for the week that I've had the Inferno I haven't had one cigarette yet! The only thing I can suggest to improve the device is to make the colors on the device more durable. I accidentally scraped my battery against my laptop stand while moving it and the paint came off where I scratched it. So be careful. But overall, I highly recommend this device!
  • Overall
    Review by Kimberlyon 10/1/14
    I've been a vaper for almost three years. I started out, like many people, with the slim analog style e-cigs. They worked great to get me off the analogs but was soon disappointed in their performance. I wish I had found Volcano back then, I would have saved all the money I spent on all the different batteries, mods, and tanks I've purchased over the last three years. I was hesitant about buying the Inferno kit since my every day set-up is a twist at 4.8 volts with a carto tank but I have to say I'm highly impressed with the performance of this little battery and the tank that comes with it. With proper use, this little device gives a great hit and the flavor of the juice is really fantastic. The battery lasts a very long time between charges too. Don't be put off by the price, this is a very high quality product and I would highly recommend it for anyone trying to make the switch from analogs. Customer service is great and shipping is super fast. I'm very happy with my Inferno kit!!!
  • Overall
    A starter kit for my sister.....
    Review by greengrabberon 9/30/14
    Almost 2 yr.s since I got my starter kit...not 1 analog for me.
    I'm sending a kit, a steel lanyard and another yummy eliquid, to make a mix!
  • Overall
    This Inferno is better than the first one I brought a few years ago.
    Review by Lamarron 9/30/14
    To those of you who are thinking about purchasing one stop thinking about it and go for it you will be delighted! Enjoy, enjoy!
  • Overall
    Summary of Your Review
    Review by Tanyaon 9/28/14
    Love it!!!! Awesome colors. Love the it in 2 days and have using it ever since. Great product. I would recommend it to anyone that wants great quality in an ecig.
  • Overall
    Great Bang for the Buck for the beginner (like me)
    Review by Casson 9/27/14
    I just got started vaping and the Inferno is my first non-disposable.

    After over 40 years of paying big tobacco to slowly kill me I decided it was time to ween myself from tobacco. So far so great! 2+ packs a day down to 8-10 cigarettes a day after only 2 weeks. Slowly changing my habits and moving stuff around. I smoked Newports for a large number of years and have found my Inferno BCT filled with a 75% Menthol E-Liquid and 25% Tobacco E-Liquid seems to satisfy most of my cravings.

    The Inferno kit had everything I needed to get started right out of the box - even a partial charge on both batteries! Fill it up, put it together, turn it on and away we go!

    Having no baseline to compare this kit against, I will disqualify myself from expressing an opinion on how good or bad it works or how it compares to others in its class. It simply works great for me. The workmanship and fit is excellent, the appearance is pleasing and the operation is flawless.

    Gripe: I'm very active in my occupation and find the Inferno settles to the bottom of my pants pocket requiring excavation any time I find time to take a puff. Carrying it in my shirt pocket is simply begging for a drop the next time I bend over. The lanyards sold here are not practical for my use - I'd catch it on something and strangle myself or break something (like my neck). I have multiple clips and pouches on order from various sources but to date I haven't found anything that works very well to secure the inferno into my shirt or front pants pocket. Just a suggestion for product development: A custom-designed high quality pocket clip attachment for the Inferno?

    I -have- designed and built a nice stand for my desk when I actually find myself sitting there. A 2" piece of 2x4 with a 9/16" hole drilled ALMOST through it. Keeps the Inferno upright and handy without allowing it to roll off the desk.

    Overall - I Like the Inferno. A Lot!
  • Overall
    Love it! Helped me quit smoking cigarettes! Long battery life. 100% satisfied.
    Review by Susanon 9/26/14
    Thank you for the excellent product. The INFERNO rocks!
  • Overall
    Review by JAzzyon 9/22/14
    This is my first e cig that i have. So far i like everything about it. Thank God they insured my package
  • Overall
    Great product
    Review by Mathewon 9/17/14
    I have had mine for a couple of weeks and I am very pleased.
  • Overall
    Summary of Your Review
    Review by Rodneyon 9/14/14
    Much improved product. No leaks and longer lasting igniter.
  • Overall
    Great product, definitely recommend!
    Review by Alanon 9/8/14
    This is a great starter kit! Comes with everything you need to start vaping!

    Definitely a must buy!

    Little advice, I smoked menthol, stay away from menthol from here, it was rancid and taste like old medicine! Otherwise great kit. Wish I could send back the menthol though.
  • Overall
    lve this product
    Review by starburston 9/4/14
    Am not a smoker but I do occasionally do smoke a cigar but my sister has asthma and has a hard time breathing when I somke so I thought I would give this a try and I lve it its so easy 2 use and its one of my favorite colors purple
  • Overall
    One of the best, and I'm super picky.
    Review by Jenniferon 9/2/14
    I have tried a number of different e-cig, starting with disposable-type e-cigs (don't even bother with those---waste of money and the satisfaction leaves one feeling just short of...well...satisfied). Out of all my various e-cigs (I have at least 4 others), this is my favorite. I just lost my 2 that came with my started kit. I have other e-cigs, but this one does the job...this e-cig has helped me practically quit smoking (smoke at most 1 regular cig/day----and really, I don't know why because I know prefer the e-cigs now). And, of note...I didn't even have to try and quit... Anyway, you get a full "hit" (I think "they" call it) and the battery life and size of the tank are more than impressive. The "smoking" feeling is excellent, and I don't think I would be down to 1 reg cig a day had it not been for this e-cig. It is really great for someone looking to transition up to something of better quality, and that will last; that is, of course, as long as you don't lose it like me. I wouldn't recommend for non-smokers (why bother getting addicted to nicotine?); however, for smokers trying to cut back or quit, this is a very reliable and enjoyable, not to mention, nice looking e-cig. Hoping I don't lose my new one coming in the mail ;-). Oh, and the 4-1/2 instead of 5 was because it sometimes does the "gurgle" thing---that is pretty annoying. And, although pretty easy to fix, it is still a bit of an annoyance; mostly because I think this is such a quality e-cig, I don't think that should be a problem. That said, it could be the cartridge and not the mechanism of the e-cig. Other than that small issue (that happens to most other e-cigs, I have found, anyway), this is a great e-cig, particularly for the price. Will be a return customer.
  • Overall
    Love it! Quit smoking cigs after 40 yrs..
    Review by Barbaraon 8/31/14
    I have not used any nicotine in the flavors since using the inferno. Do not even want a reg cigarette. And I like the new inferno I got for my husband better than the old one I got last year
    and am still using. Some of the different flavors are really good, like the red hot lava (cinnamon).
  • Overall
    So happy I swithched!
    Review by kahunapearsonon 8/30/14
    I had been using a different brand of ecig for two years. Good at first but the cartridge and battery quality was going downhill every order I made. A month ago, I switched to their refillable cartridges that supposedly had 20 refill life; and I found the design and quality to be so problematic that I gave up after 2 weeks.

    I made the move to Volcano, and after 2 weeks I'm pleased as punch! Battery life is great! Tank is easy to fill and I'm refilling less! The vapor is 10x better! Faster cheaper shipping! And quitting cigs is not a struggle once again......

    The only smail downside is that I wish the extra high menthol was a bit more minty....
  • Overall
    Inferno Fan
    Review by Lindaon 8/28/14
    I liked smoking but with all the negativity I wanted to try to quit. With this product I have been able to quit.
  • Overall
    Summary of Your Review
    Review by Diegoon 8/26/14
    I absolutely love it
  • Overall
    Got me to quit smoking cigarettes
    Review by Caroleon 8/25/14
    I never thought it would be possible to quit smoking, but this Inferno changed all that. I don't miss it at all. It has been over a week and I absolutely love this. The flavors are awsome. It has set me free. My lungs and my pocket book thank you.
  • Overall
    Love it but...
    Review by Rozettaon 8/21/14
    I am proud to say that I haven't smoked a cigarette since I bought this! I have had it for 2 weeks now and I love the vapor it allows me to have the action of smoking but I smell like a jolly rancher instead of an ashtray! I love it, but I am having a hard time removing the battery. This is very frustrating!!! Not sure how this is going to effect my ability to clean it...guess we will find out tomorrow.
  • Overall
    Wonderful!! 18 years smoking before and haven't looked back!
    Review by Jenniferon 8/18/14
    I purchased this after smoking for 18 years. I have tried previous electronic cigarettes including recently trying one that was comparable in price that my husband uses. I didn't ever find anything that would truly keep me from wanting to go buy "the real thing". I absolutely love the inferno!! I received it over a week and a half ago. I had about a pack of cigarettes left. I smoked them intermittently until a week ago Saturday. At that point I just didn't buy any more. I haven't even had the desire to buy them. It never crosses my mind. I am a menthol smoker and had a hard time finding a liquid that worked for me using my husband's ecig but the menthol burst is wonderful!! I feel better... My lungs are healing... I absolutely love it!!! Highly recommended for anyone who has tried to quit smoking before and hasn't been able to. I tried countless times before and failed..... Until now! :)
  • Overall
    Wish I had found Volcano sooner
    Review by Barryon 7/27/14
    Ive had my Inferno for over a week now and have not smoked a regular cigarette for 8 days now and don't have a craving for one. I never thought I was going to be able to quit smoking but it looks as though I have. Im using the full flavor strength and plan on reducing that to light soon.
    The liquid does sometimes flow into the mouthpiece, but I noticed that if I hold the igniter buttom for a second before puffing and hold the device in a vertical position, that doesn't happen.
    The batteries hold a charge for over 2 days of serious vaping an I have yet to have to change the igniter after 10 days.
    I highly recommend this well built product for anyone that is serious about giving up the lethal cigarette habit.
  • Overall
    Great battery life
    Review by Tashia on 7/19/14
    I switched from a magma to the Inferno and LOVE the battery life and the ability to use it as a pass through if needed. But I find that the new BCT tube tank leave a little to be desired. The throat hit is awesome and it delivers a very satisfying vapor cloud but I have a continuous problem with fluid coming up the tube and ending up in my mouth. I have changed the o rings and even have a second BCT tube and both have the same problem.
  • Overall
    Love it
    Review by Rich Pon 7/19/14
    Love everything about it. The new Inferno style is much much easier to fill, and lasts longer per fill and even has a more consistent taste. The burner/heater unit last much much longer than the old style and the whole system requires little, almost no maintenance other than refilling, which as I said is much faster than before. I now own f of the new unites, one of each flavor and the zero nicotine unit for late night smokes so as not to keep me awake. Kudos to your R&D department!
    And the new type are much more visually appealing to the eye, more streamlined and NEVER leaks.
    I told my doctor how easy it was to stop smoking regular cigarettes and how easy this new unit is to use, he ordered one just to show to his smoking clients and colleges. And he's never smoked a day in his life, but told me he was tempted to start when I let him try some of my favorites. Any chance of getting amateur salesmen points added to my existing point system!!?! (Kidding).
    I made a quick short cost savings spreadsheet to show patients and he said that got the most attentions. Regular cigarettes cost $60+ a carton here in the Bay Area. There are few things in life that will pay for themselves in the first month of use ( with change left over!
    He made a good suggestion for your website, you should push the safety advantages of elderly people who smoke in bed or fall asleep smoking in their lounge chairs in front of the TV with regular cigarettes! He made a good point.
    I got my 90 year old mother to stop smoking regular cigarettes after 75 years of smoking. And her breathing improved noticeably in a few weeks, then I secretly and slowly diluted her 16% nicotine with 0% and now she is nicotine free and never knew it until I told her. The absence of nicotine in her system lowered her blood pressure so much the doctor took her of her BP medication she has been on for over 20 years. I honestly can say it is giving her a few more years of life she would otherwise not have, and her Geriatric doctor agreed.
    He brought up the fact that electric cigarettes haven't been proved safe yet. I pointed out my moms blood pressure, and the deaths from smoke inhalation and burns from smoking in bed and the fact my mother's smokers cough she has had all my life is now completely gone, he asked for your website address and now has one of your stickers in his waiting room! He said it was a big hit of families with smoking patients with early stages of Alzheimer's or dementia, no matches, lighters of hot ashes to worry about. And with the Magma models, no buttons to push!
  • Overall
    so nice I bought it twice!
    Review by jungle jamisonon 7/17/14
    I love my inferno the batteries last so long and now the kit comes with pass through batts. And as for the new bct tank I am amazed. I have put 5 different flavors through 1 coil and I cant tell. I have also heavily vaped on the same coil for weeks so long as u properly maintenance. It is in my opinion the most versatile and reliable mid size ecig not to mention they are durable and stand up to my construction job. Last but not least the flavor selection and taste are the best ive tried never lets me down.
  • Overall
    Very Happy With The INFERNO
    Review by Kyleon 7/14/14
    I love the new design much better than the old tube style. I get a much better hit with this one and it doesn't leak half as much. Only down fall is it does leak out the bottom from time to time and I have to clean the battery connection quite often to make it work right. Other than that I love it so much I got a second one. I haven't had a cigarette in two weeks, thanks to my INFERNO.
  • Overall
    Very happy with my Inferno
    Review by Tonyon 7/11/14
    My son got me the Inferno kit 2 years ago with the tube tank and I love it. I just got myself the new Inferno and I must say I am blown away. I just love how my older Inferno adapts to the new very easy and now I have 4 to vape. I have smoked about a pack and a half of cigs and this will help me kick it. I love vamping and I love Volcano Inferno. I know you will too.
  • Overall
    Inferno BCT System
    Review by Jessieon 7/10/14
    I didn't think it was possible for you to improve on the former INFERNO, but you did. It's perfect. Just the right pull (air flow) just was looking for. Great toke even using my 50/50 mix. IM IN LOVE!!!
  • Overall
    i quit analog cigarettes the day my inferno showed up in the mail
    Review by jessieon 7/6/14
    that was 15 May 2013. 14 months going strong. Volcano wouldn't like to know i don't even use their e-cig much anymore and it only took me 6 weeks to ween off it and now use it only when the mood strikes but I have ordered 4 others and plenty of liquids to keep them in business. My husband and a business associate quit smoking cigarettes using the volcano inferno and my mom will be the next. NOTE: I smoked a pack a day for 15 years before this attempt to stop smoking NewPorts!
  • Overall
    the bees knees
    Review by dillonon 7/4/14
    My first ecig and im loving it! Even my friends say this is the smoothest ego style they've tried. The flavor and MY GOD THE CLOUDS OF VAPOR. I love blowing massive clouds. So much better than smoking for sure.
  • Overall
    Inferno rocks!
    Review by Maurithon 6/25/14
    Love the Inferno, Have used it for 3 years and every time there is an update to the Inferno system, it always exceeds the original. I smoked for 20 years and this thing helps me from going back. Have suggested many people (smokers) that I know to give the Inferno a try and now they are all Inferno users! If you are reading this are thinking about trying it, do it! you will not be let down!
  • Overall
    I'm Loving It !
    Review by Kennethon 6/24/14
    Had tried other brands and types, years ago. Those were too much of a hassle. Read about the Inferno and returned to Volcano to give it a try. I couldn't be happier. I'm extremely Pleased with the Inferno product. The technology has truly come of age. This is everything I hoped for.
  • Overall
    Review by Kendraon 6/20/14
    I just received my Inferno e-cig today and I have to say I am very please with this one. I have tried alot of other ecigs and none have a throat hit and fantastic vapor like this one and the colors are amazing. I ordered mine in Pink and just absolutely love it. My daughter tried it and was surprised at the vapor cloud and throat hit. I am ordering 2 more kits for her birthday and her boyfriends birthday which is next month. Thank you volcano for making a fantastic product and I will continue to order more from you.
  • Overall
    From a Born Cynic
    Review by Brian C.on 6/18/14
    I received my shipment yesterday which included the Inferno starter kit, an extra BCT to match, so I have two vaporizers and a total of seven e-liquid flavors. This is my first venture into the e-cig/vaporizer market and after several weeks of research I dove in head first.

    My intention wasn't to quit or even cut down but I only smoked four Camels today. The Inferno is absolutely amazing. I don't even really want to smoke even though burning propylene glycol is still technically smoking or smoking is technically vaping. Either way I am impressed. The amount of vapor is wicked and the tastes are smooth and mellow for the most part.

    I received seven "flavors" with my two vaporizers. RY-Four Tobacco, Surfer Soda, Pipeline Peach, Blue Water Punch, Pina Volada, Vanilla Bean and Pineapple Punch were all supposed to be full flavored with 16mg of nicotine, but the Surfer Soda came in extra strength at 24mg.

    My favorites in order from first to last are Pineapple, Vanilla, Blue Water, Peach, Surfer Soda, Pina Volada and RY-Four. They all have a great taste but some are more mellow than others and give a strange aftertaste. This could be because I am used to having a filter on my cigarettes and ordered the fluid too strong. I have a feeling the Piña Volada, Blue water and Surfer Soda would be better with less nicotine.

    Way to go Volcano! I plan on ordering more soon. Keep up the good work.
  • Overall
    Review by EFon 6/6/14
    This is my first ecig so I may be a bit biased but I love my inferno!!! It's so easy to fill, clean and use. I looked on you tube and saw all these complicated videos about building your own coil, wick and other stuff I didn't understand. I'm not a handy person and have little interest in building anything, but I do want to get off real cigarettes and want the most flavor and throat hit. Well the inferno does not disappoint. I've been off real cigarettes ever since my inferno arrived 3 weeks ago and I don't think I'll go back. Thanks Volcano for making such an awesome product!!!
  • Overall
    why did I waste money on buying any others.
    Review by Kristineon 5/31/14
    I just received my Inferno yesterday and absolutely LOVE it! I have two other kinda that dont even come close to the Inferno. Upset that it took me this long to try it but glad I finally did! Get the Inferno you will not be disappointed! !
  • Overall
    BCT tank
    Review by Ronaldon 5/31/14
    love this tank, only thing that needs to happen is you need to offer parts for it
  • Overall
    Helping me kick the Camels
    Review by ALEon 5/20/14
    So far so good. I've had little trouble with any burnt taste. I use low nicotine menthol flavor. It has been about a month and I've cut out cigs all together. I also use this less than I would smoke and don't feel like I'm missing anything.
  • Overall
    Very Pleased with the Inferno
    Review by Aaronon 5/17/14
    I have smoked for over 25 years and with this product found it very easy to quit. I could not imagine going back to cigarettes. A wonderful product and worth every penny.
  • Overall
    Performed as advertised!
    Review by Dwayneon 5/17/14
    This was my first purchase of electronic I wasn't sure what to expect...I bought the Inferno. Can't be happier...haven't smoked a cig in over a week. Solid and well performing product...I will continue to use Volcanoe products...thanks!
  • Overall
    Life Changing
    Review by Josephon 5/15/14
    I purchased this just to see if I would like Vaping in general. Well, with the ease of use and good quality I have received with this unit, I am off a 3 pack a day habit over a week now. What more can I say...!
  • Overall
    A precision tool
    Review by Tyler Dirtyon 5/9/14
    Super vapor clouds.
    Easy to use. (Easy to clean and maintain)
    Everything fits together perfectly.
    Long lasting batteries. (I vape ALL day long, and I still only require 1 battery)
    Sexy design.
    Never tastes burned.

    Shipping. (I ordered a pen from another company at the same time, which arrived before I even received shipping notice on this one. Free shipping at Halo, 2 day shipping with Volcano. Still arrived after 5 days)
    Air pressure. (I live at 4200 ft, I work at 1400 ft. Every time I drive home from work, the air pressure causes my pen to leak from every hole. It's a pain to have to deep clean it every single weekday, plus to not be able to use it on my most vaped drive)

    All in all, best one I've owned.
  • Overall
    very nice vape.
    Review by michaelon 5/6/14
    Works very well. Interchangeable parts makes for easy cleaning and maintenance. Only grievance is the mouthpiece does not fit firmly into the socket and constantly wiggles around. Other than that very well done!
  • Overall
    Great Product
    Review by Andrewon 5/4/14
    Tried a couple of other e-cigarette brands before (blu, etc.) didn't like the way the others tasted or lasted way less than advertised (used to smoke 75% a pack a day). A coworker told me about volcano and let me try his...I was hooked! I ordered my starter pack as soon as I got home and rushed the delivery. I haven't looked back since, I'm tobacco free for over two months and have saved a BOATLOAD of money. Don't hesitate, buy this product and you will not be dissapointed.
  • Overall
    Miracle Product
    Review by Garretton 5/4/14
    After starting with a blu ecig starter kit I was back to analogs after a day or two. I bought the inferno a week ago and I am highly impressed. I have had absolutely zero cravings for a cigarette after my first vape. Has a great throat hit that helps with the transition. Went from a pack a day to not one analog since using the Inferno. If it got me to quit Im sure it can for you too.
  • Overall
    Very good product
    Review by Williamon 4/29/14
    I have had mine for two weeks every thing works great . Very good product would recommend to any one.
  • Overall
    Love at first puff
    Review by Evanon 4/24/14
    Short and simple: Much more satisfying than that can of long cut ever was! Definitely a better alternative- I wish I would have tried it out sooner.
  • Overall
    Beats ALL!
    Review by Sylviaon 4/18/14
    Don't bother with OTHERS!
    I started with a T-EGO and this is far better. Had mine for over 2 years - with replacing parts now and then. It is 80 bucks - but trust me - it is worth it!

    Solid structure; well designed; superior quality product. I can't say enough about this vaporizer!

    OH! But this is worth mentioning - I was vaping in the tub and dropped mine in the water - picked it up & vaped on! :) AWESOME!
  • Overall
    So much improvement!!!
    Review by Lindaon 4/17/14
    I purchased the previous version last year - I was happy with it until I order this one! Vapor is stronger so that I can vape my low Nic. ejuice but still get the hit I want. I've had it for a week and still have not needed to charge it. Filling it is so much easier but I keep getting confused between the old one and this one and end up dumping out the juice because I'm holding it rightside up when I'm filling had to hold the old version rightside up.
  • Overall
    total satisfaction
    Review by jameson 4/15/14
    I own a lavatube v2 and have had it since 1/13 and love it. My wife was smoking v2's and constantly refilling the cartridges which is time consuming and messy. Plus the batteries didn't last very long (we Have 10 and 4 charges). I saw the inferno and ask her if she'd like for me to purchase one to try. She loves it. Very convernient to fill up and the batteries last a long time. This is a great product, probably the best of all except the lavatube. She didn't want one because it's so big and heavy. Oh well. The inferno would be great for traveling, might have to get one myself.
  • Overall
    Great Upgrades
    Review by Kimberlyon 4/9/14
    I have an older version of the Inferno and loved it. Unfortunately, hubby and I just weren't completely ready to let go of regular cigarettes at that time. So, when we agreed to give ecigs another go, of course I came to Volcano to check out what they had these days. Hubby opted for the Magma & Mpack (BTW, he loves it) and I decided to get the newer Inferno due to the new features it had to offer. I was not disappointed, I love that they are both passthroughs and the new tank design is GREAT! I like not having to drip every so often and that in just 5 quick clicks it's ready to go. Then another 5 clicks and I can put it away without any worries of leaking in my purse or pocket or it getting turned on by accident. My only negative with this vape unit is there isn't much definition between where you unscrew the tank to fill it and where you unscrew it from the battery. I went to change tanks from Menthol to Kona Coffee first thing in the morning while it was still dark and unscrewing at the wrong place so, ended up with a handful of menthol e liquid. I think some type of textured band at the battery unscrew point would be an improvement. For this reason alone I gave it 4 out of 5 stars. As for the eliquids, they are awesome! They might seem a little pricey but well worth it in flavor and still saves a ton of money compared to the cost of smoking tobacco, not to mention saving on over all health. The menthol tastes like real menthol not a candy cane like so many others I've tried and the Hawaiian Espresso and Kona Coffee are delightful early morning or late night vapes. I tell everyone I know that still smokes and are thinking of trying an ecig, to "skip all the rest and get an Inferno from Volcano they wont be sorry".
  • Overall
    Great Product
    Review by Timon 4/8/14
    This is an essential ecig to have in your vaping arsenal. Great design, perfect size, BCT hits like a champ. I also own an iTaste MVP which I love - but the Inferno will always be my #1 vaporizer for its ease of use and convenience. I will eventually purchase a Lavatube to replace my iTaste... But I can't imagine ever getting rid of my Inferno. Buy this product. You'll be happy you did. 2 months smoke free thanks to the Inferno.
  • Overall
    Was a heavy cig smoker
    Review by Christinaon 4/4/14
    I originally bought the Inferno because a friend let me try theirs and I immediately enjoyed using it. I hate to admit it, but I previously was a heavy cigaret smoker and was worried that the Inferno wouldn't 'satisfy' me. I ordered the Full Flavor ELiquid and enjoy it. I really like the fruit flavors. I am not a tech savy hipster and find the Inferno extremely easy to use and operate. I personally have saved money from not buying cigarets and see the Inferno as a nice little investment.
  • Overall
    Above the rest
    Review by Theresaon 4/4/14
    I have a few other atomizers and they've all gone into permanent storage since receiving the Inferno. What a great product! I can vape Monday through Friday on one battery charge which is amazing. Also amazing is the clouds of smoke regardless of the PG/VG ratio of the juice used. The only mistake I made was not ordering Bluewater Punch for my first e-liquid that's one of the best vapes ever. I remedied that by getting that, Pineapple Punch, and Pina Volada. All excellent. Just perfect all around. I'd recommend the Inferno to beginning vapers and advanced vapers, both will be equally pleased.
  • Overall
    Best ECig by Far!
    Review by CwBoy1963on 4/3/14
    We have tried many different types of E-Cigs from the disposable to these...I can tell you without a doubt this is the best brand available hands down. We have two local shops in my town peddling bad products that have wicks in the tube and fail frequently. As soon as I tell my friends and have them try the Volcano brands they are hooked. The only downside is the cost of the E-Liquid which is priced $5 - $6 more than the local brands, but probably because they have to be shipped. The Inferno is a great quality Vape System....the E-Liquid is a little pricey..that's my 2 cents!
  • Overall
    Review by Kristaon 4/3/14
    I have to say I'm impressed. A coworker was using his at his desk and I had to take a second look due to the amount of vapor I saw. I asked him about it and he jumped at the chance to tell me how much it has helped him stop smoking. I smoke over a pack a day and have for many years. I've tried at least 5 different kinds of e-cigs and though I enjoyed them they did not give me the satisfaction of a true cigarette so I was using both. I made my purchase, received it on a Monday brought it in to work Tuesday so he could show me how to use it. I had one cigarette in a weeks time and it tasted horrible. I'm so pleased he told me about it and now I don't think or want a cigarette!!! The only down side is my sense of smell is a lot better and now I can smell my smoking friends before I see them. I would and will recommend this to all my smoking family and friends, so will my nonsmoking husband.
  • Overall
    super awesome
    Review by Johnnyboion 4/2/14
    Ive been smoking analog fags for about 7 years now. Three weeks ago i received my inferno in the mail and love it! I am never going back to my old ways thanks to the inferno. its a godsend as i have been trying to quit for some time. I haven't smoked an analog fag in more than three weeks now and love it. I feel so much better when i wake up in the morning. Thanks Volcano keep up the good work.
  • Overall
    Review by Garryon 4/1/14
    I have been using mine for about a week now on the same coil. I used it very often throughout the day. The tank system is nice because it only needs refilled every few days. Batter life is great.
  • Overall
    Best upgrade from Blu ecig
    Review by Reneeon 3/28/14
    This is exactly what I wanted! I started with Blu and I was warned by the gas station attendant and he showed me his ecig. I went ahead and got it. It was very hard to pull and it lost flavor very quickly. Then I found volcano and refilled it with the clear cartomizers I bought here. The smoke was harder to pull and the flavor was harsh. I sucked it up and paid the $80 for the Inferno. I wish I did this sooner. It's very smooth and I very little effort is needed to smoke. The flavored and speed of shipping from Volcano now has a customer for life. Thank you!
  • Overall
    Way better than Older version
    Review by Charleenon 3/24/14
    Had the tube tank version before ordering this one and LOVE IT!!! The only think is that it tastes burnt sometimes but the tips given by volcano work just have to blow air pockets out every now and then and prime it!
  • Overall
    2nd order now
    Review by steveon 3/23/14
    I placed an order 2 weeks ago for Inferno Kit and Lavatube. Both arrived in 2 days. (thank you!) Now I have placed a second order for several lavatubes and inferno kits and some other goodies. I have a wonderful collection of mods, about 40 and growing. The reason for the second order is simple, this is my main use all day and night units. I like to have a few different juices with me at different Nic levels and I am lucky to be able to vape at my office. These units just work so well I find my self never using any others. The HIT you get from these are a bit different from others in a major good way. I quick smoking of 35 years a few months ago and only vape at 6 nic to 12 nic in the mornings and zero for most of the day. I love this units. Never had a single issue and both offer something very special in the performance. The inferno is my load and go units. The lavatube is where I have a great collection of tanks and with the adjustable wattage, this unit makes all my tanks come to full life. Really no other unit I have does this for me. My wife who is not a smoker and wants to have a taste of a juice will only use the Inferno out of 40 units. I do not work for this company and have no other dealings than being a happy customer. If you want one of the units on the market, this is the place.
    Irvine Ca.
  • Overall
    Sweet Device But Has "Issues"
    Review by Matton 3/22/14
    Recently I decided to up the ante and go with the new Inferno BCT kit. Up until that point I had only been using cheap, off-brand blister packs for a tank setup. Right out of the box the Inferno had me impressed. The design is sleek, operation is simple, and it vapes like a champ! My only complaints (and thus 4 star rating) is that the tank seems to leak when going outside into freezing temps, and that the atomizer gets flooded FREQUENTLY. As a result, I do seem to waste a fair bit of e-liquid just sopping up the mess under the drip tip and around the battery. Overall I dig it, but for the premium price tag I did expect a device that required far less maintenance. Anyway, the cons didn't stop me from buying a second kit. The coils do seem to last a fair amount of time before the flavor fades, and overall I am happy with the product.
  • Overall
    Best ever!
    Review by Kellyon 3/18/14
    My husband and I have been using your product for 3 years now and we have been very satisfied. This purchase was a gift for my daughter in law because she really liked ours.
  • Overall
    Review by Papafobbon 3/15/14
    I bought the Inferno for my wife and she loves this vape. Produces solid clouds and has a solid feel to it. This is the last vape I have to buy. We've gone through plenty of them before this and the Inferno is the one for her. Volcano, thank you!!!!
  • Overall
    Review by Papafobbon 3/15/14
    I bought the Inferno for my wife and she loves this vape. Produces solid clouds and has a solid feel to it. This is the last vape I have to buy. We've gone through plenty of them before this and the Inferno is the one for her. Volcano, thank you!!!!
  • Overall
    So far, so GREAT!
    Review by Soniaon 3/4/14
    I started off with the Magma, but got weary of filling cartos and recharging batteries so often, so I decided it was time I graduated to something larger. This was very easy to fill, and I love the clear tank so I can see how much liquid I have left. I had no issues with my first use. The amount of flavor and vapor blew me away! I've been using this for about a week now with no problems. I love this thing!
  • Overall
    Best ECIG out there
    Review by Ryanon 3/3/14
    Tried about 4 other brands and this is the best! Great hit and a lot of vapor. Very high quality!!!!
  • Overall
    Review by Dianaon 3/1/14
    I went from the a smaller e-cig (different brand) to the Volcano Inferno. I love it! Great vape and long lasting batteries. I ordered the lanyard and the carry case as well. Perfect to carry extra supplies! I am trying to go full time to my Inferno from analogs. I love the flavors of the E-liquids offered and got the Blue Water Punch with my kit. It's mild, good and not overpowering. I highly recommend the Inferno for those just starting out in the E-cig world. It's easy to put together, fill, charge the batteries even for a novice like me. VERY HAPPY with my first purchase from Volcano!! : )
  • Overall
    Very much worth the money
    Review by Trevoron 3/1/14
    This is a very sturdy design. It is the best design and function that I have seen. This newer design leaks much less to non at all in comparison to a lot of other ecigs that I have seen and used. Great product and am very happy with the purchase.
  • Overall
    Review by Roberton 2/28/14
    A few years ago I tried the smaller ecig from Volcano and to be honest, wasent that impressed. Fast forward to now, I am still smoking analogs and really want to quit. I decided to give it another shot and ordered an Inferno.
    The packaging was well done and the unit itself feels nice and seems to be well made. After getting it charged up and carefully filled the tank, did a few primer puffs, clicked the button 5 times and took a nice slow first drag onto my mouth and blew the vapor out to see what kind of vapor it made. The cape was nice and thick and the flavor jumped right out. This is so much better than my last experience with an ecig.
    It is now one week later and I am still impressed with the quality of the unit and how it preforms. My analog intake is way way down and at this point I think I prefer the Inferno.
    If you are on the fence and just not quite sure, go ahead and take thel plunge! Thanks Volcano.
  • Overall
    Review by Roberton 2/28/14
    A few years ago I tried the smaller ecig from Volcano and to be honest, wasent that impressed. Fast forward to now, I am still smoking analogs and really want to quit. I decided to give it another shot and ordered an Inferno.
    The packaging was well done and the unit itself feels nice and seems to be well made. After getting it charged up and carefully filled the tank, did a few primer puffs, clicked the button 5 times and took a nice slow first drag onto my mouth and blew the vapor out to see what kind of vapor it made. The cape was nice and thick and the flavor jumped right out. This is so much better than my last experience with an ecig.
    It is now one week later and I am still impressed with the quality of the unit and how it preforms. My analog intake is way way down and at this point I think I prefer the Inferno.
    If you are on the fence and just not quite sure, go ahead and take thel plunge! Thanks Volcano.
  • Overall
    Review by Roberton 2/28/14
    A few years ago I tried the smaller ecig from Volcano and to be honest, wasent that impressed. Fast forward to now, I am still smoking analogs and really want to quit. I decided to give it another shot and ordered an Inferno.
    The packaging was well done and the unit itself feels nice and seems to be well made. After getting it charged up and carefully filled the tank, did a few primer puffs, clicked the button 5 times and took a nice slow first drag onto my mouth and blew the vapor out to see what kind of vapor it made. The cape was nice and thick and the flavor jumped right out. This is so much better than my last experience with an ecig.
    It is now one week later and I am still impressed with the quality of the unit and how it preforms. My analog intake is way way down and at this point I think I prefer the Inferno.
    If you are on the fence and just not quite sure, go ahead and take thel plunge! Thanks Volcano.
  • Overall
    Love It
    Review by Wallaceon 2/26/14
    It's an improvement on an already great alternative to cigarettes. I've already turned 5 people to the Inferno.
  • Overall
    Winner, winner...chicken dinner !!!
    Review by PDXwildchildon 2/26/14
    I started with Magma kit years ago...yikes the
    Inferno is waaay better, easier...only way to go!
    I've only had it a couple weeks tho...I'll do an
    update in a couple months...we'll see if I'm still
    as happy :)
  • Overall
    Its working for me!
    Review by Gretchenon 2/25/14
    Having good success with my Lava Tube. Difficult at first, as the change in holding thre apparatus was so different than holding a regular cigarette. Find my self missing a cigarette bit tha Lave Tube is helping with my cravings and fabits. My hope is to quit smoking entirely at some point in this experience.
  • Overall
    Great starter kit
    Review by Granton 2/24/14
    I really like the Inferno. I did notice that there was a lot of airflow. Too much for my liking. I took a O-Ring and put it around the top of the battery so the only air that comes in, comes from the two air holes. If you do this, it may get a little hard to tighten down the tank but it's totally worth it. I've gotten sooo much more flavor since I've tightened the airflow and sometimes, I put my finger over one of the holes to make for an even tighter draw which for me, gives more flavor. That's the only problem that I had. Other than that, awesome product!
  • Overall
    Review by Dianaon 2/21/14
    I just received my Inferno two days ago and I love it! I am kind of new to vaping and this is my second e-cig but my first from Volcano. The service was excellent and it arrived very quickly. It's very easy to get started with the Inferno and I've had no problems so far with leaking. The batteries are great and last so long! I chose the Blue Water Punch in Full Flavor and I like it a lot! I also purchased the matching lanyard and also the carrying case. Also, this is the newer version Inferno and I am more than pleased so far. Thank you!!!
  • Overall
    This is about as good as it gets!
    Review by JoDellon 2/19/14
    I have used the Lecig and it cannot compare to the Volcano. I love this E-Cig and will never go back to regular cigarettes or other manufacturers.
  • Overall
    Love this new Tube Tank BCT
    Review by Haroldon 2/19/14
    I ordered an Inferno kit in red about 3 weeks ago.Love it so much I ordered a Blue kit over the Valentines holiday with a nice 25% discount.Love the new finish on these.Always liked the original Inferno finish and the platic tanks,but this is a really nice improvement.Personally,I have had zero leakage issue that wasn't my own fault.Got to be careful not to unscrew the tank at the battery connection and not at the tank.Coils seem to be holding up well,draw and vapor production are great.Coils are fairly priced at about $4.00 each.These have quickly become my go to device.My bottom feeders are feeling neglected ! Highly recommend to new or experienced vapor.
  • Overall
    Great kit!
    Review by Erinon 2/18/14
    I have to agree with a few of the other people that you really have to be careful when putting the coil onto the tank, the little o-ring is very delicate and if not properly done, your tank will leak and make a mess. But as long as you are careful with it, no problems. I love the flavors and have been trying to quite smoking for a long time and I think I have found my thing. If you are on the fence, go for it! I promise you won't be disappointed.
  • Overall
    Review by Wendyon 2/18/14
    I was a pack a day smoker before I tried the Inferno and I am happy to say that from day one it has been easy to quit! I have tried other e-cigs in the past and none of them compare!
  • Overall
    Great buy
    Review by Dakotaon 2/18/14
    So I did my research as far as prices and quality go. I had an ego -c type battery ( not from volcano) and a J-Tank that I bought a few months back that used a carto, (not a bottom coil tank). After a few months of using the old system I was getting annoyed, the cartos were hit and miss, usually 2 duds per pack and they flooded/ dry fired way to often. Went to a local Volcano dealer in Las Vegas, honestly couldn't be happier. Forget what all the bad reviews say. The batteries are great, the system looks phenomenal, and it works better than any other tank system I've ever had. The vapor production is awesome with the full strength liquid. I'll probably bump down to 8mg nicotine next time because i like to vape often and the 16mg is too strong for me to use it as often as I'd like. As far as the new Bottom Coil tank goes... hands down better than any other for this price. YES, it does flood sometimes, the way the new tank is set up with the condensation catcher under the drip tip, it does exactly that! catches condensation and excess liquid if you pull too hard. You'll have to wipe it out maybe twice/three times a day but besides that there is no cons whatsoever. Would recommend this to anyone. Great product. No leaking, no gurgling, nothing so far besides great vape and great flavor.
  • Overall
    The best yet
    Review by Connieon 2/16/14
    By far, this is the best inferno kit I have used! It is very easy to assemble, keep clean and the battery lasts long enough to enjoy. Thank you Volcano for a quality produce!!
  • Overall
    A lot has improved.
    Review by nicholason 2/15/14
    Finally they switched to bct style delivery. The cart is a thing of the past. Nothing much to say other than that this unit is superb. Beginner, amateur, or pro vaper the inferno will not disappoint.

    My personal opinion:
    Tank shape should be squared out. It looks too feminine.
  • Overall
    Awesome! But I was a week too early!!
    Review by Sandy Con 2/10/14
    Absolutely love the Inferno! I started vaping when it first came out a few years ago. I tried the Volcano, then the Magma. I only went back to analogs after being tired of folks asking me about the ecigs. Now that they're more prevalent, I took a chance on the Inferno. Wow! What a difference a few "evolutions" made! Very easy, long battery life, fast shipping; kudos! My only gripe is that less than a week after I received my black Inferno; out came the PURPLE! Really? Well, next paycheck...
  • Overall
    love it!
    Review by Jameson 2/9/14
    excellent!! although the heating coil lasts from a day to a week. no leaks once i got a different drip tip. flavors are great except for cotton candy, it tastes like burnt sugar. and the eliquid is a little pricey. i use th.e kik sticks fluid thats the same high quality at half the price. i also decided to order anything from volcano online because the guys at the mall kiosk are too stoned to be much help.
  • Overall
    Love it
    Review by Kenon 2/4/14
    After smoking for 30+ years I tried vaping. It's been 6 eeks since my last smoke and I have no desire to smoke anymore.
  • Overall
    Review by Matthewon 2/2/14
    Ok first shipping...great! Ordered 23 Jan got here (to my deployed location) on 3 Feb. Set-up and instructions were easy! Was so impressed with the first time out at the smoke pit...sold the last of my smokes and around here they are very hard to come by. Got the Tabacco light e-liquid and it is not bad. I have been a smoker for over 20 years and finally think I have found a way better alternative to smoking. Will keep updating
  • Overall
    Perfect choice for us
    Review by Charlotteon 1/31/14
    My husband and I wanted to quit smoking. We have tried in the past and failed... miserably. He thought we should look into ecigs. I started researching and found Volcano. We picked these out. Waited anxiously. Once they arrived I had one more cigarette and hubs had a few but now? We aren't smoking! Its easy to use. Volcanos customer service is outstanding. We have both gotten compliments on our infernos. Mine has had no leakage issues and Hubs had one but we figured it out(Thanks to the awesome customer service) and he is good to go. All in all we are pleased and would buy this again! And flavors of ejuice?? Really good!
  • Overall
    Review by kevinon 1/30/14
    love this product has a lot of vapor for an ego style love the coil beautiful design the e juice it came with is delicious
  • Overall
    First volcano product I didn't love...
    Review by Garryon 1/27/14
    I've ordered a lot from volcano and and almost always impressed. And overall, the inferno kit is impressive too. It's actually a good price for all that you get, and the batteries and tank are beautifully designed. The only bad, is the tube tank system. It was a good idea, but flawed. It leaks, often, and a lot. The coils seem to last from 2 days to weeks and weeks. Really inconsistent. Way too much priming. Issue could be resolved by an additional o-ring in the bottom of the drip tip. All in all, it's still really good and I would recommend it to a new vapor or someone looking for a sleek looking smaller discreet device.
  • Overall
    Review by Joseon 1/27/14
    I am a college student at FGCU and we have a volcano store literally right down the road, and I bought the original version of the inferno kit. It had the cartomizer tank and I loved it and then I just recently upgraded my tank and battery and it only got better. I love this kit and recommend it to all my friends on campus. If you are looking for a great starter kit then this is the way to go. I will soon upgrade to the Lavatube kit when Volcano releases a bottom coil tank, and the Inferno will serve as a worthy back up. I recommend this to any and everybody.
  • Overall
    Very Good product with one negative
    Review by anaon 1/27/14
    Ordering and delivery were fast and excellent. Product quality it solid, well done. I ordered the inferno starter kit plus 2 extra tube tanks and juice. There was one problem. All three tanks came with the o ring installed on the battery thread side, not properly installed around the coil/tank side. This caused immediate flooding and massive leaking as one would expect. Cost me about 6ml of juice and made a real mess. Be sure to check that the o ring in installed properly around the coil. Once corrected the inferno performs great, excellent vapor! This is the only reason I am giving it a 4 and not a 5 star rating.
  • Overall
    The best eblunt there is
    Review by Leonon 1/21/14
    I've tried a couple ecigs before, all with tanks, and none of them have mastered the perfect amount of airflow as the inferno has. The drag is perfect, and it really brings out the flavor (which might also just be the fact that volcano makes some awesome flavors)
    Battery life is amazing, and to my disbelief, volcano inferno is one of the few ecigs you can hit while it charges. I'm also very happy that the custom tank is a pro tank.
  • Overall
    Quitting Tobacco has never been so painless!
    Review by Lanceon 1/21/14
    It's been about 7 days! Been smoking over 20 years! I haven't smoked any cigarettes quitting has never been so easy! I really like the flavors. My Inferno is my new best friend haha! I just wish when it hung on the lanyard it hung up and down instead of sideways. I put a small rubber band on it just above the clear part on the tube tank so it hangs up and down, No biggie though altogether it great!
  • Overall
    Review by kimberlyon 1/20/14
    Having alot of trouble with leakage, not becaused of overfilling , i've made sure i havent
  • Overall
    I absolutely LOVE my Volcano Inferno!!!!!
    Review by Micheleon 1/18/14
    I have been a cigarette smoker for almost 30 years and I quit on New Years, I was miserable, chewing on Nicorette, sucking on Nicorette Lozenges & stuffing my face trying to "eat" away my cravings, to no avail!!!! My son gave me another brand of E-cigarette and it stopped working. Out of desperation, I tried an E-Cig I previously bought from Green Smoke and that definitely didn't work well--neither produced enough vapor or had that throat hit I needed and both had a funny burnt type taste to them. I was almost to the point of buying a pack of smokes to satisfy my cravings; however I found the local shop in town that sells the Vocano E-Cigs so I gave the inferno a try and and I purchased it: I absolutely LOVE IT!!!! The flavors are great, lots of vapor, the throat hit is excellent and my cravings are completely satisfied!!!! I will NEVER smoke another cigarette again after using this product!!! I can't wait for my Dad & my Cousins to try it so they can quit smoking cigarettes too!!! Today for the first time I was able to walk up the cliffs at the beach without being winded, I no longer have a cough, I no longer stink like cigarettes and if I feel the "urge" to have a cigarette, I "vape" a few times on my Inferno and my urge is COMPLETELY satisfied and I am not feeling the need to stuff my face!!! If you are a die-hard cigarette smoker and you are looking for an e-cigarette that really satisfies, try the Volcano Inferno, you will be very pleasantly surprised--it may cost a tad bit more than other brands, but it is definitely worth it and for me it cost less than what I would pay for 10 packs of smokes (which last me about a week--yes, I was a pretty heavy smoker). Thank you for a great product, I highly recommend the Volcano Inferno!!!!
  • Overall
    what I Expected
    Review by Kiton 1/18/14
    I am trying Volcano E-cig. for first time Inferno was suggested By a Friend It works really well and is easy to set up nice draw just like I am really Smoking I recommend this to everyone who wants to try and quit tobacco.

  • Overall
    Good STARTER device
    Review by Codyon 1/17/14
    I have used a good amount of vape products over the years. So far this is one of my favorites for on the go. It is a huge step up for anyone looking to get away from the cigarette styled ones. These offer much better flavor, they hit much nicer and give you the hit you miss.

    Only downfall I have with it so far is the voltage is a little high and producing a burnt taste at random times. Normally with the smaller battery.
    I believe it was the coil. I switched the coil out for a new one (it was only 2 days old) and that stopped the issue.
    Make sure you prime the new coil. I believe that was my issue. Primed it, just thinking not enough and caused an issue with the coil.

    Very important that you keep them clean. The drip tip seems to gunk up with a few days of use. I would say every time you are going to add more fluid to just clean it out with some Q-tips. Otherwise you get some really odd flavor and a very harsh hit. Assuming the gunk retains some heat, keeping the vapor very warm.

    I have reccommended this to several friends, family memebers, and a few co-workers. I let them try mine and they cannot believe the difference over those gas station e-cigs.

    Do not think twice about getting one. They will change your life.

    Personally I would skip this model and get the Lavatube v2. Being able to adjust the voltage is a very nice feature you really wish you could have with the Inferno.
    Overall I give 4 stars. It is a great step for STARTERS.
  • Overall
    Inferno with the bct
    Review by Jimon 1/17/14
    Most AWESOME yet. The older batteries with 510 threads don't hold very well.
  • Overall
    Review by Tayloron 1/16/14
    Best E-cig I've tried. Works great and I would recommend it to anyone.
  • Overall
    Review by Jameson 1/16/14
    i should have gotten something bigger im glad i got 2 battery i should have gotten more juice the power button gets hit in my pocket so i have to shut it off or set it down gives a good hit gets me through the less stressful days
  • Overall
    Review by Jimon 1/16/14
    the 510 threads on older batteries don't thread tight.
  • Overall
    Best I've found
    Review by Jeffon 1/16/14
    I really like the inferno, I've tried a couple others. They just didn't have the pleasant flavor and vap that the inferno produces. The others I've tried had a plastic taste to them even with volcano juice.

    With my first BCT, brand new I had a strong burnt taste. I replaced the coil and problem solved, there are always going to be issues at some point with any product so I don't considerer it an issue. As long as it is only the extreme occasion.

    I think if you are looking for an E-Cig, this is the best of the best.

    Three family members and three or four people at work have switched from analog to the inferno after trying mine.
  • Overall
    Review by Gwendolynon 1/16/14
    Works great. Beautiful packaging.
  • Overall
    Review by GGRon 1/15/14
    I have the previous model Inferno and this design is just better. The new tube tank system gives a clean hit with lots of vapor. I would personally like a little vapor for a bit less heat in the coil. It's not that the vapor is hot... It just seems like the juice is being toasted a bit too much. Maybe a higher resistance coil. That said, this is a first rate product in terms of reliability and build quality. And it looks great!
    What I would really like to see is a version of this system at about the length of a real cigarette. Not skinnier, just shorter. I know we'd have to give up some batter life and juice quantity but for in-the-pocket on-the-go a stubby would be perfect. Keep up the great work.
  • Overall
    Review by Maion 1/15/14
    The inferno came in less than 3days. Enjoying it.. Wish they had the blue one at the time of order. But overall it's awesome.
  • Overall
    Great Vape. Low flavor
    Review by Smiggyon 1/11/14
    I previously used when trying out their "Magma" kit about 5+ years ago. It was brand new and gaining popularity so I figured I'd give it a go. It wasn't very good. I'm trying to quit smoking again and figured I'd see what advancements Volcano had made since then, so I bought the Inferno kit. Man have they advanced leaps and bounds since I bought that Magma 5 years ago. The Inferno is easy to use, the charge on the smaller battery lasts me over 2 days and the throat hit is perfect. Yesterday was my first day without a cigarette, today I'm goin strong as well. My only con about the Inferno is the e-liquid flavor doesn't come through very strong unless you exhale through your nose and mouth. Overall its a great product and I have already recommended it to multiple friends. Worth the money in my opinion
  • Overall
    It' A-OK
    Review by Jerryon 1/10/14
    Saw a friend smoking it, asked about it, thought about it, researched it, bought it, smoked it, liked it!
  • Overall
    Review by Rebeccaon 1/9/14
    A friend has been using the product and after seeing him sticking to using it for several months I asked about it and after we talked I decided the time was right to quit smoking. My biggest problem was convincing my husband to join. We have never smoked in our home and in living on the arctic tundra the cold is unforgiving at times. In ordering one for him and myself we have finally found something we both enjoy and the flavors are so luxurious! We started with regular tobacco with a bit of vanilla bean. Very tasty to the pallet! You can mix flavors adding zest. Last night I added clove to the vanilla bean and now am in love! This is so much better than the patches and gum. I know we can cut the nicotine to zero and still enjoy the flavor. It's been a week and I cannot see our going back to cigarets. This is awesome!!! I can't wait to try other flavors! The Inferno is sleek and quite stylish! Thanks!!
  • Overall
    A standard for ecigs
    Review by Matthewon 1/9/14
    I had tried a few ecigs before and they were mostly good but then I found out about the maintenance it takes for them. The Inferno kit not only produces a great vape but it also lasts along time, both battery and liquid, and easy to refill! I think the Inferno kit is a new standard that all ecig companies should assimilate.
  • Overall
    GREAT Mini Tank!!!
    Review by ericon 1/8/14
    The BCT is a GREAT mini tank when paired with the Lava Tube (using a 510 to EgO adapter)!!! The BCT would be PERFECT tank system, but Volcano for some reason likes to use PLASTIC! PYREX!!! COME ON GUYS!!!
  • Overall
    Review by Stormieon 1/7/14
    This is the best thing I have tried. I had the blu ecig and i hated it. It made me very weary to try this product. That was a mistake. This is a vastly superior product. The battery life is phenomenal, the flavors are great, and I can smoke everywhere! I am so happy! I got this as a gift and it was the best thing i got for christmas this year. I love it. I was smoking about a pack a day and i no longer want regular cigarettes. they just taste gross now. I don't even crave them! Now i can have my nicotine and not bother anyone. I don't even smell like smoke anymore :) just chocolate minty goodness. It is so worth it. The best part is when I am with my family I can go to the restroom and take a few hits and not crave anymore. It has been fabulous. Could not be happier!!!
  • Overall
    With new Tube Tank, is the best ever!
    Review by Jayon 1/7/14
    I've been vaping on and off for a few years now. The new Inferno kit with the Tube Tank BCT technology is truly the first fill-and-vape solution that I've seen hit the marketplace. I bought one as a gift and one for myself, and this is the best vaping product I've tried. There's no leaks; no sticky eLiquid dripping into a case or pocket. It puffs like a champ, and the flavor is clean and crisp. I'm about to order another tank and some more eLiquid. This product will make you a believer.
  • Overall
    Smoking MORE than a pack a day?
    Review by Thomason 1/7/14
    Nothing I have ever tried has worked as well as the Inferno in my quest to quit smoking. I started with the Magma Kit. It worked great, but it was a lot of work to maintain charging the batteries, filling the cartomizers, etc. I upgraded to the Inferno. I SHOULD have just started with this particular model. It is perfect for those who smoke/smoked more than a pack a day. Be sure to order along with your trial kit the following items:
    1. Lanyard
    2. Extra pack or two of coils.
    3. The car charger--if you're on the go often.
    View all the accessories on this web site. There are so many that will meet your needs. I have gone from being a 1.5 to 2 pack a day smoker, down to 6 cigarettes with MINIMAL difficulty. The scare I had to do this came from a spirometry test where I was told I had stage 2 COPD. Fortunately a visit to a major metropolitan nationally recognized and ranked medical facility dispelled the initial diagnosis. What I had was smoking induced asthma. I was retested exactly one month after being a customer here. My lung function improved dramatically. Inhaler no longer needed. And the bottom line is that the pulmonary function MD recommended to continue with the ecigarette and cease ALL smoking. It's been seven weeks. And contrary to the other attempted quits, my disposition is as good as it usually is and I have not gained weight. Do yourself a favor if you think you can't quit. Try this! It's working!
  • Overall
    Still vaping without a hitch
    Review by Jesseon 1/6/14
    I bought the Inferno starter kit in April 2013, after a friend had great results with the Lavatube. The Inferno was more my size. It's almost a year later and I'm still vaping. It's seen abuse, been rolled around in a pack, the paint is seriously chipped, but I've had no problems with the batteries/life, no leaky seals, no problems whatsoever. I recommend this to everyone I know. It just seems to work better than most other brands, especially long term.
  • Overall
    BCT The best!
    Review by Linda Gon 1/6/14
    This new kit is great. Its simple with no mess, no fuss, no more priming. I really like this one. I have been using Valcano Inferno for 8 months and am down to Zero. I can mix with a stronger flavor If I feel the desire for nicotine. I am down from 2 packs a day to a ½ pack. Working on no Cigs! I can quit with new product. The other was a hassle for me as I have arthritis so filling the tube was a pain. With the kit, its simple and I Love the easy assemble and refill. Way to go!!
  • Overall
    pain free vaping
    Review by royon 1/5/14
    The unit arrived in a reasonable time frame as have all my previous orders.
    Filling the tank is simple, the instruction booklet was simple and straight forward. This was a gift for someone else. I was a bit surprised by its small size as I own the lavatube 2.5. The first hit convinced me and it has not skipped a beat.
  • Overall
    Review by Hunterkipon 1/4/14
    My girlfriends friends had started to quit smoking and they were doing it with e-cigs . So naturally my girlfriend wanted to do the same. I was skeptical at first , but after trying all of her friends I realized it could work for me. One of them had the older model of the inferno and It seemed to be the most reliable of the 3 they had. I started researching e-cigs and reading reviews and none are better than the inferno from volcano. As soon as my girlfriend and I got them they were easy to assemble and quick to use. I do wish it would have told me to prime my cartomizer but no big issue. Had them for about two weeks and haven't smoked a real cig yet. The flavors are amazing. Cleaning it is easy. So satisfied with this product it is perfect. It's made keeping my New Years resolution easy to keep. Go with the inferno. It is great
  • Overall
    Nothing Compares To This
    Review by Samanthaon 1/3/14
    I am beyond thrilled to have found this product/company. I have used ecigs for a few years now and absolutely none of the twelve other brands/types/companies can compare to Volcano and the Inferno. I have shared this product with many people and will continue to do so. To buy someone a gift that will change their life and give them such pleasure is the best feeling ever! I recently purchased a second Inferno for myself along with the new coil system instead of cartos and I'm really happy with the upgrade-really people, try the coils! Every aspect of this company is amazing in that they give a dang about their products and service as well as those using them. Like I said, nothing else compares. Superb.
  • Overall
    Review by Johnon 12/28/13
    I bought the BCT unit Dec 23 and have not had a regular cig since. I told some friends at the local VFW ( on Dec 26) that it was most likely my imagination but that I thought I felt better. Today ( Dec 28) I went to the gym for the first time since I stopped smoking, and it is hard to believe the difference. The Volcano has satisfied my need and I feel MUCH better.
  • Overall
    Review by Rogeron 12/27/13
    I have purchased many kits over the last four yearsfrom Volcano. Charge packs(2),inferno ver.1(2 as gifts), lavatube ver.1, add on tube tanks, countless atties and juice. Saw the new inferno kit and was intrigued. Absolutely the finest product Inferno has to offer so far. Excellent right out of the box...TH, refill convenience, styling!! I could not be happier. Thanks Volcano and the R&D team for the NEW Inferno kit!
  • Overall
    Great design - LOVE the Inferno
    Review by Rosalynon 12/27/13
    I was hesitant to buy because of the price, but in this case you get what you pay for. I was so tired of my other ecig (small, standard with the cartomizer that you constantly had to drip into to get decent production). I wanted something powerful that gave a good hit that I didn't have to constantly fiddle with. I'm glad I spent the money because this is everything I was looking for. The picture doesn't do this thing justice. It's so well made - the quality is just amazing. Just fill the tank and go. Each drag is just as powerful as the last. No more dry carts, no more burning taste when they're empty. No more dripping onto cotton when it gets low and no more constantly switching out batteries. The batteries on this thing last all day! I wish I had this a long time ago when I first started vaping. The only thing I don't like is their e-liquid. They don't offer a Marlboro flavor for straight up smokers looking to transition. The closest thing they have is tobacco flavor and it's very sweet. I couldn't use it. Until Volcano comes out with a regular cig flavor, I will continue ordering from my other supplier. Other than that, this e-cig is simply outstanding. Well worth the price.
  • Overall
    Review by Duaneon 12/25/13
    The only complaint I have is that I waited for ever for the original to restock so I could finally get one...a day after I ordered the new BCT system was up for grabs...still got the older one! That's okay because I went ahead and ordered a BCT a week later! Both are awesome, but the BCT is much user friendly! That's my life story....a day late and a dollar short! Peace!
  • Overall
    Inferno kit
    Review by Davidon 12/22/13
    I was so pleased with the new BCT system that I ordered a new Inferno kit to go with the one I already have. This is an excellent product and the only Ecig system I will be using. I will be an Inferno user forever.
  • Overall
    Finally--I'm happy with my INFERNO
    Review by Willardon 12/16/13
    I gave up on cartomizers the day I found the Kanger Pro II tank (a coil tank). I've been using it with my Lavatube since this summer. So I was interested in checking out the new Tube Tank BCT when I saw it in an email. Picked it up today and I'm FINALLY using my Inferno again. It works pretty much the way the video says. For me, coils is the ONLY way to go.
  • Overall
    Review by Justin on 12/10/13
    I bought my Inferno a couple months ago and am completely happy with it. Only issue is sometimes the cartomizers don't want to thread into the battery.
  • Overall
    better than the rest
    Review by Joshuaon 12/7/13
    I have tried different ecigs but they never really worked for me. Other ecigs the battery doesn't last all day, the flavor disappears, etc. The inferno has been grear. 3 weeks so far using it and I just need one battery for the entire day, flavors are great, hasn't cost nearly as much as other brands. I love it. no real cigarettes in 3 weeks. Thank you volcano!
  • Overall
    First and last
    Review by David on 12/6/13
    My wife wanted to buy me a mall sold E-cig a couple years ago and I was upset with her. Because she was going to spend money on a "I'm never going to use product", I really did believe E-cigs were a total waste of money and you would never see me with one. Boy, was I so wrong. I have had my Inferno for two weeks now and right out of the box I stopped smoking real cigarettes. Plus, went back and bought extras for it with no regard for the cost. I love this product and even though I am about two hundred dollars invested in this product, I can already see the savings starting in the very near future.
  • Overall
    Review by Davidon 12/4/13
    I am very happy with the Inferno device.And the Service and customer care given by Volcano is the best I have EVER received from anyone. Their delivery times, Quality of products, and customer service is above outstanding. The only thing I have found is that maybe the weep hole in the cartomizer should be larger or more of them ? I will absolutely purchase more Volcano products and recommend them to my friends.
  • Overall
    The Inferno
    Review by Krison 11/26/13
    I LOVE this ecig! I've spent money on several other brands and have been left unhappy each time. This is the FIRST ecig that has provided full satisfaction over smoking real cigarettes. Fantastic product and I highly recommend it. Thank you Volcano!!
  • Overall
    Pretty good
    Review by Roberton 11/26/13
    The kit is very complete. Has extra's, which is good. Loads good and the batteries last a long time. The hit is the best I've had (and I've tried many). The only thing I wish was different is the washer system on the tube. It sometimes is hard to unscrew from the battery. The tank just spins. I hold the mouthpiece but that spins as well. Overall, it's one of the better e-cigs.
  • Overall
    Works well, Very Satisfied
    Review by Patrickon 11/26/13
    The Inferno works great and is slim enough to carry around and vape in public without making a spectacle of yourself.
    Be sure to experiment with different liquids and also try dripping with the Inferno.
    Volcano was both very fast in shipping and answering all questions I had before making a purchase. They are an extremely customer orientated company.
  • Overall
    New starter kit Inferno
    Review by David Bennon 11/25/13
    I am very happy with the product. The only problem I have is the tube sock was not in the kit.
  • Overall
    very good
    Review by williamon 11/10/13
    Been using mine for years now and still loving it. Best thing i have done for myself. The tube design on the inferno is great. Keep up the good work. Battery holds up for a couple days for me. Power button is loose on the second gen inferno but still a strong battery.
  • Overall
    Review by Tiffanyon 11/10/13
    After having tried other ecigs that are out there, to wind up with disappointment after disappointment, I was a little skeptical. But soon after trying "The Inferno", I fell in love with this model. There is no other that can touch this unit.
  • Overall
    So far so good!
    Review by Mackon 11/4/13
    First ever experience with an ecig of any fashion. Not as convienant as lighting up a good ole smoke but it sure has helped on the pocket book and I've cut way down on smoking. Working on quitting al together. It does have it's advantages! Can't smoke in the work vehicle but I can vape all I want! Dang good product so far!
  • Overall
    Love the Volcano
    Review by TRUDYon 10/31/13
    I love the VOLCANO INFERNO e-cigarette I would just like to find a flavored juice that I'd like. I got one that taste like big red gum or cinnamon candies, that's not to bad. But I purchased others that I don't like. As far as VOLCANO I'm happy I purchased it.
  • Overall
    Very Pleased - mostly
    Review by Kmofoshoon 10/31/13
    Good product. My only complaint is the cartomizers. Half work wonderfully and the other half are all but duds, making the liquid taste burnt even with the same preparations. This should not sway any potential buyers as the merits far outweigh this particular issue; however, I would like to see it addressed and resolved by Volcano before I can give you my full five stars. Other than that, I love my inferno and have not smoked a cigarette since!
  • Overall
    Awesome product! The ORIGINAL!
    Review by Ikaikaon 10/21/13
    I quit Tar for obvious reasons and, the financial value has saved my wallet. E-Volcano is, to me, the original vapor product and I am super thankful . I own & love my Inferno (blue). Also, the customer service team really does help if I require! Thank you Rhonda! Thank you Volcano!
  • Overall
    Review by Eileenon 10/14/13
    I love the Inferno.Have tried others but this by far the best and much cheaper.The batteries out last any others. the only reason I gave it a 4 star instead of 5 for me it's a little messy to refill.
  • Overall
    No problems
    Review by William on 10/13/13
    I really like all of your products but the Inferno last me all day.
  • Overall
    Liked mine, Gifted one.
    Review by Joshon 10/8/13
    I drove all the way to up to the Volcano store in Raleigh NC for my inferno a few years back. I loved it and talked about it so much my friend's dad was very interested. We decided to get him one, and all I can say is the new Inferno is even more awesome than the original. We, are both extremely happy, Him with his new, Me with my old, Infernos. Albeit I may be finding a reason to try and get myself a new Inferno in the near future. They are just that awesome.
  • Overall
    AAA +++
    Review by Joseon 10/7/13
  • Overall
    Review by Codyon 10/6/13
    Absolutely love my inferno!!! Have had it since March 2013 and its still going strong. Love sitting in my college classes and have students stare at me when the see the vapor and the teachers just chuckle. I used it in an elevator with cotton candy juice and a girl got on and was like what is that wonderful smell XD.
    Highly recommend this to others. Vape on
  • Overall
    Great Upgrade
    Review by RaAnnon 10/5/13
    I decided to switch over from a standard eCig setup. This was my first foray into Vaping. I love the Inferno! It draws well, Vapor is heavy and the battery lasts. Customer Service was great with a battery charge problem. Only thing I don't like is the loud draw with the tank. But overall I am happy.
  • Overall
    Volcano e-cigs are the best
    Review by Glenon 10/5/13
    Discovered Volcano in 2011 after making big mistake of paying way too much at local mall. INFERNO batteries last me all day. I use the USB cables; VERY convenient to keep charged.

    Just switched to the XL "Clearomizers" recently. Now with matching cones for Inferno batteries, I get BIG vaping hits all day
  • Overall
    Thanks for a great product!
    Review by Rianon 10/3/13
    I started with a cheap smoke shop unit and decided that spending a little extra was worth it. I rolled the dice and bought the INFERNO Kit with very little knowledge on it, but I love it! The TubeTank is great at 4ml and the hit is always consistent. I've read a lot of foul reviews but I've never had any problems with my INFERNO unit. Thanks a million Volcano, you guys will have my business for a long while!
  • Overall
    "THE" answer
    Review by Woodyon 9/30/13
    With the Volcano I have replaced cigarettes without losing the enjoyment. The starter kit is the perfect package and easy to use.
  • Overall
    Review by Tayloron 9/28/13
    I have tried several of the cheaper ecigs and have been left disappointed , but my new inferno is and has been wonderful. it hits harder than a regular cig and because of that i went from smoking over a pack a day to none at all with no problems the first full day of having the inferno
  • Overall
    terrific product
    Review by Maryon 9/28/13
    I've tried to stop smoking using every type of method known, and vaping is by far the best and easiest way I've found to quit tobacco. Since receiving my first kit in early April I not only haven't smoked a cig, I haven't even wanted one. I've told friends and family I think the people who invented this method of nicotine delivery should be given a Nobel Prize or a medal at least for saving all the lives that would otherwise be lost to tobacco. My only negative feedback would be in agreement with Roger's concern about the website, which would not allow my first attempt to comment on the forum a couple days ago. Also, I requested an RMA which absolutely refused to print until my husband figured out a way to do it on Photoshop. (This needs fixed, gives a bad impression.) However, the forum is extremely helpful and I regret not reading everything on it about my model before I even opened my kit because I could have avoided some of the early problems I had with assembly, flooding, etc. I only wish I could find your liquids locally because the liquids made for other brands just don't work the same way or taste as nice.
  • Overall
    Great Starter
    Review by jasonon 9/24/13
    The inferno is a great starting point for vaping. It's a very satisfying device and nicely made and the pass through battery design is very handy. Although I feel like maybe the batteries may lose their umph after a short time. I constantly take pulls, I'm a heavy vaper so it may not happen to others, after only a month I've notice a decline in the power of the hits I'm getting from my 900 mah battery.
    I know this isn't just me because I only use the 900 mah because the charge last longer. So anyway I setup the 650 battery and noticed I was getting better hits probably because its still practically new, oh well. Also Volcano, you should make a twist battery inferno. I would buy it for sure.
  • Overall
    Geat Product
    Review by Williamon 9/24/13
    Purchased in June 2013, at which time I was a two pack a day smoker, I have not had a cigarette since I bought my Inferno that day. This is truly a great product and it is so nice as you travel not to have to look for hotels and restuarants with smoking rooms or areas.
  • Overall
    Very happy customer
    Review by Brittanyon 9/21/13
    Previously to discovery vaping, I purchased ecigs from halo and was very disappointed with the smoke and hit quality. Halo also doesn't have a great reward program like Volcano. You have to earn a certain amount of points before you can use them. Since I have purchased my inferno, I couldn't be happier. The vaping experience has been amazing and the smoke production is amazing. Also love the reward points. I'm now a forever customer of Volcano. I will continue to purchase from Volcano forever. About to make another purchase soon for more liquid. Thanks Volcano for changing my mind.

    -brittany in Phoenix, AZ
  • Overall
    Never lets me down
    Review by Rogeron 9/19/13
    After purchasing my Inferno I couldnt wait to get it up and smokin'. Assembly is easy once you get the hang of it. I notice some people have said it was "messy" to fill. I find this to be untrue for me. If you just have a couple of paper towels on hand to wipe up the possibility of a slight spill or a little liquid running down the side of the bottle it's something a child could actually do. Totally happy. One thing that I am concerned about is that their website always seems to be having problems. Once I tried for three days in a row to enter so I could purchase items in my cart. Once that is tweeked everything will be to perfection.
  • Overall
    Review by Eileenon 9/18/13
    go with the inferno you will love it
  • Overall
    Review by latoyiaon 9/17/13
    I have had my inferno since July of this year. I smoked my last 6 cigarettes I had before opening my kit. After opening my kit I honestly did not think that the inferno would work for me at all. So proud to say I haven't smoked a cigarette for 2 months now! Yaaaaay! So happy that I decided to get this thanks to my brother for encouraging me to get one! I was so happy I encouraged my mom to get one and she did and she LOVES it too! Thanks volcano!!!!!
  • Overall
    Good Starting Kit
    Review by Brianon 9/17/13
    If you are looking to purchase a quality start-up kit to vape, this is the right one. They send you out everything you need to get started. For me, I was good for almost a month before I need to look into getting more eLiquid. At some point, you might want to move to variable voltage for your vaping. But for those starting out, this is the right and only choice!
  • Overall
    Review by Thomason 9/16/13
    It is exactly what I needed, I take the 900 mah battery to work with a full tank and even if I get stuck doing a 12 hour shift it gets me by. I no longer have to carry a bunch of accessories with me. I do take the charge cable just in case. It drawls great and the extra tanks I got with the differant flavors in them are really nice for a change now and then. I could only be happier if it was free! ;) Great product!
  • Overall
    Love it
    Review by Handleson 9/16/13
    My sister had one and I fell in love with it. I bought one right away. So, glad I did. I might buy another just cause.
  • Overall
    The very best
    Review by Sharonon 9/15/13
    I'm loving my Volcano Inferno...the best thing I ever have done, giving up cigarettes for vaporing. I found it very satisfying and will never go back...the support team is outstanding...Mahalo for all your help !!!
  • Overall
    Love my cig
    Review by Joseon 9/15/13
    I don't have the urges for regular cigarettes anymore, I like my Inferno! ;^p
  • Overall
    Review by Maciejon 9/15/13
    Haven't bought a pack of cigs in a month, first time in 7 years, smoking a pack a day, love this product, already paid for it self and I'm also thinking about purchasing another kit. Maybe few for Xmas presents. Great product.
  • Overall
    Review by Ginnaon 9/15/13
    I love my inferno!!! I just wish they could work with something besides a cartomizer.
  • Overall
    The best that I've tried
    Review by Charleson 9/14/13
    For me the Inferno has made it possible to quit smooking reagular cigrettes for two months, and the e-juice
    at Valcano is also the best I've tried also I live in Minnesota and have great service through Valcano and the USPS.
    I have recommended this company and their products to any one looking into an e-cig!
    The change to vaping has made breathing allot easier for me.
  • Overall
    Great vape
    Review by Eileenon 9/14/13
    I was vaping South Beach ecig.Half the time they did not work at all. Batteries was terrible.Had to keep recharging every few hrs was a real pain. There shipping is so slow.I received my Inferno about a week ago and so far love it. I gave it a 4 star only because it took some time getting used to filling it ect.Now that I got it down pat I'm a happy camper..
  • Overall
    Awesome Product!!
    Review by Amberon 9/13/13
    I was so happy to finally receive my Inferno kit this past week! This is by far the best e-cigarette I have used to date.(and I have tried A LOT). I think that the Inferno is perfect for anyone wanting to switch from regular cigarettes to vaping. If I had had the Inferno from the very beginning I think the transition would have been so much easier. It works so well, and it is so EASY. It is also a great price for all that you get. I am also in love with the Tube Tank!! The Tube Tank has really made my whole experience with vaping SO much better. I can't even begin to describe the difference between the quality of the Tube Tank vs. what I was using before. It is just amazing! I was so happy with my Inferno that I went out and purchased one for my husband who was still a smoker. He was so impressed with the Inferno, and I am happy to say he hasn't smoked one cigarette since he started using his new Inferno!! If you are thinking about ordering this kit, DO IT!! you will be very happy!!
  • Overall
    Love the batteries
    Review by Louiseon 9/12/13
    I had quit smoking, but gained weight so I decided to go with the inferno to loose weight. they can keep the tube and the cartridges because I got a bad batch and do not use them. Love the blank cartridges they are a no brainer. Just be sure to get the right atomizer to go with them
  • Overall
    Great experience
    Review by Terryon 9/11/13
    I've had the Inferno less than a week and I'm already off my 2 pack a day cigarette habit I had for 43 years. I have nothing bad to say about the Inferno. I'm already planning on buying a Lavatube 2 in the future.
  • Overall
    Review by Jeffon 9/10/13
    I smoked over a pack a day for years, have tried numerous cheaper ecig brands...NONE worked they nly made me wanna smoke more.... so needless to say I had Major doubt the inferno was any different. but I give it an honest try..after getting it in Frbruary, I HAVE NOT SMOKED 1 Cigerette... NONE.. so for me it worked.. I started out with 18 mg, and now am down to 0...I vape because I want to...NOT HAVE TO... its my choice..I dont crave it like cigerettes.... so for me it worked give i an honest'll be surprised..I WAS...
  • Overall
    5 months on Inferno!
    Review by Jillon 9/10/13
    The day I got my Inferno is the last day I smoked and im never going back. The device is sleek, and easy to use. I make new eliquid blends.
    Bananna split! Kona coffee with vanilla or cinnamon. The Volcano staffers are all sharp.
  • Overall
    No more tobacco
    Review by Brenton 9/9/13
    I smoked cigarettes for 28 years. Tried countless times to quit, but never quit for more than a month at a time and that only happened a few times. Tried the volcano inferno and after using it sparingly for a few weeks, I set a date and stopped tobacco for more than 7 months now with absolutely no desire to go back. No more smelling like an ashtray and the best part is I can vape in bars, in airports, and even on a plane. No more going for hours stressing about my next fix. I love it and although I'm still putting nicotine into my body, my doctor agrees it's not much different than caffeine. It's the tar and all the other chemicals that'll kill you.
  • Overall
    Love it!
    Review by Jameson 9/9/13
    I just want to thank you guys for a great product and very prompt service. I have been referring my friends and getting people to quit smoking. Again, great product, great service high marks you guys are doing awesome!! James
  • Overall
    Review by Evelynon 9/9/13
    I received my inferno starter kit 1 week ago and I absolutely love it. I haven't had the urge for a nasty cigarette since I got it. My sister was so impressed she's ordering one today! I can finally say goodbye to the cigarettes.
  • Overall
    Review by Timothy on 9/9/13
    This is my 2nd Inferno. One for work and one for home. Would highly recommend this product to anyone who smokes or wants to quit smoking, but still get the feeling of smoking without all the horrible 2nd and 3rd order of effects of actual smoking. It is cheaper than cigarettes, no tar or carcinogenes, no 2nd hand smoke that could harm your family and kids, Great product!
  • Overall
    Pretty Good
    Review by Deniseon 9/7/13
    Well I haven't smoked a real cigarette since I got my Inferno 9days ago. I've been thinking of leaving my husband, but decided to keep him around because he's the only one around here who can work the thing so that I can vaporize.
  • Overall
    Love it!!
    Review by Meehon 9/6/13
    I tried my sister's and ended up ordering mine that same day. Love it...I'm thinking about buying another for my brother.
  • Overall
    Answer for me...
    Review by Rogeron 9/6/13
    I quit smoking analog cigarettes about a year ago and started smoking blu disposables. I had so many faulty ones and became very frustrated having to return them to the store of purchase numerous times. Then one day a sales clerk told me that all of her friends were smoking Volcano. She told me to Google I did and have used the Inferno ever since. I LOVE my Inferno.
  • Overall
    Very Happy!
    Review by Jenniferon 9/5/13
    My boss bought his Inferno a couple of years ago; I thought it was neat but was only mildly interested at the time. A few months ago, I was ready to do it to it & make the investment. What a great alternative to cigarettes..I can vape anywhere! The e-liquid flavors are awesome & really do satisfy the nicotine cravings. The customer service, order processing, all the videos & product support are notch. American-made product from Hawaii; what I'm saving using my Inferno versus what is spend on actual's plausible I could save enough to go to Hawaii, haha! :)
  • Overall
    Really terrific..
    Review by Jenniferon 9/5/13
    My boss bought his Inferno a couple of years ago; I thought it was neat but was mildly interested at the time. Few months ago, I was ready to do it to it & make the investment. What a great alternative..I've had a few cigs on occasion, but there is no desire to resume it on a regular basis. I love that my breath & clothes don't smell like smoke, and can vape anywhere! The e-liquid flavors are awesome & really do satisfy the nicotine cravings. The customer service, videos
  • Overall
    Review by Gerryon 9/5/13
    The Inferno is easy to operate once you figure out how to use it. So far so good.
  • Overall
    it beats the awful cigarettes
    Review by cynthiaon 9/2/13
    ive not smoked since 2005 and I am enjoying the inferno with red hot lava
  • Overall
    Tried many alternatives...the most awesome!!!!
    Review by Evelynon 8/28/13
    I’ve tried nicotine gum, patches, and many e-cig products. Inferno has made my quest to stop smoking cigarettes successful. No more coughing all day long. I have been analog cigarette free for 1 month and I feel so much better. Don’t know why I waited so long to try inferno. The minute I got it from our local mall I put analog down. Truly thankful and no more nasty cigarette smell!!!!!
  • Overall
    Excellent Product!!
    Review by Ginon 8/28/13
    I purchased the Inferno with the hopes of quitting smoking for good-I have tried other e-cigs and many other quitting methods over the past few years-all to no avail.
    I absolutely LOVE the Inferno! Since the day I got it-I have not smoked at all, nor have I had the craving to. It has really helped me break the psychological habit of smoking as well. I can take 2-3 vapes any time I feel the urge to smoke and the craving is gone! I have been smoke free for 2 weeks now and am so happy! This product is amazing and will be highly recommended to anyone I know who smokes. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this well crafted product! I love you Volcano!
  • Overall
    Love it!!
    Review by Christinaon 8/26/13
    I wasn't sure I would like this being that it is actually nothing like smoking a real cigarette, but I realized very quickly that I love it a lot. I did not buy this product to quit smoking only to cut back, however a little more than a week later and I am down to just 2-3 cigarettes a day. Planning to quit now all together!! Best purchase ever!!! Inferno is the way to go.
  • Overall
    Should NOT have waited so long...
    Review by Kellie Joon 8/26/13
    I had been using the regular Volcano E-cigs for about 3 years when I switched to the inferno...I should have switched long ago. The Inferno is a superior product...long-lasting batteries and a tube tank that holds enough juice for a couple days worth of vaping! I never have to worry that my battery will run out after less than 30 minutes of use! No more switching batteries all the time! The Inferno produces huge clouds of vape, is easy to refill, and the battery charge lasts me well over a day and I am a heavy user! I wear mine on a lanyard and it's always with me! Volcano's customer service is superior...get this product - you will not be disappointed!
  • Overall
    In love and not looking back!
    Review by Lorettaon 8/25/13
    In the past i have tried other ecig brand but the cartridges and batteries did not hold up. After smoking for 23 I got my new inferno and with in the first week of alternating between real cigs and the inferno I am now 2 days real/analog cig free and feel no need or craving to go back to them. I am excited to try all the flavors/combos
  • Overall
    Review by Cherieon 8/25/13
    This is the best ecig yet! My husband and I both have the new and improved Inferno and we love the power it has...and the tube tank oh man it is the best!!! Keep up the good work guys!
  • Overall
    Review by Karenon 8/25/13
    This thing is awesome. I quit smoking cigarettes after about a week of having the inferno. I haven't had a cigarette in 4 weeks! And that's after an 18 year habit! The inferno is a little messy sometimes to refill, but it is worth it b/c of the money I've saved already by not smoking cigarettes. I rewarded myself by buying a few new shirts b/c I couldn't stand the smell of my "cigarette" clothes. I had a problem with one of my batteries and when I sent it back, they replaced it immediately. Great customer service.
  • Overall
    What the ecig is all about!
    Review by Nealon 8/22/13
    I started out using Volcano products more than 3 years ago, after I switched from analog cigarettes, and never looked back. I used different systems, but the lavatube is by far the best that I discovered. While I currently use the bigger version of the battery, the V2 Lavatube, it all stated with the Inferno Lavatube! Simply a great product to use when you switch form regular cigarettes.
  • Overall
    The best
    Review by Lennyon 8/21/13
    I was introduced to the Inferno by some friends. I have tried to quit smoking many times over many years and the Inferno has finally given me the ability to quit. What I like about this type of E-Cig is that it changes all the habits of smoking analog cigs which helps break that nasty habit. I enjoy the process of smoking and that is why it has been so difficult for me. The Inferno is like having your cake and eating it too. I can quit smoking but I can still smoke without any of the adverse effects. Thank you Volcano for changing my life, for such a fine product and superb service.
  • Overall
    Husband loves it!!
    Review by Blancaon 8/19/13
    I bought the inferno kit for my husband because he wanted to quit smoking conventional cigarets.. He opened the box, filled and primed and haven't picked up a smelly, nasty cig since.. I'm so happy that I chose the Volcano E-Cig Inferno for him. He is now recommending it to ALL his friends that want to quit smoking.. Thank you.
  • Overall
    Fresh and sweet
    Review by sharonon 8/17/13
    Tired of the smell of stale smoke in the house and your clothes. Vapor with Mango and cherry instead
  • Overall
    Review by Don 8/17/13
    i go everywere with it. people at work wanna use it all the time, i nicely decline. i quit smoking cigs in 3 days with this thing, my friend got me hooked on it. i didnt know his screen name otherwise i would have given him the the product
  • Overall
    A+++ Best Thing Youll Ever Do!!!!! But This ECIG!!!
    Review by Joshuaon 8/17/13
    Everything about this ECIG is awesome. The big battery it comes with lasts all day. The cartomizers dont really plug up like other ones do. Theyre easy to refill. Theyre easy to switch cartomizers out. They smoke great. Theyre reliable. Ive had multiple friends switch to vocano infernos from their crappy brand ecigs after trying mine. But it now and throw away those horrible cigarettes forever.
  • Overall
    Absolutely IN LOVE with it!
    Review by Lauraon 8/13/13
    I just switched to vaping about a month before I got the inferno-I bought a cheap model from another store to see if I could handle it-my other half and I went out to a local restaurant where the couple next to us had the inferno, and referred me to this site. I am SO glad that I talked to them! Hits easy, ng lasing batteries, wonderful flavors-great new friends too!
  • Overall
    Volcano Inferno
    Review by Jameson 8/13/13
    I start off using Blu,Smokeless Select and Now ecigarettes. At the time they need met my needs, but I would eventually end up smoking a regular cigarette. Since I've starting using your product I can honestly say I have no need for analogs. Hell I even tired an analog and it made me sick, so I would like to say thank you, I will never ever smoke again thanks to Volcano, besides analogs now make me sick Lol
  • Overall
    No more smoking for me...
    Review by Tyshawnon 8/12/13
    I received my Inferno 10 days ago. I havent picked up a cigarette since. I smoked cigarettes for 16 years and I quit the moment received my Inferno. I love it and I'm glad I quit. This thing is amazing.
  • Overall
    No more smoking for me...
    Review by Tyshawnon 8/12/13
    I received my Inferno 10 days ago. I havent picked up a cigarette since. I smoked cigarettes for 16 years and I quit the moment received my Inferno. I love it and I'm glad I quit. This thing is amazing.
  • Overall
    Very Pleased...with one negative
    Review by Johnon 8/11/13
    Overall I am happy with my new Inferno. Decent price for the kit, easy to use, vapes well, and looks great.
    My one negative is that the stated life of the cartomizers doesn't match up with real life. The literature says that cartos average lasting a month. I'm getting about a week. That's a huge difference. And 4X the amount I was expecting to pay for cartos. I vape 3-4ml per day.
    Good product.
  • Overall
    You NEED this Starter Kit!
    Review by Lorieon 8/8/13
    This is my second time purchasing the Inferno Starter Kit - It was my gift to myself to mark my ONE YEAR SMOKE FREE anniversary! This is the electronic cigarette that helped me stop smoking. Don't hesitate, BUY IT. You CAN stop smoking and THIS is the kit that's going to do it for you!
  • Overall
    Cant'say enough
    Review by Dougon 8/8/13
    I've been a smoker for 40+ years, and really didn't want to quit smoking as much as I was forced by the Minnesota tax to look for an alternative. I ordered the Volcano Inferno on the recommendation of a couple friends at work. I thought "I'll see if I can cut back on the expensive cigarettes". Well, after a few days I realized that I was only smoking when I reminded myself to light up. I gave up altogether after a week, and can't imagine why I'd ever light up again, unless I couldn't use my Inferno. It's handy, well made, and after 5 or 6 weeks use, I'd say it is durable as well. It could prove to be one of the smartest investments I've ever made! If you're tempted to try an e-cig, this should be the one you try.
  • Overall
    Best Purchase I Ever Made
    Review by Lorion 8/5/13
    Since the purchase of my Inferno Kit I have not left home without it. I love not smelling like a cigarrette anymore. My sense of smell and taste has gotten better. I've tried many times to quit my 34 year pack a day habit and am hoping that this will do the trick. I'm very grateful and so is my family. I would recommend investing in this kit in a heartbeat! Thank You Volcano.
  • Overall
    The search is over...
    Review by Jacobon 8/5/13
    After researching and trying different products a family member introduced me to the Inferno. I placed my order and it's been a perfect fit. Volcano products and customer service is second to none.
  • Overall
    Review by michellon 8/2/13
    This little thing hits great, feels comfortable in your hand, durable and the flavors are yummy. Yes the transition from cigarettes to vapor is a little challenging. My husband took to this in one day. Just like that , no cigarettes. Me how ever, its taking a little time but i am almost there. I smell better , my car smells better life is getting better. To me this is the best invention next to the cell phone because I love to smoke. The money is worth it because in the long run its WAY WAY cheaper than yucky cigarettes. LOVE MY PINK INFERNO. Its so classy!
  • Overall
    Amazing! Thanks to my friend Jerri who introduced me.
    Review by Robinon 8/1/13
    I have been trying to quit smoking for a couple of years to no avail. FINALLY, something that is going to make it easier. I would definitely recommend the Inferno to those who keep trying to quit traditional cigarettes with no luck. I use one for my full flavor tabacco and ordered an extra tank for my flavors. I go back and forth throughout the day between the two. I have tried other E-cigs that look like a cigarette but are way to heavy, etc. Since this does not look like a traditional cigarette you are not expecting that feel so you are not disappointed. The "throat hit" is a little different than a traditional cigarette but close enough that you feel satisfied and you don't feel like you are sucking on an extra thick milkshake to get any vapor. So glad I took the chance.
  • Overall
    all ngood
    Review by seanon 8/1/13
    a product that actually works like it should !!! i am saving $$$$ and i dont smell like an ashtray. cool product
  • Overall
    Best Investment
    Review by Rikkion 8/1/13
    The Inferno is the best purchase I could have made. I had quit smoking analog cigarettes almost 2 years ago. I started back up a year and a half after I quit. I switched to the inferno after looking at several other brands. I love the way it vapes and that it is customizable. Most of all I love that I can smoke it any where and I don't have to have that lingering smoke smell on my clothes or on my breath. I have had the volcano for about 5 months now and I couldn't have asked for a better ecig. Everyone I know has tried it and are all considering switching. I even converted my husband.
  • Overall
    Review by Andrewon 7/31/13
    Ordered the Inferno about a week ago with BlueWater Punch liquid. Coughed for a couple hours using it, then all was good after - nice, smooth yet rough throat hits.

    I was someone who didn't quite buy into this whole vaping hype train, quite honestly thought it was lame and maybe even worse for your health. Then one day a couple weeks ago I woke up, and realized all these different beneficial situations where vaping would suit my lifestyle more (before job interviews, conditioning for mma, church lol, etc)..and thus a new dawn had risen.

    It lasted me 6 days before I smoked a cigarette again. Smoked again because I ran out of liquid. Would've lasted a bit longer but I spilled two tank fulls on seperate occasions :\

    I really don't like smoking analogs now, everything about it. Seriously, I will only smoke from my Inferno (ecigs in general) whenever I got a choice. NO MORE ANALOG BS! (and the name analog is quite fitting because it kinda does smell like ass now)

    Anyway I love my Inferno and the vaping scene, and I have no desire to go back to smoking cigarettes ever again! Thanks Volcano!
  • Overall
    Perfect for taking any where
    Review by Davidon 7/31/13
    I have had many different ecigs over the years some were so so and some have been great. This one is definitely a great on for on the go. It has great vapor production the pass through is absolutely a awesome feature and the battery life is also good. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced vapor this will be a good choice for taking with you on the run.
  • Overall
    Review by Anthonyon 7/29/13
    I recently upgraded to the Volcano Inferno ecig and have not been disappointed. A friend of mine told me about this brand and their products so I had to check it out. Just waiting for it to come via mail I was anxious and once I got it set up and took that first drag I was impressed. I recommend it to anyone who's a smoker interested in a much better alternative. I've been analog cig free for 2 weeks now. Glad to be a part of the Volcano Ecig fam. ^_^
  • Overall
    Review by Jasonon 7/29/13
    I have been through many e-cigs before stumbling upon the inferno. The inferno is in a league of its own. The tank system is very easy to use and the battery last for days. I am in love with this devise! Please bring a retail store to Ocean City, Md it is a resort town that blows up during the summer months! Are Outback steak house out grosses every other one in the nation!
  • Overall
    Overall 5 stars
    Review by Kenon 7/28/13
    The Inferno is the perfect alternative to traditional cigarettes without the cost, second-hand smoke, health hazards, and awful smell. Not to mention it doesn't dent the wallet NEARLY as bad. Good price, great flavors, better health. I just need to order the full flavor. Been using the lights. The experience is not the same as smoking-but it is real close to begin with, and at this point, I feel it is a better experience. Close enough to convert two hard core smokers. Definite would recommend for anyone looking, especially those beginners who are clueless (as I was)
  • Overall
    Review by Jillon 7/28/13
    Like the old song says; " How do you thank someone...," who has taken you from
    helpless to empowered? Volcano company is all youll need to gain a new life. Youve come to the right place. Just look at the Inferno tube tank, doesnt it look as kool as a rocket-ship?
    Youll fill it once a day with any flavor you can think of, youll blow awesome clouds of vapor that will make all you meet stop and swoon! LoL!
    Im going on 4 mo.s off analogs, easy as pie!
    I get extra high eliquid, you pick yours.
    The forums at Volcanoecigs have how to advice and other vapers to answer every question.
    Only 1 or 2 drops per tank of Menthol burst.
    Cherry Lava with Kona coffee makes a hearty all day vape. Im happy for you, look for me.....
  • Overall
    Review by greengrabberon 7/26/13
    Like the old song says;
    " How do you thank someone who has taken you from......" analogs to clouds of cherries and chocolate.... ( I paraphrase...)
    A sincere thank you, Volcano.
    Hey everybody, you got lucky when you found Volcano ecigs....get the Inferno like me.
    Just look at the picture, verrrry kool, huh?
    Its even kooler than it looks.
    You will spend very little compared to analogs.
    Get the starter kit, read about nicotine in the
    Eliquids. I smoked a lot, 4mo.s ago so Im
    vaping at 24mg.s
    I get my liquids and accessories within a week!!
    Volcano is soooo supportive, get on the forum.
    I will never smoke again, ever, ever, ever!!
  • Overall
    Review by Thndercaton 7/25/13
    When I first bought the inferno I still smoked my cigs for about 3 to 4 days after I ran out, I did not buy anymore. It does really help in not smoking and spending tons of money. I would really recommend this.
  • Overall
    Don't waste your money on anything else
    Review by Jenniferon 7/19/13
    My first week with e-cigs was a disaster. I bought the disposable blu which was great but it costs $10.00 and I went through one a day. So I bought the rechargeable blu and the battery couldn't keep up with my needs. The cartridges advertise as each one is the same as a pack of analogs. Well I smoked at the most a pack a day but was going through two of them a day. Which for 5 cost $15.00. I was spending the same amount on my e-cig as I was on regular and not being satisfied still puffing on an analog while waiting for the little battery to charge. Yes it comes with two, but both couldn't keep up with my needs! My friend had an inferno; I liked it so I ordered it. I also went to a smoke shop and bought a couple different ones as back ups. Let me tell you of the 5 I have bought now nothing compares. I love the airflow that comes with the flavorful vape with tube tank. I am a rookie and have some issues BUT there is so much info in the forums that I found my solutions and when I didn't I posted and someone immediately answered and helped me out. I also have now tried 5 different flavor juices and they are all excellent. I know there are other good juices out there but of the different ones I have tried none have been better and only one was as good. So to sum it up the inferno is fabulous you really can't go wrong. Soon I am going to try the lavatube for the times when I want a little more. I would have it now if I wouldn't have wasted three hundred dollars trying other vaporizers out.
  • Overall
    Just outstanding
    Review by Roberton 7/18/13
    You owe it to yourself and anyone you love to buy one of these. I had given up on ever being able to stop smoking and with this kit it was the easiest thing I have ever done. I just regret not knowing about this product sooner.
    Four people in my family who were heavy smokers have now given up their cigs due to this and everyone can't say enough about how good they feel due to being smoke free or how much they love the product.
    If you know a smoker point them in this direction if it is someone you love and want to have around years longer buy it for them.
  • Overall
    Review by Tyleron 7/17/13
    The Inferno is the perfect alternative to traditional cigarettes without the cost, second-hand smoke, health hazards, and awful smell. Not to mention it doesn't dent the wallet NEARLY as bad. Good price, great flavors, better health. What more could you ask for?
  • Overall
    BEST vape out there
    Review by Brittanyon 7/16/13
    I have wasted money on other kits, truly desiring to quit smoking. The small ecigs just didn't cut it.I had just about given up when I saw a few friends using this vape and never saw them smoking. This product was recommended to me and I bought it that night. I fell in love. It was easy to quit smoking once I committed to this device. After trying other products that failed miserably I was highly impressed with the hit provided by the inferno.

    As a beginner this kit was perfect and ready to use. Since purchasing I have researched and bought other tips, tried different cartomizers (without the tank) and am gaining some experience. But without fail I love going back to the tank because I'm able to fill it before a 12 hour shift at work and have the liquid AND the battery last all day.

    After using this product I CANNOT go back to smoking. After using it for a few months I had attempted to smoke a cigarette when I didn't have it and found that I HATE smoking. I feel healthier and I know that my family (all non-smokers) are ecstatic to see me without cigarettes. I no longer feel offensive and love that I don't reek of cigarettes. I can finally "smoke" at work without being self-conscious when I return to my non-smoking coworkers.

    Definite recommend for anyone looking, especially those beginners who are clueless (as I was)
  • Overall
    Never thought it would work
    Review by Jennieon 7/12/13
    I have been a smoker for over 25 years and my husband even longer. I was starting to feel short of breath and developed chest pains associated with a nasty smokers cough. Within 3 days of using this product the cough was gone. Within 7 days I could smell better and food tasted better. Now nearing the month mark and I have not had a cigarette. The nicotine helps to ease the cravings and I am stepping down the nicotine levels with each order.

    The vape experience is not the same as smoking-but it is real close to begin with, and at this point, I feel it is a better experience. Close enough to convert two hard core smokers.

    My husband and I enjoy the entire ritual of smoking, and now we enjoy the new ritual of vaping. I enjoy the peach mixed with vanilla. I have also tried the vanilla mixed with clove, as I adored Dajarum Vanilla cigs before they were banned. It is a very close match! My husband uses the menthol burst and says it is exactly like his tobacco brand of choice-but better in that he does not have a nasty taste left in his mouth.

    Changing cartomizer's and refilling the e-liquid takes a little practice, but after the 3rd time I felt like a pro. The Batteries have long life. I switch from the larger battery in the day to the smaller one at night time and I have never been left with a dead battery.

    Customer service is prompt and polite. My husbands kit had a malfunctioning smaller battery and the warranty is honored without issue. Very friendly folks, excellent product, I would highly recommend this to anyone trying to quit smoking. I am very impressed.

    This is a fantastic product that I fully endorse. Thanks for the great products and service Volcano.

    By the way.....we have saved over $400 in just a month. Easier breathing and a better stacked bank account while still being able to indulge in a satisfying vape. Win-win.
  • Overall
    No regreats from buying
    Review by Melissaon 7/9/13
    I purchased my inferno roughly a month to a month and a half ago. While it took a bit to get used to the difference between a cigarette and vaping I have not regretted my choice for even 2 minute.

    The cost for the liquid is WAY cheeper then buying packs or cartons of cigarettes. I used to smoke what ever the cheepest I could get was. Normally I paid about $43 per carton... The 15 ml bottle of e-liquid is about $13 and it's supposed to be close to the equivalint to a we look at $43 - $13 = $30 savings once you get up and running. the first month or so it will be a bit higher while you figure out what flavors you really like and want to always have on hand and how much you'd really go through. Either way, your gonna save money in the long run.

    If saving money doesn't help you decide how about this.... Have you ever been going along doing what you need to do and reach up to push your hair out of your eye's, or catch some sweat before it get's in your eye? (We all do the sweat thing ;-), and when your hand gets near your face you smell your hand and try to remember why you want to smell like that?

    For that last yeah I've been getting "whiffs" of smells off my hands while helping customers at work and I was starting to not like the way I was smelling, but at the same time didn't want to quit cold turkey. I've been there and I've done that and I ended up smoking more then I was when I said I was quitiing... After talking to one of my co worker who's been vaping for over 2 1/2 years I decided to give it a shot.... And I've not looked back. Every once in a while I'll get the urge for a regular cigarette and I'll get one, light it up, and start wondering why I wanted one to start with

    You smell better. It's tastes better. And it's cheeper... What have you got to loose giving the Infernal a try???
  • Overall
    Review by Tyon 6/30/13
    Got this last week and have fallen in love with it! Perfect amount of vapor and very portable. I personally didn't like the Inferno case they have for sale, so I bought a plastic click-close cigarette case from my local tobacco shop, put some foam inserts in it and use that. Thanks Volcano!
  • Overall
    Works as advertised
    Review by Davidon 6/29/13
    It works great! I started using this along with some Tobacco Pure Liquid and stopped smoking cigarettes without missing them for a minute. I later went to the regular Tobacco flavor since it's healthier. The Tobacco Pure tasted better in my opinion, but the regular Tobacco flavor is still good too.

    I only used this product for about 2 weeks and I ordered myself a Lavatube because the Inferno wasn't giving me as much vapor as I would like. But I ordered an Inferno for my mother at the same time that I ordered my Inferno and she is perfectly happy with it still.

    I keep my Inferno as a backup in case my Lavatube should happen to have a problem, which hasn't happened yet. ALWAYS have backups so you aren't stranded without a means to vape in the event of a major problem forcing you to grab a pack of cigarettes...

    This is a great product for a beginner who would like to save money by filling their own liquid and have longer battery life than the smaller cigarette sized e-cigs. In the future you can always upgrade if you feel the need.
  • Overall
    The best decision Ive ever made..
    Review by Matthewon 6/25/13
    As a daily analog smoker ---- I work 8 hours a day that includes alot of exercise, and on top of that work out 5 days a week of intense weight lifting--- I decided to try out an electronic ciggarette because Ive noticed that i couldnt perform my duties to the fullest, and just got tired of being smelly... and exhausted from the carbon monoxide.

    after numerous times of research of the BEST e cig thats not too big, i came to the conclusion of purchasing the inferno...

    OMG, when i first took the first hit of this inferno e cig, i automatically discharged the cancer sticks out of my life!!! the flavor and vape is just wonderful that i just wanted to do a BACKFLIP!

    I can finally breathe, taste, and perform my duties to the fullest without running out of breath.

    The inferno looks and feels awesome!!! I love the flavors, the throat hit, the vape it produces.. I can get my nicotine anywhere, anytime.

    ALTHOUGH it satisfies my cravings, I dont feel that intense buzz an analog does.. but still, I am very pleased with this unit. I recommend this to anyone who wants to quit smoking or anyone who wants to be in the safe side. =D
  • Overall
    Very pleased with Inferno
    Review by Richardon 6/22/13
    ...I tried single/disposable use e-cigs from local stores to see if I liked e-cigs( $6-8 ea/day). I did like them, so I searched out a more economical e-cig set up. I bought the Volcano Inferno and and very happy with the product. Very quick delivery. I've been a smoker for 44 years & now I'm a happy vapor. My wife & child love the absence of cigarette smell on me & in the house. E-cigs are a revolutionary and Volcano Inferno is a revolutionary product. I am just a customer, not affiliated or paid by Volcano. If you want to get away from regular cigs I recommend the Inferno.
  • Overall
    Inferno Miracle Worker!
    Review by Farrenon 6/22/13
    I have been analog free for 20 days now. I know, doesn't sound like much, but...its pretty amazing. I was a pack a day analog smoker for about 5 years. Typical smoker who craved cigs after meals, getting in the car, smoke breaks at work and upon waking in the morning. My fabulous blue inferno kit arrived in the mail and I opened as soon as I came home from work. Opened the box, put it together and BAM! I seriously didn't want a cig anymore! To be honest I was a little hesitant about my cravings for cigs and if this thing was actually going to work. And it has. 20 days later I feel great. I didn't realizer how crappy my lungs and chest felt while I was smoking cigs. I can breathe again! I did cough some the first few days because the vapor is almost twice as thick as cigs. It took some getting use to but buy the end of the first week I was fine. The Inferno really is a miracle worker! I think the best part is I can vape ANYWHERE! No more going outside and reeking of a nasty cig! Now you can smell good again! I highly recommend this 110%
  • Overall
    Will never smoke a cigarette again...
    Review by Saravuthon 6/22/13
    Been a smoker for 19 years and knew I needed to quit. It was effecting my health and all of my loved ones. I did my research on e-cigs and their benefits...found out it was more safe for me and my family. I've tried Blu Cigs, that didn't work for me. I saw a couple of Youtube video reviews on the Inferno. Was very impressed with all of the reviews and thought I should pick up the kit.
    It's been only a week with the Inferno and I know that this is for me. The vapor production is great and the battery life is phenomenal!
    Thank you Volcano for a better way of life and I'm going to try my hardest to convert all my smoker friends!
  • Overall
    You will never want a regular cigarette again!
    Review by Julieon 6/16/13
    After purchasing this unit 8 months ago--I have been nothing but extremely pleased--after trying countless other electronic cigarette brands--I have found the best one--Even if I could smoke regular cigarettes-I would prefer this. I was a pack to two pack a day smoker for 20 yrs and I don't miss it at all due to the inferno--My battery never runs out as I can vape and be on the pc at the same time--and when I'm on the go--the battery life is phenomenal. I use an extra high e-liquid and get tons of vapor--a great th and its so easy to use--and durable-- (I tend to be clumsy and have dropped this unit time and again)--never any problems--this is what an e-cig unit should be like--if all smokers could just use this for a few days--smoking regular cigarettes would become non-existent. This product is so highly above any other unit--just spend the few extra bucks and get this unit to start out with, instead of wasting time, energy and patience with other units--you will save a lot of money even in the short run. I am one completely satisfied customer! and I love the variety of flavors as well-especially the choconilla haze--great stuff--Thank you-Thank you-Thank you--Your product has finally gotten me off regular cigarettes after 20+ years!!!!!!
  • Overall
    Got this at the mall
    Review by Randomon 6/14/13
    Went to a retail location as I am visiting my son in Honolulu. They advertise these on the TV here and there ads are very effective. This is a very nice product and is not only saving my lungs, it is saving me money. I even went back and bought another tube tank and some kona coffee e-liqiud tastes good! Just ordered a kit for My son from the web site. I will add to this when it comes in. WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!!
  • Overall
    love love love
    Review by akfr0zenon 6/11/13
    this is my second Inferno, first one works just fine, i just wanted blue, I wish there was an option to pay a little more and get the bigger tank, just something to consider please, thank you
  • Overall
    Totaly stoked on this!!!
    Review by Kristinon 5/27/13
    I've tried many e cigs (to many to mention) I bought the inferno to try to help me quit smoking and successfully cut down tremendously.
    However....I fell in love with this because when I do crave a drag I can just sneak off into the bathroom and nobody knows. No stinky tabacco odor and better yet no smokers cough!
    This IS by far the best product on the market....thank you volcano for a product I will use for years to come....screw the tabacco companies for killing people including my mom. Take that to the bank cooperate America....start vaping and bankrupt those bastards!!!!
  • Overall
    great device i had bought love it
    Review by jeffon 5/27/13
    when will the inferno 2 come out i just bought my inferno and i love it made a great choice did the blu cigs but no comparison to this inferno.cant wait to see whats next for this device.
  • Overall
    Excellent vaping!
    Review by Jeff S.on 5/21/13
    I have been vaping with my Inferno for about 2 months now and I absolutely LOVE it! I have tried several smaller e-cigs and they never seemed to me to produce enough vapor to be satisfying. Couple the Inferno with Menthol Burst e-liquid and WOW! The TubeTank couldn't be easier to use and always produces a wonderful lung filling vapor that will have you tossing your analogs out and never looking back!

    Both the 650 and 900 batteries have a long usable life. I have NEVER been without battery power to vape. And don't forget if you do find yourself low on power the batteries allow you to vape while they charge.

    I also love the fact that you can customize your Inferno with different tips, cartomizers, etc. You can make it your own!

    I have been analog free since I received mine and will never go back. I have tried a puff or two of analogs and can't get over how "dirty" and nasty they taste. This has ruined analogs for me forever! THANKS VOLCANO!!!

    If you have ever tried smaller e-cigs and thought they were okay but they just weren't quite enough to replace analogs, do yourself a favor and pick up an Inferno. You will not be disappointed!

    Thanks again Volcano!!!!
  • Overall
    Best thing I bought in years
    Review by Arthuron 5/15/13
    I got my inferno a couple months back, and I simply love it.

    Between my friends and I, I have tried blu e cigs, V2 ecigs, and green smoke e cigs. These other e cigs did produce decent vapor, but each had its drawbacks, whether it be expensive components or backed up web sites/customer service.

    In my opinion, the inferno is the best value, and possibly the best product on the market for my needs. Ever since my friend introduced me to volcano and their products, I have been nothing but pleased. Thank you for your great customer service and your fine products.

    Now I have quit chewing tobacco and analog cigarettes, saving my health and lots of money. The inferno comes with long lasting batteries, and always produces great vapor.

    If you are considering switching to an inferno, or have never tried one, please do. If you are concerned you will not be able to get a buzz, just get your starter kit with any 24 mg flavor e liquid. I prefer this system for nicotine delivery over cigarettes or chew, and I will never go back.

    I cannot say enough good things about my inferno. I encourage anyone trying to quit to "test drive" a disposable e cig. If you think vaping might be for you, please upgrade to the inferno. It is worth it, try it and you will see.
  • Overall
    this is awesome
    Review by mikeon 5/9/13
    This inferno ecig is awesome great flavor and works great i dont even want a cigarette thank you valcano you guys are awesome thanks for the inferno uwill deffinetly see me ordering my stuff
  • Overall
    Review by Victoria on 5/5/13
    I love this!! Thank god I tried this one than all the other ecigs out there! I went by every reviews! And everyone was right! This ecig is amazing!! HIGHLY recommend :)
  • Overall
    Way better than the Magma kit
    Review by DJ Senseion 5/5/13
    As a Respiratory Care Practitioner, I knew that I need to quit smoking. I tried and failed a lot of times already but I know the time will come. I tried the magma kit 2 years ago and failed. I quit using the magma kit for some reason and I'm not feeling it. My friends been vaping for a long time and I saw them upgrading to the ones with tube tanks. I tried it and I was hooked the first puff. I'm a Newport smoker and haven't thought of buying a pack of cigarette since yesterday. I really appreciate the help and for an awesome product! The shipping was so quick too. More power to you guys... And Always Keep up the good work!
  • Overall
    Lovin it
    Review by Brianon 5/1/13
    I just got my inferno yesterday and I LOVE it!!! I started out with Blu and found their product to not suit my needs and found their customer service lacking. Since purchasing this product I've already talked to one kind customer service person and had my mistaken order corrected in a quick and timely fashion. The lava tube makes refilling simple with little mess. The burn is great and so is the vape. I can already tell that this will suit my vapping needs better than Blu ever could and with less waste in money. Disposable carts are convenient but expensive, but a great way to start. I'll always be gratefull to Blu for helping start my quest to quit analogs but beyond that....well, lets just say I'm glad to have found this product. This is for the serious vapper.
  • Overall
    Review by Scotton 4/26/13
    When I got my inferno I've been vaping ever since never smoked a cigarette again. The only negative thing I have about it is that every draw I take there's a little more air than vapor but other then that its great.
  • Overall
    Review by Dannyon 4/20/13
    I have read most of the 250 plus reviews and agree almost word for word and mirror what they have said. I will add that I have tried to stop smoking several times in the past and we all know that the first 2 to 5 days are the hardest. I have had my Inferno for 5 days now and have not had the urge to smoke an analog cig since I started with the Inferno. INCREDIBLE!!!! I have gone from $53 dollars a carton 3 times a month to $0 a month. Simply put...other than sliced bread...this is the best product I have purchased as far back as I can remember!!!
  • Overall
    Volcano, Thank You so so so much!!!
    Review by Steven and Tamaraon 4/17/13
    I just wanted to take a minute to thank Volcano! My wife and I were both a pack a day+ smokers for 15 yrs and after trying just about every ecig, patch, gum, u name it, this was the only product (inferno) that worked for us as soon as we pulled it out of the box. we both have not had 1 analog cig since (3 months now) and we can not thank Volcano enough!!! Thank you for an amazing product!!! The juices are by far the best out there and the selection of all the accessories is amazing!!! So please Volcano please do not change a thing in both quality and prices!!!!! We love our inferno's and we have also brought volcano 15 new customers (all inferno's also) and every one of them couldn't be happier with this product!!! So again thank you so much!!! We do have one idea and that is, maybe some way Volcano can make a small bottle or even little pouch to be able to try out some ejuices before buying a whole bottle. Just enough to fill up one tank for a few dollars or even a sample pack, say 5 different flavors approx. 5m each for $20 or something like that. That would be awesome, that way everyone could at least be able to test them out, especially when there is no Volcano stores here in Michigan. Thanks so much Volcano, Volcano for Life!!!!
  • Overall
    Review by Kevinon 4/17/13
    First off I ordered the unit at 10pm last Friday and got it Monday afternoon with free shipping, that's killer!! Unit was very easy to assemble and the online instructions are very intuitive. I was vaping within 10 minutes! It does exactly what I wanted, full power hits all day long without having to recharge. Great product and great value. My only disclaimer is the e-liquid. I cannot recommend the Pure Tobacco blend, but I haven't tried any of the other flavors so I will withhold judgement there. When I put a different brand e liquid in, it was smooth sailing!! Despite not liking the liquid, I can't say enough good things about the Inferno and dealing with Volcano. OUTSTANDING!!!!!
  • Overall
    A fantastic product!
    Review by Tyleron 4/14/13
    Got the inferno not to long ago and I love it! I didn't have to wait long at all for my product, it arrived four days after placing the order, which honestly surprised me. I enjoyed filling it with liquid so it didn't feel like much work to me. I also enjoy the weight behind it, it just feels nice to hold. The five on five off system works really well and the pass through charging is a really neat feature. Overall a great product!
  • Overall
    Can't believe it!
    Review by Ritaon 4/14/13
    I bought my inferno on March 27, 2013, and haven't smoked an analog since. I sort of accidentally quit smoking regular cigarettes. I'm absolutely amazed! I thought I would buy it, try it, and keep smoking regular smokes. Nope, not a one! And I really do love this device. Can't wait to try another flavor of e liquid. I want to tell everyone about this thing! I only wish I'd have bought pink instead of black :) Oh, and in just 18 days of not smoking (still can't believe it's been that long) I have saved $120.00.
  • Overall
    Why Didn't I do this Sooner?
    Review by Duncon 4/12/13
    After having a couple friends let me try theirs, I bit the bullet, and got my Inferno. Instantly, I fell in love. The flavors are a great addition to smoking, and I instantly quit analog cigarettes. No more smelling bad, no more super expensive cigarettes, no more harm to the environment. After my first 6 hours of use, my wife became convinced, and we just placed our second order. For us, we enjoy to smoke, so we kind of have our cake and eat it too with the Inferno. I think of it as Technology improving Responsibility.
  • Overall
    Love it!
    Review by CobraCabanaon 4/6/13
    I just got this in the mail and was able to quickly assemble and use it. I love it! I ordered it on a tuesday and got it friday so the shipping was quick. I love that I can charge the batteries from my computer and use it at the same time. Even though I have just gotten this product and only used it for a very short time I already love it and am very happy with my purchase.
  • Overall
    Excellent so far!
    Review by Matton 4/2/13
    I bought this and had it just a few days later. Having only been using it a couple of days now, I have nearly completely stopped smoking analog cigarettes and probably will never buy another pack. The shipping is super fast and the customer service is outstanding. This is really worth the money and I would highly recommend it to anyone. This is far superior to grocery store e-cigs! Don't hesitate! If you are thinking about getting something to replace grocery store junk or are wanting to put down analog cigarettes, this is an esxcellent place to start.
  • Overall
    Best so far
    Review by Shaneon 3/25/13
    I quit smoking in Sept 2012, i tried several other products but for one reason or another always smoked analogs again. This product helped me quit for good. Great product, easy to use, and the customer service is top notch. Highly recommend the inferno tube tank.
  • Overall
    In love
    Review by Ryan on 3/23/13
    I have had disposable ecigs before that just do not cut it. The Inferno is a whole different story. Shipping was fast for me, and putting together the device was a breeze. I was vaping in minutes, and still am. This product has changed my outlook on ecigs, and I would recommend this product to anybody even slightly interested in ecigs.
  • Overall
    Wow . . . world of difference
    Review by Elickaon 3/23/13
    I've been using your basic, manual 808D batteries and carts since I started vaping and quit smoking 3 mos. ago, and just received my Inferno kit this morning. Holy crap, batman--I knew I'd be stepping up, but I had no idea how significant the difference would be. If you're new, and a little intimidated by the technical vaping jargon or concerned that this will be complicated--no worries! The Inferno is easy to set up and use, and you will NOT regret this purchase. I was vaping inside of 10 minutes, have been vaping all day with this, and doubt I'll be using anything I'd purchased before very much at all (wish I'd known!). It is actually more attractive 'in person' than in the pictures, has a solid, high-quality look and feel, and the vapor is fantastic compared to using novice-level set-ups. I just can't recommend this highly enough. Oh--and the Sweet Tart flavored liquid is delicious. Have never tasted a flavor so true to its description.
  • Overall
    Review by joshon 3/17/13
    Got the inferno a couple days ago ..shipping was fast (ordered on a Monday night received it on Thursday in California using fed ex 2 day) haven't touched a regular cig since (20 year habit ..pack and a half a day)..great throat hit and vapor production ..easy to use ..Ive tried a lot of other e cigs and this is by far my favorite..great job volcano..thank you for my gf isn't nagging me every second of the day for smelling like smoke and great selection and taste on your v juices ..thanks for a great product at a great price
  • Overall
    Awesome Product!!
    Review by Markon 3/17/13
    A month ago I transitioned from Blu to the Volcano Inferno Kit. There is no comparison! Volcano blows the Blu system out of the water. The battery life is excellent, typically a day for the 600 mAH battery and a day and a half for the 900 mAH battery. The tube tank works seamlessly with much less hassle to refill. The vaping experience regarding the hits and vapor produced is very consistent. The cartridges are easy to change and refill. Thanks to the anonymous user that pointed me in your direction Volcano!! Volcano is #1 in my book!!!!
  • Overall
    Review by Garretton 3/16/13
    I've jammed through 3 different ecig brands and haven't been impressed for how much cash I've spent. I bought the Inferno kit and finally...someone got it right. It seems to me that Volcano is just as interested in quality and what the consumer wants, as much as they are in their profit margin. I cannot say the same about the rest. I smokED 1.5-2 packs of analogs until I purchased this, haven't bought a pack since. I immediately purchased another kit and accessories (easily $280 total) but I would have spent roughly $400-$480 on analogs anyways. I cant wait to see how much I will save over the next few months. I work outside and it's nice to have a battery and a tank that last a full day and some no problem. And I'm sure my 1yr old doesn't mind the absence of cigarette smoke on me. Amazing quality, awesome e liquid, I'll definitely be back for more
  • Overall
    Excellent Value
    Review by DawnKon 3/14/13
    I tried using the mini e-cigs to quit smoking. While they worked well for short periods of time when smoking wasn't an option, there is no way they could replace traditional cigarettes for me. The Inferno is truly what I've been looking for. I tried it for the potential savings over traditional cigarettes moreso than quitting, but I'm on my third day having this jewel in my possession and I can tell you that traditional cigarettes are a thing of the past. This is a quality, American made product that consumers can buy directly from the manufacturer. Now, that's a win-win in my book! The best part for me is that I'm saving money, living healthier, and truly enjoying the experience. It's like eating zero calorie cake! If you're a pack a day or more smoker and your looking to save money, have a bigger variety of flavors, and enjoy the full feel of a traditional cigarette without all of the negative effects on your health, nasty smell and yellow, stained teeth, then this is just what you're looking for. The cost of your starter kit is approximately that of a carton of cigarettes and it will last you well beyond the time that carton would. Go for it!
  • Overall
    Review by Stevenon 3/14/13
    My wife and I have been a pack and a half a day smokers for 15 yrs and the inferno was the only product that worked for us. We were able to quit smoking analog cigs the moment we pulled the inferno out of the box. We have tried just about every kind of ecig on the plant and the Inferno is the best, hands down!!! Its more than worth the money and all the accessories make it very easy to personalize it just how you like it and can change out the look on a daily basis. Thank you so much Volcano we are so happy and proud to say non smokers!!!! Volcano for life!!!
  • Overall
    Far better than expected!
    Review by Richardon 3/13/13
    I've had the tube tank for several months now and I am pleasantly surprised at how much vapor this thing produces, flavor is spot on too! I purchased my first Inferno over a year ago, so I'm hooked. I would recommend that you purchase an Inferno Low-Res Atty and extra drip tip, because a fun as the tank is, I'm old school and still love dripping!
  • Overall
    Great unit with one simple flaw
    Review by Solenelleon 3/10/13
    The best thing is I set it up in 2 minutes in the morning and I'm done for the day.
    There's a funny whistle like sound when you draw though. It comes from the connection point of the battery and the tube tank that is audible for everyone around you. Could easily be avoided by adding a piece of soft material inside the tube sock. It has such an easy solution that I don't know why they haven't done it already.
  • Overall
    best and coolest ecig out by far!
    Review by Gacheungon 3/8/13
    after searching tons of reviews of different ecigs out in the market i finally went with the inferno, by far one of my best life decisions. Ive been smoking for 10years and I'm only 25 so I said I desperately need to quit and change my lifestyle around. I tried quitting before and never lasted or bought cheap ecigs at 7/11 and end up going back to analogs cigs. Since i purchased the inferno in Jan 2013 i haven't even thought of a cigarette. This thing really works and the vape and throat hit is excellent, i figured those are the 2 things i mainly need to quit. I didn't really mind the size, don't care that's its not same hold as a cigarette. The ultimate test was when I have a couple drinks in me, everyone who smoked cigs know that alcohol and cigs go hand in hand, but i was not phased, the inferno satisfies the crave. I started with the 16mg of nicotine since i smoked newports and figured I would need it, but I've been decreasing down to lights 8mg and is just fine. The flavor liquids are the best, I like making wild, exotic combos. I recently got my bro in law and friends on this and slowly changing the world one smoker at a time. Thanks volcano, i highly recommend and vouch for the inferno!!!
  • Overall
    Much better than the original inferno
    Review by LennyGon 3/7/13
    Between the battery life and the tank I fill up in the morning and I'm good all day. This is what I've wanted for two years. Good job Volcano!
  • Overall
    Review by Timothyon 3/4/13
    So I just picked up my version 2 INFERNO 2 days ago. This thing is awesome. Since using it I have not really craved regular cigarettes at all. This is a really great product and I am sure I will be using it for a VERY long time. Thanks Volcano
  • Overall
    Love it
    Review by Barryon 3/4/13
    Just wanted to say that for those of you out there like me who intend to use this at work, you might consider choosing the Silver color. I chose black, and of course it looked incredible. But coins in pocket and other items scratch the finish on it which kindof takes away from it's inherent awesomeness.
    Just a little niche thing I wanted to point out lol.

    It works great. I've used 4 other brands before trying this one, and by far it is the best I have ever used. The battery charge lasts a seriously long time, for me 2 days before a recharge is needed. Absolutely love it.
  • Overall
    Completely Awesome
    Review by Donaldon 3/1/13
    This is the first ecig I have ever used and it is a great replacement for cigarettes. Haven't even wanted one since I started vaping. Thank You Volcano.
  • Overall
    the best bang for my buck
    Review by aaronon 2/27/13
    this is the best e cig ive used so far just got it today and im loving it i used to use the magma but this is way better so glad i got it. I am so i glad i chose volcano. I love it vapes really good no more having to clean to automizers. GREAT JOB VOLCANO!!!!!
  • Overall
    great setup
    Review by Carlon 2/27/13
    well I have had my inferno kit about a week now and am officially retiring my other kits the flavor I get from the tube tank is great love not having the burned taste I got from regular cartos even if the carto was only a few hrs old! the longer battery life is a bonus too, wish I had found this kit sooner. And don't let the tanks intimidate you they are easy to set up the most tricky part is priming it w/out flooding and you will get it pretty easy cuz they have a video and tons of help on the forum.
  • Overall
    Best on the market..
    Review by Brandonon 2/26/13
    This is my 3rd ecig buy, and the BEST I've bought & the last I'll ever need. The 1st one I got was a cheap, gas station brand and was really sad. The 2nd brand was a name-brand that you can get at Walgreen's, but the battery life was pathetic and they only had 6 or 7 flavors. The Inferno has AMAZING battery life. Volcano has SUPER fast shipping. I ordered mine late Thursday night, and they shipped it Friday, & I had it Monday. Started vaping after a few minutes of opening the box & the 650 maH battery lasted me all night at work. I am a VERY happy customer, & you will be too if you buy an Inferno!!!
  • Overall
    Review by Brandonon 2/25/13
    This is the 3rd ecig I have used. The 1st was a cheap, gas station kind. That was horrid. My 2nd was, I will just say you can buy them at Walgreen's, they were OK, but too expensive & the battery performance was pathetic. I just got my Inferno in the mail today, & it took me less than 5 minutes to get it up & running & I've been vaping off & on all day since 2pm. It's going on 9pm as I'm typing this, & I haven't had to recharge my 1st battery yet. (The smaller battery!!) The shipping was VERY fast, Waikiki Watermelon tastes like watermelon Bubbleyum..I am 1 satisfied customer!! Thank you Volcano!!!!!
  • Overall
    LOVING IT!! Red Inferno kit!! Thank you Volcano!!
    Review by justinon 2/24/13
    Im a new loyal Volcano customer from Texas! a state that that seems to stick to the traditional cigs! I have tried other E cigs in the past but none of them gave me the satisfaction of actually smoking. I tried the blu ecig but it didn't give me a good vape at all and tasted like straight up crap so I just used it to help space out my cigarettes.... but in the end it really didn't do me any good at all.. my friends mother called me the other day and told me about her experience with volcano and her magma kit so I decided to take a look and saw the new inferno kit, so I checked out reviews and videos for a day or so and was amazed with all the good talk about the inferno!! I placed my order and got my inferno yesterday, I am loving the moui mango and tobacco pure. I HAVE NOT SMOKED SINCE I GOT MY E CIG AND FEEL GREAT!!!
  • Overall
    Inferno e-Cig
    Review by Jeffon 2/24/13
    First off I want to thank you, a few years ago I bought one of the cheap e cigs, and the more I used it, the more I wanted to go back to smoking... So I was very skeptical about your E-cigs.. I had little to no faith in them.. but after a little research online I bought ane of your inferno's with a supply of 18 mil of grape juice... and give it an honest try...and every time I wanted a smoke I used it...its been over 1 week and I have not had 1 tobacco ciggerette since I started your E-cig actually works..takes all the craving of smoking away.. my hats off to you..I went from smoking 2 packs a day to -0-... and I can tell you that I actually get more than 1 day from each battery... you guys rock your product is as close to the real ciggerette experience I have yet seen... i'd give you 10 stars if I could..your product did what others failed to me kik the smoking habbit... something I have been trying to do for years...again thank you so much..I have already noticed my wind coming back after 1 short week of not smoking... You have made one very happy customer in me.... Kudos to you..
  • Overall
    Convinced that The Inferno Kit is the best value for a virgin vaper like me!
    Review by Tracyon 2/23/13
    I have had my silver Inferno for 3 days and have almost given up regular cigarettes completely! I have smoked menthol lights for 30 years, but had never used an e-cig! I am so happy with this Inferno! It is such a nice looking unit and is easy to set up (even for a non-techy person). It is the perfect tool to use to help stop smoking analogs, doesn't stink up the house, and is great for travel! I ordered Pineapple Punch & Menthol Burst as my first e-liquids and like them both, but The Menthol Burst is too strong for me so I plan to mix it in with other flavors. I recommend ordering the silver drip tip because the clear one that comes with the kit holds beads of condensation inside and isn't as pretty. Also if you order one additional tube, you'd have 2 complete e-cigs that you can fill with different e-liquids and switch flavors to keep things interesting! The only problem I see is that my husband who is a non-smoker (but loves all new tech) thinks it is so cool that he's taken up vaping. I think he needs his own! Thanks for a great product, Volcano!
  • Overall
    This Inferno is amazing
    Review by Tobiason 2/23/13
    Just got my inferno kit in the mail and was up an vaping in no time. This thing is serious. Highly recommended.
  • Overall
    Review by Tiffanyon 2/21/13
    Loved the inferno, Ive had mine for 7 months now and still going strong the battery last all day and is the perfect size, much better than other batteries I have used and at a great price. I love volcano as a company they ship fast and are very reasonable I placed my order at 6pm and chose fedex 2 day I was vaping in 40 hours. " Hawaii to the east coast in less than 2 days"
  • Overall
    The Inferno is incredible!
    Review by Jasonon 2/17/13
    I'm very pleased with the Inferno and the vape it produces is spectacular. You can take a satisfying little puff or, you can really pull on it and make a vape cloud that would impress your local television weatherman. Yeah, it's that good.

    I recommend that you get the optional Inferno carrying case. It's a quality case and keeps everything you need nicely organized.

    Well done Volcano! Keep up the great work!

    Thank you,

  • Overall
    Other thoughts...
    Review by Darcyon 2/15/13
    Can't update my original review... Only other thought is this: it needs a pen attachment so I never need to put it down while at my desk writing!! :)
  • Overall
    Review by Patrickon 2/13/13
    This is a great device. The batteries last all day and both have USB pass through. The tube tank is a much better option than cartomizers as far as flavor and vapor production. Volcano does a very good job of putting up relevant how to videos for any help you need. All in all I could not be happier with the Inferno and with Volcano the company as well.
  • Overall
    Review by Erikon 2/9/13
    I have gone through several types of ecigs trying to get off the analogs, this vapor is awesome!. The battery Lasts ALL DAY! Long Full vaps! with a tank that maybe needs a refill once a day. USB PASS THROUGH built IN!! this vapor is worth every dime.
  • Overall
    Best of the Best
    Review by Jeremyon 2/4/13
    I've been a vapor going on 4 years now. My friend referred me to Volcano and man do I owe him. Everything about this company and its products are the best. I purchased an Inferno kit and after one day I tossed over 9 diffrent types of e-cigs in the trash. I fill this thing up once a day and the battery and juice last the whole time. Been going strong on the inferno over 2 months now and it still works like the first day I got it. (Volcano E-Liquids are the best i've tried..I've tried over 18 brands and nothing compares to Volcano) Thank you volcano for a wonderful product. Truely a life changer=)
  • Overall
    very nice all around on all points
    Review by jaymanon 1/30/13
    My first vape machine, kit. very impressed. I am one who educates myself prior to purchases. The Inferno kit exceeded my expectations.
  • Overall
    Great! Highly Recomend!
    Review by Patriciaon 1/30/13
    My son got the kit for me for Christmas. I love it. It's easy to use and was able to totally quit regualar cigarettes in less than 1 week!
  • Overall
    Never been so HAPPY!
    Review by Jayon 1/29/13
    I've tried a ton of different e-cigs and the Inferno is by far the best. Great battery life and produces great vapor with a awesome throat hit. Fill the tube tank and your set for the day.
  • Overall
    Rough start, and then... Wow.
    Review by Terranceon 1/28/13
    First off, let me say that Volcano is one hell of a company in terms of customer service. I'm over here in Japan—thus, in the world of tomorrow—and made my order back on the MLK holiday weekend. Even with that, I still got my kit by the next Monday!

    Cracked open the beautiful packaging with the Inferno, followed the somewhat spartan instructions for how to get started, and was immediately discouraged when I drew in a lung-full of acrid smoke. Tried adding more liquid and only made the issue worse.

    Almost gave up on it altogether and chalked it up to being a somewhat pricy mistake, but ended up trying again with another cartomizer. And am I ever glad that I did!

    Awesome levels of vapor, great taste, and awesome product design all around. Volcano, you just gained a lifelong fan!
  • Overall
    awesome kit
    Review by noah on 1/28/13
    i ordered this kit expecting it to be sub par like my other vapping experiences. but i am super impressed. it vapes well. the size and overall apperence is super clean and nice. im vapping the pure tabbaco in it right now and the throat hit is awesome. this is the best bang for your buck. dont bother with blucigs or even the magma. this is the best way to vape wether its social vapping or for a serious smoker.
  • Overall
    Loving the Inferno!
    Review by Louiseon 1/28/13
    Started out with with Green Smoke, but found the cartomizers weren't lasting very long. Read a lot of blogs and found this product to be very highly recommended.

    Have to join those fine folks and highly recommend it myself! Just an excellent experience. It's the perfect size, trouble free and very easy to use.

    Also very stylish! Constantly being asked about it when I'm out!

    Love it - haven't smoked an 'analogue' for a year now. Thank you Volcano!
  • Overall
    Outstanding product
    Review by MARKon 1/27/13
    I had been on your site for about a week and was torn on which volcano starter kit to get but thanks to the help of customers and the sales rep at St. Petersburg, FL today I ended up with the INFERNO and I am glad I did. Keep up the great work VOLCANO!!
  • Overall
    Review by coreyon 1/27/13
    wow had this for about two weeks now and cant stop only thing i dont like is having to put it up at work son it dont get broke but best i have tried so far
  • Overall
    Grateful and Thankful!!!
    Review by Sargeon 1/26/13
    Smoked 1/2 pack a day. Got my inferno last week and haven't wanted a cigarette since. No more smoke smell, going outside to smoke, smelly car, clothes, breathe, etc.. Immediately noticed a difference in my breathing, health, and overall feeling.The inferno is a good looking, quality product that has changed my life for the good. I'll never smoke another cigarrete! Very thankful! Thank God? Spread the news and let's all kick this terrible addiction that's killing so many. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!! Sarge, USAF
  • Overall
    First time and first kit.
    Review by ZakyJon 1/25/13
    Let me start out by saying i am a huge skeptic when it comes to things that seem to go to be true. And electronic cigarettes definitely fall into that category. I always that it wont for me, its just a gimic. I always see people going back and forth between these things and their regular cigs. So its gotta be to good to be true. Right?
    Boy was i wrong!!!

    I recently decided to take a leap of faith and picked up my first e-cig kit, Volcano's Inferno. I said to myself if i can go a week with out regular cigs, it would pay for itself and i wouldnt really be out of any money. Well here i am almost 3 weeks later and havent even thought about switching back. the first few days, i kept away from drinking cause we all know thats where the real test is. after a few days i did have a few beverages for the 21+ crowd and kept going strong on the Inferno. didnt even think about regular cigs. I really have to say that the only thing i regret about it is i didnt pick one up sooner.

    If you are thinking about giving up smoking, dont hesitate with this kit. The Inferno is the way to go!!!
  • Overall
    Good Product
    Review by Mundyon 1/24/13
    I smoked about a half pack of New Port 100s daily. I bought this on January 19th at a smoke sotre in Silverdale and I can honestly tell you that I have not felt the need for another tobacco cigarette. This thing is beyond awesome... the only downside is that I smoke it a lot more... i cannot express how much i like this product! did I say it was awesome? 'cause it is!
  • Overall
    Super Product
    Review by Darrinon 1/24/13
    I could not be more pleased with the ease of use, sleek styling, and outstanding performance of the Inferno. I am recommending this product to every smoker I know. Thanks.
  • Overall
    No need to think twice
    Review by Stephenon 1/18/13
    I took a while to review several other products but kept coming back to look at this Inferno system. It took me almost a month to finally decide to buy the Inferno. I had to open it and check it out as soon as it was delivered. I am very impressed with the flavor and amount of vapor that comes from this system. I will not try anything else. Now I just need to stock up on my liquids.
  • Overall
    Out with the old, in with the new!
    Review by Erichon 1/17/13
    I just switched to the new inferno with the tube tank. I Love it. Less maintenance, less refills, cleaner refills, and a much better vape. Both batteries now come with the USB pass though, Yeah! Far superior product. No more having to clean and blow out the atomizer too. Volcano you did good.
  • Overall
    Vapes like a champ
    Review by JJon 1/17/13
    I think the Inferno is the perfect size for most vapers. It vapes really well. I am very satisfied with this product. I highly recommend it to anyone whether you are new or a veteran vaper.
  • Overall
    Happy with my choice
    Review by Alsafyshon 1/17/13
    I chose Volcano's Inferno first, and I'm glad I did. It got me and my husband off analogs straight away. It's far more enjoyable then the old poison ever was, and is a really reliable and easy to use product. It does not take an advanced vaper to set up an Inferno, just RTFM. :) Oh, and use 40 drops not 20...
  • Overall
    The Best Investment Ever
    Review by Justinon 1/16/13
    I order this on a sunday and got here on a wednesday. This thing is sick i use it all the time. There is a lot of vapor produced and it has a great throat hit. Also maui mango tastes great. Couldn't ask for a better product!
  • Overall
    well made
    Review by Jasonon 1/11/13
    This e cig is the best I've found so far. I'm so happy with it, I've decided to try the new lava tube. One will be my primary an the other my "backup". I have smoked over 20 yrs (not bragging, an not proud). This product has allowed me to scrap that habit.
  • Overall
    Review by Alfredon 1/11/13
    I've used e-cigs for a few years now, but I've never been fully satisfied with any of them until now. The Inferno with is hands down the best e-cig I've ever used. The batteries will last you a whole day and the amount of vape if vast and satisfying. The TubeTank feature is pure genius; you get to see how much eliquid is left on your device and it just loos right. 100% satisfied.
  • Overall
    Review by Jonathanon 1/9/13
    This product completely amazed me! If you are serious about vaping, this is a must have! Forget the other companies, if you want quality products that you can actually afford, you're in the right place! Thanks for the awesome product Volcano!
  • Overall
    Friggin Sweet!!!!!!
    Review by Clinton 1/9/13
    I have never vaped before, but my Managerr does. He has the inferno also he let me try it and then from there it was all over!!!! I just got my inferno today and i love it!!!! Vaping is all me from now on!!! Thanks VolcanoCigs!!!!!!!!!! I will recommend for sure!!!!!!
  • Overall
    Exactly what I was looking for!!!!
    Review by Chrison 1/7/13
    Just got mine today and have to admit that it feels just like smoking!!!! I had tried other product but none of them had the amount of vaper cloud a wanted. I got the tobacco flavor and chocolate and I'm excited to try others!

    Thanks Volcano!!!
  • Overall
    Review by manuelon 1/5/13
    amazing. my only complaint is that i didnt know about this sooner. broke my 12 year addiction to "analog" smokes the day i got it, surprisingly easy. vapor is amazing and the e juices taste amazing. buy this cause it will save your life.
  • Overall
    Best invention since the wheel and fire!!!!!
    Review by Alexon 1/5/13
    Honestly, words cannot describe how AMAZING this thing is!!! I'm a college senior who starting smoking my freshman year of college. I've always been very "health conscious" about almost everything, but things happen...

    Although I was never a "heavy" smoker (smoking between 5-10 a day), I knew I didn't want to become one. About 1 1/2 years ago, I bought my first e-cig to help stop the habit before I noticed significant health effects. After hours and hours of research and from what I could gather, Volcano was the best of the best!!! For those wondering, I started with the original VOLCANO kit. While that is a great way to get into the world of vaping, this product blows it out of the water!

    With my VOLCANO kit with drip tip, I found myself constantly going back and forth between analogs and e-cigs, sometimes not using the e-cig for months at a time, even though in the back of my mind, I knew I should stick with e-cigs over analogs. So...I bought this as a late Christmas gift for myself and received it New Year's Eve =D

    Although it's only been almost a week, I don't see myself relapsing and when I'm in public and people smoke, I don't have an urge to pick up the habit and I'm even slightly grossed out by the smell/look of analogs now.

  • Overall
    Good stuff :)
    Review by dcwright02on 1/3/13
    Got my Inferno kit about a week ago... Great product!!! Love the tube tank set up (once I got it to wick properly - yes, I'm a vape virgin) because it is just so easy for all day, at work vaping.

    I did find the the larger battery to make the overall setup too large with a TT attached but I wanted more flavors so I went ahead and ordered a LR atty and a cone for it so I could drip when I want different flavors... Now my large battery is overall shorter then my TT set up. Flavors are great, vape is great, Volcano is great! Get one! :)
  • Overall
    Review by Anthonyon 12/27/12
    I bought the magma to start it worked but it was a pain charging everything. i went back to analog and decided to try the blu. Biggest waste of money , but the Inferno is amazing the throat hit is unreal you cant go wrong with this device!!!!
  • Overall
    Review by Tracon 12/26/12
    I've been a smoker for 35 years a pack and a half a day. So far i haven't touched a analog cigarette for a month and don't plan to in the future. The inferno e cig is terrific only wish i tried it sooner would have saved so much money. Battery life is also great! Customer service was also great, plan on being a loyal customer for a long time. The inferno e cig is only thing that didn't leave me craving for a analog cigarette.
  • Overall
    Review by penstar66on 12/24/12
    wow got my inferno today (Monday) and I only order it on Saturday didnt think I would get it this fast. can not wait to put together and start my vaping exe.
  • Overall
    Great Product / best customer service
    Review by Danon 12/18/12
    Fast delivery, everything works awsome. Volcano #1 in my book.
  • Overall
    Great Product!
    Review by Ericon 12/14/12
    By far the vest e cig I have had so far. I like to mix the menthol burst with the menthol and it is great. My larger battery will last for a full 24 hours and I no longer have to worry about bringing charging cords with me everyday. I had quit smoking before with ecigs but went back after about a month. Has been 3 months now and no desire to go back to regular cigarettes. Customer service was also great my smaller battery would not work out of the box and I called them and the sent me another with 2 day shipping a no hassles at all.
  • Overall
    The Inferno ROCKS :)
    Review by Levion 12/8/12
    It's a good device & vapes awesome.
  • Overall
    Just what I needed.
    Review by Stephenon 12/5/12
    I love E-Cigs more than actualy analog cigarretes. I have been running on gas station E-Cigs for about a week and then ordered this bad boy. Blows everything else out of the water, I was so suprised with the first hit. Killed my smoking craving right away and this is with the 16mb tobacco pure. My mom is jelous and wants one now!!
  • Overall
    I can't wait!!!
    Review by Mikale0807on 12/3/12
    I'm new to to the e-cig scene. I've tried an e-cig a few mothes ago from a freind, and liked it very much! The flavor was good (I was told it was a mixture of red bull & caramel), and the vapor was awsome! Just recently I've been looking around and I came upon the Volcano Infero. I haven't purchased it yet but, let me tell ya...I CAN'T WAIT! I've done my research and saw many e-cigs out there, and it all came down to one...The Volcano Inferno! Keep y'all posted when I get it!
  • Overall
    The Answer to your vaping needs!!
    Review by Justinon 11/29/12
    I was a 2 pack a day smoker for close to 12 years. I started off with the typical cheap, low quality brands of ecigs you can purchase at local convenience stores. Then I moved on to a rather well known company via the internet who's name I won't disclose.. (but its only two characters and starts with a V).

    They weren't a BAD company other than the lifetime of their batteries being wretched and the outrageous price of their cartridges. Their blanks are NOT meant to be refilled and still give the same quality as the prefilled carts, pushing you towards spending the extra $$ on prefilled carts. I was LITERALLY throwing money away at going through 3-4 of them per day.

    The Inferno was the answer.. after reading around and looking at the different var. voltage devices such as the Lavatube, I realized I wasn't quite in need of something so big or hardcore, but I definitely wanted something with a tank style refillable liquid delivery.. and BOOM... there was the Inferno with the TubeTank.. This meets and exceeds ALL of my expectations for vaping and I couldn't be happier.. I'd give this product and Volcano the company itself 50 stars if I could!!
  • Overall
    Very economic solution, but messy to handle
    Review by Yairaon 11/27/12
    I'm still in the fence with this one. I started trying several brands of e-cigs a couple of years ago and decided to try the Inferno to avoid the hassle of disposable cartridges. I like that it's very economic to buy the juice. The battery is the longest lasting I've used and the tank holds enough for a week of vaping and then some. However when it's time to add liquid, clean it up or change batteries, the liquid goes everywhere and it's hard to keep it where it should be. I don't feel comfortable taking it in my pocket like I would with an e-cig because the parts are not all screwed in together and could come apart with just a little tug, making a huge smoke juice mess. I bought this product back in August, have plenty of smoke juice to get by for a while, but don't know if I'll continue using this product after it's gone. I miss the convenience and ease of regular e-cigs.
  • Overall
    I LOVE IT!
    Review by Nikkion 11/24/12
    I was never a heavy smoker, just started when I moved out of my home to live with my boyfriend and started life on our own (so maybe 6-7 months ago). My boyfriend hated it and tried to get me to quit but it was hard since my stress was thrown towards smoking. So when my friend bought an Inferno in his attempt to live a "better" life, he let me try it. Let me tell you, hands down that anyone who loves smoking should GET THIS E-CIG! It is by far the best thing that has happened to me! The people at the Ala Moana (oahu, hawaii) kiosk are so helpful and I told them I was a little shy about getting it, they walked me through it. Aside from just how amazing the Inferno is the liquids are amazing. When it says lychee, they mean LYCHEE! Blue Water Punch? Drips of Heaven! The liquids taste wonderful, there's a huge selection. PLUS* the flavor of the week gives you the chance to try a new flavor for half off! Who doesnt love a good sale! My personal favorite is Lychee and Mauna Dew* -lights Yummy!
    So on closing my review THANK YOU VOLCANO ECIGS! i recommend your products to everyone who smokes :) love it<3
  • Overall
    Awesome....Loving This From Indiana
    Review by Angela on 11/19/12
    I received mine last Tuesday and have been Cigerette Free since then....I started with the Tabacco Pure as I feel like it replicates a Regular Cigerette Flavor...I Heard about this from a Great Friend and I am so Grateful to her and This company!! Ps....Shipping after placing orders is so fast...Thank you :)
  • Overall
    Great product!!!!!!!
    Review by Jimmy on 11/10/12
    My first e cig purchase was the Blu starter kit, I loved the battery pack but the carts were terrible! they lasted maybe a couple of hrs and then tasted terrible. And it also irritated my throat and chest. I went back to "analog cigs." So fast forward 3yrs later, I just bought the inferno starter pack. Ive had it for 3 days now and I love it. The vapor never lessens, the tank system is great and so are the batteries Ive gone more than a day without having to charge and same with the fluid and I was a pack a day smoker. And Im honestly smoking this more because its so convenient. That being said I am not happy with the flavors of the juice I ordered... Tobacco pure and vanilla with my starter kit. For me their vanilla is definitely not an all day smoke and it slightly hurts my throat and causes irritation in my chest. the tobacco pure really doesn't taste like anything but does not irritate my chest so its what ill be smoking on a daily basis at least until I get my nxt shipment. Again I just want to say that the Inferno itself is Excellent...its built well and for its size its really not very heavy. And its so easy to hit!!! I would NEVER buy an auto battery again.
  • Overall
    Love it
    Review by Justinon 11/9/12
    I've had the inferno for 3 weeks now, and i love it. Changed atomizers in my tanks, now i'm not producing as much vapor then i was originally. Using the 1.5 . Whats going on?
    Volcan0- Please watch instructional video and make sure you are following all instructions when using a new cartomizer for the first time.
  • Overall
    Review by Ginon 11/9/12
    So I tried traditional style ecigs the ones that look like metal cigs. I dreaded smoking it between the fluid leaking on my lips and choking every single time I inhaled. I never thought I would be able to say goodbye to regular cigs and now I can say I never want to smoke regular cigs ever again. Best product ever in the ecig industry. Love my new inferno!
  • Overall
    Amazing Kit!!!!!! Flavors and Customer Service!
    Review by Giannion 11/8/12
    holy crap! I just got my Inferno kit today, and compared to the Volcano and Magma kits i already own, this thing is amazing!!!!!!!! The Pineapple Punch and Maui Mango mixed together is deelish! Thanks Volcano! after 3 purchases of kits throughout different times of 2012 i cannot say I have ever had any complaints and your customer service reps are top notch.
  • Overall
    can you use the original inferno chargers on this
    Review by Thomason 11/7/12
    I currently have the inferno kit with the passthrough usb battery as well as the larger battery, if i was to order this battery would the chargers i currently have work?
  • Overall
    Great product, Issue with Shipping
    Review by Derekon 11/5/12
    I have no complaints about the Starter Kit I ordered as it is an excellent product. However, I had also ordered a stainless steal drip tip for my device and it did not show up in the packaging. I understand mistakes happen but this was my first order with this company and can't help but to say they have left a terrible first impression. I would still recommend Volcano to anyone as they sell quality products.
  • Overall
    Worth the extra bucks
    Review by ecig sampleron 11/1/12
    The new inferno is the real deal. This is never confused with any gas station ecig. The battery life is better than you can imagine, and the whole unit is pretty durable. I've dropped it a few times, and it's still in excellent condition. On the bad side, It is kind of large, but the good, is that it's not easily lost. The drag is wonderful because the unit does the most of the work for you. The led light is positioned under the drag button making it less obvious when you want to vape. It is very seldom that the tube tank spills juice. The only reason it happens at all is because you may pull on the wrong piece by mistake. Plus, you get little to no juice in your mouth when you vape. I've been trying ALL kinds of ecigs for years including Volcano's products, and this is the best by far! Worth the wait, but why didn't I switch sooner?!? If your thinking about it, you shouldn't be. Just get it!
  • Overall
    Just A Question
    Review by DComptonon 10/18/12
    I have the Inferno Super Battery and the Inferno USB Battery that are on sale for right now $12.99 each and I am just wondering if I can use the USA Made Blank Cartomizers that are on sale for $5.99 right now with these two batteries I listed above?? Please let me know because I ordered a BUNCH of the Blank Cartomizers that are on sale! Thanks so very much? Can't wait to hear back from u Volcano!
  • Overall
    Review by Roberton 10/11/12
    I had my first cigarette when I was 13 (I was so dumb). I have tried to quit numerous times over 37 years. But to no avail, I tried gum, patches, pills, anything and everything. But nothing helped, I smoked right thru them all, no matter what I used. However, one week ago I got my Inferno. OMG, OMG, OMG it works great!!! I have not had one cigarette yet. That was one week ago. I can smell and taste things better. My lungs capacity has started to increase. I have starting having more energy and even snoring less (making my wife happy). Wow, amazing device. Thank you, thank you a thousand times over.
  • Overall
    Love My Inferno!!
    Review by LiLion 10/11/12
    I've always been unsure about ecigs until I found the volcano inferno! Its not the first ecig that I've tried but it's by far the best! You get the same satisfaction from the inferno as you would smoking an analog cig, you just dont stink like smoke, have a bad taste, damage to the body, or offend others! I especially love all the different flavors you can try, the possibilities are endless. Needless to say i am now a lifelong volcano customer, and I don't ever plan on going back to analog! Thank you Volcano ecigs, for actually making it possible to quit smoking!
  • Overall
    It's Ridiculous
    Review by Joshuaon 10/6/12
    Fast shipping, quality product, and it puts any other electronic device to shame. If you don't have the inferno and are reading this review stop reading and buy this product! Money well spent and the five business cards provided with the insanely classy packaging have fell into the hands of future customers.
  • skeptical
    Review by Sheena F.on 10/4/12
    my husband recently got me this product and didnt thinkit would work. i recieved it on tuesday oct 2 and i cant say i havent smoked one or two cigarettes but as of today oct 4 i havent smoked not even one. the product is wonderful. perfect strength and the flavors are good too.
  • f*** yeah
    Review by Houstoneron 9/26/12
    never smoking ciggarettes again, just got the inferno today and vapeing right now. i wish everyone knew about this product, thanks volcano.
  • Great All-Around
    Review by alexon 9/25/12
    Loving my Inferno! Good quality, and good customer service. Volcano has stood behind their products with fast reliable service.
  • Inferno is right, cause this thing is the fire!!
    Review by Gordonon 9/25/12
    i have been a long time user of volcano for years now, switch from blu to the magma. i should have gone with the inferno right off the bat, because i finally came to the realization that who cares about the size. this battery life is amazing, and i haven't even run out of juice on the 650mah battery yet. was a HUGE, and still am, fan of the mega clearomizer and still may pick up some, but the tube tank is UNREAL, and gives hits just as, if not bigger, than the clearomizers. add all of this together and you have a sleek looking ecig, with amazing battery life, that hits harder than a pro linebacker. i always do, and will recommend this product to EVERYONE. long live volcano!!
  • outstanding ecig by all means
    Review by christopheron 9/13/12
    When I had first received this ecig kit I was like wow its here.... took out the battery then I was like wow its niiice....then I found out it was dead..I was like that's not to shabby...but the 650mah USB pass this lil som-b***h works wonders....tried out the the 900 after charging not as I called customer service..left a rang....then got the call replacement is on its merry way and hell I ordered a s**t ton of c.earomizers for this here wonder.....and was whoa dude its go a be wicked....sorry for grammar not normal kinda hard typing when ur gf is barking at u like a chiwawa....the 900mah was hers...she don't know I'm writing this haha anyways.....long story short fantastic ecig...and all I'm wondering about now is where the pineapple e-liquid..thanks for if you'll excuse me I have a gf to attend to
  • just do it
    Review by Matthewon 9/12/12
    my review is nothing but flawless. The inferno is simply wonderful. I have had no issue with the product at all. Every vape is smooth and full of taste. I am in love with the inferno, I have and will continue to tell everyone about this wonderful device. My father and my brother, and three of my friends are converting from analog cigarettes to volcano products all thanks to the inferno.
    Thank you Volcano for what you have created.
  • Love it!
    Review by Stephenon 9/1/12
    I bought this because I was sick of using carts and just wanted to have the liquid. I got this two days ago. The first day it wasn't hitting that great and kind of burning my throat but by today it works wonderfully! Holding this thing you can tell it was mad very well. It doesn't feel cheap or flimsy at all. It vapes great and the batteries last forever. Kinda big, so it's not very subtle at all, but what a wonderful product! Way cheaper and better than a cigarette habit. Thanks Volcano!
  • Outstanding!
    Review by greenwillie85 on 8/27/12
    Shipping was fast got kit in 2 days sharp! I have to say this kit is amazing its very well made and looks beautiful the tank on this kit i have to say i was sceptical not a big fan of cartomizers but the vapor production is great! Plus u get the convenience of not having to refill all day. The only down side i see is if you like to change flavors often. But get a atomizer and a drip tip n yojr set... awesome product!!
  • Worth Every Penny, and then some!
    Review by Keeleyon 8/23/12
    The inferno is just an amazing set up. And the Starter kit gives you so much. With both beefy batteries, and that tube tank; You've got plenty of capacity regardless of how much you may have smoked or how much more you may like to vape.

    Along with the tube sock they just decide to throw in there to keep it looking sleek, the charger with it's long USB cable (making it comfortable for pass through use), 5 additional tube tank Cartomizers so you can have months of vape time; they've made this kit more than worth it.

    The Quality of the product itself is phenomenal. And it's so versatile that you can attach almost anything else Volcano makes to it. I HIGHLY suggest nabbing a pack of Mega Clearomizers, an Atomizer cone, and another drip tip for making another setup that will look super slick when you're out on the town.

    But really, Huge thanks to Volcano for making such a great product!
  • Outstanding
    Review by Christopheron 8/23/12
    Definitely a must for someone looking for a pocket sizes vaporizer that hits like the big boys...
    Review by Davidon 8/22/12
    I've been a pack a day smoker for over 15yrs. I decided to try the e cig, so I got a cheep one at the gas station and pretty much wasted 20 bucks. I got the Inferno and I actually like it better than a real cigerette. Im going on 3 months with out even thinking about a real cigerette. I WILL NEVER SMOKE A ANALOG EVER AGAIN!!! THANK YOU VOLCANO!!!
  • new user
    Review by steveon 8/15/12
    i just purchased a inferno kit. what must be done or purchased in order for me to drip?

    Volcano-Inferno atomizer and any non-volcano drip tip
  • my savior!
    Review by LaniChanon 8/11/12
    I bought my inferno kit 4 months ago and after one hour of vaping I quit regular cigarettes for good. Been smoking for over 20 years full flavored/1-2 packs a day and have tried many different ways to quit and this is the only device that got me off of them for good. Thanks Volcano!! Your products and juices are awesome!
  • Awesome
    Review by Patrickon 8/8/12
    I started with the EJOY from SAMS club and the battery was way to weak. After about a month, I was ready to upgrade because the EJOY got me to stop smoking. I have never felt better, I am on 2 months of NO SMOKES! I went with the INFERNO after watching youtube and deciding what was the right upgrade. 400 dollars later, I bought 2 Inferno kits and all kind of different liquid. I love the bananna so far! Thank you for making a great product, please watch youtube on how to fill your tank. The drips do not taste good!! Good luck and take a chance, this will work for you as well.
    Review by Kuuipo F.on 8/6/12
    I'm sooo glad that I got this, plus with the Free E-JUICE too!! Now that can't be beat, I've watched sooo many You-Tube comparisons but nothing can beat the walk-in service that you get with this and the people that take their time to teach you right from the beginning. I bought mines @ the Pearlridge Kiosk in Hawaii & OOO boi was they busy, but they still didn't rush me.

    Anyways I love everything about it and even though my husband doesn't smoke. Because of this he is now a PROUD VOLACANO USER.

    Well I guess I'm going to have to fill up on more juices, right one VOLCANO for making this an awesome product!!!
  • This thing is Amazing!! 2nd to none!!
    Review by iggyon 7/29/12
    I started using the volcano and it was just to small so i upgraded to the magma and i really liked it a lot and still use it for work but i wanted to get the inferno and it has really surpassed my expectations!! This thing is beautiful to look at and i get complemented on it all the time! It's also just an amazing piece of equipment works flawlessly and produces enormous vapor! 10/10 easy!
  • New infernos
    Review by Sharonon 7/26/12
    When will the new pink infernos kit be available?
  • went from the volcano, magma, to now the inferno!
    Review by Ianon 7/26/12
    I started out with the little volcano and it was ok but i used it to much and didn't really work for me so then i got the magma which was great! I've been using it for almost 6 months and will continue using it at work but i just got my inferno tank kit! And this thing is absolutly amazing!! Its a beautiful piece of equipment and won't be using it at work as I'm outside all day and would damage it. So now this is my home vape, and i really cant say enough about it! I'm extremely happy with it and would recommend to anyone who wants a beautiful quality system.
  • I've quit and it's awesome!
    Review by Cynnamonon 7/24/12
    This is by far the best ecig on the market. It is absolutely worth the price. Mine was delivered only a few days after I ordered. The large battery and the mini usb charger were actually both defective on arrival. Despite this inconvenience, this device is the best! Customer service was fast and cordial, and though it was an inconvenience, I haven't wanted a cigarette in weeks. The tube tank delivers pleasant vapor and wonderful taste. I recommend for everyone wanting to quit smoking and save money. It's al ready paid for itself in a matter of weeks.
  • Love it !!!
    Review by Alanon 7/23/12
    Use to smoke 2 packs ,Now it's just so much better to have that ( $ ) in the Bank.Thank's.. It's time for my wife to Cross over.
  • Solid Unit
    Review by Seanon 7/19/12
    I use all day every day. This unit is the best one yet. I have used a variety of PVs and this seems to be the best price for such a well made product. Thanks Volcano.
  • AWESOME!~~!!!!
    Review by michael on 7/12/12
    this inferno works amazing!!! ive tride so many dif products and brands of ecigs but this is the best hands down!!! i usualy smoke a real ciggarette in between but this inferno works so dam good that i havent even thought about that~~~!!!!! greAT PRODUCT I WILL RECOMEND TO ALL MY FRIENDS AND I WILL PURCHASE ANYTHING I NEED DIRECTLY FROM THIS SITE CAUSE THE CUSTOMER SERVICE IS EXCELLENT AND THE SHIPPING IS PRECISE ESPECIALY SINCE THEY ARE IN HAWAII AND IM IN NEW YORK!!!
  • New Inferno Kit
    Review by Jamieon 7/6/12
    Bought this from Ross at Colonial Mall in North Myrtle Beach. Great guy always takes care of me. Great new kit. Glad they included the tube tank and replacement cartomizers. Like the new large battery pass through feature. Big hit and ultra convenient. I have two inferno kits now and 3 tube tanks. The one thing i dont like about the silver tube tanks is the lack of the indented keying on the bottom of the tube tank cartomizer. it was helpful in getting the tank on firmly. other than that no complaints. awesome kit. In twenty five years i have tried every type of quit smoking product, this is the one thing that finally worked! i couldnt be happier. keep up the great work guys. 20 days and no analogs! I feel great! Thanks!
    Review by booferMDon 7/6/12
    Goning on week 2 of using my INFERNO 1000 mAh and 650 mAh batteries and am very pleased with both. The 650 does seem to die rather quickly using a dual coil 1.5 ohm tube tank carto but I tend to use that as a passthrough anyway. The 1000 mAh typically last me 4 to 8 hours depending on my work schedule, 4 when I'm a vapehead and 8 when I am busy, without needing to be recharged. Overall, I am very pleased with the new INFERNO system and will likely just toss my LavaTube in a drawer somewhere due to the leaking problems I have with it and tanks that I do not seem to have with the INFERNO.
  • Tube tank is a superb improvement!
    Review by Stewarton 7/4/12
    Before you read this review, consider the Lavatube (that is the ultimate device, hands down) if you vape privately like at home or work. It is massive and weird looking to the average person and does not travel well. If you move around a lot and don't mind something moderately large and heavier than the typical e-cig, go with the Inferno, but you will not have the variable voltage adjustment.

    Maybe I am totally lame, but I could not get the Tank-O-Mizers to work well on a continuous basis. They leaked in my pocket, in my vaping case (yes, I am a vaping freak and carry all my my stuff in a man purse). I really enjoyed the taste of my e-juices but what a hassle.

    Then I ordered the Tube Tank and wow! No more leaking, 4ML lasts almost the entire day (so if I don't want to switch flavors with a drip, smoke my pipe or cigars or show off my collection, I can leave my man purse at home).

    Honestly, when the Tank-O-Mizer worked well, I did like the flavor better, but that was short lived. The Tube Tank is consistent in vapor production, temperature and taste with no leaking. It may not look as sleek as the Tank-O-Mizer setup or a drip setup with a proper cone cover, but it has its own coolness.

    Recommendations: get at least one lanyard which will fit under the tube sock. You may look weird hanging it on your neck but really who cares? Personally, I think in this day and age, cigarette smoking is what looks weird. Stick with the chrome Tube Tank which is sturdier than the black model. Turn down the nicotine at least one level from what you enjoyed on the Tank-O-Mizer, maybe even cut it in half because the vapor is much more powerful. If you have a lot of high nicotine e-liquids, I recommend buying the same flavor in zero nicotine level and mixing it together with the high nicotine in your Tube Tank until you find the right mixture.
  • loved my first kit and love the new one more
    Review by Myree on 7/1/12
    I loved my first pink kit but kept envying the glossiness of the red... then the revamped pink ones came out and I went to the Olympia store and bought one yesterday.... then the clouds were opening and angels singing UNTIL I found out it doesn't have matching cones.... I'm allergic to the PG juice and have to use VG. SAD FACE I have a lanyard and this looks pretty ugly with a sock on under my clearo to keep the lanyard on. Are you planning on making cones for the new colors?
  • This is it!
    Review by Cassandraon 6/29/12
    This is the 5th kit I have bought from different companies. I have been analog free for a year now. The few times I tried to quit and I just hated life. This time around when I started to cave and friend begged me to try ecigs. It worked so well then when my husband started smoking again i wasn't even tempted.

    But every kit I got something was off. Not consistent, get a weird taste after a few hours, battery life lame... After my last 70 dollar purchase I started thinking about design and thinking some sort of tank mod would work, during my search I stumbled on over here. I bought the Inferno, had a little to learn and had issues finding the right flavor, but once I did... Oh. My. God!

    It so so awesome I just bought my husband a kit. He now feels he might have a solution that works for him to get him off the analogs for good.

    Don't waste your money like I did, just buy this kit.
  • Blown away!
    Review by DangerousFaton 6/25/12
    I was a Magma owner and though that was a great product, I was just too heavy of a smoker for it to work for me. I'd heard a lot of good things about the Inferno and I have to say that the reality delivers more than I could have hoped for. The device was smaller than I thought it would be which is amazing considering how long these batteries last... and they're passthroughs to top it off, so 75% of the time I never even hit the battery! Add the tube tank with its insane liquid capacity on top of it and this kit just rocks. Props to Volcano for making what might be THE perfect kit for the heavier smokers out there.

    This is the device that finally does it for me, I can say with certainty that this device will finally end my analog habit and it has really opened up a whole new world of vaping to me!

    Thank you Volcano for this product and for helping me kick analogs to the curb!
  • inferno tanks
    Review by Ryanon 6/23/12
    So if I buy this kit, the tank that comes with it will it be chrome or black finished? and can you make it red transparent??
    Volcano- Chrome with clear tank...this is the only option for now.

  • Awesome!!
    Review by Seanon 6/11/12
    I am new to the e cigs and let me say after using the Inferno Tank set up I will NEVER go back to ANY traditional tobacco product.

    Easy to use, Easy to maintain and certainly a pleasure to vap.
  • Update to earlier review.
    Review by Stanon 6/4/12
    I must have gotten a bad tankomizer thingie; which prompted my earlier review. The new one I ordered arrived today and is working great. Lots of vapor. Lots of taste. More like the smoking I miss!!! :) Still analog free!
    Review by Hawaiian Punchon 6/2/12
    Awesome product!! Rocket fast FREE shipping!! Ordered yesterday and recieved today.....although I am a KAMA'AINA! Will start buying all the cool accessories and modify this puppy! MAHALO MUCH!!
  • Good bye blu, hello INFERNO
    Review by peteron 6/1/12
    Started with a mini ecig from blu and while I liked it for awhile I started getting fustrated with batteries dying and the huge expense the carts were becoming, so felt it was time for an upgrade, and after lots of research and reading forums and reviews I decided on the Inferno and couldn't be happier. I received it about 5 days ago, I got the tanko kit and bought the LR Atty for dripping at night and both work great. The blue water punch I got with it is Amazing, and the battery life is even better than expected. I would highly recommend this to anyone out there looking for great, hassle free vaping. Thanks volcano for making such an awesome product and I'm looking forward to trying all your eliquid flavors.
  • It does work !!!
    Review by johnon 5/30/12
    If you want to quit cigs this product is doing it for me. I received it today and after charging i haven't picked up a cig, nor do i desire one. Im gonna load up for sure.
  • No Drips,No Runs, No Errors
    Review by louison 5/22/12
    I could not be happier with this kit, I ordered 2 extra tankomizers with my kit just to have backups. I received it today,checked to make sure all the tanomizers worked after charging the batteries and they did. I used to hate messing with dripping carts and getting the juice in my mouth. With this system I filled up 5 tanks and have them ready to go. Setup coundnt have been easier. I watched the videos and read some of the forum while waitting on my kit to arrive so I had a pretty good idea of how to get started. If you follow the instruction video you will have no problem what so ever.
    Its too early of course for me to speak of how long things last but I sure can speak of how well it works!!! I would recommend this setup to anyone, especially someone new to vaping looking for something easy to understand and operate. No mess, No time spent fooling around with carts. I especially like being able to see the tank and how much juice you have left so you dont run out and damage the tankomizer.

    If your looking for a system with clouds of vapor, Simple to set up and operate, Do yourself a huge favor and hit the order button.

    Thanks Volcano for a great product and super fast shipping. You have a customer for life!!!

  • Surprised
    Review by Greyon 5/19/12
    My friend had one and I decided to give it a try. Needless to say, I'm hooked on vaping now. My stuff isn't here yet, but I've become a fanboy over night. I started smoking when I was way too young, and now hopefully vaping will be my new fix.
  • I have tried many different vaping systems, and this seems to be the best so far
    Review by Stewarton 5/15/12
    This is a very cool device and after 5 minutes of use I can say that it is the best tank system I have used. I have a website where I review e-cigs and and I do personal outreach to switch smokers to vaping as a social hobby and a good deed, not as a business. That is why I keep buying new stuff to test, but I think I have finally reached the climax.

    With tank systems, it is a test of time. Good when new then the atomizers break down and you get leaks and burnt taste and need constant cleaning and maintenance. However, these atomizer cones are much less expensive than other brands, so replacing them is no big deal.

    This system works great, and my first impression is that it will be better overall than my ego-T. It has better vapor production and hopefully will be less problem prone than the ego-T.

    The included tobacco e-juice tastes a little like lychie which is a fairly common taste with Asian e-juices, but they say this is USA.. Anyway, it does not taste like tobacco to me but it is not really bad.

    Two disappointments: it only comes with one atomizer cone and I definitely would have bought extras had I realized when I ordered it and; there is no mega size cylinder shape cone with 2.5 ML capacity, only the tapered 1 ML, which means constant refilling. One other thing, I really like the red color, but truthfully, I may have been better off with a silver or black as the red is a little feminine for me, even though I have been accused of being metro-sexual.

    I don't know how many strangers I have gotten to switch through my website, but I know of five friends who are off of analogs from my efforts. People really resist tank systems, they want regular e-cigs, but there is no comparison once you get the hang of it. I will promote these heavily on my website.
    Review by Mark J.on 5/5/12
    I love it! I get many compliments on how snazzy the unit(s) look, feel and vape! The pass through unit is great while on my laptop. Very well constructed, feels great in hand, and pumps out the VAPE! I highly recommend this kit. The Inferno. So awesome. Battery life is very good. Thanks Volcano!
  • Love the Inferno! Can't do without!
    Review by Alexon 5/4/12
    This kit is what has got me off traditional cigarettes and kept me off. It has the best vapor production and battery life of any e cig kit I have seen. I feel like the Inferno and Volcano has given me back my life. Thanks Volcano!
  • Great
    Review by Cullenon 5/3/12
    I just received this kit and am very pleased with it. Battery life is great. I got a tube tank with it to use instead of the tankomizers and so far everything is working great. I Definitely recommend this product.
  • 3 packs in the trash
    Review by Joshuaon 5/3/12
    I ordered my kit about a week ago and when I got it, WOW! Thats about all I can say. After cleaning my tank-o-mizers, preping my blanks, and charging my batts I was set. To test the claims on the batt life I was amazed. the 650 lasted me about 6 hours before needing a charge. And the 1000, was about 10 hours. Mind you, I ordered the 2.4% nic juice so I wasn't constantly vaping. Thank you Volcano for putting out such a great product and juices. After about half an hour of vaping, I tossed the last 3 full packs of Camels i had into the trash and havent thought twice about it.
  • 5 billion stars
    Review by ryan (vaper vapor)on 4/27/12
    started out with the lava tube around new years and it's still making clouds of vapor but I got my inferno today and the tube is getting jealous lol. volcano has fabulous customer service as I have witnessed and their products have all been outstanding! !! I love you volcano! if not for you and your products I would still be smoking 3 packs of cigars a day. here's to your health volcano and all who are blessed enough to find you and order your fine products. coffee anyone?;-)
  • do not hesitate, well worth your money
    Review by awakeniston 4/22/12
    i purchased this kit over a year ago. it is one of the best things i have ever purchased for myself. i have never picked up another cigarette after this arrived in the mail. this is by FAR the greatest ecig i have ever used in my life. i have turned many people on to electronic cigarettes after they have 'tested' mine. the inferno is simply the best, most complete, and simplest ecig to integrate into your life. the batteries are great. my passthrough is pretty much dead now, although the passthrough still works, so i will continue to use it by my computer or in my car. the super batt still lasts around 2 days fully charged. i just purchased another to use as a daily battery. the tanks make using an ecig SO convenient. one tank lasts me all day. i just fill it up in the morning and i'm good all day, at least.

    be sure to stock up on tankomizers. i always keep an extra on hand. they will, and do, burn out at a moments notice and without warning. to me, this is an insignificant hassle and well worth the extra effort and money.

    what i have spent on this kit, with additional supplies (tankomizers, liquid, etc), still totals less than what most smokers pay in a month or two. i feel so much better not smoking and i don't stink like an ashtray.

    buy one today. you will not be disappointed.
  • Awesome kit at a good price
    Review by Michaelon 3/15/12
    Bought this kit about three weeks ago (coming off of a mistic traditional kit). I found this company by chance looking for something that didn't resemble an actual cigarette. Seen the Inferno kit and ordered one with a tank -o - mizer set up. Got the kit, and set up to start vaping. I ran into a problem with tank - o set up ( easy fix, just ordered a tube tank set up :) ). It has been three weeks now, and I am pleased to say that I haven't even concidered an anolog cigarette. The vape and thtroat hit are phenomenal. Battery life is awesome. All I can say is VOLCANO 1, ANOLOGS 0...
  • works for me
    Review by Big Don on 3/6/12
    i have not had a cigarette for 3 weeks don't miss them my inferno took the place of a cigarette i wish i would have done this sooner i like to thank my x brother in-law for turning me on to the volcano company
    (so thank u both)
  • WOW
    Review by Timon 3/5/12
    This is awesome. I came from using an njoy battery with nicotek cartos and holy shit.. This is amazing. If I had had this 20 years ago I would have never smoked. The inferno is the way to go. I am using the tankos and getting ready to order the tube tank. Keep up the good work volcano. Your products rock.
  • Blissful Clouds
    Review by K3rm1ton 3/4/12
    I received my Inferno kit 5 days ago and I have been totally blown away since! I ordered the tank/drip combo and I would have never believed that I would prefer dripping. This thing produces the thickest, tastiest cloud of vapor you could ever imagine. I'm hooked. Excellent job Volcano!!
  • Score
    Review by Mr. Happyon 2/24/12
    I have had other brands but nothing quite like this. Volcano Inferno is the BOMB-DIGGITY. I only wish I made this decision sooner. I am going to be working my way down the flavor list of delicious vap. I will be referring others to your awesome E-Cig.
    Review by Ronon 2/23/12
    I just recently ordered the inferno i love it. the vapor production and throat hit is amazing. my only issue is when i vape the milk chocolate it doesnt take like it does in the cartomizer of my v kit it taste kind of like sulfer i noticed when i took it out of the box it had a liquid in the tankomizer which is what it taste like. what is the liquid and how do i get rid of it? its giving me a headache or does it fade the more i vape?
  • I suggest this with the tank kit!
    Review by Chadon 2/17/12
    I have had mine for less than a week. I first received this and started looking for instructions and there were none. So, I watched almost every video but never saw one for refilling the tanks without a needle I figured out how to take the bottom off and fill. This has been great so far I'have only smoked 3 traditional cigarettes! I did have to get use to using this at first I coughed up a lung but now I can take monster rips of vapor with no troubles took 2 days to fully get use to. I like the purchase so far so good. I would recommend this only if you are trying to get away from traditional cigarettes (cancer causing agents "carcinogens") and not trying to quit nicotine all together.
  • The best hands down
    Review by Jordanon 2/15/12
    I have been using my INFERNO for almost a week now and the difference between this and blucig is night and day! I love the fact that I am not constantly changing out the batteries and I love the drip tip at home and tank-o-mizer when out and about. I had a bad atty shipped with my order and emailed cust svc and it was fixed with another one on its way within 24 hours! Needless to say I am so happy I made the jump and bought a volcano product. The product itself is great and the cust svc I recieved is even better. Thanks Volcano for making a great product and standing behind it!
  • Best Invention
    Review by Zackon 2/11/12
    Over a pack-a-day smoker went to not a single cigarette in 3 weeks thanks to this little wonder. It's expensive only if you don't look at the big picture. You save SO MUCH money by using this product (and I hope that the government doesn't step in soon, which they inevitably will). The flavors are a joy (especially Blue Water Punch!!) and if you like accessories with your little electronic toys, this is the device for you. Thank you Volcano, for helping me quit and giving me a nice little hobby!
  • Hell yea!
    Review by Seanon 2/8/12
    Amazing product! I haven't had a cigarette now for 3 and a half days. I've been smoking for 18 years and for the majority of that have been a 2 pack a day smoker. This is the first e cig i've ever tried and if it keeps working like this it will be the only one. My lungs already feel better and my kids are exstatic. They've been asking me to quit for a couple years now and i haven't been able to. My wife and kids are very excited along with me. Now I get to spend many extra years growing old with my wife and don't have to worry about lung cancer and heart desease. Thank you guys very very much! If you're a smoker I highly recomend this product!
  • Great investment
    Review by Sherrion 1/28/12
    I had no idea something like this even existed. I was searching for a good ecigerette after wasting time and money on a "Blue" cigarette. I found this and ordered it right away. Watched all the videos before it came and once I got it I was vaping my way into heaven. Easy to use, easy to clean. Great product. I ordered the tank-o-mixer version and have since placed several orders for more accessories.
  • Love it!
    Review by Zimmyon 1/19/12
    Watched the instructional Videos on the website last night. Got my Inferno in today. I plugged the battery in,and went to work.

    Got home, did a flood prime on the Inferno atty, and within minutes was dripping for the very first time. Fantastic! Amazing amount of vapor, I almost coughed.

    Keep in mind I had zero experience with this, the instructional videos and forums are that good. If your maybe on the fence a little bit, like I was....don't be. Get one and don't look back.
  • hell yea
    Review by blairon 1/13/12
    one of the best moves ive ever made in my life! had purchased another brand of ecig in the past and was completely unsatifying the vapor was thin and held no satifaction whatsoever, i recently found out about the volcano inferno and couldnt be happier. it delivers a full robust vapor cloud that is parrallel to the smoke cloud a cigarette delivers! i use it all day no problems man it is just plain awesome, so if your looking to save money along with your lungs the volcano inferno is second to none!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • LIFE SAVER!!!!
    Review by MANTRAon 1/3/12
    One week clean of cowboy killers. Almost 2 pack a day smoker at the age of 26. The inferno battery life can keep up with my chain vaping. Great system!!! I've been using the 4ml tube tank and the tank o mizer system. If ur serious about vaping bc ur sick and tired of being a slave to analog smokes this is the system for you. So simple. Ive got my 66yr old father vaping with an inferno now. he's very impressed and very pleased to not see his son killing himself with cancer sticks anymore. GET YOURSELF AN INFERNO!!!!
  • Powerful
    Review by Jetsmechon 12/30/11
    This kit was given to me by my kids. Actually I told them what I want they bought it for me. I saw this first when I was at K-bay and one of the sailor there smoking it and ask them where they get it from? When I tried this one I am so impressed that I cant put it back down. I've tried many different brand of e-cig and by far this is the best I have. I throw away my old useless one and I am so hook with my new Inferno. Only thing is it would be nice ifyou have a store here in SOCAL area. I know for sure as lot of people are using this from this area. Third day now I have not had any real cigarette and counting. Thank you so much.Highly recommeded to all traditional smokers.
  • Amazing
    Review by henryon 12/27/11
    I had originally purchased an ecig from another company and found it to be alright but not completely satisfying. Then both batteries shorted out and the charger broke.
    I decided to purchase Volcano Inferno and couldnt be happier. Batteries last all day long, tankomizer is great and produces mass amounts of vapor, customer service is amazing.
    Keep up the good work volcano, I have already referred 6 friends to Volcano and they love it as well.
  • Should have done this sooner
    Review by Mr. Pantslesson 12/17/11
    Ive been using my inferno for two weeks now and ive had zero problems with it. I get about three days of battery life out of the 1000 mAH and a little over 2 days with 650 mAH battery. The inferno has changed my life forever, everyday when i come home from work i look at the pack of smokes sitting on the table and just say winning. Ive had such good luck with the inferno I convinced my brother and his wife to purchase this kit as well.
  • Awesome shipping, SUPER AWESOME PRODUCT!
    Review by Smittyon 12/16/11
    So I'm relatively new to e-cigs. I've been vaping for about a month now. I have to admit that I really didn't research e-cig products as much as I should have. I essentially went with the most popular that I could find online which happened to be the blu cig premium 100 starter kit. Don't get me wrong. It's a ok kit for a light smoker who maybe smokes around 5 cigarettes a day, but I was a pack and a half a day smoker. I really needed to find a product with a little more horse power. Enter the Volcano Inferno. Talk about horse power. The Inferno's got it. So say the Inferno is a indy F1 race car. That would make Blu cigs a riding lawnmower.

    The shipping was super CRAZY fast. I ordered my Inferno this past Wednesday at 2pm with FedEx 2 day shipping. I received a confirmation in my email saying orders usually ship within 24 hours. I thought cool, whatever. I probably get it by next monday. An hour later I received a shipping notice saying it had been shipped. It was on my front door step, noon on Friday. CRAZY! Honolulu to Des Moines in under 2 days! Amazing! On the other hand, it took Blu three days to just process my order. It took them another day to ship it and another 4 days to get to my place. Granted their shipping was free , but I'll pay 8 bucks in shipping if they would be as fast Volcano. On second thought, I don't think Blu is gonna get anymore of my money.

    My disappoint towards blu wasn't the short battery life, even though I had to charge it at least 3 times a day. I always seemed to have a extra battery ready to go. I had a problem with a couple of smoke juices I purchased through Johnson Creek. I bought the Espresso and Tennessee Cured and my blu cig just didn't seem to have what it took to vape it properly. I loved the taste, but wasn't getting much of any vape and/or throat hit. That's before my savior came in the mail. I charged up my Inferno and loaded a blank tank with my espresso smoke juice. The Inferno battery took around a couple hours to charge. I loaded it up and started vaping. What a magnificent difference!. Clouds of vape and great throat hit. I also purchased the CooCoo Coconut liquid. Very, very tasty vapor!

    I'm really looking forward to doing more business with Volcano. I LOVE my new Inferno tank! Thank you SOOOO much guys!! Keep up the good work!!!
  • Amazing Product!
    Review by Joshuaon 12/14/11
    I purchased my inferno about a month ago and couldn't be more satisfied! It hits like a champ and has an incredible batter life. I force all of my friends that smoke to try it and they're all blown away by its quality.

    I purchased it with both Kona Coffee liquid and milk chocolate. Kona Coffee is definitely my favorite; it's not too sweet and has great vapor production. Milk chocolate is a little too sweet for my tastes and doesn't hit quite as well as the coffee but it's still a high quality product.

    The only issue I've had so far was last week and customer support handled it wonderfully. I received two dysfunctional lava atomizers so I called them and explained the situation. The women I talked to was incredibly nice and first asked that I clean my atomizers to be sure they were non-functional; since I'm new to vaping I wasn't quite sure how to do this so she emailed me a detailed explanation of how to clean them. Cleaning them did not resolve the issue so I followed up with an online response to the referral and within 24 hours two new atomizers were in the mail. It was an incredibly easy process.

    In short, great product and great customer service. If anyone's on the fence I'd say go for it.

  • Amazing
    Review by Beaveron 12/9/11
    I just got my inferno kit and tankomizers. I was a blu smoker for 6 months. I'm officially done with that ridiculous company. The hits I'm getting off of the inferno can only be described as beautiful. Even though I have the light version of the juice I'm still getting amazing throat hits.

    Thank you for this amazing product.
  • lots of fun
    Review by braddon 12/6/11
    really lots of fun to use and to show.from the drip kit trying new flavours with your friends to filling up the tanks to last you all day long.big bounus with the inferno and all Volcano products is there are so many cool accessories to choose from which makes vaping a great alternative to smoking !
  • Amazing.
    Review by kristaon 12/5/11
    So I tried the two smaller kits, the volcano and magma, they didn't hit the way i like they helped me but they weren't quiet strong enough for me. I am a heavy smoker. i figured i liked the other two but i still need something that hit stronger. The inferno kit gives me a throat hit and that makes it feel stronger and more like a regular cigarette. This kit has almost got me off traditional cigarettes all together the only thing i miss is the smoke taste and warmth. I'm hopping when i get the INFERNO Low Resistance Atomizer it cures the urge for a regular cigarette. but over all i am amazed and extremely happy
  • Absolutely GREAT!
    Review by Kon 11/25/11
    Wonderful product and service unlike some of the competitors. A great way to quit smoking hazardous and expensive tobacco products. I've officially quit smoking tobacco thanks to this amazing product. It was more expensive at the time of my purchase, but delivery was very quick and I got free 2 day shipping. Also, the customer support team was quick and right to the point.
    Having the drip kit included is another plus, as it is a good way make the ejuice last longer. It's hard to put the Inferno down once you start vaping. The taste is smooth and the overall effect is relaxing. You no longer have to worry about odors, ashes or stains on your teeth. You can also save a fortune compared to buying endless packs of cigarettes. I love this! I'll be getting more liquid soon. Very satisfied with this product. Recommended to all traditional smokers.
  • best of all!
    Review by Jacobon 11/25/11
    The inferno puts out way more vapor then my magma, though I still use the magma sometimes. First battery went dead pretty quick for some reason, but volcano sent me a replacement very quickly. After that I bought one for my roommate too :-)
  • Great e-cig for a CPA
    Review by Williamon 11/24/11
    Let me say that this is the best product I have found and I have tried many. As a professional certified public accountant (CPA) I work long hours and this beats smoking traditional cigarettes. The quality and fast customer service speak volumes. Make the effort to watch the You Tube videos and get educated on how all this works. It is worth your time.
  • Impressive. I was extremely pleased.
    Review by Trivalliaon 11/22/11
    The presentation box was very nice. I got the red Inferno and it is pleasing to the eye. It looks great and everyone that has seen it likes it too. I have a friend that has the Tornado (Totally Wicked version of the Inferno) and he though mine looked much nicer. Even as a woman it still looks styling.

    It took a little to get the atomizer to start drawing the liquid, but I gave the tank mouthpiece a little twist and did some dry draws(not activating the battery) and it worked fine.

    I thought my USB passthrough battery was faulty when it would not light up, it was just turned off. Just hit the button about 5 times in quick succession and it will turn the battery on or off. I wish I would have gotten the drip set with mine so I can drip when at home and use the tank when I'm at work or out.
    Review by Kon 11/21/11
    This is much better than smoking tobacco. It's the same feel and similar taste without all of the health hazards. It's odorless vapor that tastes like a traditional cigarette. Now I can smoke indoors and not have to worry about a lingering odor on my hands, breath and clothes.

    At first I had trouble using smaller battery, but that was fixed easily after customer service quickly contacted me and informed me that you have to use the 5 click method. There's only 2 other items that I would have liked with the kit. 1. An instruction manual. 2. A second bottle of Ejuice. Other than that, this product is great and I think it will work as a great step to kick the habit because much less nicotine is in the vapor than traditional cigarettes.

    Yes, it's somewhat of an expensive investment but it's worth it so far. I bought my last pack of cigarettes a few days ago and I have some left, but I don't even have the desire to smoke the rest of them now. Thanks to my Volcano Inferno Kit. So far, it's wonderful.

    Assembly can be difficult at first, but once you watch the instructional videos you'll get the hang of it quickly. I know I will save a lot of money not having to buy packs of cigarettes anymore, and I'll more than likely regain my lung capacity and reduce tobacco stains on my teeth by using this product instead. This is great technology. I'd also like to mention that my order arrived within two business days with free shipping. I am now a satisfied customer, and I will be purchasing more Ejuice in the future for my Volcano cigs.
  • Changed my life for the better
    Review by Pyroclastic Vaporon 11/11/11
    I thought I'd give e-cig's a try. First I wasted money on a weak piece of junk, that did nothing for me. Couldn't even get through one day of using it without wanting to go back for a real smoke. Almost gave up on the whole idea.
    Then I found Volcano through searching for a better system. I'm so grateful I found these guys. It's hard to imagine that anyone makes a quality product and has great customer service, but these guys really do ! All of the great reviews are really true, imagine that.
    As for the inferno kit, I'd highly recommend it. It's worth the money, a quality product. I was worried that I wouldn't like it because it doesn't have the superficial "look" of a cig., like other systems do. It turns out, that part of it didn't matter. The size of it doesn't make a difference, and its only about the size of a sharpie pen. Not being able to hold it like a cig. ended up not making a difference. Its all about the production of vape. I feel like I've just taken a drag off a cig. when I use it. That's what ended up being important to me.
    I've smoked for 25 years straight. 2 days after recieving my Inferno, I haven't wanted a cig. No withdraws or cravings at all. It's now going on 3 months. It's enjoyable, I never expected that I'd love it , but I do !
    If your new to vaping and having a hard time deciding on this or another kit, I highly recommend starting with the Inferno kit. It will show you what vaping really has to offer.
    The kit has 2 different batteries in it and its great to have them both. I usually have them both going at the same time, with different flavored juice, and have to recharge every other day. Its not a bother at all. And one of them you can use as your recharging. I use them all day, they stay at my side. So they are getting heavy use and still going strong.
    I purchased the Inferno drip kit. I found I'm not big into that. I had also bought some mega clearomizers and love them. You can find those in the Inferno accessory page and I would highly recommend to order a pack with the Inferno kit . For me, its the perfect way to vape. You just fill it and go, no hassles with it .

    In 3 months I have had no problems with my Inferno. Someday, if and when the batt. dies out , I will definitly get another one. There is a warranty on them. After you get to "know" the company a little, you will feel very confident that these guys truely do stand behind their product and will do right by you. So there are no worries there.
    The Inferno kit is awesome, give it a try !
  • Awesome
    Review by Matthewon 11/3/11
    I'm brand new to vaping. Seen a friend of a friend with an inferno a few months ago, and they lemme try it. Instant vape envy. A few months down the road, decided to take the plunge, did some research on a few different brands and types and decided the tankomizer was for me. After a week of having it, I'm more than absolutely thrilled with it. This thing is awesome. I love blowing out tons of vape all the time. The taste is spectacular. Pretty good throat hit. Battery life is HUGE. Cool lookin' device. Super easy to use. Haven't had a cigarette in days, just because I love vapin'! A+ product. The only drawbacks I've had, are that when switching flavors you often get a taste of both flavors when there is still some of the previous flavor in the atomizer, but that's goes away after a few hits. And, I didn't know to take the O-rings off of the batteries to allow maximum airflow for the best hits. But besides those it's awesome. Even a couple of my friends want one, and their Inferno Tankomizers are gonna make great Christmas presents. :)
  • Completely Tubular
    Review by Matthewon 11/3/11
    Totally new to vaping. Had my inferno tankomizer for a week now, and all i can say is this thing is awesome. I love blowing out tons of vape as opposed to smoke from cigarettes and I love the taste. Pretty good throat hit. Cool looks. Gettin' friends into vaping. Been about 4 days without a cig, as i just love vaping! Super easy to use for someone unfamiliar with vaping. The only drawbacks I have about the tankomizer is when switching flavors you kind of get a little mix of flavors in the atomizer for the first few draws, but it clears up. And I didn't know to take the O-rings off of the batteries to get good solid hits everytime. Overall, I love it and recommend to anyone who wants to try vaping. Getting my friends Tankomizers for Christmas as they love mine!
  • Best ecig I've had yet!
    Review by Johnon 10/20/11
    The Volcano Inferno is by far the best ecig I have used thus far (I have tried about half a dozen different makes and models and this one certainly comes out on top)! Volcano - you have a customer for life!
  • Best product!
    Review by Danielleon 10/15/11
    I once was a user of the original volcano last year, but I went back to analogs (sadly). Just got my Inferno kit yesterday and I'm lovin it!! It's so much easier to use and I'm lovin how long the battery lasts!! I am recommending this to all my smoker friends out there!! I love you Volcano!!!! If you weren't impressed before you will be with the Inferno!!!!!
  • better than I imagined
    Review by Constantinoon 10/1/11
    I'm new to e-cigs but finally decided to take the leap. I feel like I came in at just the right time, when I first heard of e-cigs the various starter kits were going for upward of $150, I wasn't ready to make the leap then, but recently I found the Inferno Tankomizer which appeared to be relatively affordable and hassle free, so I decided to try it out. The battery lasts longer than I could have hoped for, I can vape all day and not need a replacement battery or charge. Batteries charge really quickly. Clear tanks make it easy to tell when tanks need refilling and refilling is really easy.

    I also picked up a spare Tankomizer and extra 1000 mAh battery, a battery will last me all day and I've not ran out of battery memory on one yet, but I swap batteries while I let the other fully charge with the wall charger. Having an extra battery and Tankomizer will be good so I can show it to friends and have them vape with me on a separate unit if they feel like it, and it'll be good just to have around in case something happens to my other pieces. Still haven't tried the 650 mAh pass-through battery which you can plug a mini-USB cable to, it came with the Inferno Kit but I'll just hold onto it in case something happens to both my 1000 mAh batteries.

    I honestly thought the Inferno unit with the Tankomizer, the 1000 mAh battery, and the tank tip fully assembled was going to be a lot bigger, but it ended up being quite a bit smaller than I expected, bigger than a cigarette of course but still not as big as I expected.

    I'd recommend the Inferno Tankomizer to first time e-cigarette users, though I heard of this referred to as an "advanced" unit I really didn't feel it was too advanced for a first time user... then again I watched a lot of the instructional videos and YouTube reviews and such before making my purchasing decision, I'd recommend that anybody thinking of the Inferno Tankomizer should do the same just so they know how to properly use the device.

    My one criticism is the Inferno Kit didn't come with an instruction booklet. I myself feel I didn't need one but I think they should be included with instructions about about using each component of the kit, from preparing and filling tank tips and using the tank tips, to caring for your Tankomizer, other proper techniques so you don't wear out your threads, cleaning your tanks and Tankomizer and such. This would be useful especially for people getting this as a gift or people who just haven't gotten around to viewing instructional videos or haven't gotten around to reading forums and such maybe because their ability to navigate the web is rather limited.
  • Inferno Rocks!
    Review by Jeff-Jagellpuffon 9/30/11
    I am new to the eCig world and was not sure if I would like the Inferno because of the size, but I wanted the battery life of the Inferno. So I made my purchase, and have not looked back! It is the same as holding a Sharpy pen and the battery life is AWESOME! I did not order mine with the Drip Kit, and wished I had so I can try various flavors more often. But that is on order shortly. I get one full day of heavy vaping on the 650 mAh battery and almost two with the 1000 mAh battery. So far have had good luck with the tank system, the draw is a little tough getting use too. I did purchase a 510 Dual Coil Mega Cartimizer for it and that is great, hopefully Volcano will look into adding that to the accesories, I am a brand snob and would rather have the Volcano logo or name on that as opposed to a competitor. The Chocomilla Haze eJuice is GREAT, I can vape it all day long and never tire of it! I have heard rumors that Volcano is opening a store in Washington soon, and I hope the offer rewards points as I will be a regular! Volcano customer service is fantastic, my order was filled and shipped within a couple of hours after I purchased it online and two days later it was at my front door! I can't wait to travel to Hawaii and visit the flagship store. Keep offering great products and service! Oh and please add a dual coil cartomizer to the Inferno accesories, I want a Volcano version not a competitors. Thanks again, you have helped to make me smoke free...I love my Inferno! Volcano ROCKS!

    (PS - A Volcano sticker is proudly displayed on my back window!)
    Review by Jordanon 9/28/11
    Got this and man its the best of them all. I went from a magma to this and man the inferno beats that out of the water, great battery life, awesome vape, all i had was trouble with the magma and started to smoke analogs until i got this wonderful inferno. Thanks Volcano!!!!!!
  • ..oh WOW
    Review by Rielon 9/28/11
    Originally I bought an ecig to smoke in bars. Little did I know I would be taking the biggest step forward for my health in a long time!! I started with an 808 smoov ecig by hearsay at a local bar and stumbled upon Volcano looking for juice. EPIC win and I will be a Volcanite forever!!! INFERNO device is excellent great design.. if you have problems with a brand new unit have patience and I highly recommend the chat room or forum or the videos for help.. This community ROCKS!!! if you bought this welcome to the family i'm sure yours will appreciate it too! Thanks Volcano Aloha!
  • WOW is all I can say!
    Review by Brandonon 9/25/11
    I didn't purchase the entire kit since I had a Magma with a bunch of parts already. So I just got the pass-through battery and atomizer cone with a lanyard. BEST PURCHASE EVER!!

    Every single puff I take is perfect and full of vapor.

    I'm a 100% cartomizer kind of guy since I like to switch flavors a lot.
    Let me tell you! This monster with a couple clearos and cartos will last me all day!
    I'm a pretty heavy vapor. I go through about 3-4ml of juice a day. I charge the 650mAH battery every night and it has more then enough charge to last through out the next day.

    Only thing I have to say, is if your looking for the cigarette replacement, this is not it! Go get your self a magma with manual batteries! If your looking for a over the top FANTASTIC vape machine, this is the one!

    My last bit of advice, I would definitely consider a holder for your carts and spare stuff. The lanyard is also a must have item! No having to worry about misplacing your expensive PV.

    I do wish that the starter kit came with a Cartomizer style kit instead of tank or drip. Tanks are nice if your really only vaping one flavor or have a bunch of spare tankomizers for each flavor.

    Cartomizers are bomb, I have some that I have been using well on two weeks with out cleaning, just make sure to keep that wick wet!
  • Great Kit!!!
    Review by Richardon 9/15/11
    Everything you need to get started. Love the tanks, and the battery life is wonderful!
  • great product
    Review by williamon 9/13/11
    I have had the inferno for about a year now and it is still running great. I was a smoker for 12 years and kicking the habit of smoking was hard. I started with the hello battery and it lasted 2 months. my inferno batteries are still up and running. we are talking this thing is in my pocket all day and all the paint is gone. I do not use juice from here tho. I order from freedom smoke usa and also use ce2 carts. The juice is 15 dollars for a 30ml bottle. I suggest for the pack a day smoker to do about a 30 nic level. Now I don't even crave a real cig anymore. I still want a small kit for when I am at work so it is easier to carry in my pocket. My 1000 mah battery last about 2 to 3 days on one charge and the 650 mah battery will last a day and a half to 2 days.
  • E-cigs probably saved my life..
    Review by Whispers9999on 9/10/11
    This is the best thing I ever bought!! I tried one other brand before the tankomizer and it didn't work properly. Being "addicted" to cigarettes for over 35 years has almost killed me...diagnosed with COPD over 3 years ago. It's hard to quit smoking when you like them. Using the tankomizer has probably saved my life!! But I do admit, since I started using the tankomizer.. I dont miss the nasty smell of smoke on me or in my apartment!!
    Thank you VOLCANO!!
  • Man was I wrong!!!!!! Best of them all!!!
    Review by klmon 9/6/11
    I started out with this kit before the drip kit was available, and I thought it was too big. I wanted something closer in size to the real thing so I ordered the Magma, atomizers and a drip tip and was a happy camper until recently. Against advice from long time vapers I traded my inferno on trade winds, what a HUGE mistake! I love my magma but am sick of changing and charging batts every 45min! A friend of mine ordered after hearing about Volcano from me and I decided to give the inferno another chance, and man I'm glad I did! I just re ordered the inferno and can't wait for it to get here! I understand newbies wanting something as close to the real thing as possible, but take it from some one who's been there and done it, the inferno is what you'll end up with in the end so just order it and save yourself the kick in the butt!
  • Get Both - and design suggestions
    Review by Glenon 9/2/11
    Very happy that I got both the tank and drip tip options. Drip tip makes it easy to change flavors, and has a smooth easy drag.

    Tankomizer is awesome to take to shows, work, etc. so I can vape all day without messing with charging batteries, or having enough liquid.

    However, I found a few what I view as design flaws with the Tankomizer.
    1. One has to suck real hard as compared to drip tip. The little slits are past where the rubber o-ring seats.
    2. The caps get stuck in the bottom of the atomizer, so I'm always fishing them out with a needle nose pliers.
    3. The mouth-tips have two little pieces that pop right out into your mouth when you bite down.

    I've fixed problem 2 and 3 by using super-glue (carefully) to attach the cap to the tank after popping out the hole; and also the outer mouthpiece nib - making sure one does not block the center hole.
  • Love my Inferno - both of them
    Review by Glenon 9/2/11
    Highly recommend spending the extra $15 bucks to have BOTH the tankomizer and drip tip.

    Tank system very handy to vape at a party, or pretty much all day on a full battery and tank.

    Drip system allows changing flavors quickly for that particular enjoyment. Again, either the 650 or 1000 battery will last me all day, and I'm a very heavy "vaper."

    However - the TANK system you need to suck much harder and slower; but you get clouds of vape.

    Also, I've been constantly retrieving the tank cap with a needle-nose pliers. I have several tanks I've filled, and they all get stuck on the atomizer. Have to be careful to not damage the "atty" while you snag the stuck cap.

    Attn: volcano. Look into getting a tiny slot machined across the tank-o-mizer brass fitting that connects to the battery fitting. As is, they make a flat to flat connection. My first tankomizer actually squeaks when I draw on it. Having a tiny slit machined into either the battery or tankomizer would allow just enough extra air to squeeze through, but not so much as to dilute the vaping.
  • Inferno
    Review by Roberton 8/31/11
    I have used e-cigs for a year or more i never quite like them,,(elume&veppo). I just got my Inferno to day and it is super like night&day .. Thanks to you guys (sweet rig)
  • Incredible
    Review by Ianon 8/30/11
    My friend introduced me to e-cigarettes and he has the Inferno. And I decided that instead of spending an extensive amount of money on analog cigarettes, I might as well make the investment for an electronic one. The shipping took only 5 days including a Sunday and I got my product, loaded up my tank and let the batteries charge. I'm now sitting doing my college assignments and it's a real pick-me-up from the hard work. This is a great product if you like a good throat hit and intense flavor.
    Review by darthlukanon 8/22/11
    I started using the standard Volcano kit about a year ago and was pretty content with that device for about two months before I had the itch to drip. This thing is a BEAST! My wife and kids call it my "binkle" (babies have pacifiers called Binkies) because I use this thing almost 24/7. Everywhere I go, I am toking back on my favorite flavors. Vapor production is off the charts, and the ability to vape all day on the big battery and then come home to the USB battery (I spend most of my time in front of a computer) is freaking phenominal.

    I tried the tankomizer and didn't like it that much. The flavor seems to be pretty dulled down when using the tank kits, so I recommend using a really strong flavor type with tanks. Even then though, the tanks still put out decent vape, I still keep one as a backup for when I burn through atomizers (which last me several months at a time with regular cleaning).

    I have been so impressed with the quality of the Inferno that everyone I talk to about vaping gets my recommendation to skip the "little guys" and move straight into the Beast Mode League with the Inferno. Awesome product, huge clouds, knock-you-on-your-@$$ throat hit, and just an overall awesome value. You will not be disappointed!
  • Go with the Inferno
    Review by Davidon 8/19/11
    I just received the Volcano Starter Kit. While I like the convenience of it, it just wasn't enough for me. Not enough of a hit, not enough vapor, and the draw to activate the auto battery was harder than I wanted. I had it for 24 hours and decided that the Inferno would work better for me. I decided that I couldn't wait 2 days for shipment, so I actually drove 3 1/2 hours to the West Virginia retail location to buy the Inferno with both the tank and drip kits. It was worth the trip. The Inferno produces much more vapor and with the manual battery, you can take a nice easy draw. I have only had it for a few hours, but I already know that I am going to love it, especially the drip kit. I thought that it would be complicated to use, but it is extremely easy. I highly recommend that you consider purchasing the Inferno.

    P.S. If your anywhere near the Meadowbrook Mall in Bridgeport, WV, I would suggest stopping by and visiting them at the Volcano Electronic Cigarettes store. You can try out all three Volcano e-cigs and all of the V-Liquids that they have in stock.
  • The Best There Is....
    Review by InSaNiTy on 8/17/11
    I Totally Would Suggest This To Anyone. I Bought Some Blu's Over A Year Ago And Had Been So Let Down By E-Cigs I Kept With The Real Thing. Got This One And WOW The Power And How Well It Works.... Also The Tank Kit Is Well Worth It..... 20 Stars Hell 100 lol
  • inferno drip and product review 6 months later
    Review by Desmoon 8/17/11
    Overall its a good product, I've bought pretty much one of everything from this site over the last 6 months. the volcano for me due to my higher than most usage was useless and i gave it to a friend, the magma was ok just to fragile and died all the time,
    the inferno's are the most reliable by far.

    To me this is my favorite company and i think their designs are excellent. If your looking to get off cigarettes it is possible however you will use the inferno more than you would cigarettes increasing at least in me the desire for nicotinetherefore if you break your inferno you will want to chain smoke. If you want to quit you really need to mentally want to or it wont happen. I've used it to cut out a good portion of my smoking habit, in the car or office i use the inferno, whilst drinking or at home i smoke. so its really helped me knock out about 50% of my tobacco usage.
    It will take you a while to get the dripping aspect of it down so dont get discouraged.
    The cartomizer for me taste like burnt plastic because the atty needs to melt a tiny hole in the bottom of the cartomizer to release the ejuice. So dripping is the way i prefer. The paint on my inferno has started to chip off on pretty much all of the ones i've bought. Keep In mind i'm always on the go and am generally rougher on things than most people. I also probably use it more than the average user.
    I have encountered several problems, they are usually related to the charging systems.
    When i bought the magma kit the cigarette package recharger worked once then did not ever again. The fold up wall plug has a very hard time charging because of the poor design of how it folds you have to kind of prop it up. the inferno usb charger almost never works even after a overall cleaning to make sure it works. i've returned the ac adapter for the usb pass through and never got the wire back just a new ac adapter. the attys seem to have a random life span. the longest i've used one is seven weeks and the shortest being 3 weeks.

    Hope this helps This is my honest overall opinion of this company. I really enjoy it when its working properly and i'm very happy i started using it. oh and make sure you take your time to clean everything at least every few days.
  • Fantastic Product! A MUST BUY!
    Review by Leslieon 8/16/11
    My husband bought me an E-cig from one of those mall stores and let me tell you it was a POS! He is in the Navy and worked with some people who were using the Inferno while they worked and asked about it. They told him about your store in Kailua and took me there to see what the differences were. Needless to say I purchased the Inferno kit and LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I have used the Inferno for almost a year (been smoke free since December of 2010.) I told my sister and now she has the Inferno and loves it as well. I tell everyone that asks me about it and hopefully they will check out your site and make the switch. I only wish you have a store in Maryland! Until then I will continue to be a customer. Much Aloha guys!
  • outstanding
    Review by Kevin on 8/14/11
    I have my new inferno for just a few days with the tank o mizer and it is some much better than analogs. I just placed order to get the atty and the drip tip for it to see the differences between dripping and tanks. I love it.
    Review by Brenton 8/12/11
    THE BEST KIT THEY HAVE!!!! seriously get this kit it is the best one. it makes vapor like a cigar and the throat hit is amazing. oh and FYI if you do order one and it isnt working its probably because the battery is on safety mode. just hit the button 5 times fast and it will flash then use it. hit it 5 more times to lock it so it wont go off in your pocket. ENJOY
  • Unparalleled Vapor
    Review by Johnon 8/12/11
    Fist I would like to say I have only owned this thing two days so far. From my first vape with it right up to this very moment it produces more vapor(by far) than any other e-cigarette I've tried.

    I realize I am way late to the game but feared the hype was not warranted and that others were giddy about the styling of the device. I could not have been more wrong.

    This is truly the only vaping device I have used that can give a throat hit on par with a full flavored analog cigarette, even cigar.

    Battery life is excellent, tanks hold almost a full days worth of vaping(so does even the small battery), nice design, 5-click on/off. Unless they could get this performance from a smaller design it cannot be improved upon.

    Excellent product, plain and simple.
    Review by Adamon 8/9/11
    Aside from it just plain being sexy as hell it puts out crazy vapor. Batteries charge real quick and last long. Nothing bad to say about it....Great buy.
  • Awesome PV!
    Review by Alyssaon 8/3/11
    This is the most amazing personal vaporizer I've used to date! It produces great vapor, tastes great, and a fun design. I love how it comes in so many colors, though I wish starter kits came with the options to get the full kit in blue and pink as well. I got the dual tank/drip kit, and I learned that I can't drip to safe my life. I suggest getting a kit that has one or the other; it's cheaper and if say you do just tankos or just drip, and whichever you're comfortable with is what you should stick with. My favorite PV!! EVER!!!
  • Awesome Product! Another satisfied customer.
    Review by Coryon 7/13/11
    Just got my Inferno kit in the mail today. Took it out of the box, assembled it dripped a few drops, took a drag......... and WOW! I've been using the Magma for a few months now and decided to order the Inferno kit because I like a big throat hit. I should have bought this kit from the beginning! If you are looking for a good throat hit like me, then this is the e-cig for you. I couldn't be happier with this product! Thank you Volcano! You guys rock! Aloha! 10/10
  • This is a beast!
    Review by Koomson 7/7/11
    Dis da one n only beast of beast electronic cigs. I get one magma, but I wanted fo get dis inferno cuz I like the design and long usage. Vapor production is nuts on both these ecigs. crazy! so fun for use. I never smoke one real cigarette for a little over a month since I got the ecig. Helped me quit the real one. I feel better not having stink breath or sting body or stink smokey smell....period. No more junk kine chemicals in my body except for flavored vapor.
    Volcano Ecig!, you guys da best! Thanks bra.
    Review by Hernanon 6/24/11
    WOW, THIS IS GREAT, I HAVE 7 DAYS WITHOUT SMOKE A REAL CIG, "ANALOG" THANKS VOLCANO! everithing its perfect, i hace other brand, monke cigarretes, so badddd, i have a magma good, but the pastrought its not good and i dont like juice in my hands and mouth, and i dont use it any more

    with inferno im very happy

    The only think its when the liquid ends goes a little to the mouth, i dont know why, but its a incredible product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Great customer service!
  • Incredible Product!!
    Review by Jenniferon 6/20/11
    I have had my Inferno for around 6 months and it has been a LIFESAVER!!! I had Blu's first and, not only is the Inferno a superior product, but the customer service is terrific and I get my orders on time every time! I am so happy to have found this product - it saved me from returning to regular cigarettes when I was about to give up when dealing with Blu - they are totally not worth messing with....go with Volcano if you want batteries that last, fast shipping (I live in Texas) and a feeling of smoking a real cigarette!

    Rating - 20 on a scale to 10!
  • Outstanding!
    Review by Neilon 6/16/11
    Received my Inferno and all the accessories I ordered today. Everything works great! No issues whatsoever! I purchased the chrome model (both kits, Tank & Drip) with some extra Atty's and blank tanks. I used to have another vendor's product, which lasted me a few days...I can see myself using this until either I die, or Volcano comes out with another great product to replace the inferno! Volcano, you got yourselves a customer for life!
  • so happy!
    Review by ineson 6/15/11
    so happy with the product.i recv mine today,shipping was awesome too.i have the dip and the the dip so far! jus gotta watch the video how to"s ,and the menthol and cherry flavor! im hooked for life! i cant wait till my husband try it too.thanks for the great invention!
  • Industrial Strength
    Review by Stillerfanon 6/10/11
    Just got this bad boy yesterday and I can't believe how well it works. I was vapin' on two 510's at once and they don't compare. Not for the faint of vape. The absolute cloud is amazing! Very glad I decided to stop wasting money on e-cigs that tend to crap out over short periods of time. Hope this one lasts, it seems very sturdy and well made. Got an extra cortomizer for quick changes and in case one has an issue. Free two day delivery was an added bonus. I have tried 3 different flavors in tanks and have had no leakage. (yet) Gonna need lots of e juice. I might add something else after using for a while. Hey Volcano, you should sell bigger bottles.
  • Great !!!!!
    Review by prowler45on 6/4/11
    Got mine after spending hundreds on other junk smoke sticks is what i call them this inferno is the greatest of all i think they should come up with a inferno kit that includes both tankomizers and clearomizers all in one package deal i enjoy jusing the tankomizer when i am out driving and running around no problems with tankomizers they are good and stout how ever i love it sit in the chair and use a clearomizer the taste and throat hit to me are much more enjoyable when using one of your megma clearomizers
    Review by larryon 5/28/11
    After spending a couple hundred bucks one other brand e-cigarettes and their acessories i did a lot of research on volcano products and places my order after receiving my inferno t and some of volcanos magma clearomizers
  • SWEET!
    Review by Quitteron 5/24/11
    this is exactly what i was looking for. I started withe the magma tanko kit then i started dripping figured id get the tanko and the drip tip and low res atty inferno and man am i happy with this purchase. Gave my mother my old magma kit with a new tanko and red tanks she loves it. SUPER WIN lol. IF you are just starting with vaping magma is a good choice but if you like vaping youll end up getting the Inferno anyways.
  • Wasn't what I expected, Volcano should include dimensions in details!
    Review by Kerrion 5/22/11
    If you are wanting an ecig that's close to the same size of an analog then please read before buying!!! I purchased the inferno kit thinking it was the same thing/same size as the magma just shaped slightly different, also thought it had an auto battery. When I opened the box the day I got it I was shocked that it was so big, it literally looks/feels like you are trying to vape an Oscar Meyer wiener!! Nothing at all like what I was wanting or expecting! I called Volcano, left a message, and 4hrs later was informed by the customer serv lady they don't do refunds or exchanges on anything under no circumstances which is some what understandable since it's consumable products, however Volcano should have more info/details available about their products such as dimensions so customers will be sure what they're ordering is exactly what they're wanting and is exactly what they think it is. When I told the cs lady that she said I should have looked at the photos better and watched all videos on the website regarding the inferno and I disagree. I did look at the photos closely and l shouldn't have to go looking for info about a product it should be right there with those photos in a detailed description including dimensions! Thankfully I found the forum and through there I was able to trade my very much hated inferno for magma accessories/parts and then I just bought the rest on Volcanos web site and now I couldn't be happier and am vaping away! I will be leaving a review about the magma on it's page also because it is fabulous! The inferno 
    however for me was a dud. PLEASE just make sure you know what you're ordering. Don't make my mistake and base it on just reviews, research the product first! Get the details and dimensions to ensure you dont regret spending your hard earned money. As for the company itself, Volcano is AWESOME and you won't find better else where, also has great customer service but as with any company there will be times people may rub you wrong, but I highly recommend Volcano! They stand behind their warranties and are by far the best company out there in the vaping world!

  • Awesome!!!
    Review by Bookeron 5/20/11
    Great product! I was upset with the smoke stik I bought and a friend at at work told me to buy the volcano inferno. I have been using it for five hours today and the battery has not died. Tons of vapor, it is worth every penny. 10 out of 10 Awesome buy!
  • Best product I've found so far
    Review by Johnny Vapeon 5/14/11
    I've tried numerous manufacturers products, standard & mods, mixed and matched components, price shopped, and decided to go with the Inferno along with several add-ons.
    Comparatively, the price was better the other (some virtually identical) systems. The order entry and shipping was amazingingly quick and complete. After charging both the 650 and 1000 mA batteries, the first test was hooking up a Magma low res atty and a cartridge (saving the tanks for later) for a road test.
    I was stunned at the amount of vapor the system produced which was exactly what I was looking for. It more mirrors an analog than anything I've used to date. The battery is flawless with nice features and lasted a full day while I was using it like a pacifier - strong right up to the moment it stopped. No fade.
    The various components fit nicely and provide a great deal of flexibility for different situations. The case was nice and held way more than I had expected.
    My only negatives are that the tobacco flavors (including PURE) don't imitate true flavors (the PURE tasted like cotton candy). The other negative is that it produces so much vapor that it will be difficult to "guerilla vape" on planes, etc. Of course, that's a negative that is really a positive and the main reason I purchased the system. I am a very satisfied customer to date.
  • Awesomness all around!
    Review by Mikeon 5/13/11
    So I jsut got my Inferno kit two days ago, and can't be happier!! This product is AMAZING! I've been a two pack a day smoker now for 11 years. In the past two days I smoked 0 cigs! I ordered 3 different EJuices; Cherry Lava, Vanilla Bean, and Toacco. The Tobacco is rich and full of flavor. Vinilla bean I can't put down!! Mmmmm Mmmmm. I not to crazy about the Cherry Lava though. I highly recomend this product! The shipping was fast!
  • After dropped in pool!
    Review by EJon 5/11/11
    I purchased my Inferno about two months ago, the vape and the quality is awsome! I'm in the pool and spa buisiness and had fears about dropping it in water, and a week into owning it, I dropped it into the deep end of a 20x40 swimming pool! I thought it was over for my Inferno mega battery, it didnt work for about four hours, I layed it on the dashboard of the truck for a while and tried it again and it started performing flawlessly, and still working now!! I dont recommend getting it wet and these guys dont either, cause of the reactivity of a lithium battery can produce can be dangerous, But damn! I love this thing! research all you want on E-cigs, and you will never find a company with the quality and durability of a E-cig product as VOLCANO!!! Hands down the best out there!

    PS. blue water punch and menthol are freaking great!!L
  • The fastest way to quit smoking
    Review by ryknowon 5/4/11
    This is the product that freed me from analogs. I had been vaping for a long time (10 months) and I still occasionally had slip-ups. The Tank system fixed that for good. If you aren't concerned with sleek size or a realistic look (which is vastly overrated) and are concerned with QUITTING, then this is the best way I can think of. The vapor delivery very consistant and direct, while avoiding the hassles of constantly dripping or refilling cartridges.

    For the record, I have never had a tank leak into my mouth in over 3 months with the product.

    I received a DOA Super Battery. It happens, but there's absolutely nothing to fear, because Volcano's customer service is the best in the business, BOTTOM LINE.
  • Best purchase i made!!
    Review by Antonioon 5/4/11
    i bought this after owning the volcano and this set me off to the great transition from analogs to vaping. great amount of vapor, long battery life, and just like a pen.
  • So far, so GREAT!!
    Review by Shawnon 5/3/11
    Got my Inferno T about 36 hours ago. Can't say about the battery life of the 1000 mah battery, I'm still going on the 650 mah. About 2 hours of initial charge time and going strong since then. I did not wait for the battery to charge, I started vaping right away. I got the Choconilla Haze and love it. Read reviews with several issues, but everything is going great. No leak issues, that was my biggest concern. I did see a couple of video reviews that said they filled the tanks all the way with no ill results. Follow Volcano's advice and do not do that, liquid will spray out the hole for the wick. Not much of a mess, but a true waste of the delicious liquid. I have tried other products in the past, and was always disappointed with battery life. Not with the Inferno! If you are looking to start vaping or looking for a new PV, do not hesitate, get the Inferno.
  • Excellent!!!!
    Review by Judyon 5/2/11
    I was very leary of this, but ordered it niece has one and i tried it...i instantly fell in love with it, so i had her order one for me, when she ordered her's...just thought i would try it first....not thinking i would like it as she put in her order, still not thinking i would like it, but when it got here the , battery was not working right, so i had to return it to these people i had no dealing with at all, and they took my word that my niece had ordered it for me, and i had paid her for it, and they returned it for me, free of charge....they battery was bad, and i received my very very own....i feel like a little girl on Christmas morning when it came...I had told so many people about it...i am ready to order my very own today...I strongly recomend this to anyone who wants to stop smoking...You will not be disappointed...If you do not like it, i will buy it from you....i am that sure of it...give it a try...or else continue to pay the redulise amount for a pack of cigarettes..I Love Mine.....
  • very decent product
    Review by zach89on 5/1/11
    just bought this product directly at the volcano vapor cafe in Honolulu today, and i must say that i am most pleased with the performance of this product. The girl at the store was more than helpful and gave excellent service! only problem is that the tank does leak a little bit inside but not too bad at all. Blue water punch is amazing too. =)
  • I am thrilled!!!
    Review by DebDon 4/28/11
    I just received my Inferno -T this morning and I am thrilled with it! It is a spectacular vape, and the red is so pretty!!! I just love it! Thanks for a great product and the quick delivery (2 day FedEx). Left Hawaii on Tuesday and arrived at my house (in Ohio) on Thursday. I am thrilled with my new Inferno!!
  • thats the ticket
    Review by benon 4/27/11
    got the volcano first I liked it but was not quite enough. the battery life and the vape just a bit week ( still a great product to the person just starting out which i was). now I just got the inferno and wow...... I have not seen how long the battery last but by the reviews i do not think i will be disappointed. I get clouds of vapor and great flavor. I am using vanilla and some e planet liquids works great.

    Thank you volcano
  • Radical
    Review by genius with a headachon 4/27/11
    The inferno is amazing, best product from volcano so far. I have small hands and the inferno is real big, about the length of an eyeglass case, which makes a good holder, by the way.
  • Incredible Product
    Review by Jeremyon 4/26/11
    The INFERNO T Kit will absolutely blow your mind. The vapor, flavor and TH are incredible. The flavors are accurate and the tankomizers are far more convenient than dripping or refilling cartridges. And the best part is that the more you use it and break it in, the better it gets.
  • Amazing Product
    Review by matton 4/26/11
    I have used several e-cig products, and I have to admit, this is the best one yet, I just got it an hour ago, and I must say, this product is fantastic. It has excellent vapor production, and the pass-through battery works wonderfully. It has just the right balance between strong and smooth throat hit, and the cherry flavor liquid i ordered with it is delicious. I only received one clip with it, but I don't intend to transport more than one battery at a time anyways, so that wasn't much of a disappointment on my end. And in just one hours time this P.V. has become a favorite of mine, I can't wait to order some more accessories for it so I can try dripping, and the Cartomizers. I already know that this will be my main P.V. Thank you for developing such a quality, and not to mention attractive product, I will be certain to refer friends on this one.
  • Okay I guess
    Review by Mikey B Oxideon 4/24/11
    It gives a great vape and the flavor choconilla haze is to die for. Haven't touched an analogue since and prolly won't. The leaking issue with the tanks themselves is a really big pain though. I feel like I'm wasting alot of money because almost every tank only lasts about 2 days and it leaks getting all into my mouth. Doesn't matter if you vape slow or take soft drags etc... Tried it all, but I will say it's makes up for that with it's ability to adapt you can just get a magma atty and use carts or just drip which is the best way honestly. I dunno though I just wish they could have figured a way out to prevent leakage and more life for the tanks themselves. Also, when I first placed an order they shorted me an Tank O mizer which they quickly replaced, great customer support. I haven't used any other e juice so the leak problem is clearly on the end of the design itself and not on my part. ha

    Volcano- Your Wick in the Tankomizer is most definitely burned, due to it being dry burned at one time.
  • Outstanding
    Review by Roberton 4/20/11
    The inferno is an outstanding product and although its not marketed as a stop Sm**ing product it has replaced the fire lit items i used to use. Its been a great experience switching to this.. Thanks and keep up the great products.
  • Volcano you have out done yourselves and your competition on this one!!!!
    Review by michaelon 4/16/11
    I did extensive research on tank systems before purchasing this starter kit. Comparing all options, batteries, tanks and atomizers etc.. After that I decided to give the Inferno-T a try. When I first got the unit I was amazed at the amount of vapor it put out and did so consistently. The 1.2ml tank is a perfect size I am a fairly heavy vapor and 2 tanks easily get me through the day. The battery life is also AWESOME not like many others I've tried. When I first got the unit I decided to fully charge the small battery and see how long it will last. 5 1/2 days later it was finally depleted. I was amazed! and I know the larger battery will even last longer. One of my favorite features is the built-in pass through on the short battery. Volcano you must be listening to your customers request because this one of the best features I've seen on an E-cig. The ability to keep me vaping even when the battery is dead is priceless.

    Great price per value
    Great amount of vapor
    Works consistently well (unlike cartomizer units)
    Beautiful and stylist
    Easy maintenance
    Comfortable to use with flat shaped mouth piece
    Easy draw
    Batteries last days not hours like other E-cigs
    Tanks are easily refilled
    No liquid leaks in unit
    Volcano liquids are very tasty and work very well in unit
    No cartomizer filling to break down or filling to insert in cart
    Replacement parts are very reasonably priced
    Durable finish

    Larger size
    Can't use mixes with more than 20% VG
    Only comes with one tankomizer
    Mine only came with one protective clip
  • Essential
    Review by Hayzieon 4/15/11
    I needed to stop smoking cigarettes. And I was highly intrigued by electronic cigarettes. My first experience with e-cigs were generic Super E-Cigs sold at a gas station. I hadn't known they were easily obtained at a nearby store so I went ahead and purchased it. I wasn't extremely impressed and I've heard others who bought the same didn't like those very much, either.

    My plan was to invest. I knew an investment would satisfy my spending on money and my cravings. I had done my research and immediately knew the Inferno was the real way to start my vaping.

    Easily the best bang for your buck. I'm done with boring people on a long review, so let me get straight to the point and not write any further. -------- Volcano offers the best package with variety of your choosing to start things off with your new kit. Not only that, but they offer the best warranty and customer service if you have any problems. Their "Support Tickets" system on your account's home page is a brilliant and efficient way to get a hold of customer service reps. If you call them, they're just as nice. If you're lucky, you'd get Tiffany on the line, I believe her name is, cuz she has a pretty voice.

    Inferno is a beast and is just perfect power/size to start vaping. My 650 mah battery was dead on arrival and Volcano didn't hesitate to send me a replacement. Things happen sometimes, so don't dismiss any Volcano product. Especially when they're Customer Service is always there to help you. You are always informed of the products you purchase.

    Crap, I'm leaving out a lot of notes, and I'm already going too long.

    Inferno. The name says it all.
  • Do NOT hesitate, BUY THIS!!
    Review by M0n0XiDe_ChiLDon 4/11/11
    I went through several different e cigs by several brands(totaling 4, at about $300 out of my pocket). I always had full intention of giving up analogs for vaping, but ended up going back to all analogs, all the time. Here's what my problem was;

    Charge up the batteries, puff for a bit, cart would die. Swap out the cart, battery would die. Lather, rinse, frustrate, rage, repeat. Everyone made promises-
    "each cartridge is equal to a whole pack of cigarettes!" which was total bullshit. Who measures their smokes by the puff anyways? The things were just unreliable from whoever I got them from. Then (I dunno exactly how) I stumbled upon volcano and their tankomizer setup. Sweet Jesus, THANK YOU VOLCANO!! This thing rocks, it's as reliable as my good ol' .45, its always there with little to no problems. I ordered my kit on Saturday 04/02 and had it by Wednesday 04/06, with the free 2day shipping(don't order on weekends?). I charged both batteries and cleaned both atomizers the night I got home from work. The super battery(aptly named) just died this morning(Monday 04/11!), didn't cut out or fade away, or dropped in vapor production for days before, let me know it was dead and straight stopped, like it should. That damn thing lasted me damn near 5 entire days of constant vaping, and I do mean constant. I wish like hell I'd of known of this company and this product the day I discovered the industry of e-cigs. I haven't even looked at analogs since the day I got this kit because I have a nicotine crutch I can rely on. This is getting winded, so let me sum it up;

    RELIABLE, you wanna puff? If your battery is charged the inferno is there.
    DELICIOUS, I got 3 flavors, all 'full flavor' Kona Koffee, Vanilla Bean, and Tobacco. The coffee is a little more bitter than I anticipated, but if you mix it with vanilla its a dream.
    TANKOMIZERS, my god why did it take so long for these to be invented? They're AWESOME. Just get your orientation settled before you click it in, I've only had 2 leaks, and I'm pretty sure it was from fiddling with the tank after it'd seated. The how to video explains a way to punch out the tab in your tanks, for god's sake do NOT try any other method, I may have ruined 1 of my tanks. A full tank of e-juice lasts 1~2 days, which is friggin fabulous.

    A tad potent/hardcore when it comes to 'full flavor'. I read everyone rave about throat hit on like every juice that i bought. I was a pack a day or so smoker before I got this, and I've damn near made myself sick from the nicotine, the next batch of liquids I buy I'm stepping down to the 11mg dosage. The flavors are so good you wanna just sit there and puff. I don't know if the dosage will affect the throat hit factor, but I can't take big fat drags off this thing like I can an analog, hopefully the 'lights' juice is what I need.

    Leaks; as previously mentioned, I have had 2 leak instances, and both were after twisting the tank after it was seated to get it straight with the button. Also, I think the same tank may have been the culprit in both instances. As previously mentioned, I got antsy while my tankomizers were drying and tried to punch its tab out with a small screwdriver, didn't work out. So this may or may not be an issue, but one time it leaked in my shirt at work and stained an $80 dress shirt:/

    All in all, if you're considering buying this, then you should most definitely do it. I was slightly skeptical from having been burnt before, but I could not be happier with this purchase. This is indeed a true revelation and soon any e-cig company that knows whats good for them will have there crack at this design. I sure hope volcano has good lawyers and patents because this is a GREAT design and they deserve every bit of credit for it. Depending on how this next round of juices go, Volcano will have a lifetime customer in me, and I've already been recommending this product to all of my friends since day 2. I can't wait to try Bluewater Punch!! Oh, P.S. if anyone from volcano is reading this.. A sample pack of your juices would probably be a good money maker. I'd easily pay $30-40 for a 3-5ml bottle of up to say, 5 of your flavors. Just so I can figure out what I want to buy from you for the rest of my days:P
  • Excellent !!
    Review by VinnyVon 4/9/11
    I've had my Inferno-T for a littel over 3 weeks now and all I can say is AWESOME! Wish I had purchased it as my first PV. My first cost me a little more than the Inferno but is most inferior to the excellency provided by the inferno. Awesome taste and TH. Vapor production superior. Again, wish I had purchased this PV first. The money spent on my original PV could have been used better stocking-up with items for this far superior, less expensive product !!!!
  • gig gig
    Review by davidon 4/7/11
    hey hey hey im daviv mcvay and im waITING for my inferno n the mail and anyway i tried my friends blake radfors inferno and its the best thing ever its boner riffic and i get hard from it its amzizizing andn my didcks f****** huge i got a huge ball**** and can i talk to sombufddddyyy
  • Eureka!!!
    Review by Monion 3/29/11
    Just upgraded to the Inferno Tank Kit... WOW!!! If I was tryin to give up analog cigs when I purchased the V-Kit Deluxe... Then I'm not tryin anymore... I'm done wit analogs for good... I purchased the Inferno Tank Kit and a couple Tank-o-misers... Oh yeah... Plenty of eJuice to enjoy the many vapin flavors... and OMG!!! U can mix em to create your own flavors!!! Vapin is soooo awesome... Thanks Volcano for many great products that gives the smokin experience without the smoke and bad chemicals... I'm not a smoker anymore... I'm a vaper now... Plus a happy loyal Volcano customer... Can't thank u guys enough...
  • Amazing product!!
    Review by EJon 3/28/11
    I originaly bought a BLU, then a Luci, but after smoking for 20+ years they just didnt cut it for me! When I got the Inferno T. in the mail I was to exited to even completely charge the batteries, and that first hit "WOW" ! I have not had an analog cigerette since! Other brands would give me a burning taste like lighting the wrong end of an analog filter, and if you have ever smoked, you know what I mean! LOL the Inferno T gives you the tase, the whole taste, and nothing but the taste! Ive heard Johnson Creek burns up the atomizers but Ive had no problem so far, apple cider is amazing through the Inferno! Thank you Volcano for an amazing product, and the end of my addiction to analog cigs!
  • Wow! Wish this was around 2 years ago....
    Review by cMinor24on 3/25/11
    I ordered this after being frustrated with many different ecigs on the market. I have tried so many that I almost went back to regular smokes. Then I found the Inferno. I am blown away and in love. I drive for a living and hated changing carts often while on the road and swapping batteries that would die after a few short hours. The tank provided me a good 5 hours of solid vapor and flavor and about 30 minutes of decent vapor before I changed the tank. The 1000mAh battery is still running strong after 10 hours of heavy use. Best investment for my health every. Hands down. Buy one and try it for your self, you will not be disappointed.

  • 5 Stars
    Review by Rexon 3/24/11
    So, I started out with Volcano since the beginning of their childhood days. I bought their most expensive starter kit at the time; V-kit Deluxe. I was hooked. I was previously smoking for 5 yrs and that ecig kept me in check. A few months later, they revealed their Magma kit, and like a kid at a candy store I snatched one ASAP. I could never go back to a Volcano with the kick the Magma gave me. Another few months pass and what do you know, they unleash their Inferno kit to the world. After buying it, there is no way another ecig will ever touch my lips. Unless, Volcano comes out with a new weapon ;)
    All I really have to say is that Volcano has never disappointed me. There are a million other ecig sites out there, but Volcano is my only brand.
  • well worth the investment
    Review by Danielon 3/21/11
    I started out ignorant on ecigs and got a Blu, at first I thought it was ok, but with the batteries not lasting long I wanted to upgrade. Eventually I got the regular Volcano which was nicer all around but was still weak, after getting introduced to dripping with a magma with the USB pass-through I was happier but dripping was a pain in the neck with only 10 minutes for a break, so I went looking for something better. After some thoughts and reading reviews I decided to go with the inferno (t) and all I can say is I am glad I did. I have only had it for a few days and I can say it really does have a greatest hit out of any of the hardware I have used so far. The other nice part for this device is that unlike the other hardware out there the flavor is strong reguardless of the liquid, unlike the L88M (blu/volcano) or even the magma which didn't seem to get as good of a hit without having a high nicotine content liquid (I don't know if this is a general public opinion or just my wife and I but this is what we seemed to notice). Now don't get me wrong the volcano and magma are good but they are nothing in ratio to the inferno. The only issue I had was trying to fill the tanks without leaking any liquid, but with a little practice or a syringe it is very easy. So all I can say is ANYONE considering switching to an ecig or upgrading should definately consider this beauty, it is well worth the money, which needless to say for what you get is next to nothing. Thank you Volcano for making such a great device. :)
  • Inferno T Rules!!
    Review by Doreenon 3/20/11
    WOW!!! Was previously using Volcano with carts which is a good starter, enjoyed vaping so much just went to the Inferno T. Love the Inferno T and Tankomizers, filling with ejuice is easy after watching the video, the throat hit is awesome and flavors are great (tried 7 so far). Especially like the vaping with the USB while working at computer and simple unplug and go. Even though the InfernoT is bigger than Volcano ecigs with carts, it's fits nicely cupping in the hand and definitely well worth the size difference in vaping experience. Inferno T Rules!!!.
  • it;S great
    Review by codemanhackeron 3/18/11
    I use the The INFERNO (T) Kit its the best for driving it has a tank
    that last all day. and it’s not like that n-joy P O S. Cost me 14.00 a month For E-Juice you can get it in a lot of flavors and you can pick your nicotine level
    From 0 mg to 36 mg save money cut 4000 chemicals from your habit you will breath better And food will taste better and have more energy and save money to The INFERNO (T) Kit.
  • inferno t kit
    Review by christopheron 3/18/11
    I just got this kit a couple of days ago and I really have to say it is absolutely what I wanted. After a lot of searching online for e-cig comparisons this one really won me over. I only found volcano cigs because my friend had ordered a blu cig but got the magma atomizer so she could refill it. Needless to say she is jealous now and wishes she had just bought something from this website.

    So here's the deal. If you are considering buying the inferno t-kit, DO IT! It is worth every penny and the tanks make vaping a total cinch. Easy easy easy. Not carts or drips (unless you want them) all you need is the fluid. The batteries really do last forever and I haven't had one die yet. The hit is great and makes it easy to switch from regular cigarettes to electronic ones. When it came I had a pack of camel full flavor cigs, and I gave the rest to someone else. I haven't smoked an analog since and I really don't need/want to now that I have my inferno! It even stood the test against inebriation, which I have to say is quite impressive! I am a real customer and all that jazz and I am so happy I bought this kit.
  • excellent!
    Review by Rickon 3/17/11
    I started with the volcano kit and learned very quickly it was not adequate relative to vapor production to satisfy a 40 year smoker. The inferno on the other hand, really fits the bill! The battery life and the amount of vapor provided using the inferno, along with the tankomizer satisfies. I haven't had a cigarette in two days! Granted, that's not a long time (yet), but it says something to me - this system satisfies! Looks like I'm using probably two tanks a day. I was a little over a half pack a day smoker of analogs for comparison.
  • Smelling Happily
    Review by Kendallon 3/17/11
    I'm hooked.... I love my Inferno ... No more smelling like an ashtray ... dirty looks or hiding behind a building to enjoy my smoke or now my vape .. I never wanted to quit smoking until I got my Inferno.... Vape away!!
  • No More Compromise!
    Review by Solarixon 3/14/11
    I had been using analogs for about 10 years, had quit a couple of times but always went back to them after having a few drinks. After seeing those pompous salesmen in malls with e-cigs, I did some research, found it was legit and came across Volcano. After researching different products, styles and companies, I bought a Volcano starter kit and skipped the carts - went right to dripping.

    This was an amazing experience and I started telling everyone I knew that used analogs. It was definitely getting the job done, at an amazing saving, but was kind of a pain to have to carry a bottle of juice with me that didn't fit in my V-Pack and constantly swapping out batteries. Most of all I missed the plumes from analogs

    I then read about the Inferno-T in VaperMonthly Magazine and was instantly intrigued. Received it 5 days ago and I have to say it is amazing. The huge clouds of vapor, the amazing flavor, the constant power, and a full ml of juice before a refil. I'll still use my Volcano when out and about for the small size, but this is now my primary device.

    I did have one concern that proved to be an amazing new feature. With my kit, I only received one button cover, even though I received two batteries. I contacted customer support and found that the cover is for the 650mah USB PassThrough battery. The new 1000mah Super Battery doesn't need the cover. It has a new feature that if you quickly press the button 5 times, it will lock the battery so subsequent presses will not activate it. Press the button 5 times again quickly to unlock the battery and resume normal use. This is awesome. One device. Lasts all day. No juice bottles, no chargers, no button protectors to get lost.

    Volcano - Job well done. Been vaping for 6 weeks now and you have made a customer for life.
  • This is the way to go!
    Review by Colettaon 3/14/11
    I recently upgraded to the Inferno T Kit and I could not be happier with my decision. I ordered an extra tankomizer so I have 2 complete Infernos available at all times. I love the freedom the Inferno provides and the hits and vapor producing quality of this device is far superior to any other I've tried. Filling the tanks is a snap and I enjoy being able to try different e-juices. The way the Inferno works is flawless. Analog free and loving it! Thank you Volcano!
  • its awsome
    Review by jasonon 3/13/11
    i got my inferno in the mail yesterday i opened it and tried it and its so awsome wish i would of known about this earlier. I was a pack and a half a day smoker now since i got this i hope i wont need a ciggerrette again i love this thing its great and my kids dont tell me i smell like smoke anymore. thanks volcano
  • Wow!
    Review by Armisison 3/11/11
    This is my first e-cig. I'm hooked! I wish the starter kit would have came with two tank-o-misers and one more button guard. But otherwise this thing is perfect, I'm very very happy with it and the shipping time! There's so many flavors to try from various sources! They need to transition everyone over to digital from analogue and the Inferno is the way to go!!! Brilliant!
  • My first step into a larger world...
    Review by NC Vaperon 3/10/11
    I have used a couple of different vaping systems over the last couple of years and this is by far the best system. Great style, plumes of smoke and fantastic value. You will not be able to smoke standard cigarettes again!
  • Extremely Satisfied!
    Review by Clinton 3/9/11
    1000 mah Battery lasts me about 2 days, WOW!!!! and I am an extremely heavy vaper. I love the tanks and the tank-o-mizer, it's a lot easier than dripping. Not only does the inferno feel great in the hands it also looks cool too, I turn heads everywhere I go! BIG UPS to Volcano for exceptional customer service and INSANELY FAST shipping times, cant get any better than Volcano!
  • Very nice
    Review by Brian Bon 3/9/11
    I've been vaping for nearly two years, and wish I could have had the Inferno-T when I started. I would have saved so much money trying new things. It works like a champ. Great vapor and flavor, and soooooo much better than carts with filler. The 650mAh battery with the built-in passthrough is nice for sitting in front of the computer or in the car, and the 1000mAh battery lasts a nice, long time. The tanks are easy to fill, and the atomizers work very well. It's also a great looking unit. Volcano shipped fast, and it was nice to get free FedEx 2-day delivery.. from Hawaii to Georgia. So far I give it two thumbs up.
  • SOLID ****** FOR 20 YEARS
    Review by Michaelon 3/7/11
    I was a solid ****** of 20 years, until I found the volcano website, in a bad year I would ***** over 3 packs a day heavy, wow. Last cigarette was the day after I received my infero-t. It was terribly stressful quitting analog cigs, and it will be a bumpy road making the switch, but I feel that volcano's inferno-t gives you a headstart on the road to switching! Also, their customer service is great, and they certainly back their products! So, stock up on everything, and make the switch, make the switch to volcano early on, and you will safe yourself time, and money! You are in good hands with Volcano. No, I do not work for them, I actually work in cancer research, and this is a personal review.
  • outstanding
    Review by maxon 3/5/11
    I started vaping last week with a volcano kit and it was not doing it for me then a friend had me try the inferno and I was blown away!! I received it last night (thanks Volcano for lightning fast delivery) and I have to say that it is amazing! I normally smoke a pack of cigarettes a day but I am confident that I can now finally quit smoking those cancer sticks.

    For all of you thinking about trying this product out, I would say..go for it!! it is amazingly good and you will not be disappointed!

    Thanks again to Volcano for an amazing product!
  • Same Cost a a carton of smokes
    Review by Georgeon 3/4/11
    $75 bucks you can't go wrong I was a heavy smoker and trough the past year have been trying various E-cigs this is the best kit so far I've seen.

    I'm using this setup now and traditional smokes can't even hold a match to it.

    Kit comes with a 15mill bottle of ejuice that lasts about the same amount of time a carton used to last me.

    Go for it if your like me you'll be glad you did
  • Glory.
    Review by mdson 3/3/11
    I bought this on sunday and just got it this morning, but since it came from HI i'm not all to worried about it. I love this product and I take it everywhere I go. everyone that tries it loves it, because it is that good. I'm not a hardcore smoker, i barely smoke a pack a week and I reasoned that even the $75 will still be cheaper than what a spend, and it tastes so much better.
    I recommend it to any and everyone.

    The only question i have is whether or not the XL drip tip would work with this or if its really all that bad to just 'drip' into the blanks..
  • WONDERFUL!!!!!!
    Review by flbrowngurlon 3/1/11
    First off I truly believe that the ecig has changed and saved mine and countless other lives. I was killing myself and unable to stop. Everything about me is better, I smell and CAN smell better, I can taste my food better so I dont eat as much. My skin and teeth look better. that being said I limped along with the "blu" for the past year. i got it on feb. 22 of last year and smoked my final analog that day but I supplemented my inital starter kit with Volcano batteries, atomizers and catridges...the last couple of months or so my other products have become a big hassle , refilling carts, etc. my batteries blinking after only a few puffs. i got worried that I was on my way back to analogs. enter the INFERNO, it blows clouds of scented tasty vapor, the battery charges fast and lasts for a super long time, the tanks are easy to fill and they use every bit of juice you put in them, the atomizer is superb! i am sorry that it wasnt around a year ago. Lets not even mention how awesome my red Inferno matches my red nail polish that i refuse to leave the house without:-). Stop reading the reviews, get off the fence AND the analogs. BUY THE INFERNO it is the BMW of ecigs!!!
  • Great product, outstanding customer service ...
    Review by Phydeauon 2/28/11
    I've been using my Inferno:T for 5 days now and let me tell ya, this is a great product.

    I ordered the Inferno:T, but added a Magma atty, atty cone and a drip tip to the order. So, in essence, I have an Inferno and an Inferno:T. I use the passthrough for the many hours I waste of my life sitting at a computer at home and in school and the tank with the 1000 mAh batt for when I'm out and about.

    Dripping with this at home is awesome, however, I had a chance to really try out the tank system while I attended the Monster Jam monster truck race at Cowboy's stadium this weekend. I'm a very heavy vaper, I went through 2 tanks in the 5 hours I was there and it didn't give me a single issue the entire outing.

    While I could rave about this product for hours on end, due to my high level of satisfaction, I have to say that the only thing that tops this product is the customer service. Every message I sent to them was answered quickly and the item shipped out in just a few hours. Was delivered in less than 2 days.

    VERY satisfied customer here and I will be ordering even more products going forward.

    Thanks Volcano!
  • Amazing product......really!!!
    Review by Tamaraon 2/28/11
    I love this thing! I've been a cigarette smoker since I was 15 years old (25 long years of inhaling all of those chemicals......ugh!)

    I've tried so many of those other electronic cigarettes, only to be left unsatisfied....I figured they were all just "gimmicks", until my daughter had me try her Inferno - I was amazed and seriously thrilled! I ordered my own Inferno (T) Kit and have since turned my sister, my niece and my nephew, on to the Inferno as well!

    This is by far the best vaping device I've used! Love it........just love it! <3
  • Great Product
    Review by Gon 2/25/11
    So if you're thinking about switching from the analog to vaping, I totally recommend buying this product straight up. I used to vape with the magma...don't get me wrong it is a great product. But the constant refilling of cartos and inconsistency in vapes led me to the inferno tank.

    With this product there is no constant refilling, the throat hit is awesome, and the ease of use is amazing. The inferno coupled with great customer service make this product well worth your while. Don't waste any time thinking, get it! You won't be disappointed.
  • Perfect
    Review by Jake O.on 2/23/11
    I could not imagine an easier Pro device to use in Personal Vaporizers. Grab a tank, fill it with your favorite juice, stick it in and enjoy. How simple?! The tanks are so easy and cheap, all you need to worry about now (pretty much) is what flavors of juice to get!
    The kit includes 5 tanks already, there's already 5 different flavors if you wish. Just as soon as I received my kit today, I filled 3 tanks (and enjoyed doing so with it's ease of operation) I counted 28 drops that filled the tank which is much easier than dripping.
    I couldn't wait to start vaping with this massive system. I immediately plugged in my USB pass-thru and began to vape as my 650 mah received it's first charge and my 1000mah began it's charge.
    No problem with this being the greatest system on the market! Thank you Volcano!
  • best ever
    Review by vinon 2/23/11
    just got my inferno in the mail today. it is amazing. i dont have to buy boges anymore, i wont smell bad, my hands wont smell bad and it tastes amazing!! I LOVE IT
  • sweet
    Review by bigegoon 2/22/11
    i got my inferno t today fast shipping got it out cleaned primer out of atty started vapping after i charged the batt. it works great so far better than my ego but about the same it is the same as my ego when i run the mega atty in fact the only differants is the tank cartriges but i would recomend this to anyone its awsome
  • This is the One to buy!
    Review by Zaveon 2/21/11
    I have been waiting for this set to come together. It has everything you need to start enjoying a e-cig. I ordered my INFERNO (T) Kit and in less than 48 hours I had it. Very easy to set up and start using. I was smoking with the pass through battery in less than 20 min from the time the package hit my door. Filling the tank is very easy pop off the tank top and fill no need for needles. Line up and push into the tank-a-mizer. I ordered the USA Menthol it is very good, like a menthol light in flavor. I have smoked my last old-school cig.....
  • Great kit for beginners and vets alike.
    Review by Serious Smokeron 2/21/11
    I started out with the KR808D-1 model of e-cigs when I first got into vaping. It worked well, but I hated fixing, cleaning, filling, and nurturing cartomizers.

    In my search for a better alternative, I was directed to Totally Wicked for their Tornado Tank. However, after my own searching, I found this American company with a better product and better price.

    I ordered with my tax refund (spent over 150 dollars on my first order), and waited. When I read that Fedex had my package at my local shipping center, I rushed down after work to receive it.

    Having just made it before closing time, I rushed home with my Inferno (T) and started ripping the package open.

    Everything I had ordered was in my package and looked amazing. Charging time for the batteries was fast and, my first vape with the Vanilla Bean e-juice was euphoric. The flavor rang through, the TH was amazing, the aroma was that of vanilla.

    Using this unit with my old juices is also an amazing experience and I find myself switching tanks on the fly throughout my day.

    Compared to the KR808D-1 there is no contest. For the price you get quality and a nice-looking product. Not overpriced especially when shipping from Hawaii to Ohio was lightning fast and customer service is great.

    I recommend this kit to everyone looking into vaping. Do not even bother with cartos or cartridges!

    My only gripe thus far has been the shipping of the bottles of e-juice. One of my bottles I ordered was not packaged securely enough and sprung a leak en route.
  • A Must!
    Review by jayon 2/20/11
    I am very impressed with this product - and with your company (Volcano) as a whole. I've tried several different ecigs over the past year or so (most of them pass through) and none of them ever truly replaced smoking analogs for me.

    I did some research and I was looking at the Inferno and the ego-t and I decided on the inferno for the simple reason that Volcano seems to be more about customer satisfaction than making a profit, and I am glad for my choice.

    The inferno is an amazing PV, the vaping on this thing is what I've been looking for since I first started. One of the things that really sold me was the USB pass through, I really enjoy being able to charge as I vape and disconnect and go when I need to. I also love the tanks and how easy they are to use! Not to mention the fact that I had this in my hands two days after placing my order - all for a reasonable shipping cost.

    Keep it up Volcano! I'm a dedicated fanboy now. Again, your business model seems to put your customers first and that is something you don't find often. I'll be spreading the word!
  • Nice
    Review by Andyon 2/18/11
    I started off vaping about a year ago and not had any analogues since! Started off with a blu, then volcano, then the magma and now this badboy and loving it so far. I do get the dry burnt taste sometimes though so not sure if the atty just needs breaking in more. Love the juice delivery system!! Time to order some more ejuice from Ms T Bakery (I think she has the best tasting juice around). Anyway, buy this baby. You won't regret it.
  • Way above the competition!
    Review by Teabagleron 2/17/11
    I just purchased the Inferno (T) starter kit after my Blu bit the dust after only 3 months. Blu was my first eCig and I was never happy with the Blu's performance and vapor production, plus I was constantly craving analogs. I actually gave up vaping entirely and went back to smoking. After deciding to quit smoking for good, I did a ton of research trying to find a reputable company that I could turn to. Needless to say, all my research led me to Volcano eCigs.

    I knew I wanted a product that was high quality and built to last. Volcano completely surpassed my expectations.

    After my poor experience with Blu, I wanted to stay away from poly-fill cartridges and auto-on batteries. I was dead set on starting to drip, but then I saw the Inferno (T) Kit. Manual push button operation, huge eLiquid tank, and a massive atomizer. What led me to get the Tankomizer over the Magma atty and a drip tip was portability. I can throw the unit in my pocket, knowing I can vape on the go without carrying a bottle of juice around with me. Plus, because of the manual button, I'm not burning my leg up like the Blu would because of the auto-on battery (it will turn on if you wave it around, it sucks.)

    I purchased the Inferno (T) Kit, got the 2-Day Shipping, and sure enough, It arrived from Hawaii all the way to Pennsylvania in 2 days. When I opened up the box, just by seeing it in person, I knew I was a customer for life. The batteries are huge, everything is extremely high quality, and is aesthetically pleasing. I charged up the batteries, filled up a tank, primed it, and took a puff...

    I was completely blown away. Massive vapor clouds, great throat hit, and I can (unlike the Blu cig) actually taste the flavor of the juice! With all the vaping I did that day, I would have gone through at least 4 or 5 Blu battery charges, but after 24+ hours of use, I haven't even run down the 1000mAH battery! Best of all, I have not had a craving for an analog, which is absolutely incredible. I will be purchasing the Cisco atty and a drip tip to see if I like dripping more than the Tankomizer, but I definitely will continue to use the Tanks due to their portability.

    If you are looking to switch from another company, or are looking to start vaping, do yourself a favor and choose Volcanoecigs. My only wish is that I had done more research when I first started vaping, and had found Volcano before I purchased from Blu.

    I have nothing but good things to say about Volcanoecigs and their products. You have earned another loyal customer for life! Thank you!
  • question?
    Review by smokefreeon 2/15/11
    Does this item come with a case that is also a charger too?
    Volcano- These batteries dont need a portable charger as they last 2-3 days.
  • A solid kit
    Review by Zero Vaperon 2/15/11
    I've been vaping on this pv for a couple of weeks now and I have to say, it's the best normal voltage/resistance e-cig I've had the pleasure to use or own. The capacity of the tank is a huge advantage. Also the battery selection provided to you is very well thought out. The 1000mah battery is fantastic for on the go when you're not going to have a chance to charge for a while, and the 650mah passthrough battery is great for at home, or when you'll be out several hours but assured of returning to a power source before 8 to 12 hours elapse (moderate vaping).

    The only negatives I have to say (and they certainly are not deal breakers by any means) is that when breaking in a new atty on this unit, the primer tastes horrible. You might want to take a few primers puffs to saturate this thing in e-liquid before you heat it up. The second is I wish volcano had the pcc for this unit in stock. They're available out there, but volcano has just not stocked them yet and hopefully will in the future. Third and final issues is by no means anyone's fault, but the taste is certainly not as intense as a hv or lr setup. I just vape double flavor blends to make up for this. Hopefully we'll see low resistance offerings of the tank attys in the future, but I imagine it might at first be hindered by unique engineering issues. By that, I refer to the fact that this atty/tank combo feeds the juice at a rate appropriate to which it is vaporized. They'll have to rework the atty to be appropriate for the faster burn rate which would likely mean a different pipette configuration and likely a new cartridge as well. That is purely speculation though.

    If you're still reading this, all I have to say is BUY NOW! This is an excellent unit, and though there might be a slight learning curve on it for some, once you get it down, you'll love it as much as I!
  • Where is the Screw on USB Cover!?!?!
    Review by Pdshillz900on 2/14/11
    So, i got this product in the mail today (2/14/11). First off let me say, WOW, this is an amazing PV. I have only used the BLU before this last summer, and was soon smoking again. I am SOLD on the INFERNO, and plan to buy from VOLCANO for a long time to come!

    My concers are:
    1. My USB passthrough battery i thought has a threaded end that can be covered with a supplied cover. No cover, no thread.
    2. I had a blank spot in the case, the 1000 and 650 batteries were in there, but next to them was an empty slot. Missing something?
    3. As a noob to this unit i purchased a CIsco Atty wanting to try out DRIPPING: however i ordered the Stainless Steel drip tip. Does not fit, order the magma drip tip instead. Just a dumb mistake i made and now have an extra atty and drip tip that cannot be used.

    Volcano- blank spot is where the cones usually go for the inferno kit. This kit does not include a cone and is replaced with a tankomizer.
    You received one of the first versions of our inferno...we can replace if you need the screw cap.
    Review by angeleyes_0719@bellsouth.neton 2/10/11
    I purchased this warily as I have had quite a few over the last two years. E-cig, Blu and a few other fairly expensive ones and all died or did not perform within a week of purchasing. The battery was a joke and would only last an hour if I was lucky!

    I watched the video twice, then opened my Inferno box plugged them in to charge and checked out the blank tanks and other ways to use this product. I used a few of my cartridges from my Blu on the USB pass through and was mildly pleased they worked (seeing as I have about 15 boxes left as the Blu DIED). Then I tackled the 'blank tank'. It took me a few tries (could not find any instructions on it or videos) and found you just 'POP' the bottom off by flicking it with your nail and giving a tug. I filled the tank and then put together the pass through and took a hit... all I can say is I have NOT touched, wanted, thought of or desired a regular cig since I got the INFERNO. The amount of vapor is AMAZING and kills my craving for an analog (regular) cig. I took the analog cig to work today, with a full tank and it lasted over 4 hours for my morning shift. Mind you I was a 3-4 pack a day smoker and total today was 1.5 tanks and 1 charged unit. I swear the thing never left my lips (slight exaggeration). 1 tank and fully charged battery should last a heavy smoker 4-5 hours, and that is the smaller battery! Tomorrow I have a 14 hour day and will take both batteries and 3 tanks (just in case!).

    This is well worth the money, just make sure to buy extra blank tanks and another atomizer cone and anyone will be set to go two days without worry!!!

    I think this time I will be able to quit the analog for good!!! My kids will be happy!

  • Value
    Review by Kevinon 2/10/11
    This caught my eye as soon as it came out, mainly because I like to find the most economical, while not being ridiculous, solution to all my problems.
    The Volcano Inferno (T) is in high demand for a reason. There are several like it, but this one is the only one I have found fully supported by an AMERICAN company, with a reputation for having some of the best customer service around.
    I'm not hopping on the country bandwagon, as I was born here, but also, there is the added benefit of using e-liquid manufactured in America. That doesn't matter as much, though, because the formula of every e-liquid is readily available. Can you say that about regular cigarettes? no.

    Bottom line:
    even if you are a casual smoker, this will give you the most bang for your buck, replicating the experience of cigarette smoking while also not being nearly as awful for you.
    The kit itself is great for the money. I also recommend buying the carrying case to go with it, as the pouch is small and honestly chintzy.
    best 75 bucks I've spent in a long time
  • Quality Product
    Review by DarthVaporon 2/9/11
    After getting my Infeno (t) kit, I was immediatly impressed with the quality of this device. It is assembled quite well not to mention it has "class". It produces a sufficient amount of vapor to satice the need for a good throat hit and the button feature is a definate plus. The tank-o-mizer is a great innovation however the plastic tanks leave a bit to be desired as they dont fit the feel of the Inferno and mine tend to make a slight "whistle" when using them (this is hardly noticed unless in a quiet room). It would be nice to use a tank made of a material more "fitting" to the standard of the rest of the instrument (maybe a different design as well, something not so much like a "pipe tobacco cigar" feel). All in all, this is the supreme PV on the market and I am glad my friend suggested Volcano as my PV provider. I am proud to state that Tobacco is a thing of the past for me and probably anyone else who uses this product.
    -Note- I recently purchaced a cisco atty and drip tip to use on my usb pass-through batt. I will follow up on a future review of those products used with the Inferno. Thanks Volcano for making available a "real" PV on the market. You have a satisfied customer.

    Volcano- Try taking the rubber o ring out, or try aligning the tank with the base of the tankomizer.
  • A Quality Product
    Review by DarthVaporon 2/9/11
    After getting my Infeno (t) kit, I was immediatly impressed with the quality of this device. It is assembled quite well not to mention it has "class". It produces a sufficient amount of vapor to satice the need for a good throat hit and the button feature is a definate plus. The tank-o-mizer is a great innovation however the plastic tanks leave a bit to be desired as they dont fit the feel of the Inferno and mine tend to make a slight "whistle" when using them (this is hardly noticed unless in a quiet room). It would be nice to use a tank made of a material more "fitting" to the standard of the rest of the instrument (maybe a different design as well, something not so much like a "pipe tobacco cigar" feel). All in all, this is the supreme PV on the market and I am glad my friend suggested Volcano as my PV provider. I am proud to state that Tobacco is a thing of the past for me and probably anyone else who uses this product.
    -Note- I recently purchaced a cisco atty and drip tip to use on my usb pass-through batt. I will follow up on a future review of those products used with the Inferno. Thanks Volcano for making available a "real" PV on the market. You have a satisfied customer.
  • Dont think about it ,Just get it!
    Review by christopheron 2/8/11
    I have been a heavy smoker for 30 years,this is my first e-cig. I read reviews of all the major brands and this is what I chose.The bad reviews of all other brands were low battery life,not enough vapor,ease of use and capacity of juice. THIS INFERNO (T) HAS NO ISSUES WHATSOEVER!
    In my honest opinion this has got to be the best E-CIG for the money anywhere! If you have to smoke and you are unable to quit like my wife and I , this is going to make your life much happier.This is a great starter kit for a couple(just get an extra tankomizer and some blank tanks) some different juice to sample and youre set.
  • I LOVE IT...but.........
    Review by Free2livesmokefreeon 2/6/11
    I do love this tank system. Great vapor, nice TH, great flavor plus very nice to not be filling cart or carto's all the time. The only problem is really needs instructions sent with did say to watch video on here to get best vaping experience...but where exactly is that video???? I found one for a regular system but not the Tank. At first I got a burnt taste after just a few seconds of drag........ so I went on ECF and members there gave me suggestions on what to do.......this is what helped me..... tank with only half full of juice, did several complete turns after making sure it was completely pushed in , then took several drags before using battery and VIOLA It is WORKING....... I knew it would be fabulous if I could get it to work. Thanks again arjy55 from ECF !!!!!!! NOW it is working like a charm....but actually I should not have had to ask for help on the forums.....instructions should and need to be included......Thanks

    Volcano-This product was rushed out because of demand. Video and published instructions coming very soon.
  • I've seen the light
    Review by Demontechon 2/4/11
    Got my kit in the other day and to be honest it it made me mad, I was honestly upset that I bought 2 KR808D-1 kits and cartomizers trying to find something i liked. The first kit was cheap poorly made junk, second is what I think to be one of the best out there for 808's and cartos. Then I found this and it seemed like an awesomely logical, simplistic solution to the cartridge / cartomizer thing. It IS! This kit is perfect in every way too, the combination of batteries, the looks, the quality... It has it all.

    If your looking at this and wondering to yourself, it looks kinda big, I wonder if its worth the price, the others are cheaper, STOP just buy this, you will not be sorry. It's cheaper and tons easier to squirt some juice in these tanks and go. No juice in your mouth, no leaking what-so-ever. I have tried to get juice out of these things and have failed, short of taking the cap off the bottom of the tanks and pouring it out.

    Now for Volcano as a company, I placed my order on a tuesday, around 1:00PM CST and by 2:00PM CST I had an e-mail with a tracking number. By Thursday I had my kit in hand and vapor in my lungs. Great job guys!
  • Extremely impressive PV!
    Review by Sunworshiper on 2/4/11
    I purchased the sleek and beautiful chrome version. The craftsmanship is really top notch! Lots of vapor and for the first time I said "so thats what that flavor is supposed to taste like! Yum!" It's amazing how the device really has alot to do with how the liquid flavors come out. . Love the engravings on the end of the device. The tanks are so cool looking and it's so easy to pull one out and pop in a different flavor juice. The tanks also hold alot of juice so no more fussing with juice several times a day. I chose the Blue Water Punch juice since it seemed so popular, it is very refreshing! Everyone needs of these PV's!!
  • This is ALL you need!
    Review by Shawnon 2/3/11
    If you're considering getting into vaping, BUY THIS KIT! It has everything you need in one handy package. And it performs like a beast! A lot of people who start with Volcano end up going to the Magma, and then going to the Inferno - usually within a few weeks. Cut out the expense and time of upgrading, and start at the top! The beauty of this is you don't have to research and decide what you need or don't need - everything you need is here, at a very reasonable price. You only have to decide what flavor juice you want, and you'll be vaping like a pro from day one. I would recommend getting an extra bottle or two of liquid on top of what comes in the kit, though. Because once you start with this you won't be able to put it down, and the liquid's going to go quick! (Plus if you get 2 more bottles of liquid, it should bump you up to qualify for free 2-day FedEx and save you some more money)
  • Tip - Don't have to use a syringe!!
    Review by Mikeon 2/2/11
    Just wanted to point out that you don't need a syringe to fill it as the poster 'volcanic' said - I thought you needed a syringe at first too but actually the end that goes towards the atomizer pops off like a lid and you can squirt/pour the juice straight from the bottle!! Much easier to insert that way since you don't have to worry about spilling after you puncture.

    Volcano: you need to post/include instructions about this....the box comes with the regular (non-tank) inferno instructions with nothing about how to use the tank model. I figured it out after staring at the thing for 5-10 minutes like a monkey pondering a computer chip but a simple diagram would've helped.

    Great product though, best e-cig i've had!
  • This is it Vaper's!
    Review by Big Don 2/2/11
    This is it all you first timers. I was just introduced to vaping two weeks ago, when I purchased the "V" unit (what a mistake). While I was intrigued by the concept it just wasn't doing it for me or my wife. Because we were used to smoking about a pack of the" nasties" a day. Then I broke down and got the Inferno (T) Kit and all I can say is, this is it, why buy anything else? billows of smoke, oops, vapor, tastes great, and couldn't be easier to use. we're all through with butts, thanks Volcano.
    Review by Julianon 2/2/11
    I am an absolute noob, just starting with all of this in the last 3 weeks. Got my first volcano last week, and immediately ordered the inferno T kit. The volcano was built well, and felt good, but this is just insane on how easy it is.

    First of, I just put the batts in the charger to fill the charge. While I was doing that, I pulled out the tanks, punched a hole in it, and tried to fill it with a syringe. Well, the syringe tip bent and would not work (did not get the syringe from volcano), so I just tipped the juice upside down, put it flush to the tank, and it filled like a charm, with absolutely no dripping, other than when I over filled it.
    Putting the tank in and attaching could not be easier, and the first puff was like a dream. It tasted cleaner and fuller than anything else I have tried. I now know what a clean vap tastes like.

    I will recommend this to anyone, without hesitation.
  • Great for on the go people
    Review by Holbieon 1/28/11
    I bought the inferno after i tried one of my friends and fell in love with it. I was leary at first about the whole tank system since i've only ever used the drip method. Although this lacks the TH of dripping (especially with the cisco) I find the whole experience to be more enjoyable. Theres not that burning in the back of your throat sensation from too much vapor (unless you really try to get it). The only down side i've come across is you have to take the tanks off in order to get it into the case.

    I definitely give this product a 10/10 tho the tanks fit perfectly in the case where i would've been keeping my juice to drip with and the caps make it extremely easy and clean to store your partial tanks. I also feel that this is a more economical method of vaping than dripping. My friend seemed to go through e-juice like crazy while dripping i've been using the same tank all night and not even come close to using up even a quarter of one of the tanks.
  • Volcanic
    Review by phalaxxson 1/28/11
    Wow the tanks are easy to fill just punch the tank and fill with syringe then insert tank with tankotomizer upside down so not to spill juice and billows of vapor will fill your lungs. I have owned the magma and this is much easier to draw on and the vapor production is even better. I have owned it for a few hours and I am glad I upgraded. Volcano continues to impress me with new releases that keep me from even thinking about smoking. 7 months smoke free...Thanks Volcano!
  • A Vapor's Dream Come True!
    Review by psychicsmokinon 1/28/11
    This kit is pretty much all that you need! Vape away--and enjoy!! I have 2 kits of the Inferno, but decided to buy the tankomizer and blank tanks separate after getting my kits. Works EASY!! LOTS of vapor, EASY to fill, and clouds of Smoke!! :D You won't regret this wonderful deal. :)
  • Awsome!
    Review by R Magnottion 1/25/11
    this inferno is so cool.
    Review by Johnon 1/24/11
    This product Rocks I mean i have tried the other tank systems and this by far is my favorite.... GREAT JOB VOLCANO!!!!