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The LAVATUBE v2.5 Kit

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Designed as a seamless two piece aluminum body, The LAVATUBE v2.5 e-cigarette houses an upgraded chipset from its predecessor offering up to 6 volts and 15 watts of power. Complete with a resistance reader and battery gauge, the bright white and blue LCD display is easy to navigate. Choose between 10 anodized color finishes. The complete starter kit comes with everything needed to vape right out of the box.

As low as: $97.99

Price as configured: $97.99

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Price as configured: $97.99


Variable Vaping with VOLCANO

The device you've always wanted is finally here. It's time to take your vaping experience to the next level with a device tuned like no other. The all new LAVATUBE  v2.5 is a specially designed electronic cigarette that lets you fully control your vaping experience with a few clicks of our easy to use buttons. Our team spent many months designing this device and there are many high tech features that separate the LAVATUBE v2.5 from the crowd. Here are the full set of specs:

LAVATUBE v2.5 Features:

  • NEW: Variable Voltage & Variable Wattage
  • NEW: Power output mode: vRMS
  • NEW: Device memory that stores your settings
  • Lightweight aluminum alloy body
  • Anodized aluminum finish
  • 1 power / activation button
  • 1 Voltage up button
  • 1 Voltage down button
  • 1 Bright blue LCD screen
  • 1 510 threaded connection
  • 1 Lanyard clip hole
  • 2 vent holes
  • 18650 battery compatibility

Tech Specs:

  • Selectable Voltage Range: 3v to 6v in 0.1v increments
  • Selectable Wattage Range: 3w to 15w in 0.5w increments
  • Power / Activation Button: Click five times fast to power the device on / off; Hold the button down to activate.
  • + Button: On press, increases voltage/wattage. 
  • - Button: On press, decreases voltage/wattage.
  • Power Output Mode: vRMS.
  • Auto Shutoff: If the activation button is held down for 15 seconds or longer, the LAVATUBE will shut itself off until the button is released to prevent overheating the atomizer and the device.
  • Short Circuit/Atomizer Protection: The LAVATUBE can recognize an atomizer with too low of a resistance for the current voltage setting and will drop the voltage/wattage to a low enough setting to protect both the battery and atomizer. If the atomizer is too low or shorted out, it will shut off power to the device to protect the LAVATUBE from being damaged.
  • Reverse Battery Protection: Protects the device in case you put the battery in the device backwards
  • Battery Monitoring/Over-Discharge Protection: The device will monitor the battery voltage and automatically display "LO" on the display and turn off when the battery is discharged, preventing damage to the battery and the device by over depletion.
  • Battery Voltage Meter: The LAVATUBE has a voltage meter built in. This way you can monitor the power left in the battery before it needs to be recharged. (18650 batteries provide 4.2v at peak charge and over the life of the battery that voltage will decrease to about 3.2v level before needing to be recharged) This will help you monitor the life cycle of the battery.
  • Atomizer Ohm Meter: The LAVATUBE has an atomizer ohm meter built in. It will display the ohm's resistance of the atomizer that is connected to the device. 
  • Amperage Limiting: 3 amps – The device should monitor and shut itself off if it detects any excessive over-current conditions.
  • Vent holes: 2 Vent holes on the bottom of the device for added safety.

The LAVATUBE v2.5 Kit Includes:

  • (1) LAVATUBE v2.5 in the color of your choosing
  • (1) 15ml Bottle of USA-Made Premium eLiquid in the strength and flavor of your choosing
  • (1) eFest 18650 High-Drain LIMN 3000 Mah Battery
  • (1) eFest LUC V2 Battery Charger
  • (1) Battery Case
  • (1) LAVATUBE BC TubeTank system with drip tip

Special Warranty Information:

The LAVATUBE v2.5 unit will include a 90 day Limited Warranty against any manufacturing defects from the date of purchase.

The eFest 18650 High-Drain LIMN 2900 Mah Battery will be under warranty for 90 days from the date of purchase. Please make sure to fully charge your batteries in-between use and to follow safe storage practices when they are not being used.

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Lavatube User Manual

LAVATUBE User Manual

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall
    Total garbage
    Review by Wackon 6/25/17
    Been using Lavatube 2.0 and 2.5 since 2014 and they are truly horrible. Always ALWAYS LEAKING, phantom fires, weak power...I can't even count how many tanks and other junk I bought in the past. I am so done with this company and their overpriced products. I switched over to Smok Alien last week and just finally realized what real vaping should be.
  • Overall
    best i have used
    Review by Penny on 3/2/17
    you have to find your sweet spot setting then its the best flavor ever with plenty of vapor. easy to use for anyone that can follow instructions :) I have used many types of setups and this one is my favorite!
  • Overall
    Great, but...
    Review by PAULAon 3/2/17
    The Lavatube leaks if I'm out in the heat and it has leaked in my car a couple of times when it wasn't even too hot, and only left in there for more than 10 min. Other than that, it's been a great device. I leave this one at my desk at home for when I'm working, so it's easy to clean up when it leaks (yes, even when it's not in hot air, but it's less often). Maybe mine is defective some way, but I do still enjoy it while home.
  • Overall
    Great Product
    Review by DDMon 2/6/16
    The Volcanoe Team consistently delivers top quality products and service. I have been using the Inferno for a couple of years and decided to try the LavaTube. It is awesome and I now have different style products to use depending on the situation. I recommend reviewing the on-line user manuals before and after purchase to ensure you select the product that fits your taste and for proper maintenance/supplies. I have never had any issues with any of the products and always receive outstanding service. "Thank you" to the Volcanoe Team!
  • Overall
    Awesome Product but...
    Review by Johnon 12/9/15
    So... I finally got my Lavatube 2.5 kit. I've been dying for this kit since I first found it about a month after I got my EVOD. So far, this item has been totally awesome. I've only had one flooding/spitting issue in the first week and that was my fault. The only reason I can't give this five stars may be my own fault as well... I usually vape with Dekang Menthol or Dekang Desert. I order the Menthol e-juice along with this item and was totally disappointed. The ejuice tastes like yak byproducts and smells like burnt, wet dog. Very disappointed in the ejuice and very happy with the Lavatube. I'm still trying to figure out which voltage setting is correct for me, but that appears to be a trial and error concept with less error once you know where to look on the web for suggestions for specific ejuices. ;)

    Thanks, Lava, for the great product. :)
  • Overall
    Review by Jeffon 9/21/15
    Best by far this is I've had about 4 other devices all around a hundred dollars and the lavatube 2.5 is the only one that has survived was really impressed when I discovered that I had ran it over with a 6000lb skidster push it 10" in the mud and it still performed like the day I bought it still vaping all day long hooray for the lavatube 2.5
  • Overall
    quit smoking
    Review by Georgeon 9/2/15
    thanks to the lava tube I don't smoke cigarettes anymore..will all ways use volcano for my needs.
  • Overall
    Love the device, hate the tank
    Review by Claytonon 9/2/15
    Device is as promised, durable, and works like it should. However, the tank is a disaster. You eat more juice than you vape, the atty floods and leaks, and the overall design is flawed. Previous reviewer is WRONG!! KANGERTECH HEADS ARE COMPATIBLE WITH THIS TUBE. I use Kanger exclusively with this tube and have had no issues. I use most of their tanks and even sub-ohm at 15w. Overall a great device between cheapos and mods, and if you dont like the box feel this is a good choice for you.
  • Overall
    Good, strong vape, easier to use than I thought
    Review by Rosalynon 9/1/15
    I got this on sale and was well worth the price. I was intimidated by the wattage/voltage thing, but it was easy enough to work out. But be very careful and very sure about what you order, though. Unlike other ecig companies I've purchased from in the past, Volcano does not refund your money for returns even if you return an item in the same condition you received it, sealed and all. Customer service is a little lacking in that department, so be sure of what you're ordering.
  • Overall
    I do a lot of vaping..
    Review by Matton 8/4/15
    just wish it was rechargeable so I would not have to carry batteries . I do a lot of vaping..
  • Overall
    Great battery, flooding head
    Review by AvidVaporon 8/1/15
    The battery (tube) is awesome, a little on the heavy side for a handheld device, but worth it not having to charge the battery for days. Unfortunately the head is just like the other volcano heads, it spits and floods. Every morning after it sat all night I have to blow out the carb. Kangertech heads are the best, but not compatible with this tube. I wish volcano would improve all their heads, because all their other products are definitely the best on the market! I like to vapor my juice, not eat it, the leaky head is really unfortunate.
  • Overall
    Chrome is awesome
    Review by Puuilanion 7/11/15
    love it! Works as its supposed to, strong enough to satisfy the need, and style is beautiful.
  • Overall
    Love it so far
    Review by AJon 7/8/15
    After over 2 years with my 900 mAh inferno system, I finally upgraded to a lavatube 2.5. I have had it out of the box for 4 hours and have barely quit playing with it. So far, it's more solid than I expected, and I love that I can dial in my perfect vape. This is the unit I've unknowingly been searching for. I also am pleased with the nitecore charger and bc tube tank included. They are both far superior quality than I honestly expected. Volcano has created a loyal customer in me, and I will gladly spread the word with my lavatube.
  • Overall
    Worth it
    Review by IslandGirlon 7/5/15
    I've been looking for a mod that I really liked and my son had the Lava 2. I tried it and love it. Love the hits. And it stays consistent even when the battery starts running low. Definitely a steal for the price. Also did not expect the freebies I received. Love!!!!
  • Overall
    Review by Jeannetteon 6/18/15
    I love my new Lavatube! It puts out way more vapor than the small e-cigs I tried before and is very stylish. Easy to put together and use. The video helped immensely. I got it in purple with grape e-juice. Starting with the highest nicotine level and then going to drop it down gradually. I may get the lanyard for it next. Very impressed!
  • Overall
    Fast Shipping .Solid Product. No hasstle trying to figure out whats what.
    Review by Beckyon 5/22/15
    Ive tried a lot of the cheaper $20 dollar e-cigs and always wanted one of the better quality ones like my friends have but I didn't want to invest alot of money. Not to mention the confusion for a newbie with coils and tanks and kits and batteries. its hard to know whats what about many brands. Just wanted to have something with a quality vaping experience. With that said I paid a little more and bought the Lavatube V2! Its easy to use and not complicated for the average user. The shipping was fast and efficient. The Lavatube V2 looks like a solid product has long battery life and doesn't give a person any reason to really have a bad experience. They make it easy for you selling it all together in one solid package so you don't have to ponder on the Whats what of the vaping world. Just order it .Charge the battery. Fill the tank, and vap.
  • Overall
    Love it, but...
    Review by AWon 5/20/15
    I got the chrome Lavatube 2.5. The instrument is beautifully constructed, and it feels like it would last me a lifetime. I love the fact that I can replace pretty much everything from it, especially the battery. The only problems that I have is that the tank leaks, and that the vapor is not bigger than I expected. I own a smaller V2 without voltage control and it feels like it produces more vapor than the Volcano. Now, to be fair, I have organic juice with VG, and have it set to 8.5. Anything higher will smoke the juice and change the taste.

    Highly recommended, just wish that the tank would not leak. I give it a 4.5, but this system allows me for 4 or 5.
  • Overall
    Replaced my old e-cig.
    Review by Julieon 5/10/15
    Service was great, price was right! Love my e-cig. Volcano has never let me down. Their products are great and their personell are very knowledgeable and helpful.
  • Overall
    Love the LAVATUBE
    Review by kelsion 5/4/15
    I've tried so many different e cigs amdi have NEVER been as pleased as I am worth lava tube. The whole family vapes lava!♡
  • Overall
    Absolutely The Best!
    Review by Jonon 4/22/15
    After trying all the "gas station" e-cigs and being horribly disappointed I saw the LT 2.5 and thought "I'll try it but it will be just like all the others". I was wrong, this thing rocks! It is easy to fill and maintain and looks great. It's been almost a week since my last Marlboro and I'm loving the great flavor and not smelling like an ashtray. After smoking for 40+ years I was beginning to think I'd never kick the habit but now I have hope. I also purchased an Inferno for my wife and she loves it. My job requires me to travel full time and it's sure nice to not have to stand outside my hotel in the cold and rain to smoke anymore.

    Thanks Volcano for a truly fantastic product!

  • Overall
    The best you could ask for
    Review by Darinon 4/12/15
    This one has everything. I literally mean everything you could ever want. It give you complete control and has all the power you could ask for. It is a great vaping experience.
  • Overall
    Review by derekon 4/11/15
    Just got it and Def a great deal so much better than smoking and alot cleaner love the product
  • Overall
    Not much to complain about
    Review by Chris on 4/7/15
    I've been a Volcano customer for some time now and have always been very pleased with the quality of their products. I can honestly say that after buying the Lavatube V2.5, I'm still very pleased. I had purchased the Lavatube V2 a little bit ago and loved it. I was a little surprised that the battery unit was the same on the V2.5 as the V2, minus the capability to select the voltage/watts. The only other downside is when I received my Lavatube and got it out of the box, I noticed the on/off/ activation on the V2.5 felt a little flimsy... especially when I compared it to my V2 battery. It felt loose in it's housing and just did not have as solid as a push as the activation button on my previous model. I thought about sending it back and exchanging it for a new one, but I'd hate to be without my new vape for even a day. The device seemed to function fine, I've noticed sometimes if I don't hit the button in just the right way, it want activate to pull a hit. Other than that it's worked great and km very pleased I just hope the flimsy activation button hold up to my intense usage... there's very rarely a point in time on any given day that I do not have my vape on me. Great product! 4/5 only due to the activation button. If Volcano recommends I send the device back for a new one then that's what I'll do. Luckily I have many backups! (Just not in my preferred color). Buy this device!!!
  • Overall
    The best e-cig
    Review by Brittany on 4/4/15
    I haven't had too many electronic cigarettes, but with the few I've had this is by far the best. It's easy to maintain, and easy to fill. You get a good bit of vapor without using all of your liquid in one shot.
  • Overall
    Review by Barbaraon 3/28/15
    Great MOD - arrived very quickly. Had some issues getting started but customer service was excellent. Up and running now and loving every minute of it. Great price too!
  • Overall
    Good variable wattage mod
    Review by Matton 3/25/15
    The LavaTube works very well. The modes No.1 and No.2 from the instructional video seem to have been stripped out of the firmware but no big deal. The blue color I bought is very nice. The fit and finish is excellent and it's smaller than I guessed from watching reviews on YouTube. Since this is a kit I will also mention that the BC Tube Tank has leakage/flooding problems. I'll be replacing that. They sent me a better battery charger than advertised which I was very happy with. Vaping variable wattage is definitely the way to go if you don't want to do a lot of math regarding ohms and volts. I highly recommend the LavaTube but not the tank.
  • Overall
    Review by DANIELon 3/10/15
    Huge Amounts of vapor, well worth the price. The Only complaint I have is color selection, decent colors seem to be out of stock for quite a while.
  • Overall
    Review by Alyssaon 3/7/15
    I love being able to change the volts and watts to find what is best for the juice I'm using, and it is really simple considering I don't know much about this stuff. This is my first ecig and it is so great I don't need cigarettes any more. Plus the battery life is awesome.
  • Overall
    Great product
    Review by Lonnyon 2/27/15
    It would be nice if Volcano made and sent drip tip covers with the product. I work in a saw mill, if i had some type of silicone cover for my drip tip i wouldnt have problems with sawdust in my tanks.
  • Overall
    Great Product
    Review by Kyleon 2/24/15
    I had smoked for 13 years and tried everything to quit. This e-cig system has been my answer. I was intimidated at first with how advanced this system was but I wanted a top of the line system and I found it with The LAVATUBE v2.5. The resources that are provided throughout the Volcano website have put my mind at ease and am enjoying my experience. I would recommend this product to anyone.
  • Overall
    Wonderful experience with product and customer service
    Review by Darlaon 2/19/15
    Purchased 3 of the devices in 3 colors. When they arrived one of them did not work. : ( But the other two were fantastic. Contacted customer support over the one device. Sent me a prepaid shipping label and off it went back. They sent me a replacement and its works just as great as the other 2! I am in NO WAY blaming the non working device on volcano as Im sure something happened in shipping. Sometimes I think shipping services drop kick stuff to their destination. Bottom line? Excellent product AND excellent customer service. Would highly recommend their product and I will be a repeat customer! Hope this helps a possible customer. : )
  • Overall
    5 stars
    Review by Jimmieon 2/12/15
    This is my first MOD and 2nd ecig, I have been using it for 8 days and have had no issues. It is really easy to use, even for novices. It is easy to clean, and simple to fill/refill. The battery life is about 2 to 2.5 days, but i would recommend getting an extra battery as it does take about 2 hours or so to completely charge the battery.
  • Overall
    awesome product
    Review by Alyssaon 2/7/15
    Ive been using an evo c twist battery with a kanger pro tank whiCh was fine except i had to keep buying new batteries because after a few months they would no longer hold a charge and the tanks leaked pretty bad, but this product is amazing so far, i get better vapers and theyre not as harsh as they were with the evo twist. I would definitely recommend this product if your looking to upgrade your vaping experience!
  • Overall
    1 week cigarette free
    Review by Victoron 2/5/15
    Got my lava tube v2.5 a week ago and haven't smoked a cigarette since. The transition from cigarettes to vaping was really smooth with the lava tube 2.5. After 23 years of smoking i am so glad to finally be done. Thank you Volcano!
  • Overall
    Great kit
    Review by Cravenon 2/3/15
    Great kit for people that are new to vaping, or are wanting to quit smoking!

    Attention to the new guys, do NOT order the Full Flavor 16mg or higher if you are new to this, the superb amount of nicotine will burn your throat! I was completely new to this and I had no idea what any of this stuff meant before, but I had some friends explain to me why i felt like my throat was on fire everytime I inhaled. Go for the 8mg or lower if this is your first time; DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THIS STUFF!
  • Overall
    Review by Michaelon 1/28/15
    I love the new Lavatube; I have been using mine for over a year and and it has weathered through falls, and other accidental mishaps.

    I seem perennially lazy when it comes to reading manuals for devices I own. So it took me until recently to discover that I can switch from regulating the *volts* {default; 3-6} to *watts {3-15}.

    By clicking the first nob two or three times WHILE holding the second nob down. It is important to note that it resets the count to zero instead of converting through the 3.5 amps {default}.

    Therefore the only reason you would switch is if you wanted finer control of the equivalent .857 volts through 4.286 volts by adjusting the watts by .1 from 3-15.

    Manipulating volts {default, 3-6} by .1v you manage 10.5 watts through 21 watts.

    I grew dissatisfied with Volcano's older version of battery. Therefore I got a different brand through I have yet to have a reason to test the consistent reliability of their batteries with a newer label. However, this fails to be a review of their old batters. Instead it is a review of their AWESOME 2.5 Lavatube which appears WITHOUT any planned obsolescence. I am very grateful for the later part.

    I despise and disbelieve that planned obsolescence increases a company's profits at all. It is based upon the inherently flawed narrow-minded static view of a zero-sum gained universe. Though I am all for a company's profits; I just think they can do so without pissing off, and milking their client. Hopeful I am that Volcano seems to continue to agree.

  • Overall
    First impressions are great
    Review by Ceeon 1/26/15
    Just received my Lavatube today. Been vaping for 5 years + mainly been using a 8v system. I love throat hit and I get plenty with this :)

    Just ordered some 3.5ohm atomizers and some different juices, came with the Maui Mango and it is awesome.

    Totally love the battery charger which came with the kit, just a step up on other chargers.

    Really impressed with the unit, went with the chrome version. It fits and feels great in my hand, just wish I had tried one earlier!

  • Overall
    Excellent battery but tank is no good
    Review by Brody on 1/8/15
    When I hit my package I was super impressed the battery excellent, ejuice delicious and everything else was awsome some good product right here but you thing is that I really do not like the tank you might want to upgrade it to something better
  • Overall
    48 hours cigarette free
    Review by yankeedadon 1/3/15
    Got my lava tube 2.5 new years eve. Top quality product. Charged battery, filled tank and have not had a cigarette since. Amazing product and amazing people at volcano. After 22 years smoking , I can finally say I'm smoke free thanks to the volcano lava tube 2.5.
  • Overall
    Love my vibrant pink
    Review by Kelly on 12/28/14
    Love my new lava tube!!!!! Only reason I gave it 4 stars is because the tank is a little difficult to suck on, (In other words) the circulation isn't the best, but other than that LOVE IT AND WOULD BUY AGAIN!!!!
  • Overall
    Is ok product
    Review by Keithon 12/26/14
    I would recommend this battery pack is great is big but great , on the other hand the liquid tube is not that great it leaks a lot not real happy with it but I have other thank that I can use so it works
  • Overall
    Very Solid Product
    Review by Eliason 12/24/14
    This Kit is my first foray into the ecigs market after smoking for nearly 3 years. I must say this product is reliable, excellent in quality, and the battery life is amazing. Being an individual who enjoys the pleasures of nicotine and other alkaloids present in tobacco, finding this safer alternative has been stupendous.

    I recommend anyone who is thinking of making the switch to start with this kit. It is intuitive and well-made. I look forward to the the developments that Volcano eCigs makes in the future.
  • Overall
    Really Happy
    Review by Joseon 12/23/14
    I have really enjoyed the kit since I have gotten it. I became interested in getting one after a friend of mine let me try his. I was super impressed with the look and feel of it. I am happy that I got it. I have had different devices and this is by far is more superior to any of them.
  • Overall
    Great product!
    Review by Williamon 12/23/14
    Received my Lavatube 2.5 last Friday and have not had a single cigarette since. The flavor and hit is perfect for me and has not had me craving once. I have found being new to vaping that this has been very easy to learn how to use. I really like the flexibility that this offers to any user.

    Only downside, the o-ring on the driptip split as I was putting it together after cleaning the day I received the product. Outside of that, the unit seems study and durable. Even given the size, it is pretty mobile for on the go.
  • Overall
    Two Thumbs up
    Review by Chanel on 12/20/14
    I had some trouble with the shipment from UPS and the customer service I got from the team at Volcano was beyond satisfactory.
    My Lavatube is even better than I had imagined from what I had gathered from my researched on it. The color is amazing, it feels great in my hand and the settings are perfect. I could not be more satisfied and will definitely be shopping with Volcano ecigs regularly.
  • Overall
    LavaTube is great
    Review by Rachelon 12/16/14
    We just got a new LavaTube to share - we each have Infernos. Love the LavaTube! The clouds are fantastic. I haven't given up my Inferno yet though, since the tube is large and is tough to fit in my girly pockets :)
  • Overall
    nice unit but a little heavy
    Review by ThomasWon 12/15/14
    It's a bit on the heavy side and too big for the pocket. I ordered the lanyard for it. Hope it doesn't wrench my neck ha ha! Battery life is good and like being able to control the power output.
  • Overall
    im very impressed
    Review by JCon 12/6/14
    To be honest, I didnt fully know what to expect when I bought this device. Had I made the right decision? Was there something better out there in this price range with this many features? This and more crossed my mind as i awaited arrival of the package. Upon opening the fedex envelope containing so many goodies, I opened the slender white box containing the lavatube first. Its got an incredibly strudy body. You could probably get away with running it over. The tank is chunky and holds 5ml, I believe. The flavor difference over the inferno is striking. The same goes for vapor production, but that goes without saying. The build quality on this thing is strong and its obvious this is volcano's flagship product. I would definitely recommend pulling the trigger on this one ladies and gents, you wont be disappointed.
  • Overall
    love mod hate tank
    Review by Lisa on 12/6/14
    As far as the mod goes its awesome but the tank that came with this thing really doesnt hold enough ejuice and its not a smooth hit....i will be purchasing an aspire tank for a smooth hit and better airflow....
  • Overall
    Review by Jefferyon 12/5/14
    Awesome! Great! Wonderful!, well built product, everyone should definitely buy one! Love it, Love it, Love it , OMG Love it!!! :-)
  • Overall
    Awesome product!
    Review by Jenniferon 12/5/14
    Better vapor production than the Inferno. Faster priming than the cartomizer. Absolutely wonderful ecig! Love it!
  • Overall
    Review by Richardon 12/5/14
    I love it! Best vapor I've experienced with an ecig and I have tried several. Battery still going strong after several days.
  • Overall
    Review by seaweed on 12/2/14
    This is by far the best of the best e cig on the entire market! All the features and the most amazing customer support! I ordered mine on black Friday and received it Saturday! I live in Hilo town. Incredible performance and a company that I am happy to deal with! Great job Volcano! Will be sending you lots of referrals!
  • Overall
    Review by Jon 12/1/14
    I Love My 2.5..Totally Awesome..Worth Every penny..was unable to get it in My First choice of color..but the color I have I Love and wouldn't trade..this kit came Fast..but Will be with Me for a Long time..:)..
  • Overall
    Awesome in every way
    Review by Cameronon 11/28/14
    The whole kits awesome it makes it easy to carry use and maintain. I have used a bunch of different devices in quitting smoking and this is by far the best and its an awesome company to do business with
  • Overall
    Quality unsurpassed
    Review by Markon 11/24/14
    The LAVATUBE v2.5 kit came today and is even better than I had hoped it would be. Lets get serious, the most important feature is the delicious thick clouds of vapor this unit produces. The look, feel and craftsmanship are top of the line.

    Con: I ordered on Wednesday and received it on Monday. This was not the free two day shipping that I had hoped for. I will obviously keep purchasing from Volcano and continue to recommend to friends.
  • Overall
    Summary of Your Review
    Review by Lucason 11/14/14
    The lavatube is spectacular. I'm no stranger to vapes or anything of the sort. This product so far has been spectacular. The clouds are thick, full, and heavy. The smoke doesn't just dissipate, it sits and sinks. I love it. Not to mention the flavors are delicious! The banzai banana tastes like Laffy taffy!
  • Overall
    Life Saver
    Review by Krystalon 11/13/14
    I started with the cheap ecig from the mall kiosk and I still smoked. A friend was raving about her Volcano ecig and I was intrigued. As soon as I started using my LavaTube, I quit smoking all-together.
  • Overall
    Review by sethon 11/12/14
  • Overall
    Summary of Your Review
    Review by shawnon 11/3/14
    Its a great product works well I order a 18650 1600mah battery with mine cause the 2000mah were sold out and after about two days the battery died
  • Overall
    Review by Jameson 10/31/14
    I LOVE this device! ! ! Best vape EVER!!! I've already recommended it to several of my of them keeps trying to take mine LOL
  • Overall
    Review by Seegson 10/30/14
    Biggest vape cloud I've been able to get and I've used several devices. New design is near perfection.
  • Overall
    Review by Feliciaon 10/27/14
    I don't even know where to begin. This is by far the best product available for vapers, without a doubt. I have completely quit smoking cancer sticks! I feel like Volcano has not only saved me money from buying cigarettes, but also saved my life! Lightweight and stylish, the Lavatube 2.5 is the only device you will ever need to quit smoking for good! Don't even waste your time with any other brand. Volcano exceeds any other brand, hands down! Be sure to include a lanyard in your purchase. It is the easiest way to carry this beauty! I couldn't be more happy with my decision.
    The Volcano Team is truly amazing with their customer service! I would never buy from anyone else!
  • Overall
    Research paid off
    Review by Mikeon 10/26/14
    I researched a few different models and decided to go with the LavaTube. Awesome kit, started vaping right out of the box. Almost completely done with tobacco cigarettes. My peeps at work are envious because there shitty mods don't have the functionality of the LavaTube. Every time I hot shot to the field they line up with their tips just to get a vape off me. They claimed I paid roughly $30 too much for this product yet they constantly want to vape from it. Hopefully Volcano will be pleased with the referrals they will be getting.
  • Overall
    No matter what... Volcano wins.
    Review by Sertoviskaon 10/23/14
    I have been vaping since the beginning, when eCigs first made their appearance. I started with Blu, but never got what I wanted out of them. Then I found a review of the Inferno from Geek Group and decided to give it a try. While it is a wonderful and well working unit I was still trying to get in the groove. So I ordered the first lavatube and was blown away. When the v2 came out, I ordered it and it was wonderful, my unit had a minor issue but as is par for Volcano they helped me out and replaced it. Then the v2.5 came out and I must say I was blown away yet again. I have 17 mods, but this knocks even my Provari out. I use it every day and I couldn't be happier with the product and Volcano in general. I was a 3.5 pack a day smoker... I now vape only. If you buy this? You will not regret it.
  • Overall
    Great product! Not too confusing once you watch the video
    Review by Mikeon 10/22/14
    I just started vaping a little over a week ago. I purchased a cheap pen unit from my local gas station and while it helped a bit, it left a lot to be desired. So while searching the internet, I came across this unit. I read a lot of reviews and watched some videos on YouTube and decided to give this a try. Just got my LT yesterday and overall impressed with how well this piece is built. I love the variable wattage/variable voltage feature. The juice I used was a bit hard on my throat but after dropping to 5 watts, it's a much smoother pull. That is my main reason for getting this piece so that I could enjoy my current juice after adjusting settings. The storage case isn't as good as I'd hoped. Maybe a bit harder of a case with some mesh pockets on one side and a foam cut out for the LT on the other. But, overall a great kit and great unit. Would highly recommend to anyone that sometimes gets juice with high throat hit unintentionally or when just getting into different juices and strengths as I can change around voltages/wattage to really enjoy my juices.
  • Overall
    Love it!
    Review by Cloudchaseron 10/21/14
    I purchased the Lavatube starter kit with the chrome finish and utterly love it. The fit and finish are excellent. The lighted display is handy and easy to read. - Sleek, modern and sexy. Paired with the BC Tubetank this is a great combination for people just starting out or experienced users. Ultra easy to fill and maintain. Coil replacement is a breeze. Extremely pleased with my purchase.
  • Overall
    Great buy
    Review by nickon 10/20/14
    If you need a good ecig for your house. This is the one ithat will keep you safe from a battery getting over heated and from a short.
  • Overall
    IMPORTANT INFORMATION!!! They have removed the vRMS/Average Voltage Option!!!
    Review by John-Paulon 10/13/14
    As stated, Volcano decided to remove the option to change between average voltage and vRMS. I'm not exactly sure when they made this change, but it had to have been fairly recently. I liked this option, but, as the kind customer service rep I talked to when I ordered my second device(first one was stolen at a bar)told me, people were burning up their coils like crazy with the average voltage option. You really need to know what your doing to use this feature, and there is really no reason to use it in the first place, so I suppose they did the right thing, as not everyone is an advanced vapor. It took me an hour of trying to change to average voltage before I decided to call customer service, which is when I was told of the change.

    I wouldn't have bought another one had I not been in love with the Lavatube 2.5. This is truly my go to daily device, and I think it will stay that way for quite some time. I've used many different devices, including rebuildables and apvs, and this one is the best in my opinion. Yes, it may be a bit big, but for me, that is one of it's most redeeming features. It makes me feel confident that if dropped, it won't break like so many other cheap apvs out there.

    I own 13 APV's, including two Provaris, and this is my favorite one. I use it constantly, and it never leaves my hand. The only thing I worry about is if it will hold up to my constant use. I think it will, but that remains to be seen, and is the only thing I can't comment on right now. I do know that my first one, which had the option for average voltage/vRMS, lasted for at least three months with no problem until it was stolen.

    I couldn't live without my Lavatube, so I purchased another one as soon as I could. Lol

    You will not find a device like this one with a one year warranty, except for maybe the Provari, and Volcano stand by their products, so I don't worry about my Lavatube crapping out on me, as I know they have me covered.

    People complain about the price, but there is a reason for this price. As I stated, earlier, they offer a one year warranty, and these things are built like tanks. I love the way they feel in your hand also. It just fits so perfectly. You won't find any other device with a one year warranty, except for maybe the provari, and that doesn't have a wattage option. Just Variable Voltage. I mainly use wattage, and rarely use the voltage option.

    Switching between Voltage and Wattage is as easy as holding both buttons down for 10 seconds. You also have the option of reading your battery's remaining charge by holding the left button down for a few seconds, and with the right button, you can read the resistance of your atomizer/cartomizer. These are really great features!

    I stand by this device and I recommend anyone who may be on the fence about buying one to pull the trigger. You won't regret it. It's my favorite device, and as stated, I have many. As long as this thing holds up to my constant use, I see no reason at all not to recommend it to first time vapors, and advanced vapors. It vapes like a champ, and consistently delivers a perfect hit.
  • Overall
    The BEST!
    Review by Auriannaon 10/10/14
    Love the Lavatube! Classic looks, variable power levels. I started off with the Inferno, but soon realized I needed something with more power and longer lastinf.. Lavatube was the answere. With the larger batterie, 24 hour enduance, and the ability to raise or lower the heat of the draw it's perfect. Easy to use, clean and maintain, Lavatube is a great vaping device. I especially like the BTC head.
  • Overall
    Great service
    Review by Giulio656on 10/8/14
    I ordered this kit with a wrong e-juice. The next day I called and a nice lady answered the phone and in 5 minutes she switched the juice. The kit arrived in two days with the correct juice.
    The product is great. It feels good in the hand, and it is very nice looking. It also looks very well constructed and hard to break. The plastic of the tank is very high quality, and it is extremely easy to fill in and close.
    The coil makes great clouds of vapor.
    Nice product and service. Can't complain.
  • Overall
    worth every penny
    Review by Feliciaon 10/2/14
    I was hesitant spending 140 bucks on a MOD but the 30 dollar one I had previously (not volcano brand) did nothing in regards to curbing my craving for the cancer sticks. I took the plunge and so glad I did. I have been using it off and on for a week and my craving for cigarettes is almost none. I swore I would finish off my carton and I know without a doubt I will be done with cigarettes forever. It took some playing with to get my perfect settings but I couldn't be happier. I like the way it feels and tastes way more than cigarettes. I was a pack and a half a day smoker and it is taking me forever to finish up this carton because now I'm only smoking about 5 cigarettes a day and that is only because I'm trying to get them gone. Lol. I love you Volcano! ! I truly feel you have saved my life from a 20 year habit I would have never quit otherwise. My lavatube 2.5 will pay for itself in less than 2 months since I won't be buying cigarettes. I have found I have more energy, things smell and taste better, and I don't reek of tobacco. I can't say thank you enough!
  • Overall
    Review by Shannonon 10/2/14
    I absolutely love my new lava tube! The pictures don't do it justice it looks so much better in person and it works amazing! I have had it almost a week and don't even miss cigarettes and the battery life is phenomenal I am still using it on the initial charge!
  • Overall
    I'm blown away!!!
    Review by VprGrlon 9/29/14
    I did a lot of research and this is (in my opinion) the best put together kit you can get! That being said, the products are top notch, any answers to your questions or instructions you may need are right on this website and the customer service is outstanding! The Lavatube is so easy to use along with the BC Tubetank, what an amazing combo! My vaping is on a whole other level now, pure bliss. Finally, a company that gets it. Bravo Volcano, mahalo!
  • Overall
    Incredible. Just simply incredible.
    Review by dcyuri7on 9/29/14
    I've gone through a total of 3 Inferno's, and a drawer full of crappier models from years ago. And I wish I had just bought the Lavatube from the start, it's a completely different world and class.

    I thought that controlling the voltage/wattage would just lead to more atomizer failures and thus - more costs. However it's exactly the opposite. When I vape a heavier fluid (the dark ones, carmel, choco, etc), the lower voltage of 4.2 (which is my preference) doesn't cut it. There's less than half the vapor production, and the atomizer pops and hiccups -- it chokes..
    I have to kick it up to 5.7 for the atomizer to function properly. Which simply proves the usefulness of that control.

    And when you abuse an atomizer, it fails quickly. So having control over the voltage means you can maximize the properties of each fluid without harming your gear. And THAT is what they need to put on the description page, because it's the only thing I was worried about.... cost of maintenance of this product. This is the most intelligent purchase you can make on this website.

    And I'm so happy to say that I'm in love with this device, like no other before. I wish the fluid was a bit cheaper, but I can't complain. No head shop anywhere in town has the quality of fluid as Volcano. I don't know why, it's just pg and vg, but whatever it is, they are doing it right. And the lavatube just blows it out of the park.

    One downside would be the size of it. I'm worried I'm goin to strip the BCT system that screws into the top of it. And I ponder what happens when that occurs (no warranty, so... im screwed ya?)

    Other than that, it's amazing. If there's one thing i can reiterate over an over -- it's that this is absolutely worth the cost. If you're debating it, like I was, and settling for less, trust me, save the cash, run through that hard week of analogs, and outright buy this device. Idunno if there's a better one on the market, haven't researched it. Probably not though. The fluid is just so damn good from Volcano, I'll never go anywhere else. Brilliant product.

  • Overall
    Have 6 inferno,s and finally went for the Lavatube, am 63 and been doing this for 8 mo. And quit after 50 years of smoking
    Review by Johnon 9/20/14
    I was disappointed that there was no instructions in the box, Only the video, I think the should. Have them in the box and maybe some starting points for watt or volts. That said in the video they talk about this # 1 and # 2 setting and beginners should starts on # 2. I Played with this for a day and half and gave up. After 2 hours my BC tank started leaking a lot especially when I would draw on it, I tried two new coils and anything else I could think of and would not stop. So not knowing that the #1 or # 2 feature where removed (until I made a phone call) I thought the Lavatube was bad or I was doing something wrong. I gave up and new of a Volcano dealer in Illinois. Drove out ther and they could not figure out what was wrong with the BC tube. I am leaving for a vacation Tuesday and really don't have time for discussing problem with Volcano or waiting for new tank so I bought a new BC tank and a tube tank for backup. Now all this being said it is working fine with new tank and after figuring out what volts I needed to run on the product, this thing is awesome and will probably by a second at later date. I Just think with allitle more instruction in the box would of helped. Not with the BC tank of course. That was just my bad luck having one that leaked
  • Overall
    Overall good product with minor issue
    Review by Kevinon 9/16/14
    I purchased 2 Lavatube v2.5's. One in silver and the other in blue. The fit and finish on both appear to be great and they perform amazingly well. My issue is with the menu system. When holding both top buttons to access voltage or wattage, both revert back to 3v and 3w regardless of where they were set previously. While changing the battery preserves the settings, accessing power controls on the menu does not.
  • Overall
    i love it!!!
    Review by corinnaon 9/11/14
    i own both the Inferno and recently bought the Lavatube for my husband. He enjoys the ability to control the temperature setting. I also bought some coffee. Its so yummy and smooth. Thankyou Volcano for fine quality products.
  • Overall
    Definitely a MUST purchase!
    Review by Toddon 9/10/14
    Been a customer of Volcano since October 2013 when I purchased the Inferno. If you want ultimate gaping, then the LavaTube 2.5 is the one for you. I received my LavaTube a week ago today and I'm completely happy with it. I'm sure it's just me, but when I change out my battery, I seem to have an issue turning the LavaTube back on. Don't I just press the button 5 times to turn back on? I'm sure this is user error, so I'm giving this 5 stars regardless. Thanks Volcano!!!
  • Overall
    Love My New Pink Lava Tube!
    Review by K.Joon 9/9/14
    After my old MOD crapped out on me, I did a lot of research and the Volcano Lava Tube came with high recommendations from multiple places. I am soooo glad that I ordered from y'all. It is the best vaping experience that I have ever had. The unit is sturdy and is very stylish. It has multiple features that let you have a personalized vape and overall produces a nice thick vape cloud. I tried the tank that came with the kit but I'm not really a fan. It clogged up way too easily and I spent more time getting it to not gurgle then I did vaping . Since then, I've been using my Protank 2's on it and it is the perfect combination. Long live my Volcano Pink Lava Tube!! Best investment I have made in a while!
  • Overall
    I do not know if volcano can top themselves
    Review by steven on 9/5/14
    The kit is great, But I just bought 2.5 device and bc tube , I had received the original lava tube for a gift so i had case and charger, But not so satisfied with charger bought an Xtar charger just like the one in 2.5 kit except for car charging cord i use while traveling, Personal Preference, So overall this kit cannot be topped , really like bc tube tank so far as i have only had a few weeks use , Well done Volcano Staff
  • Overall
    Ono Vaping Experience!
    Review by Juanitaon 9/3/14
    I also have The Inferno, but the Lavatube is high quality, serious vaping equiptment! I love the watt feature that gives you a choice of vapor flow. It is top quality and with all the flavors available from Volcano, it's a new experience each time you vape. With this "bad boy", I never miss cigarettes anymore. Congrats Volcano on an excellent product!
  • Overall
    great tube
    Review by DAVIDon 8/31/14
    love the lava tube, if i had known about the kit a the time of my purchase , i would had gotten it instead of buying just the lava tube, tank and lanyard, i really would have liked the kit better, the only complaint, and it's a small one, i wish the thank held more juice, other then that, lava tube is my favorite new ecig.
  • Overall
    The best Mod that I have ever used.
    Review by Juliuson 8/31/14
    Of all the different e-cigarette versions and configurations, this is absolutely the best I have ever used. The quality, the features and everything about it is number 1 in my opinion. As with all e-cigarette products, the startup can be a little "bumpy" but after a little trial and error, I have mine working perfectly and the experience has been a very good one. It's very simple to use and refill and has the best flavor and vapor production of anything I have ever used. Thanks Volcano

    Also, shipping is fast and pricing is very competitive.

    The only thing I haven't figured out is mine is supposed to be the new Version 2.5 and I have yet to figure out how to change it between the two modes. I held the buttons for as much as a minute and it never changes from N01 to N02 and visa versa. Not a big deal but it is a little confusing.

    Anyway, keep up the good work Volcano!

  • Overall
    LavaTube is the sh......
    Review by Codyon 8/10/14
    I've tried many different ecig configurations and this blows the lower end stuff out of the water! I just got my kit 2 days ago and am blown away with the quality and the vapor output of the TubeTank that comes with the LavaTube kit. I'm not too fond of the design of the TubeTank for the reason of refilling. I have spilled the entire tank about two times now which wastes quite a bit of liquid with the tank being 7ml lol. But if you know how to use the tank and how to fill it, it can be a pretty decent tank. What impresses me most about this carto tank is the airflow! It doesn't feel like a tight pull at all. All in all, great kit for someone who is wanting to get into the higher end of the ecig market, loving mine so far and it has now kept me off cigs for 2 days! Thanks for saving my life Volcano, literally ;)
  • Overall
    Best vapor product in the world!!!
    Review by Alfredon 8/6/14
    I got my Lavatube less than a week ago and I have never been so happy about an ecig in my life. The vapor production is outstanding. The taste of the juice is amazing and sweet. It holds very well in the hand. My finger does not get tired from using the fire button because it's so easy to fire. This is the perfect mod in the world. As a matter of fact I am going to look into purchasing the other ecigs from Volcano and I am going to highly recommend them to my friends who are looking for new models and especially for those who are switching from traditional cigarettes to ecigs. Volcano you son a new customer.
  • Overall
    Inferno & LavaTube....
    Review by Pamelaon 7/20/14
    My Son-in-Law is in the Army, he and my daughter & Grandson are stationed there!!!... He had one {An inferno} and let me try his and the next thing I knew, my husband bought me one!!!..
    I started out with the Inferno kit, silver in color!!! ... Bought it while we was in Hawaii, March 2013!!!! That changed my life forever!!! ... I was a 30 year Smokers!!!... But like I said "Was"!!!...
    Must say, I never thought, in a million years that I would be able to quit smoking, but VOLCANO changed my Life 4ever and 2 of my sisters, and my Mom, all quit smoking!!! ...
    I have to give that credit to VOLCANO!!! ... THANK YOU ALL THERE AT VOLCANO!!!...YOU ALL ARE ANGELS FROM HEAVEN...

    I own all the colors that you all have in the Infernos, except the purple and white... Now I have went a step further, Bought my first Lava Tube, purple in color!!! ... The Granddaddy of them all and I am in heaven, I love the Lava Tube!!!... Love it so much, I have two more of them, Green and the Blue one!!! ... I still use my Infernos but the Lava Tube takes the Cake!!!...
    Volcano has the BEST service EVER and they definitely stand by their product, I am living proof of that!!! ... Any problems, they fix it, Period! ... You guys are GREAT!

    Very proud of my Son-in-Law and that he too quit smoking cigarettes and got me to stop by shaving his Inferno with me and then me letting my sisters and my Mom tried mine and they too stopped smoking and I owe all that too again, VOLCANO!!!

    If you are thinking on buying one of these products from Volcano, DO IT, I promise you will not regret it!!! ...

  • Overall
    I was surprised.
    Review by 8luedevilon 7/17/14
    The unit is MUCH larger than I expected. If I could include a pic of it next to an Inferno for comparison I would. Without a tank attached it is as long as an Inferno (short battery) AND tank. It is as wide as TWO Inferno's side by side. Too big for my tastes but that is obviously subjective.

    The unit uses a Tube Tank which holds a lot but I still prefer my BCT tube tank on my Inferno, partially because I like the smooth look and partially because I prefer the vapor it produces.. You DO have a lot of control, through the voltage/amp adjustments) over what kind and how much vape you get.

    If you are not concerned by the large size, are a fan of the Tube Tank and like a lot of control, then this is a great unit for you! Personally I will stick with my Inferno. Perhaps I will try this thing again if the offer a BCT style tank in the future but until then it will go back into the package.
  • Overall
    Great mod, but not perfect
    Review by Maxon 7/8/14
    Overall I'm happy with the PERFORMANCE of this mod. The vape is super smooth and strong. No noticeable voltage fluctuation. Nice button. Nice weight. Very nice vape. It does seem to fire or half a second after you release the button, but you get use to just pulling after letting the button go.

    However, there are some things that bother me.

    First, the 510 connection on mine is a bit off the 90 deg line. Its only by a hair, but any tank leans a bit to the side when screwed in. I'm sure if I hand the mod to a friend, they won't notice right way. But I did and now it bothers me every time I pick it up. I'm half serious of course, its not that big of a deal, but I did not expect to see that on an $80 USA designed device. Not acceptable.

    Second, the airflow is a bit tight, so I would definitely use this with tanks/rda's with adjustable airflow. I currently use the Kanger Aerotank Mega and the Aspire Nautilus. Super happy with the flavor and vapor production. Once you get the airflow dialed in, they both vape amazing on the Lavatube. The Protank 3 I have however, has a draw that's way too tight on the Lavatube compared to my buddy's Provari. I ordered the Airflow adjuster, which will fix the issue, but keep in mind that the draw may be tight on some tanks.

    Third, the red in the picture and the red I received to not match. The picture on the website shows a vibrant, deep red, where as what I received was more of a magenta, pinkish red. I don't mind too much, but I expected to get what was in the picture, and would have chosen a different color if I knew this is what was gonna arrive. I know its important to post process images to look good, but if they don't reflect the actual look of the product, then what's the point?

    The performance of the device far outweighs the quirks that bug me, so I'm going to go and recommend the Lavatube V2.5 to anyone considering a Variable Wattage/Voltage device in this price range/form factor.
  • Overall
    Tank leaks
    Review by WILLIAM on 7/5/14
    good mod, but tank leaks. had to get better tank. Very good other wise.
  • Overall
    Review by bryanon 7/5/14
    I never thought I would be an advocate for vaping until I got my new lavatube. I have tried other disposable ecigs to try and ditch cigarettes and they just weren't cutting it. Since my lavatube arrived over a week ago I have lost all cravings for cigarettes. This lavatube is the real deal! I got the kit and purchased some additional accessories and my package arrived in two days. I am familiar with other volcano products and after doing some research on vapes, I knew the lavatube was the one for me. I love the experience so far and the repetutation speaks for itself. I thank other reviewers for helping with my decision. It has been truly life changing so far. I feel like I have no more need to step away from my work or personal life to take a smoke break. I don't smell like cigs anymore and my wallet also thanks me. Anyone on the fence should definitely make the switch. I highly recommend this product.
  • Overall
    Review by nickon 7/2/14
    The LAVATUBE v2.5 is the first adjustable device I have tried and I have to say it works amazing. Now I can vape and taste my liquids the way they are supposed to be. The tank is not the greatest but with all the other stuff you get with this package, its well worth the price. If your looking to get the most satisfaction out of your vaping experience, then you definitely need a adjustable device, and the LAVATUBE v2.5 is a perfect first step. I suggest if you buy this, pick up a glass adjustable airflow tank. The combination is amazing. I'm totally satisfied with my LAVATUBE v2.5 and I highly recommend it. Great work Volcano!!!
  • Overall
    More versatile than the 2.0
    Review by Nealon 6/28/14
    I own 2 Lavatubes Version 2.0, and the 2.5 I just purchased, is a very good addition! It seems to be built better than the 2.0, not having the cotact problems or the "code 82" errors that plaqued the older version! Using the wattage mode on this unit takes a little work to understand why you would use it, and I doubt that I will use it anyway, but it's nice to have anyway! Most of the time I either use the Nautilus Aspire, or Kanger Megatank Aero, since I vape a cinnamon blend, and these tanks are pyre, not plastic. Overall, a good product.
  • Overall
    Review by jewboion 6/15/14
    I bought the lavatube 2.0 in may of 2013. Ive had the lavatube for over a year now and its taken one hell of a beating, and it still works phenomenally. Great ecig, however i use the Kanger Protank 2 with mine. :)
  • Overall
    Excellent build and quality
    Review by Carlon 5/26/14
    The Lavatube is an outstanding ecig mod. It has a visual appeal in design with simple controls while being extremely customizable. Recently, I went on a field training exercise and brought the Lavatube out for a but of a harder test. (Personally not recommended though). The Lavatube was able to withstand dirt, rain, and a couple of clumsy falls with nothing but some minor scratches. It is a beautiful mod that can be used in a rugged environment if need be, however, I wouldn't recommend it, it's just too sleek to risk it's finish. Overall, I highly recommend this device for anyone new to vapeing or even someone with more experience. Volcano creates quality products and this is a shining example of why they have a big name in the ecig industry.
  • Overall
    Great mod
    Review by Hunteron 5/6/14
    Love it , it gives you a great cloud of smoke and makes the flavors stick out more , the tank could be better. But all in all the lavatube is an excellent product and I couldn't be happier
  • Overall
    Love it!
    Review by Natalie on 4/28/14
    After a few days of owning my LT, I had to order DH one! We haven't mastered the lingo of vaping or how to avoid getting the carts just right so they don't taste burnt, but we're learning and loving it. It's really helping us refrain from using tobacco cigs. Def worth the money to be able to kick that nasty habit. Thanks, Volcano! My only 2 complaints is that a military discount (offered to those there locally) is not granted via online purchases. And, the fact we waste every other cart for no apparent reason at all. If this continues at the rate it has, I would hope they either lower the $3 a piece cost or fix whatever everyone has a problem with getting it to not taste like burnt plastic. The liquid quality is far superior over the options offered here in San Diego. I just wish we didn't have to waste so much to figure out the cart is bad. That sucks.
    All in all, we are happy with our 2 lava tubes.
  • Overall
    LavaTube Fan
    Review by Kevinon 4/23/14
    Received my LavaTube V2 about a week ago. Much better than the Original, which was hard to improve. But, you've done it!!!
  • Overall
    Review by Liamon 3/31/14
    I've been vaping for about a month, but I wanted a quality ecig. After watching numerous reviews on Youtube, I settled on buying the Lavatube for two reasons.

    1. It received excellent reviews from die-hard vaping fans.

    2. It's a local product (I live in Hawai'i)

    So this morning, after dropping my daughter off at school, I headed to the Pearl Ridge mall and waited for the Volcano kiosk to open. I purchased a purple Lavatube starter kit (plus an extra battery). The staff was extremely professional and helpful. I received a complete explanation of all of the technology and the maintenance required for maximum use.

    It's now nearly 10 hours after the purchase and I'm still enjoying vaping from the original battery! I went with the Blueberry Breeze flavor (I'm a sucker for blueberry) and have been completely happy with that decision all day.

    The quality of the Lavatube is impressive. Very solid, tight construction. It pulls perfectly and gives me clouds of pleasure. Mind you, this is an early review, but unless something catastrophic happens in the next year, I'm giving this mod 5 stars.

    Bravo, Volcano.
  • Overall
    Just got it but love it so far!
    Review by Jonathanon 3/26/14
    I just got my lavatube today and it is amazing! The flavor you get is unlike any other ecig on the market. I can't wait to use it more and become more familiar with all of the options. It is by far the best ecig in the world! Worth every penny!
  • Overall
    Love the Lavatube
    Review by gueroon 3/26/14
    This is my second Lavatube, (I lost my first one). I've gone through a lot of different brands, and the Lavatube is the first that gives me everything I want. Great vapor, adjustable voltage.
  • Overall
    Excellent device
    Review by Jasonon 3/25/14
    I bought just the device as I already have clearomizer tanks I use and have no interest in going back to cartos or cartotanks. The device is larger in diameter than the Lavatube V1, which may be a plus or minus depending; I feel like it fits the hand better. The aluminum is *thick*. I love that it unscrews in the middle rather than at the bottom. It's easy to use, everything seems very solid, and the 1-year warranty is hard (impossible?) to beat at this price point. I never figured I'd use a lanyard but gave it a try and now I love it LOL. Overall, big thumbs up on this device!
  • Overall
    this thing is the best!!
    Review by trentenon 3/24/14
    I love this lavatube V2.5 E-Cig. this thing worked almost instantly to make me quit smoking. also i got the chrome version and it looks stunning. very good quality build and very solid. it vapes like a champ. love the variable voltage and variable wattage. and the batteries last all day in this. overall the best thing i have done for my health in a long time. all i can say is point blank BUY IT YOU WON'T REGRET IT!!!!!!!!!!
  • Overall
    best ecig mod i have used so far
    Review by knuckleson 3/23/14
    I had a innoken itaste vv v3. It was great for a starter vv vw mod but this lava tube blows it out of the water. Even using the same tanks I have I have had a better flavor and more vapor using the same juice. I have a hard time enjoying my vape using the innoken. This just might be the last vv vw mod I will buy :)
  • Overall
    Review by Johnon 3/18/14
    love the technology battery last long the flavor
  • Overall
    Great way to get off cigarettes!
    Review by Bretton 3/14/14
    The mod itself is amazing! The tank it comes with is garbage! Save yourself some money by just buying the mod, battery, and charger and then throw on a Kanger tank. Like I said, the Lavatube itself is phenomenal, but def no need for the starter kit until they make it with a decent tank.
  • Overall
    Review by Ryanon 3/14/14
    Been vaping for over two years. Had them all except provari. Lavatube is superior quality. Durable, excellent design in every aspect and long lasting. Would recommend to anyone looking for a stable quality ecig.
  • Overall
    Best mod I've used!
    Review by Jeffreyon 3/13/14
    I absolutely love my new lavatube. I had the first version and loved it, but the new version has exceeded all expectations I had. I use a rebuildable tank with mine and it works flawlessly. My only complaint is that there is no air hole to allow airflow into the connection point which makes it impossible to use my bottom feed tank, because it draws air through the connection at the bottom of the tank, but it's a small issue and doesn't really bother me much. All and all it's a fantastic mod, and I would recommend it to anyone.
  • Overall
    Volcano is the best!
    Review by Andyon 3/12/14
    I've been vaping with Volcano for over a year now. I started with the Inferno Tube Tank, then to the Inferno BCT, and just recently upgraded to the Lavatube v2.5. I can honestly say that every product I've owned from Volcano have been the best e-cigs I've vaped. The quality and service of Volcano beats all others. I absolutely love my Lavatube v2.5. Got it in black, with a black Lavatube tip and an extra battery. This thing vapes like a dream. In my honest opinion it's the best e-cig on the market. I'll never be straying away from Volcano. Thanks again guys!
  • Overall
    my lavatube 2.5 pink and purple
    Review by maranda luluon 3/5/14
    Anyone wanting a great product PLEASE buy this one ! I have bought 7 other mods from other company's and it seems that something always happens where they stop working. I waited to do my review for 2 weeks so that I could make sure that I gave my lavatube alot of working time. And this product is the BEST hands down. Spend the money and buy it and you will never have to buy another one. I can't say enough about this product. There is NO other better then this lavatube. It is built to last a life time. I'm so happy I bought it. I already had a charger and batterys and tanks, and I wanted a pink one but purple is my favorite color, so I bought a pink one and a purple one. I now have two lavatube and I love them both. I now only use my lavatubes and all my others mods are now packed away waiting to find a buyer for them because I NO longer will use them and will only use my lavatubes from the day I received them in the mail. Buy this lavatube I promise you will NOT be sorry and will never want to use another. Thanks so much to volcano for this great product and will always stay true to your company. And if your company comes out with a new one I'll be ordering that one as soon as it becomes available. You now have a life long customer and will never buy from another company. Thanks sooooo much for this great vapor machine. Lulu
  • Overall
    Review by Gatoron 3/3/14
    Simply the best e-cig on the market. It pays for itself in no time. Since buying the lavatube 2.5 I haven't touched a cigarette and have no desire to. Tastes fantastic, each hit feels exactly as it should and never leaves you wanting. Absolutely worth every penny. If you're on the fence about purchasing this e-cig I urge you to buy it and experience this amazing product.
  • Overall
    Review by Gatoron 3/3/14
    Simply the best e-cig on the market. It pays for itself in no time. Since buying the lavatube 2.5 I haven't touched a cigarette and have no desire to. Tastes fantastic, each hit feels exactly as it should and never leaves you wanting. Absolutely worth every penny. If you're on the fence about purchasing this e-cig I urge you to buy it and experience this amazing product.
  • Overall
    Review by Gatoron 3/3/14
    Simply the best e-cig on the market. It pays for itself in no time. Since buying the lavatube 2.5 I haven't touched a cigarette and have no desire to. Tastes fantastic, each hit feels exactly as it should and never leaves you wanting. Absolutely worth every penny. If you're on the fence about purchasing this e-cig I urge you to buy it and experience this amazing product.
  • Overall
    love it!
    Review by Barryon 3/1/14
    Absolutely love it. I have used a number of other systems that imitate the lava tube. But there is not a single one that compares. The craftsmanship it great and it gives me what I had been looking for in other lesser systems. Highly recommend for every one! Invest in the best one time and you will not be disappointed!
  • Overall
    Review of the Lavatube
    Review by Ziggyleeon 2/26/14
    I started using the Lavatube a couple years ago. I love it, I think it's the best I enjoy it to the fullest. It has the setting so you can control the strength of the vapor you get. I started using the first Lavatube that Volcano came out with, and this newest unit is Super. I love it. Thanks much.
  • Overall
    Lava Tube
    Review by Pamela on 2/26/14
    I have had my Lava Tube for a month now and I love it!!! ... I would rate it a "10" if that were on the rate chart!!!

    I have watched what my Mom and Sisters had bought and yes, they are nice no match for the Lava Tube!!!

    I was a "20" year smoker, my last cigarette was when I was in Hawaii a year ago March 18th of last year!!! It will be a year this March, my Grand Mother's B-day!!! She, I know, would be so proud of me!!!!

    I will be buying another Lave Tube in Green very soon!!! I have 6 inferno, I will keep and use them and maybe give a couple to friends that might want to try them!!!!

    Thank You Volcano and Staff for the GREAT SERVICE AND HELP WHEN IT WAS NEEDED!!!

    I am a NON-SMOKER today!!!
  • Overall
    Lave tube v2.5
    Review by Matthewon 2/25/14
    It's a great unit I enjoy the lave tube v2.5, my buddy at work referred myself and four other at the office. We all enjoy the product keep up the good work Valcano
  • Overall
    Quality Build
    Review by Bruceon 2/24/14
    The Lavatube V2.5 is a quality built Mod. slightly larger in diameter than other mods, quality feel when its in your hand. has a thick metal body. love the recessed fire button. this unit seems to be built quite well. I recommend it.
    only slight drawback is that you will need a 510 to ego adapter for mounting T3S type tanks
  • Overall
    Review by Susanon 2/23/14
    I have had my Lavatube for one week now. I have other ecigs and another mod, but the Lavatube is by far my favorite. The vapor is strong and very satisfying. I bought the pink which is beautiful! The entire starter kit is extremely classy!!!
  • Overall
    Review by Coreyon 2/18/14
    I smoked about a pack of newports a day, i got the inferno before, it worked but didnt have enough power for me to get that "throat hit" like i wanted so i eventually went back to smoking. I ordered the lavatube 2.5 almost 2 weeks ago and have not craved a cig at all. Works amazing and love that i can up the power whenever needed. Well done volcano
  • Overall
    Loving my 'tube!
    Review by Jessepon 2/13/14
    So, I've been a Volcano loyalist going on 4 years now (originally quit analogs with their e-cigs) and at first I was a but worried about my new lavatube and lavatank. The atomizer in the 1st tank burned out within 2-3 puffs of a well-lubed run but I got some extra atomizers and my 2nd one is running great weeks later. The hit is perfect, the controls are great and it is SO nice to not have to pop the cap on my e-cig atomizers repeatedly throughout the day to add a few drops of liquid here and there. No spillage to deal with and a MUCH smoother hit. Very nice all around and I am definitely enjoying the new kit. :)
  • Overall
    Review by Jameson 2/11/14
    Totally love my lava tube v2.5. It vapes awesome. It is my first mod, and I haven't smoked an analogue since my purchase. I didn't give it 5 stars because it doesn't stand on its base on its on, and the zipper on the included case came off the first time I tried to zip it up. All in all very happy with my purchase.
  • Overall
    Review by Samon 2/5/14
    Just got this in last Monday. I've had plenty of different mods in the past, and I gotta say this is by far my favorite.

    Man are these things pretty.
    VV and VW
    Average Voltage and vRMS settings
    Fairly long battery life.
    Some people complain, but I enjoy the slightly heavier weight of it.
    510 threading so works with tons of tanks
    Produces massive clouds even with the cheaper tanks
    Very good price for what you get

    No indicator light when button is pressed to vape
    When battery is removed or changed, voltage and wattage setting is lost. Needs a way to save them.
    Not a fan at all of the tube tank, BUT I've only tried to fill it once and most likely did it wrong. I normally use a Kanger Protank 3 or Aero Tank.

    All and all a wonderful product that I deeply enjoy using. There isn't enough space for all the pros the Lavatube has. GREAT JOB VOLCANO!
  • Overall
    I adore my lava tubes!
    Review by Piggyjojoon 2/4/14
    I got my first lava tube on black friday. I got it in pink, but it was not an easy color choice because they are all pretty. I liked it ao much I got the purple one for Christmas. Compared them to my husbands SVD and Tesla. The lavatube does everything those other two do, but is so much more simple to use. Navigating through the menu is a piece of cake. Its rugged. It feels well in your hand and produces plenty of vapor and flavor. I'm now a dedicated user because of the looks and ease of use. Gonna get a red one next!
  • Overall
    The Best
    Review by kevinon 1/30/14
    Love my Lavatube 2.5. Works great. Like the volts a watt modes. Only have had it for couple weeks. Don't know why I waited to upgrade from my old chrome tube. Excellent purchase. Go Volcano.
  • Overall
    luv luv luv it
    Review by Stuarton 1/28/14
    I've tryed some of the most expensive pv's out there including the itastz vtr and the lavatube wins hands down. Awesome product guys!!!
  • Overall
    Best e-cig hands down!!
    Review by Storm on 1/25/14
    I have been an avid Marlboro smoker for the last 15 Years, and in the last year I made the decision to do something different and have tried many different vapor e-cigs to satisfy my needs. The Lava Tube is the first e-cig that I have not reverted to the occasional cigarette to get the feeling I needed. With the ability to adjust the vapor and get more when it is needed, I don't feel like I am left wanting a cigarette at all. Absolutely is the Best on the market and worth its weight in gold. You wont be sorry with this one.
  • Overall
    Perhaps the best purchase I've ever made
    Review by Ericon 1/24/14
    I love my Lavatube v2. I smoked a pack of menthols a day for 20 years. Since I started my very first day of vaping I have not touched a cigarette. Almost a year free!
  • Overall
    it is the best ecig
    Review by Jasonon 1/22/14
    I love it. vapor is great.
  • Overall
    Greeeeeat!!! LOVE MY LAVATUBE v2.5
    Review by Jeanieon 1/7/14
    This is an awesome PV . I love it. It's big, but not to big. You can get. Billows of vapes for this baby. Nice smooth draw. Your batteries work great. I've only had to change mine once in a weeks worth of vaping. Buy it! You won't be sorry. It is mechanically great along with everything else. I just can't say enough positive things about it.
  • Overall
    Greeeeeat!!! LOVE MY LAVATUBE v2.5
    Review by Jeanieon 1/7/14
    This is an awesome PV . I love it. It's big, but not to big. You can get. Billows of vapes for this baby. Nice smooth draw. Your batteries work great. I've only had to change mine once in a weeks worth of vaping. Buy it! You won't be sorry. It is mechanically great along with everything else. I just can't say enough positive things about it.
  • Overall
    Best E-Cig I've Used
    Review by Rollon 12/23/13
    Heavy-duty construction, slick look, large tube tank lasts a long time, variable voltage adjusts to exactly what I like for every flavor and mood... just an all around great product.
  • Overall
    Best purchase ever
    Review by Davidon 12/20/13
    The lava tube 2.5 is amazing, I haven't smoked a cigarette since the day it arrived.
  • Overall
    Worth it
    Review by Impartial 3rd Partyon 12/14/13
    I've tried all kinds of ecigs, ranging from Blu to the ones the gas station sells; Volcano's product is superior. I don't ever see anyone post about this, but the throat hit you get with the Lavatube is something you don't get with other manufacturers. I'm not sure if it's the device, the eliquid or a combo of the two but it recreates smoking analogs very well. If you're trying to quit analogs I highly recommend Volcano.

    When I first received my Lavatube, the cartomizer shorted right away. They sent me a new one, even though I gave them a hard time about it. Great customer service, which just convinced me to stick with Volcano.

    After about 8 months something funny is going on with my Lavatube, but they sent me a free return label to examine the device. Even if it turns out to be something not covered, I just placed an order for a new Inferno. I am looking forward to the better portability, and hope the throat hit on a non-variable ecig is still there.

    (Four stars only because of some technical issues with the devices.)
  • Overall
    Review by Helenon 12/6/13
    Compared to other ecigs, this one is pretty heavy duty and creates a nice powerful and smooth vapor. I take it everywhere with me, and it definitely draws attention!! Most people are fascinated by the Lavatube, and then they try it and are WOW'd by how smooth and yummy the vapor is. I have the gray one and it's pretty slick. like a silencer.

    I'm actually very close to quitting smoking nasty cigarettes completely. I LOVE MY LAVATUBE <3
  • Overall
    Love It!
    Review by Thomason 12/6/13
    Ordered a LavaTube for me and one for my wife and through first time user error found out that Volcano has amazing knowledgeable customer service! They helped me understand my new unit and the overflooded caromizer how to adjust and go. It's been 3 day's since my unit arrived and I haven't smoked a cigeratte since. Amazing product that I can't say enough good things about. This is one solid attractive unit that performs and performs well. I have seen many out there in reviews but I'm sold on Volcano products not sure if it's the beauty and imagery of the Islands or the beauty of the product but I'm a sold on the volcano line of vapes...! From the ease and attractivness of the web site, to the products and customer service this is one winner. Mahalo Nui Loa Volcano and thank you!
  • Overall
    Review by Awesome Dadon 12/5/13
    I ordered this knowing i wanted to quit analogues, knowing that i would receive it today i borrowed my roommates old V2 setup just to spend a day vaping before getting the Lavatube. At first I was offput because the V2 was a bit harsh but i stuck with it and surprisingly it was satiating me. But holy F**K once i got the lavatube charged and set up i realized what vaping should be like.

    The control over watage and voltage allowed me to tune in the size, temperature, and harshness of my hits. I started with 24MG sharks clove and this is better than Kamel Reds. I'm sold.
  • Overall
    Review by Freddy on 12/2/13
    Best on the market and e juices are awesome to great job guys!!!!!
  • Overall
    one of the best batterys I have ever used
    Review by Claytonon 11/11/13
    Simple to use and a great vape
  • Overall
    Review by Hezon 11/5/13
    I've tried other types and brands. The volcano lavatube is simply put as awsome!!!!!
  • Overall
    Great Product
    Review by Roberton 11/2/13
    I had ordered another one thinking my first was no longer working. Come to find out it was user error. I truly believe in the Lavatube!! virtually indestructible! While waiting for it to arrive, I tried other e-cigs.......... throughly unhappy, I missed my Lavatube!!! Thank you Volcano for providing a great product! Now I have two, guaranteed not to be disappointed in the future! MAHALO!!!!!
  • Overall
    lavaatube 2.5 kit review
    Review by JerichoJoneson 10/30/13
    Let me start with the negative. Keep reading this is a small section. :-)

    The tank that comes with the unit is nice except... It is difficult to fill and the internal part that transfers the juice (cotton?) collapsed to the bottom clogging it after three days.

    Now to the rest...
    The charger is quite nice and I like the ability to charge my phone at the same time. It eliminates one charger for my phone. It works as advertised.
    The case is very nice and will hold a battery and and a spare tank. I approve.

    The Lavatube unit:
    It's hefty... for me this is fine. It reminds me of a big roll of quarters. It might come handy in a fight. :-)
    I love all the options to control the unit. The only thing that is a little annoying is the fact that checking your power setting will reduce or increase depending on the whether you push plus or minus.
    For me being an old fart I tend to forget that I need to adjust it after checking. Not really a big deal.
    I think this is something they can easily correct in 3.0

    Being an IT guy it would be nice (but add considerable expense) to make the chip flash-able.
    So... overall I am very happy with my purchase and do recommend it to others.

    Thanks VolcanoCigs!
  • Overall
    Can't wait to get my hands on the V2,5E
    Review by Jimon 10/19/13
    This has to be one of ultimate vaporizers for me and when I have enough $$$ I'll have one. It's on my wish list already. Can't wait. Thanks for all the R & D and great work you've all done for me.
    Jim Puls
  • Overall
    The Lave Tube
    Review by Naluon 9/18/13
    I tried the inferno, and it wasn't cutting it for me. Upgraded recently to the lava tube and with its adjustable power output, put it number 1. I highly would recommend it for smokers looking to go healthier.,
  • Overall
    Excellent upgrade from V.1
    Review by CJon 9/10/13
    I started vaping a couple years ago to help quit smoking, it Worked, have not had a cancer stick in over two years. I had the the V.1 for a long time with no problems, but with use or should I say abuse, finally started to show its age. I bought the V.2 and was ready to enjoy another Volcano product, however couldn't figure out to turn it on. After a couple weeks I finally got the information I needed on how to use it. Having said that, it is a fine product and would highly recommend it.
    The only thing that irritated me about the purchase was no documentation/instructions on how to turn it on.
  • Overall
    Sophisticated yet easy to use
    Review by Derekon 9/10/13
    I've smoked cigarettes for 10+ years and have been trying different ecigs for over a year now. I recently purchased the Lavatube V2 and since my first day using the LAVATUBE V2 I haven't picked up a cigarette since. Fast shipping and great customer service. I recommend this product to everyone. I am 120% satisfied with my LavaTube V2! This device is absolutely the best in the industry!
  • Overall
    Review by Jamion 9/8/13
    I can't see anything wrong with the lavatube! I love it!! The one problem I do have is with the cartomizers! It seems that it isn't consistent! Some are good and others are a bit flimsy!! They start leaking and or break apart where the cotton is in my tube!
    Other then that, I love it! I don't ever plan on going back to actual cigarettes again! It's been 6 months now!!
  • Overall
    Lavatube V2 is an excellent product
    Review by Shawnon 9/3/13
    I love the new design of the Lavatube. I was having trouble with the old versions where the bottom cap would come apart, or the top piece would come undone. The two piece design of the V2 is simple, smooth, and durable. The only beef I have with the new Lavatube is that there is no way to lock the voltage. The voltage can change in your pocket so just make sure you check it before you hit it again. Other than that I thoroughly recommend this product to the novice and veteran vaper alike. I personally use a 3.2 ohm tank cartomizer setup and it works great with the Lavatube. This is seriously the best vaping investment I have made in awhile.
  • Overall
    The Lavatube
    Review by Antonioon 8/26/13
    Hi. My name is Antonio. I'm 28 years of age and I started using the LAVATUBE a month ago. I smoked 10-15 cigarettes a day.. I tried several times to stop.. but no success. My first day using the LAVETUBE with the menthol blast I was impressed. I haven't picked up a cigarette since. This is a great product. THANKS GUYS!
  • Overall
    The most interesting thing I own
    Review by Matthewon 8/25/13
    My lavatube is a world away from tar sticks. The moment I opened it I haven't had a single cigarette. That was 9 months ago. All the flavors, whether a repeat buy like Lolo lime or something I didn't like (candy cane) Have kept me exploring new ways to enjoy my healthy pastime. Love it. That's why I bought two
  • Overall
    Review by Alanon 8/25/13
    I started vaping with the Inferno. Loved it. Then I graduated to the Lavetube V2. Love it even more. The day I bought my first e-cig at your Kapahulu store was the day I quit smoking cigarettes. Next week will be 10 months no smoking and I am never looking back.
  • Overall
    Hardcore Vapist
    Review by Justin J.on 8/24/13
    I recently upgraded to the Lavatube after doing my research and reading reviews and videos on YouTube. I must say, this thing is everything as advertised. One thing I especially like is that with the 1600mAH included in the kit, keeping voltage between 4.5-5.0, i can pretty much vape for 2 days before charging again. This thing is awesome. I highly recommend for the person trying to reach the ultimate vaping experience. --- The only downsides i have found: 1.) it's big. really big. You will get lots of stares, but it is a good converstion piece. 2.) The Lanyard assembly you can order is cheaply made. if you buy one, you should reinforce the crimped metal holding the strapping together. Mine broke within 3 days.

    I use the lavatube with Grape Escape flavor and it tastes best on the 4.0 - 5.0 range.
  • Overall
    Used for 4 month now and love it
    Review by Jameson 8/22/13
    I was a 30 year smoker about 1 pack a day and quit overnight with the help of Lava Tube 2. Take it everywhere I go. Great for working on the computer, no more having to go outside to smoke.

    Definitely learn how to prime your cartimizer and don't be afraid to change it every two weeks for optimal performance.

    Would recommend also due to the adjustable voltage option this devise has.

    Cannot say enough good things about it.

  • Overall
    Volcano LavaTube V2 is all you need!!
    Review by Daniel Earyon 8/20/13
    I've tried to quit smoking for several years using different brands / makes and models of e-cigs and was never successful in completely quitting the analog cigarettes until I ordered this unit. I am totally 100% satisfied with my LavaTube V2! I have not had a 'Real' Cigarette since I got this item(2 months and a week now) Although I wasn't too happy with Volcano's e-liquid (Had an overbearing peppery taste)Using the liquid I order from another company I am simply blown away by the throat hit, clouds of vapor,and the usual nicotine 'fix' Anyone that wants to quit smoking the real thing I strongly suggest that they try the Volcano LavaTube V2 ..It simply cant be beat! Another thing about the Volcano is their forum,Ive had a little trouble with atomizers in the past ,and posted on the Volcano forum and immediately got a straightforward answer, which turned out to be user error, not the Great support!
    When you order , don't forget to order a spare battery and spare atomizers. I suggest the 3 ohm atomizers and the 2000 mAH batteries.
    Delivery has always been really quick..
  • Overall
    Great Product!
    Review by Davidon 8/20/13
    I've been trying different types of E-cigs for the longest time now, and I have to say that the Volcano Tube is by far your best choice. The battery lasts for days without having to recharge and the tube tank holds so much liquid you rarely need to refill. Great alternative to those analog cigarettes. Now go place your order for one, and enjoy. :D
  • Overall
    Lavatube 2.0
    Review by Jesseon 8/19/13
    Love the lavatube vapes awesome. Wish there were more color options to chose from only had 3 available. Wanted blue or black but they were not available.
  • Overall
    Cleaner, please.
    Review by Angelitoon 8/19/13
    I really like the LavaTube v2's multi-voltage system, and the TubeTank distribution system, and the LED that displays the voltage selection and voltage output of the battery. However, I think it could use a little aesthetic intuition. I don't like to see the circuitry and wires involved with the system through the LED window. And, I think there should be some sort of design implimentation or add-on that will cover up the space exposed between the LavaTube v2 and the TubeTank or whatever other distribution mechanism. I see sometimes, employees that have something like an add-on or a unit that is designed with something similar, but I cannot find the availability of it anywhere.
  • Overall
    Love my Lava Tube!
    Review by Lanion 8/18/13
    I can't tell you just how much I've enjoyed this ecig! Someone is always stopping me & asking me about it! I try to tell them about all the features but I always manage to forget something because it has so many. But I always tell them where they can get one of their very own! I absolutely love mine!
  • Overall
    Almost like a tank.
    Review by Chadon 8/16/13
    I work outside as a telephone man. I smoked 2 packs a day for years. The inferno was nice, it just wasn't enough for me. The Lavatube hit the spot. No more craving the analogs. Just vaper. It's a large device, but not too big. It's built like a tank. Have 2 and wouldn't trade either of them for 10 of anything else. My first one has been dropped a number of times and keeps on ticking. One button stopped for a while after hitting concrete. It started working again and hasn't stopped yet. Get one and get off the'll love it.
  • Overall
    Review by Stevenon 8/16/13
    I am SO grateful not to be refilling all the time anymore. Just refill once all day! And the bigger clouds is wonderful too(I only keep it tuned to 3.6 volts and its perfect, but it goes up to 6.0!! ) Its just better in all ways, I used to use the Inferno, BIG improvement. Battery lasts all day. Love it!
  • Overall
    Review by Bob L.on 8/12/13
    Being a former heavy smoker, the two most important features for me are the 7ml tank, and a battery that actually last a long time. But the LavaTube V2 goes even further with awesome vape production, and a price point that can't be beat. Very durable and a well made product overall. Great job!
  • Overall
    Review by Codeyon 8/10/13
    The lavatube is bad ass I love it I take it with me every where I go.
  • Overall
    Lavatube V2: If you're a heavy smoker, this is what you need.
    Review by d33733ton 8/2/13
    Having been an unsatisfied owner of the Blu e-cig kit previously, I've really got to hand it to Volcano. I've had two Blu batteries fail in one month. The Blu cigs, being a small, cigarette-sized unit, also don't put out enough smoke to really be an analog to smoking, and the nicotine content is lacking. The Lavatube, however, is fantastic. The battery lasts for days, the build quality is fantastic, and the smoke output is totally what you'd expect from a true replacement for the real thing. I've dropped the poor thing several times, and it holds together wonderfully. Word of caution: when volcano says "high nicotine", they mean it. "High nicotine" means don't overdo it. Tried to smoke like I had been smoking the Blu, and made myself sick. Far more nicotine content than the Blu, far more smoke. Take it slow and don't overdo it until you're certain you've adapted to the device and liquid, and this will be the only e-cig product you'll ever need.

    Bonus: it doesn't lock you in to anything. You /can/ use whatever parts/liquid/mods you want with this unit, but you'll find the Volcano products will do everything you ever need. They don't lock you in, because they know you'll be back.
  • Overall
    awesome purchase
    Review by Brandonon 8/2/13
    After using the inferno for a little bit I decided to go try something new. The lavatube has not let me down and performs flawlessly. Really great product would recommend it to anyone who's looking for the next step after using the inferno.
  • Overall
    The best ecig around
    Review by Laurieon 8/2/13
    I haven't smoked a real cigarette for almost a year-this is the best ecig on the market today-and I have tried them all!
  • Overall
    it has no equal
    Review by Michaelon 8/1/13
    I have 2 v2 Lavatubes, 2 Infernos, and 1 original Lavatube and my v2 Lavatubes are my favorite. These things just absolutely rock and are the best vaping device I've ever owned.
  • Overall
    Amazing !
    Review by Colinon 7/31/13
    Love the Lavatube 2 !!!! Great device at a great price. I own 3 and have never been happier. Thanks Volcano !
  • Overall
    Best E-cig I own!!!!
    Review by Chadon 7/28/13
    After purchasing the Magma and Inferno kits I decided I would take the plunge and get the Lavatube. Best decision ever! Very sturdy design and user friendly. Only complaint is the overall size...very large compared to others but I love it either way. I would recommend this product to anyone that enjoys vaping.
  • Overall
    DA Best e-cig!
    Review by KKDon 7/28/13
    I'm on the Big Island and got my LavaTube V2 kit in Hilo. Gotta tell you, they were GREAT folks there! Being that Hilo is a looong way from me, I order all my supplies(carts,e-liquid,ect.) from Volcano. FAST shipping!! Great service and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. If you don't own one're missing out! Thanks Guys!
  • Overall
    Review by Michael Swifton 7/28/13
    Very fast shipping and the Lavatube is amazing. Much better than other e-cigs that I have tried. The variable colors and flavors are brilliant.
  • Overall
    Review by jd in key weston 7/27/13
    i spent a lot of time researching which type of device I would want to use and after researching all the different products this was the one that I settled on. and boy am I glad that I did! I completed my purchase about 10 minutes before the company closed on Wednesday the product shipped the same day and I received it Friday in my hands all the way from Hawaii to Key West Florida, amazing! talk about awesome customer service and super fast shipping! to use the product it is easier and better than I had ever anticipated, it works like a charm, perfect vapor, amazing amounts, great strength - awesome ejuice! I can't wait to try different flavors now, I am now a lifetime customer! Highly recommended, thank you volcano!
  • Overall
    Review by Scotton 7/25/13
    I have every device you guys put out there and the lavatube is by far the best device I've ever used!!! Well done guys keep it up!!
  • Overall
    Can't go back
    Review by Kendallon 7/25/13
    After using the Lava Tube, I like it better than the regular tankomizer. The only thing wrong is it is a little bulky and falls over and I broke the window. Not too feminine. I will still continue to enjoy every vape. Thank you for having me, cigarette free, now 2 1/2 years.
  • Overall
    Great Unit !!
    Review by Bruceon 7/25/13
    I never tried the v1 but I will say this mod is great, very stable, consistant power, I love it
  • Overall
    WOW!! LOVE IT!!!
    Review by Mike in West Virginiaon 7/16/13
    First, super fast shipping and excellent customer service! Could not have asked for any better service! AS FOR THE LavaTube: It is what I have been waiting for. It ROCKS!!!!! Full hits unlike other ecigs. I highly recommend this company and their products. You will not be disappointed. Batteries have lasted about a day and a half now. Been vapeing like crazy and have yet to go through a full tank of juice. I also suggest a Kona / Vanilla Bean mix. It is great! Thanks Volcano!
  • Overall
    Best E-cig i've bought
    Review by Shrimpon 6/30/13
    I purchased two other E-cigs before this and after this one, I am extremely pleased with this product. Love everything about it.
  • Overall
    Review by Tyleron 6/17/13
    Where I live in upstate NY, the owner of my local vape store envys my lavatube v2.. He wishes he had one.. I can see it in his eyes every time I stand my beautifully crafted lavatube on his glass counter top. Thanks to volcano! Look forward to doing business with you in the future

    Lavatube v2 > the rest
  • Overall
    very sweet
    Review by scotton 6/13/13
    I got a review from a friend and had to have one! I get asked daily where I got it. It works better than any other device Ive tried! Thanks for being there Volcano !
  • Overall
    The only choice for a quality electronic cigarette
    Review by Jameson 6/11/13
    I wanted to share some of my experiences with Volcano staff and products. I am an avid vaper, and have been for close to 5 years. I have almost every type and brand of E-CIG available on the market. I have been a Volcano customer for almost 2 years.
    My professional assessment (Ex E-cig owner and head of R&D) of the Volcano products, customer support and staff have been truly a breath of fresh air.
    I currently use the LavaTube 2.0 and love the product. The engineering and R&D (Research and Development) that has gone into making this product is amazing. Even with E-CIGS out on the market for a few years now Volcano has stayed on top of bringing to the customer the finest E-CIGS made,and they continue to tweak and fine tune their products. It just gets better and better. My LavaTube never leaves my side,I abuse it,drop it and it keeps working. The e-liquid is second to none in flavor and vapor production,it's also USA made,for me that is huge. A china made e-liquid is not made to US standards and does not work well with most E-CIGS. Now on to the staff!!!
    I live in Hilo,Hawaii and buy all my E-cig equipment from the Kiosk in the Hilo Prince Kuhio mall. I've grown to know all the staff and they make my purchases smooth, fast,and very professional. I call ahead and whatever I need is waiting for me. I can't say enough about Jamie (Supervisor) and her staff. Please pass on this to them,they deserve recognition for going above and beyond to help people understand the benefits of using E-CIGS as an alternative to traditional cigarettes. It shows by the sheer amount of people at their kiosk at any given time. I thank your company for paving the way to a smoke free America. I wish I could go on and explain all the fine details that place this company far far ahead of any other vendor of E-CIGS, but I'm afraid with this long story I might loose their attention.
    Please continue to do the things you're doing,and help convert smokers to a much better alternative. THANK YOU!!'

    James (Kimo) McKee
  • Overall
    I LOVE IT!
    Review by Nikkion 6/11/13
    I had the inferno but it just wasn't giving me what I wanted, honestly. So I went back to regular cigarettes. I decided to get the LavaTube yesterday and I'm very very happy with my purchase. Although the worked who helped me didn't know what she was talking about, thanks to the website I learned everything I needed and couldn't be happier! It gives me the perfect cigarette feeling without the smell or taste. Plus I love how big the clouds of vapor I get out of this are! If you're even wondering what this is all about, I recommend getting it! It's a little pricey but with the amazing look and the battery that can last me a few days, you really can't go wrong with this! Get the LavaTube! Just go get it! Thank you Volcano!
  • Overall
    awesome... please make GREEN and PURPLE
    Review by Stevenon 6/9/13
    this mod is fantastic! awesome quality, hefty and well designed. feels great in the hand. PLEASE make colors in emerald green, and purple! that would be fantastic, and i would be overjoyed.
  • Overall
    Amazing device.
    Review by Mikeon 6/6/13
    Why are you reading this? Buy a Lavatube now.
  • Overall
    Review by Lokenanion 6/5/13
    I was the biggest skeptic. I am now a true believer. This product is made to fit anyone as you are able to adjust the strength of the battery voltage. Lavatube V.2 changes when I need it to change. I am a heavy smoker, but when I get sick I need a lighter hit. This product does that for me when I change the voltage. Love this thing!!!!
  • Overall
    Totally Blown Away with The LAVATUBE ver.2!!
    Review by Matthewon 5/20/13
    I picked up a LT v.2 (gun metal) at your shop in Kansas City. I have probably spent over $300 on ecig hardware over the last 3 years with major disappointment . I always ended up buying a pack of smokes. Thank you for rescuing me from buyers remorse hell with the LAVATUBE! This mod rocks the fattest vapor cloud I have ever experienced BONE STOCK! Keep on, keepin on!
  • Overall
    still waiting for black ones to come in stock
    Review by Jakeon 4/2/13
    Look at the photo of all the colors side by side.. anyone else see a strong resemblance to the power rangers?!? Awesome hahaha
  • Overall
    LT 2.0
    Review by Johnon 3/26/13
    just got my LT 2.0 in the mail and was defective, wasnt reading the ohms. Took it in and they swapped it for a new one. way better throat hits i love it
  • Overall
    Awesome in every Vape!!!!!
    Review by Vaperdude07on 3/23/13
    Each time I pick up this amazing device, I get a constant excellent vaping experience. Couldn't be more happier with my purchase. Im vaping a 1.4 ohm rebuildable cobra clone atty. Built myself. Vaping that with 3.4 volts running through its awesomeness. Juice of choice is Grey Matter. Delicious by the way. All in all, the Lavatube version 2 is a great buy.
  • Overall
    Great product.
    Review by Josefon 3/18/13
    Alright so I got my LT version 2 tonight at a volcano store that was only an hour away. First thing I noticed when I looked at it was how small it really was. I don't know why but I pictured it being bigger than what it is. I ended up getting the blue one and I couldn't be happier with size, price, look, feel, color, and vape. This thing is going to fit perfectly in my collection and probably retire a few old products I have. If anyone is even thinking about getting this I recommend it 100%. You just can't be disappointed with volcano products. Great job volcano.
  • Overall
    I love my Lavatube!!!
    Review by Joeyon 3/10/13
    This product is ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL!!!! I love it..I love the look...the way it performs...I wanted something more than just a automatic cig lookalike...I wanted something that has the oomph factor and mt LT has that!
  • Overall
    Review by Cameronon 3/9/13
    I had been smoking cigarettes since I was 15 years old and just recently made the change to the e-cig. I had tried the gas station disposables and was completely underwhelmed. I did some research and bought an inferno and was impressed by the improvement of the vapor, flavor and general satisfaction that I had from the entire experience. With that said I couldn't help wonder what this behemoth had to offer: so I ordered one. I can honestly say that the lavatube hits better than any cigarette that I have ever smoked. It is like having a hookah with you at all times. Added an extra battery for 12$ and I have never had an issue with power or vapor production. It is a quality product and the quality is apparent in every facet of its use.
  • Overall
    Quite happy
    Review by Patrickon 3/7/13
    I also own an inferno kit from Volcano and love that device as well but wanted to step up to a variable voltage device and am quite happy I went with the Lavatube V2. I have nothing but good things to say about this mod. The quality of the build is fantastic, the battery life is good, and the buttons and system are very easy to navigate. I have also had very good experiences with Volcano's shipping and customer service. Overall I can't recommend this kit and the company itself enough.
  • Overall
    WOW!! LavaTube Vers 2 WOW!!
    Review by Richardon 3/6/13
    All I can say is WoW. I have been a tobacco smoker for eighteen years now, minus the three months of trying to quit with three other E-Cigs. All three times of attempting to end my bad habit, I knew that it was going to be a long journey. The menthol liquid taste like peppermints or mints, and did not taste anything like tobacco or menthol. HOWEVER, the LavaTube Vers2 has a good amount of vapor; I am able to control how much vapor is produced, which is awesome! The liquid is amazing (Menthol)!! Wow, this liquid taste like a real menthol cigarette. I am completely satisfied, this was a smart investment! I do not believe this will be a hard journey to end my bad habit. VOLCANO THANK YOU FOR YOUR NEWEST CREATION, the LAVATUBE VERS2!!
  • Overall
    I love The LT V2
    Review by Vaper Joeyon 3/5/13
    I just recently purchased my LavaTube version 2 and omg I love it!....I run at 4.5 and talk about fun to vape with and the Vapor is awesome!!!! I started out with a competing product and was very dissatisfied as time went on...So I decided to just jump into V V and the LavaTube was the choice for me...I love the Tubetank design...It makes Dripping so much easier for me...I am so pleased with it on so many levels...I bought the Kit...The only thing that it didn't come with was the Carrying case which i thought it would...
  • Overall
    Serious vape clouds.
    Review by Menozzion 3/4/13
    Ever since I got this as a birthday gift a month ago. I'm happy to say, that even my favorite brand of analog cigs somehow repulse the hell out of me. I'm truly impressed with this kit. I get unbelievable vape clouds that manage to always impress. This is a pricey e-cig, but I've tried the cheap disposables that look like analogs, and this trumps them by a long shot. Completely worth it. Anyone who is lucky enough to have this arrive on their doorstep will likely never go back to analogs.

    The battery life is quite exceptional, the design is very impressive and solid, and the quality of the vapor is smooth and milky, crazy enough too; the quantity of vapor is reminiscent of the amount of smoke you'd get out of smoking hookah. Which is an insane amount of vape.. Like the others reviewing this before me. Don't ponder on this one, do yourself a favor and get this lavatube v2. I'm blown away, and now an official member of the vaping community. Not only that, I'm doing it in style. You can either spend 60 bucks or so on an e-cig kit that will be very ordinary and cheaply built..or you can get the tube v2 and vape with style and luxury.

    Make the right decision, and definitely follow the directions very well on setting up the cartomizer/tubetank. I advise buying more cartomizers and maybe an extra liquid if you can shell it out. It's worth having the inventory, and it's by no means wasted money.

    All the best. Happy vaping, and enjoy your new Lavatube v2. :)
  • Overall
    Raving, Crazy product, excellent vape!
    Review by Benon 3/1/13
    So I've had my lavatube for over a week now. I'd been using products very similar to the valcano and some slightly more powerful e-cigs. But this thing delivers a hit that a career smoker can appreciate. My first hit left me literally breathless and surprised at the raw amount of vapor this thing can pump! 5/5 for sure, and a must have!
  • Overall
    love my LT2!
    Review by Raj Rohilaon 2/26/13
    This is the best VV device I've ever used by far! Easy and convenient menu system, accurate output. It provides smoothest and most flavorful vape experience out there! While it is quite large it's build is very solid. It wouldn't have the solid feel without the thick aluminum body. This thing is a rock, I love it! I recommend the LT2 to all my friends and acquaintances. For the price it's almost a steal.
  • Overall
    Big upgrade from Lavatube v1!
    Review by Bryanon 2/21/13
    I bought the original Lavatube about a year ago, and I loved the performance of it--however, a few aspects of the craftsmanship left me a little less than impressed. The painted plastic 'fire' button quickly wore the paint away and made it look gaudy, and the plastic endcap pieces didn't withstand very many accidental drops. I patched it and patched it until I had just dropped it one too many times, and I couldn't piece it all back together anymore.

    I was very close to going with a ProVari, but after coming back to this website and seeing they'd released another version, I was intrigued. It looked as if they'd corrected those problems, and my first impression is a resoundingly good one. Seems very solid, a 2-piece construction that comes apart in the middle rather than a piece of tube with 2 plastic endcaps.

    The quality of the workmanship is MUCH improved, and I look forward to my Lavatube v2 bringing me many hours of vaping please. Thanks for improving on a good thing, Volcano!
  • Overall
    Nice vape
    Review by T.J.on 2/18/13
    i started vaping 6 weeks ago with the Joye eGo and so far have not smoked a real cigarette since but was not really satisfied so i ponied up the money and got the Lavatube v2 kit and damn this is what im talking about. Out of the box filled up the tank put in the battery and vaped it up and was very impressed with the quality of the product and the vape is awesome. I would recommend this to any one who wants a real good vape and is about as close to smoking a real cigarette as you will get.
  • Overall
    Great addition to anyone's MOD armada!
    Review by Craigon 2/10/13
    Ive been vaping the Lavatube v2 for about a week now and all i can say is wow! Great MOD. Its is a little large, i thought my prodigy v3.1 was big...nope not compared to this. Its very comfortable and light for its size though, even with the tubetank. Consistent vapor at all voltages, I enjoy 5.5-6 volts and this thing hits like a beast. even at lower settings the vapor production is great. Pick up some 3000mah batteries and vape strong for 3 days before a recharge. After 16 months being smoke free I can say that the Lavatube v2 will keep me smoke free. This is my everyday MOD! Great Job Volcano!
  • Overall
    Best ecig
    Review by Johnon 1/24/13
    Started with inferno, and after a week stepped up to the lavatube. If you want to quite smoking this is the way to do it. Shoots den aloha
  • Overall
    LOVE IT!!!!!!!
    Review by Danon 1/24/13
    I did a lot of comparing before I purchased this VV Mod. I really like the fact that they decided to put the break for the batt. compartment in the middle instead of on the end like most of the other VV Mods. Looks and feels Very sturdy!!! It was worth dishing out the extra money and getting the whole kit too. The charger is much nicer than the one I got with my last Mod. The ohm reader is great too, comes in handy since I have a lot of different cartos. GREAT JOB guys!!!!!!!!!!!! I highly recommend this product.
  • Overall
    Awesome product !!
    Review by Davinon 1/21/13
    Ok so I've spent a day with my LavatubeV2 and OMG I'm blown away! I ordered the kit in red (which looks so sexy) and everything from the LT to the charger to the tank is top quality. If you're thinking about yourself a favor and DO IT!!
  • Overall
    LT 2.0 is a quality device
    Review by herennowon 1/20/13
    I've had this since it's release. Excellent quality!
    Good weight & build quality. design is absolutely superb. Has Pulse Width Modulation & has been tuned to VRMS. Anodized aluminum finish is really nice.
    Button looks & feels good, nice clickyness.
    Top is pretty much flat, nice design! Not the ugly mess like on the top of all the others!
    All & all as good quality as the Provari & the same warranty!
  • Overall
    Terrific product
    Review by keithon 1/17/13
    Absolutely amazing!! I am new to vaping because I really wanted to quit analog cigs. I ordered the Inferno first, which was pretty damn awesome itself, then I decided to try LT2 for home. I just received it today and boy, am I impressed. My wife tried it and she loved it, and she doesn't even smoke. Thanks for a great product and helping me to continue abstaining from dirty ole analog cigs.
  • Overall
    Just An Amazing Vaporizer!
    Review by Lucason 1/17/13
    Hi there, short story is I have been smoke free thanks to Volcano since June of 2012. It started with the Inferno and now I made the step into variable voltage. This beast makes clouds with a 3 ohm carto at 5.5 volts. Just amazing throat hit. On top of this it is machined like a fine automobile. It looks so damn sexy in blue. So if you are considering purchasing this stop and buy it.
  • Overall
    Works fantastic
    Review by kennethon 1/11/13
    I quit smoking with this device. I would recommend that you change one feature on this device, and that would be the button. Mine has this weird issue where the button locks up and you have to bang it on a desk for the button to pop up and work again.

    Volcano- We have not had any issues on this. You may have gotten dirt of some kind in between the button and the frame. Please take battery out and press button several times quickly to loosen up, and possibly use a computer air blower to blow out anything that may have been lodged in there. If you continue to have issues, please contact our customer service.
  • Overall
    Wow! Excellent Vape...
    Review by John in Texason 1/7/13
    I've been vaping for 3 years and 7 days. :) Since I've quite smoking. I started out with the Joye Ego system and have used that Drip setup for many years and It was time to purchase a new system. This seemed ideal for me. I received my unit about 1 hours ago and let me tell you the Vape is a new experience now. The Ego always left me wanting just a little bit more and now I'm getting that. This PV seems to be a great product. Produces way more vapor then an Ego setup. And the best thing for me is I can still drip. But the included tank may very well change that. Great, great awesome vape. I highly recommend this. Spend the little extra on this get and extra battery and a few of the Cartomizer for the included tank and you'll be golden for a good long while. Thanks for a great product!!!!
  • Overall
    Review by Joshua on 1/6/13
    I've been vaping on an off, for about two years now. I just wanted something for work at first, but it then escalated; I wanted to quit analogs. I had the Inferno for a while, but it never truly took away the desire to smoke. It just staved it off until I could smoke again. The Lavatube ver. 2 is everything I could have asked for!! Since I've used this, I have had no desire to smoke analogs! Finally, something worked. Hands down the best product I seen. Also, I had ordered from Volcano before, so I knew what I was getting into. Thanks, Vocano, for a superior product, one that works for me. Would (and do) recommend this device anywhere, and everywhere, I can. Five stars!!!! Most definitely!!
  • Overall
    Holy Vapor Clouds Batman
    Review by Crestonon 12/28/12
    Wow The inferno is Good But this thing is awesome. Loving life at 4.5. Nice throat hit and flavor. this will now be my home smoke for relax time. inferno will be my on the road.
  • Overall
    Excellent Quality Made Device!
    Review by Johnnyon 12/4/12
    I've been looking for a new Mod for around three months. I was looking for a well made simple to operate device that would handle the daily grind. Finally after tons of reviews and specifications I decided on the LavaTube V2. The Device is well made and feels solid when held; like your favorite tool that just feels right. The menue is simple just the way I like it; I don't have to perform a ton of clicks to get what I need. The finish is flawless the crome button operates smoothly. It's got a well ring at the top for over dripping. Ordering was simple and shipping was great; have no complaints. I recommend this product for everyone great job guys!
  • Overall
    Very nice product
    Review by Barryon 12/3/12
    Just came in today, I'm fairly new to dripping so it took me a moment to get the ball rolling. Once i had got everything together, It emitted amazing vapors. Everything came with my kit except for the Lanyard, which I'm very mildly disgruntled about only because I can't put this in my pocket, the case is too large to put in my pocket and it would have been very handy at work. Aside from that though, very well done piece, I'm extremely happy with my purchase.
  • Overall
    Lavatube v2.0 Intial Thoughts.
    Review by tjson 11/30/12
    Intial thoughts on the Lavatube Version 2 are improved workmanship and ascetics. Vibrant color (we got blue) and top quality threading, fit and finish. Not one scratch showed on this beast so QC gets a thumbs up!
    Improved LCD display is the first thing really liked about the V2. It’s a bit too soon to give specific vaping aspects but one word so far "AWESOME" Still love the original LT and use it daily, but I think I found a new best friend (until the next one)
    LT Version 2 Gets All 5 Stars!
    Fit, Finish, Vapor, Price and Delivery.
    Serious Freakin Clouds...