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    Tube Tank

    Tube Tank

    Regular Price: $16.99

    Special Price: $9.99

    An all-new revolution to the classic cartomizer/clearomizer setup...Tube Tanks are a vapers dream and helps you cut down on the amount of refills that need to be done maximizing your vaping time and pleasure!

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    As low as: $139.99

    The Pele is VOLCANO’s flagship mechanical mod, proudly designed and manufactured on Oahu, Hawaii USA. The Pele is a precision-machined 303 stainless steel work of art. With its recessed locking button and two-way adjustable brass top, the PELE is a truly sleek and stylish high performance mod that is a perfect fit for vapers of all experience levels.

    - 100% Made in Hawaii - Precision Machined 303 Stainless Steel - Recessed Locking Fire Button - 18650 Battery Compatibility - Two-way Adjustable Brass Top Connection

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    As low as: $54.99

    The TEPHRA 2 is a precision designed mechanical mod built from 303 stainless steel. This mod is suited to house a 26650 battery and also incorporates a removable 6061 billet aluminum sleeve that are available in an array of colors for full personalization.

    With its unique recessed rare earth magnet button design and smooth polished finish, the TEPHRA 2 is a high style, sleek and top performing mod that vapers of all experience levels will truly enjoy.

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    As low as: $49.99

    The TEPHRA 1 is a precision machined 303 stainless steel 18650 mechanical mod that incorporates a removeable 6061 billet aluminum sleeve that comes in a multitude of colors for maximum personalization. With its recessed rare earth magnet button and slim top, the Tephra 1 is a truly sleek and stylish high performance mod that's a perfect fit for vapers of all experience levels.

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    FIREWIRE – USA-Made Resistance Wire by VOLCANO Kanthal A-1 resistance wire is best known for its heat resistant properties and rock solid performance.

    FIREWIRE Kanthal A-1 – is 100% Made in the USA and is perfect for rebuilding your atomizer coils. Available in 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30 and 32 gauges. Regardless of what type of vaping experience you prefer all advanced personal vaporizers (APVs) need a heating system. Since Kanthal wire is used to convert the power from a battery into the heat that vaporizes e-liquid, our FIREWIRE Kanthal is perfect for modding any APV with a rebuildable atomizer. Our FIREWIRE Kanthal comes neatly packaged in a convenient 30 ft spool.

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  6. CAULDRON 2 RDA Sleeve


    CAULDRON 2 Sleeves allow the users of the CAULDRON 2 RDA the ability to quickly transform the look of their RDA device to suit their tastes. Constructed out of 6061-billet aluminum and offered in ten eye-catching colors, the color customization is endless and built to last.

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  7. Nitecore Sysmax D2 Battery Charger


    The Nitecore Sysmax D2 is a two-bay charger capable of charging two batteries simultaneously. This device automatically detects battery power status and selects the appropriate voltage and charging mode. The Sysmax D2 has an automatic shut-off function that cuts off power when charging is complete to avoid over-charging. The D2 is equipped with a crisp LCD display giving you a clear picture of relevant charging information. The LCD display shows the charging progress, battery type, voltage, charging current, and charging time in an intuitive and simple interface.

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  8. INFERNO BC TubeTank System


    Innovation has arrived! The new INFERNO BC TubeTank System is a revolutionary new vapor delivery system that pushes the envelope forward in terms of design, performance, build quality, and ease of use. With a simple fill-and-go design, we've created the new standard in vapor delivery systems and we're sure you're gonna love it.

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    The LAVATUBE Kit

    The LAVATUBE v2.5 Kit

    As low as: $105.00

    Designed as a seamless two piece aluminum body, The LAVATUBE v2.5 e-cigarette houses an upgraded chipset from its predecessor offering up to 6 volts and 15 watts of power. Complete with a resistance reader and battery gauge, the bright white and blue LCD display is easy to navigate. Choose between 10 anodized color finishes. The complete starter kit comes with everything needed to vape right out of the box.

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  10. INFERNO Complete Starter Kit

    As low as: $79.99

    Compact and powerful, the INFERNO e-cigarette is the most popular midsize starter kit available. Complete with two USB passthrough batteries and the precision designed BCT TubeTank system, the INFERNO is a versatile device well suited for all users seeking a performance experience.

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    The MAGMA Kit - White

    The MAGMA Kit

    As low as: $39.99

    The MAGMA® e-cigarette mimics the look and feel of a traditional tobacco cigarette making it that much easier to make the switch. Its simple two-piece design offers convenience and flexibility for both new and experienced electronic cigarette users alike. With its top-performing battery life and retooled cartomizers, The MAGMA ® is a perfect fit for a smoker who usually smokes between one-half and a full pack of smokes a day.

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    The LAVATUBE Version 2 - Gold

    The LAVATUBE Version 2 - Gold (device only)

    Regular Price: $79.99

    Special Price: $49.99

    Our LAVATUBE Version 2 E-Cigarette is the culmination of our teams R&D and is the most powerful and customizable e-Cig we currently offer. We've reworked the design of the entire device and are proud to bring you the most advanced variable voltage vaping device currently on the market.

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