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The CAULDRON 2 by VOLCANO is a professional three post, adjustable airflow RDA machined out of 303 stainless steel with a 6061 billet aluminum interchangeable sleeve.


The Cauldron 2 RDA by VOLCANO is a truly high quality rebuildable dripping atomizer. Engineered with meticulous attention to its form and function, it is one affordable RDA that will surely provide you with thick vapor and flavor production with every use.

The Cauldron 2 RDA is constructed from high-grade 303 stainless steel and 6061 billet aluminum making it quite a durable and well-built device. At its core is a tri-post designed, perfected for effortless single or dual coil builds. It features a copper center post for the increased electrical conductivity and slightly reduced resistance rates. It features a solid 510 connection and can be used with any compatible mod.

Due to the wide open slotting design for airflow management, with a simple twist the Cauldron can produce intense flavor production or thick clouds of vapor from any coil build. The built in holes in the three post system also allow for any type of wire, from thick to flat ribbon or twisted, the build deck has room enough for any type of single or dual coil build. The deck also features a deep inner drip well to catch any over drippings of e-liquid. The top cap comes standard with a wide mouth styled drip tip to enable a user to vape huge amounts of vapor with every pull.

The Cauldron 2 RDA also comes with removeable aluminum sleeves so that the user can mix and match the look of their Cauldron 2 to their desires. If used with the TEPHRA 2 mechanical mod, a multitude of different color combinations are possible for a customized sleek and stylish look.


  • Main body constructed from high-grade 303 stainless steel
  • Sleeve built from 6061 billet anodized aluminum
  • Two wide airflow channels
  • Three post design
  • Copper center post for increased conductivity
  • Comes standard with a wide bore drip tip for effortless dripping
  • Interchangeable 6061 billet aluminum sleeves for customization


  • Diameter: 30.5mm
  • Height: 51.10 (includes added height of wide bore drip tip & 510 connection pin)
  • Material: 6061 Billet Aluminum
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    Customer Reviews

    • Overall
      Almost Great
      Review by Colinon 5/30/16
      I do really like this RDA, except for two issues:

      1. The 510 only connection doesn't do it justice. An RDA this big should have a Chuff top. You can still get ok clouds, but a 30mm tank with a 510 connection - really?

      2. The center pin hole should be larger, or there should be a second positive pin. The builds you can do with a tank this massive would be awesome if there were more to work with.

      Otherwise, very nicely made and easy to use RDA. I didn't pay attention to how huge it was when I ordered it, and it just doesn't sit right on most, mods, so I just went ahead and ordered the Tephra 2, which I'll just dedicate to this tank.

      My recommendation is if you aren't planning on purchasing the tephra 2, go with the cauldron 1, but otherwise very nice well made and quality tank.
    • Overall
      Running this off of the Volcano Dna- Ace platform
      Review by antonioon 1/3/16
      If you came from my Dna 200 review awesome! welcome back and with this beast of an RDA the build deck is huge to start, spacing between the posts is perfect for sticking some nice monster coils. Atm I am running Dual alien coils they stick at .24 ohms. flawless hits, massive vapor. this allows for massive flavor but me trying to learn consistent tricks have straight milk chuggers on there. No loose bits all solid feels like a tank and it looks solid on the Dna. grab this and customize it. cant go wrong at all.