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Hawaiian Espresso E-Liquid - 30ml Sale

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  • Hawaiian Espresso E-Liquid - 30ml

Hawaiian Espresso E-Liquid - 30ml

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Inspiration for this new coffee based flavor was taken from the Volcano Vapor Cafe here in Waikiki, HI. Our Hawaiian Espresso flavor produces a thick, aromatic coffee flavor that is subtly sweet, yet nice and spicy like a good cup of espresso should be! Try a puff in the morning or while eating a sweet treat for a truly delightful coffee buzz!

Suggested flavor pairings: Bonzai Banana, Choconilla Haze, Kona Coffee, Milk Chocolate


Contains: 1 30ML Child proof bottle of PREMIUM USA MADE Hawaiian Espresso e-Liquid in the strength of your choosing.

Ingredients: Propylene Glycol (USP Grade), Glycerine (USP Grade), Nicotine (optional), Natural and/or Artificial flavoring.

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall
    My favorite vape!
    Review by TexasRaeon 7/30/15
    Love this! I mix it with a little RY4 and a little Salted Carmel, YUMMY! My go to favorite of all! I see that most is out of stock, I hope this item is not being discontinued!
  • Overall
    good cup'a coffee!
    Review by gayleon 6/12/14
    i love this flavor...
  • Overall
    Least Favorite So Far...
    Review by Ashleyon 2/12/14
    This flavor (to me) tastes like a burnt carto... and I've changed my carto 3 times with the same flavor thinking I was actually burning them out. My favorite of the Volcano flavors is the Coconilla Haze (it was the first one I ever ordered and it my favorite to this day). Also the milk chocolate is pretty good.
  • Overall
    Sweet. Coffee.
    Review by Julieon 11/9/13
    Not bad. And I'm picky... Vaping this right now, with a few drops of choconilla haze. Wouldn't buy it again but I might actually use this bottle. I have my favorite, red hot lava, and I'm trying a new flavor each time I order. So far haven't found any others that I could/would finish.
  • Overall
    Excellent Taste
    Review by Jaredon 4/18/13
    A good coffee flavor, haven't compared it to the Kona Coffee but waiting to try that next. Overall a good all-day juice.
  • Overall
    Pretty good
    Review by Elizabethon 3/17/13
    Strong black coffee taste. I wish the flavor was a bit stronger, but overall it is good.
  • Overall
    Review by Neilon 2/15/13
    I would highly recommend this flavor for anyone getting started... Unless they don't like coffee. My suggestion would be to use it with a magma clearomizer on an inferno, for the most power and the best kick. Kona Coffee is next on my list.
  • Overall
    Review by Uluason 1/29/13
    I love this juice, especially mixed with menthol! Thanks so much volcano, great job!!!
  • Overall
    Light on flavour
    Review by Joannaon 12/9/12
    I found this juice to be extremely light, so light I had a hard time telling there was any espresso taste at all and can taste a little burnt.
    I probably would not purchase this flavour again, but to use it I will mix it with other flavours, like chocolate and vanilla.
  • Excellent
    Review by Parison 10/4/12
    Would you like some coffee with your cream and sugar? That's me! Lol this coffee flavor might be strong and in need of a mix for some but it is delicious.
  • Alright
    Review by Cullenon 5/27/12
    Its definately a strong flavor. Reminds me of a strong black coffee. Nothing special. I probably won't order again since its not really my taste but would recommend to anyone looking for a strong coffee/espresso flavor.
  • Excellent
    Review by Joshon 5/10/12
    I'm big into coffee flavors and this one hits the spot. I haven't tried Kona Coffee so I can't compare them, but hopefully its as good as this.
  • Good Mixer!
    Review by Christopheron 5/9/12
    I have to say that I personally wouldn't want to vape this by itself. That is only my opinion. I work in a coffee shop and pull espresso shots all day long. I'm not too sure how much I believe that this tastes or smells like espresso. It does have a subtle coffee flavor to it. The flavor seems to be lacking quite a bit. My manager on the other hand, enjoys black coffee and thought that the flavor was very good. I have found that the espresso is perfect for mixing with other flavors. I have actually mixed my entire bottle of espresso with my Vanilla Bean. Perfect! Perfect! Perfect! This mix is my all-day-vape! I don't want to keep anybody from trying the Espresso. There are many flavors out there and everyone's taste buds are different. The Kona Coffee I recently ordered has more of a coffee taste I believe, along with some buttery sweetness. That's my 2 cents. Happy Vaping Everyone!!
  • I really like this over Kona
    Review by Joshzillaon 4/5/12
    I'm super new to Vaping and Kona coffee was one of my first flavors, I really liked it but found myself sucking like crazy to try for more of a mouthful.(dang that sounds perverted) This Hawian espresso seems to produce more vapor and a lil more TH than the Kona. As for flavor diff, to be honest I can't tell a huge difference I just like the thickness of the espresso