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The INFERNO is the most popular electronic cigarette starter kit in our lineup. The stylish design and powerful batteries make it well suited for all types of vapers!


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Price as configured: $79.99


The INFERNO Kit is the perfect electronic cigarette starter kit for someone who's looking for great performance and long lasting battery life.  The included Tube Tank BCT setup and long lasting INFERNO batteries makes this kit ideal for smokers who are on the go.  With the included pass though USB batteries, you can charge and vape at the same time and have enough battery life to vape for more than 15 hours between charges! The Tube Tank BCT system is a revolutionary vapor delivery system that is simple and effective to use!  Simply fill the tube with your chosen e-liquid, screw on the base with the replaceable heating coil and you're set for hours of enjoyable vaping time!  This kit is perfect for smokers who smoke a pack-a-day or more!


The all-new INFERNO Kit includes:

  • (1) Gift Box
  • (1) 650 mAH Pass-through INFERNO Battery with 5-Click power on/off
  • (1) 900 mAh Pass-through INFERNO Battery with 5-Click power on/off
  • (1) Wall Charging Adapter
  • (1) Mini USB Cable
  • (1) Tube Tank BCT setup with (1) 1.8Ω heating coil
  • (1) 3-Pack of 1.8Ω replacement heating coils
  • (1) 15ml Bottle of USA MADE V-Liquid


This kit gives you everything you need to start vaping like a pro right out of the box! So what are you waiting for, give the new INFERNO kit a shot today! You won't be disappointed!


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Condition of Sale:

By purchasing batteries from us, you are accepting full responsibility for its use and care. You agree that in no way can VOLCANO Fine Electronic Cigarettes be held responsible for any misfortune caused by your misuse of this item. Do not use any VOLCANO e-cigarettes or batteries in a manner that is outside of these guidelines. Misuse of Li-ion and LiMN battery technology may result in fire or explosion. Use at your own risk.

For more information on using, handling, charging and storing rechargeable batteries go to our e-cigarette battery storage and care guidelines page or you can visit the Battery University: http://batteryuniversity.com/

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Customer Reviews

Beats ALL! Review by Sylvia
Don't bother with OTHERS!
I started with a T-EGO and this is far better. Had mine for over 2 years - with replacing parts now and then. It is 80 bucks - but trust me - it is worth it!

Solid structure; well designed; superior quality product. I can't say enough about this vaporizer!

OH! But this is worth mentioning - I was vaping in the tub and dropped mine in the water - picked it up & vaped on! :) AWESOME! (Posted on 4/18/14)
So much improvement!!! Review by Linda
I purchased the previous version last year - I was happy with it until I order this one! Vapor is stronger so that I can vape my low Nic. ejuice but still get the hit I want. I've had it for a week and still have not needed to charge it. Filling it is so much easier but I keep getting confused between the old one and this one and end up dumping out the juice because I'm holding it rightside up when I'm filling it....you had to hold the old version rightside up. (Posted on 4/17/14)
total satisfaction Review by james
I own a lavatube v2 and have had it since 1/13 and love it. My wife was smoking v2's and constantly refilling the cartridges which is time consuming and messy. Plus the batteries didn't last very long (we Have 10 and 4 charges). I saw the inferno and ask her if she'd like for me to purchase one to try. She loves it. Very convernient to fill up and the batteries last a long time. This is a great product, probably the best of all except the lavatube. She didn't want one because it's so big and heavy. Oh well. The inferno would be great for traveling, might have to get one myself. (Posted on 4/15/14)
Great Upgrades Review by Kimberly
I have an older version of the Inferno and loved it. Unfortunately, hubby and I just weren't completely ready to let go of regular cigarettes at that time. So, when we agreed to give ecigs another go, of course I came to Volcano to check out what they had these days. Hubby opted for the Magma & Mpack (BTW, he loves it) and I decided to get the newer Inferno due to the new features it had to offer. I was not disappointed, I love that they are both passthroughs and the new tank design is GREAT! I like not having to drip every so often and that in just 5 quick clicks it's ready to go. Then another 5 clicks and I can put it away without any worries of leaking in my purse or pocket or it getting turned on by accident. My only negative with this vape unit is there isn't much definition between where you unscrew the tank to fill it and where you unscrew it from the battery. I went to change tanks from Menthol to Kona Coffee first thing in the morning while it was still dark and unscrewing at the wrong place so, ended up with a handful of menthol e liquid. I think some type of textured band at the battery unscrew point would be an improvement. For this reason alone I gave it 4 out of 5 stars. As for the eliquids, they are awesome! They might seem a little pricey but well worth it in flavor and still saves a ton of money compared to the cost of smoking tobacco, not to mention saving on over all health. The menthol tastes like real menthol not a candy cane like so many others I've tried and the Hawaiian Espresso and Kona Coffee are delightful early morning or late night vapes. I tell everyone I know that still smokes and are thinking of trying an ecig, to "skip all the rest and get an Inferno from Volcano they wont be sorry". (Posted on 4/9/14)
Great Product Review by Tim
This is an essential ecig to have in your vaping arsenal. Great design, perfect size, BCT hits like a champ. I also own an iTaste MVP which I love - but the Inferno will always be my #1 vaporizer for its ease of use and convenience. I will eventually purchase a Lavatube to replace my iTaste... But I can't imagine ever getting rid of my Inferno. Buy this product. You'll be happy you did. 2 months smoke free thanks to the Inferno. (Posted on 4/8/14)
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