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  1. USA V-Liquid - Vanilla Bean

    Vanilla Bean E-Liquid - 15ml

    A long-standing favorite, Vanilla Bean eliquid is a smooth and decadent vape, most notable for its warm, full-bodied flavor. With hints of floral extracts and a velvety rich exhale, it makes a great complement to most dessert and fruit flavors.

    Suggested flavor pairing: Sufer Soda, Tobacco Pure, Shaka Strawberry, Apple Pie, Kona Coffee, Blueberry Breeze, Waikiki Watermelon, Bonzai Banana

  2. USA-Made Premium eLiquid - Salted Caramel

    Salted Caramel E-Liquid - 15ml

    On inhale, this full-bodied eliquid is sweet and buttery. The flavor peak echoes with a rich and velvety dessert flavor while offering the palate a savory finish.

    Suggested flavor pairing: Vanilla Bean, Apple Pie, Kona Coffee, Aloha Apple

  3. Premium USA e-Liquid - Ono Orange Cream

    Ono Orange Cream E-Liquid - 15ml

    The smooth, creamy inhale explodes with a medium-bodied, sweet orange creamsicle flavor which sustains long into a delectable aftertaste.

    Suggested flavor pairings: Bonzai Banana, Vanilla Bean, Maui Mango

  4. USA E-Liquid - Milk Chocolate

    Milk Chocolate E-Liquid - 15ml

    A sweet, smooth, medium bodied eliquid with a hint of milk and the heady flavor of chocolate.

    Suggested flavor pairings: Bonzai Banana, Shaka Strawberry, Blueberry Breeze, Vanilla Bean, Coocoo Coconut

  5. USA E-Liquid Choconilla Haze

    Choconilla Haze E-Liquid - 15ml

    Known best for its mellow, medium-bodied flavor, Choconilla Haze is a delicate blend of Milk Chocolate, vanilla bean, and hazelnut with a well-rounded depth of flavor.

    Suggested flavor pairings: Bonzai Banana, Tobacco, Tobacco Pure

  6. USA-Made Premium E-Liquid - Apple Pie

    Apple Pie E-Liquid - 15ml

    A full, sweet, well-rounded flavor that’s smooth in the mouth. Delectably spiced, oven baked apples with a warm, buttery crust are accompanied by a mild cinnamon exhale. Reminiscent of a freshly baked holiday pie.

    Suggested flavor pairings: Vanilla Bean, Salted Caramel, Pipeline Peach

6 Items


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