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Electronic Cigarette Batteries

The batteries that come in our electronic cigarette starter kits are made of Lithim Ion and is what provides the power that is needed to vaporize the nicotine solution the we call “e-liquid”. The resulting vapor is what is then inhaled by the user simulating the the sensation of smoking

The size of the battery greatly affects the amount of vapor the unit produces and also determines how much charge capacity is at your fingertips. That means, the larger the battery - the more continuous vaping time and the stornger and warmer your clouds of vapor will be!
The VOLCANO Battery:   3.7V Output / 90 mAH capactity = 30-45 Minutes continuous vaping time
The MAGMA Battery:    3.7V Output / 180 mAH capactity = 1-1.5 Hours continuous vaping time
The INFERNO Battery:   3.7V Output / 650 and 900 mAH capactity=  3 - 5 Hours continuous vaping time
The LAVATUBE Battery:   3.7V Output / 1600 mAH capactity =  8-10 Hours Vaping Time

Electronic Cigarette Heating Elements

The electronic cigarette heating element, also known as an “atomizer or cartomizer”, is the wheel that drives vapor production. We provide a plethora of different heating elements to best suit every vapers needs. The basic component of all electronic cigarette heating elements include is the heating coil. This is what effectively vaporizes the e-liquid:



Electronic Cigarette "e-liquid"

In order for the electronic cigarette to create vapor, you must supply the heating element with a steady supply of e-liquid. There are several different delivery methods as explained above in the heating element section. From pre-filled cartomizers that have the e-liquid already included, to blank cartomizers that you fill yoursellf with our refill e-liquid bottles - your options are endless and we’ve got you covered!

Electronic Cigarette Vapor

So now that we’ve combined our battery power with a heating element, and a steady supply of eliquid, we have a fully functioning electronic cigarette! Check out our homepage to see a break down of the different starter kits we have to offer. This will help you choose which one is the right fit for you! Happy Vaping!
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