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  • INFERNO 1.5 Low Resistance Atomizer

INFERNO 2.0 ohm Drip Atomizer


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The INFERNO 2.0 ohm drip atomizer has the lowest offered resistance in our drip atomizer lineup. The low resistance, coupled with a mesh A-Frame silica wick produces a "hotter vape" for the user. The high performance grade silica wick is already built, it takes the hassle out of building your own and is designed to provide an even e-liquid distribution and saturation which eliminates any dry burns.


This bad boy puts out warm vapor clouds in abundance and improves upon the performance of the standard 2.5 ohm resistance classic MAGMA Atomizer with a 2.0 ohm rating. Use this along with your inferno for an amazing "hot" vape that more closely resembles the pull off of a traditional cigarette.

(This product is not intended for use with the Volcano or MAGMA series of products. Due to the low ohms resistance, it is recommended for use only with the INFERNO.)

Average lifespan of an atomizer is 1 month.

Atomizers are NOT covered under our 1-year limited warranty.

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall
    I love it
    Review by joeyon 5/1/13
    Lots of vaper like smoking a cig I dewicked mine and took off the mesh but do not debridge it u will lose ur vaper production it is awesome a must have with the inferno if u drip
  • Overall
    Worth the wait
    Review by Leonon 11/3/12
    ordered the LR atty almost a month ago, but i am out of the country so i shipped it to my Daughters house and waited for her to bring it to me, Ive still Love the tank system but this Lr Atty was worth the wait and I wish I would of got it to add to my Arsenal, Definately a must have to complete the system. Thanks Volcano..6months Analog free!!!
  • Overall
    The superman of attys
    Review by scotton 10/11/12
    I bought 2 of these back July 8, 2012. It's now October 11, 2012 and both still works like day one. The vapor production, throat hit, and taste are amazing. I use to use the tank but I will not be going back to that. I'm sold to this atty 100%. This has made my vaping expirence awesome not to mention it makes the flavors taste 10xs better. This with the inferno battery, what more could you ask for. Get this atty you will not be dissapointed.
  • wow
    Review by larryon 7/24/12
    This thing will not die! i ordered it in march got it in a few days and as of july 24 it is still going! i vape heavily all day. it has been in my truck at 100+ degrees, dropped, and thrown around in my tool box. it just keeps going! the best atty anywhere. thanks Volcano
  • Love this Atty
    Review by peteron 6/1/12
    Got my Inferno tank kit about 5days ago and added the LR Atty to the order so I can drip at night, and I'm so glad that I did. As much as I enjoy vaping with the tanko, the LR Atty is easily the best experience I've had so far with vaping. Great throat hit and huge clouds of vape every time. I would definitely recomend this product, good job Volcano
  • potential buyer
    Review by Joeon 3/23/12
    can anyone tell me if an inferno atty can be used with a 280mAh batt that runs 3.3-4 volts? just curious about the technical issues that might arise.

    im fairly green @ all this, but im learning fast. im currently debating the volcano kit for its compact functionality, or the inferno with its intensity. Thanks & keep VaPiN
    Volcano-yes, no problems
  • Check the resistance
    Review by Spenceron 3/20/12
    These work great! One thing I noticed is that you can check to make sure it is still good by testing the resistance with a ohm meter. Just check the resistance on the end that goes to the battery. If it reads 2 ohms then clean it and keep using it. This has saved me some money. When these burn out the resistance is always higher than 2 ohms.
  • Quality atomizer
    Review by Moon 2/29/12
    The Inferno low res is my go-to atomizer. I've purchased a handful of these guys and haven't had one burn out yet, even after weeks of continual use (with weekly cleanings). Some of them seem to fit my Inferno battery better than others, which seems to impact the throat hit. However, the quality and long life outweighs any negatives and I highly recommend as a daily use atomizer.
  • These bad boys are gangsta
    Review by Kahaluuboy on 2/19/12
    Started off with tanks from the magma kit. Then got Mega clearos, then I got the tube tank + USB inferno batt. Then I got this bad boy + the cone (to complete the look) omg this thing is a beast! I got super buzzed after 1 + 1 refill.
  • LR Atty improved reliability!
    Review by Delon 1/30/12
    I have been using the Inferno LR Atty now for more than 7 months. I was going through an atty about 1 every week now after Volcano has changed manufacturer they are between 100 and 200% better. Now I have to replace the LR atty about once every 2 to 3 weeks. And I have not had one that was DOA like it did with there old manufacturer
  • Amazing
    Review by braddon 12/9/11
    Thought my tanks gave off huge vapor,but when i just started to drip for the first time tonight everyone around me was so amazed.A little more work but well worth it for the amazing vapour results and great flavour.Never knew this would be so much fun !
  • good atomizer
    Review by poconojoon 11/4/11
    this low resistance atomizer puts out serious vapor. It gives a really good th also. I recieved a bad atomizer on my order and volcano customer service sent me a replacement right away with no questions asked. Good service.
  • A riel good vape
    Review by Rielon 10/17/11
    I bought a tanko inferno kit and an atty on the side because I had previous dt's from other kits. First experience while waiting for my tanko atty to dry was the vape that turned me from a tanko to a dripper. 2 days later I bought 6 more in 2 different purchases. I will be sticking with my Inferno atty's until they release something better. If that even exists?
  • Hit or miss...
    Review by Chuck of the baren deserton 10/7/11
    Pros: Some have a lengthy well-performing life. I have two (2) LR Atomizers that are doing well. One about 5 months old, the other about 3 weeks. (Happy face)

    Cons: Some have a very short and irritating lifespan. I have three (3) LR Atomizers that have died within 3-7 days after use. (Big sad face)

    Advice: These Atty's can be really great, but at the same time very unpredictable. If you decide to buy these, buy a large quantity at once. You need your #1 Atty and handful of back-ups.
  • Will Try This Again...
    Review by Richard E.on 9/25/11
    I purchased the Inferno T kit with the Drip tip kit that comes with this atty. Initially this atty was awesome, produced a nice throat hit and warm consistant vape. However i tried an ejucie flavor that I didnt like and could not get the taste out of the atty so i decided to rinse with hot water - this might have shortened the life because now my atty burned out on me after 3 weeks. I purchased another one along with the magma atty to see which i like better. Hopefully this new one i ordered will last longer.
  • ok
    Review by ROBERTon 9/17/11
    the tips work great but i am a heavy vaporer and maybe 2 weeks and they are toast. the lava 1.5ohm works twice as long. i had 1 that lasted 5 weeks. only lava atomizers for me from now on.
  • Best atty yet, but not a great lifespan
    Review by DoublVrBon 9/15/11
    At first, this was the best atty I ever had. It didn't leak, the hit was great and the flavor was fantastic.....but my atty dies after a week and a half. Since then, I've gone back to the magma atty which has lasted me nearly 9 months! The hit isn't as good, and it does leak a little, but the lifespan is great.... Overall, great product, except for the lifespan of it.
  • woww
    Review by x10on 8/24/11
    got this today, opened it up, popped it in with my stainless steel drip tip i got here as well, dropped 3 in, looked at it with awe for about 10 seconds, blew on it a bit, and enjoyed one of the most flavorful massive clouds of vapor i ever had. and that was right out of the box.
    breaking in an atty has never been this tasteful.
  • totally awesome
    Review by Kevin on 8/19/11
    only had my atties a couple days and they produce so much more than my tanko. will be buying more of these.
  • magma?
    Review by Jonathonon 8/13/11
    does this work with the magma batteries? and if it does what exactly is the difference in it and the magma atty?

    Inferno atomizers get hotter, creating a heavier vape and throat hit. They can not be used with Magma batteries, as they burn out the battery.
  • Get some A Deez!!!
    Review by LeftSoldieron 8/1/11
    Best LR Att on the market.
    I haven't found anything that hits like this.
    The 1st round of the Volcano 510 LRs were not very consistent. Very small air intake holes and the Att burned off the juice in 2 to 3 puffs. (7 drops)
    This does not appear to be the case anymore.
    Longevity seems to have improved as well.
    Been using the same one for 4 weeks, and I vape all day every day.
    Definitely recommend trying one. You won't be disappointed.
  • love this atty
    Review by omaron 7/26/11
    I just got a pair of these yesterday and both of them worked like a charm. I'm loving this atty so far but its really burning the back of my throat is that normal? For anybody thinking about getting one of these things I'm going to say get one and never look back.
  • just wondering
    Review by omaron 7/13/11
    Will the Magma tanks provide this atty with enough juice to work prpoerly?
    volcano-this atomizer does not work with tanks and is intended to work with a drip tip for dripping only
  • Work OK
    Review by Davidon 7/8/11
    I don't understand what tip to use with this. I have a drip-tip for my inferno, but the metal sleeve on these will not come off the atty, so my drip tip will not fit on. I can use it by sucking directly on the end of the apparently built-in metal tube, but that gets very hot very quickly.

    anodized aluminum drip tip
  • works great
    Review by sailor54on 7/7/11
    Performance is really good, I use 6 mg nicotine and not to harsh until Atty starts to dry out. After trying the standard Res atty I won't buy anything but Low Res ones now! Price is very good too. Another e-cig that I was using worked really well but at 40 bucks per atty it was way to expensive. Switched to inferno for the price of 2 attys, I will not go back. Even if a low Res attys are replaced every week it's still cheaper than analogs!
  • awesome
    Review by mbennetton 7/2/11
    I just got my lowq res atty and i love it! I have been messing with the tanks for two week and had just givin up until i got this. the tanks never worked right and all you could taste was plastic.This is wonderful! I highly recomend these!
  • !!!!!
    Review by Vapesteron 6/9/11
    This atty is the sheit!!!!!! Get five at a time and dont look back!
  • What I have been looking for
    Review by CarneBlancoon 5/25/11
    Just got my Low res atty's. Flood primed, left it for a while, dripped some more of my favorite juice and took a hit. I almost choked the cloud was so massive. The flavor was perfect. The vape was the temp I have been missing since I quit the analogs. The best vape I could imagine.
  • On the fence
    Review by Jacob on 5/23/11
    I purchased 2 Low res atty's march 28th. since then I have gone through roughtly 110ml of e-juice and they are both burned out. Im writting this as of today with no atty's left.

    I assumed the first one could have been a dud - and didnt think the other would go this fast.. Now I have to place a rush order for more atty's

    They perform very nice - the 36mg e-juice I use through them seems to almost be too harsh at times if I do not keep the atty flooded (I drip so I was thinking normal atty's take 3 drops - this didn't work out well for low res) So by flooded I mean I but anywhere from, 4-6 drops into these things.

    My review on this would be that I am a littel disappointed each one only lasted me a month. I would also warn heavy users of high strength juices (36mg) because its very VERY harsh through a low res. I think part of the reason I went through so much juice is also because of the flooding required to handle the taste of the liquid. If I didn't use 5 drops on the everage I would get a massive metallic throat burning taste.
  • question
    Review by Afergon 5/11/11
    Which cartridges work with this atomizer? Right now I have the inferno tankomizer, but I'd like to try this atomizer instead.

    volcano- do not use a cartridge with this. This is intended for dripping with a drip tip
  • best atomizer ive found
    Review by bob mon 4/17/11
    ive had this for two months. i drip and puff heavy, this attie is bullit pruff. i clean it out with with hot water, then a wet burn until i see the attie glow red, whitch means ive burnt off the buildup that causes bad taste. i have 5 spares, but im still on my first one. at this rate im good for the year. ive been clean from ********** ten months, dont miss them at all. buy this attie its the best you can get
  • 5
    Review by ronnieon 4/14/11
    i bought my cousins 1000mah battery off him and he gave me some juice and cartomizers. the juice i got doesnt have any TH at all will this actually make it produce one with the same juice? and does this get filled up or do you put a cartomizer on the end of it?

    Volcano- depends if its omg of nicotine....usually the 16mg will have a high th...and yes this atomizer will improve th.
  • Nothing compares!!
    Review by EJon 4/10/11
    This atty kicks ass!! Hands down, the best atomizer Ive had so far! I bought 2 of the Cisco attys and one burned out in 3 hits, after priming it with 10 drops and waiting 10 minuits and adding 3 more drops before using it! The VOLCANO legacy has come through again! Magma low res. atty is the one to buy if your looking for a good, solid hard hitter!! Thanks Volcano, once again!!:)
  • This is the one
    Review by Margueriteon 4/5/11
    better throat hit and warmer vape..just like a cigg
  • WOW!
    Review by Matthewon 4/4/11
    After using the tank-o-mizer for about 2 months and them not really working correctly after cleaning, I took a chance on the Low Res on my word: WOW! I love it, I think I'm sold on these. Strong hot TH and tons of vape!
  • Must Have!
    Review by Clinton 3/28/11
    Produces much warmer vapor than the regular Magma atomizer, very similar to the temperature of smoke from an analog cigarette.

    Love it!
  • very hot
    Review by snottyragsdaleon 3/22/11
    My first low res atty didn't impress me until it kicked in after a week. I flood primed the second one and was equally impressed before that cartridge was empty. Same vapor as magma, lil better flavor, and a very hot vapor! Keep it up Volcano!
  • Ultra Nice
    Review by ☆★:-StarryDay-:☆★: on 3/21/11
    This is basically the same size as the ever popular 510 atty. I attached this to a 1000 mAH and 650 mAH battery. I did notice a difference between this and regular MAGMA Atomizer. Not a big difference but it's there . Plumes of smoke. Absolutely no leakage when dripping. Looks real sharp with an all black finish and a cool red logo. I usually drip this days. But when I am not in the mood I still use the INFERNO - Tank-O-Mizer which haves its own advantages. 5 STARS ☆★☆★☆
  • Seems the same
    Review by Monkeymasteron 3/18/11
    I don't notice a difference between this and the regular Magma atomizer, I have used both and gave this one over a week to break in before I judged it and can't tell much of a difference in performance if any, I used 100% pg and a 80/20 mix to test it out with on an inferno 650 bat. It looks practically identical to a regular Magma atomizer and feels the same to me.

    volcano- you will see that the washer is smaller inside and that the paint and finish is shinier. Please double check your not using the standard magma atomizer.
  • Whats Up
    Review by Joeon 3/16/11
    I inserted the first cartridge and was great, plenty of vapor … not a huge change from the original but enough to notice. When I removed the cartridge to replace ,, I gave the same subtle twist I always do to extract from the atomizer and removed it. I noticed the top area metallic ribbon ( the wick or whatever media is sticking up) was not connected to the base. Needless to say it smoked no more. I noticed the wick sticks up a little higher than the normal one maybe this makes it more fragile or maybe your not suppose to use cartridges with it ???

    Volcano- you can use with cartridges, but there not made for carts. low ohms attys are made best for dripping with a drip tip.
  • usb pt
    Review by kiwion 3/16/11
    umm i dont know about using it with the passthrough,unless its the inferno usb battery.
  • Question
    Review by Danny on 3/11/11
    What is the difference or benefit of a low res atomizer over the other atomizer? Not sure which one I should order, or why there is a difference.

    volcano- low res provides more throat hit and heat then a standard atty
  • Awesome
    Review by Georgeon 3/9/11
    This atty is kick ass. It pops sizzles and out comes a huge cloud. I used it with a long tip. Not to hot at all. Just ordered more. Great price!
  • Freakn sweet
    Review by Stevoon 2/25/11
    This things hits really good with a drip tip. Clouds you cant even see the computer screen thru haha
  • Question
    Review by Mistycloudson 2/25/11
    Can these be used with the usb pass-through? Thanks in advance.

    volcano- yes
  • just a thought
    Review by Howardon 2/25/11
    If this atomizer is not for use with the Magma, maybe you shouldn't call it a Magma atomizer...