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  • MAGMA Atomizer

MAGMA 2.5 ohm Drip Atomizer


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The MAGMA 2.5 ohm drip atomizer is constructed with a mesh A-Frame silica wick. It offers a simple drip option to drip e-liquid directly onto the heating element providing great vapor production and also e-liquid flavor reproduction. The no-hassle wick takes the removes the need to build your own but provides the same characteristics of other advanced drip systems.


Our new MAGMA atomizer is the highest performing atomizer for the 510 model series on the Market. With the largest bridge and a low 2.5 ohms resistant measurement during operation, vapor clouds will be billowing out of your MAGMA ecig...(Not for use with a Volcano starter kit)

*Average lifespan of an atomizer is 1 month. Atomizers are NOT covered under our 1-year limited warranty. All of our atomizers are shipped with a coating of PG primer fluid to prevent burning out upon initial use.  It is standard for them to be covered in condensation. Atomizers may or may not be shipped with a plastic sleeve.

Check out our MAGMA Atomizer compatible drip tips here:

Acrylic Swirl Drip Tips:
Anodized Aluminum Drip Tips:
Chrome Finish Drip Tips:

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall
    These are Nice
    Review by Christinaon 7/22/14
    Watch instruction video first:

    Once I fully understood how to use the atomizer, I liked it. It does give you the great hit that everyone is talking about. The problem I had was that I added too much liquid and it leaked out of the bottom all over the place. Just add two to three drops of liquid to the top of the drip tip. I do recommend that you get a drip tip with the atomizer. It is much easier to use.

    Thank you Volcano for such a great product!

    PS) Lava Larry, make a Volcano instruction video. Everyone else is going to another guys site. But I still love your products!
  • Overall
    Review by Jameson 7/20/14
    Will this work with the battery from the MAGMA kit?
  • Overall
    Review by MICHELLEon 10/26/12
    I have the old inferno before the remake... can i use these on my inferno drip usb batteries?
  • Overall
    Review by Courtneyon 10/12/12
    I like the atomizer, but I started off not dripping, got into blank tanks and all that jazz first, then went to clearo's and then bought an atomizer. Sometimes I can notice a difference in vapor, like with the grape, but sometimes I don't, so I noticed each flavor has a better preference at a different device, problem different vape (which is why the lava tube is such a grand idea), but if you have the magma like I do, I have all devices for it, so I use certain one's to drip with. Also though, I notice the flavor runs out quicker, that I don't like, but if you're looking to sit down for a good night of TV and a vape, then it's the way to go. Burst of wonderful flavor and extreme vaper.
  • Changing
    Review by William on 7/4/12
    Are these compatible with blu premium 100'

    volcano- yes
  • Love these products.
    Review by Dustinon 6/26/12
    Can I use this on a volcano? I am getting the USB Pass-through which says it works with mama atomizers, but was wondering if it would work on my regular volcano as well.
  • Holy Bat Snot
    Review by Kevin on 5/15/12
    I have been using these with my Inferno and also with my Lava Tube and they just keep blowing me away with the vape off them. I always keep these on hand. Love them so much.
  • Question!
    Review by rafaelon 5/6/12
    how does this compare to the inferno atty?

    Volcano- Inferno atomizers run at 2.0 ohms, and Magma is at 2.5. The lower the ohms the hotter the Mahma will be a cooler, and with less vapor.
    Review by Hunteron 3/16/12
    wow so i was so confused why this thing was such a piece of junk. this was my first time ever vaping and i was pretty disappointed. but anyways long story short tried 500 things and nothing worked. i ended up sticking a tiny pin into the bottom hole and gently began to pry it out A LITTLE BIT and reconnected to the inferno, not tightly, but snug, and i swear i went from no vape to THUNDERSTORM CLOUDS.
  • awesome best if used
    Review by Matton 2/25/12
    this atty gives awesome vape and awesome th. ive gone through 4 different brands from cheaper kits to way more expensive kits and i found the inferno just got it 3 days ago. and this atty is amazing. very consistant compared to anything ive used. and alot more efficient with liquid. 2-3 drops and it lasts as long as a cig and more vape than a cig also. if a cig had vape. lol u guys know what i mean. im hoping it lasts me a while ive heard its the longest life of all the attys out there. i got the lr lava also but died within the first couple hits but it was a dud. and i little harsh but this one is perfect heat and th mixture. closet to a alalog that u can get. thanks volcano wish i found u guys sooner and could have spent the houndreds of dollars on ur products instead of wasting it on crappy kits and parts. also it doesnt leak like everything else ive used. 3 drops or more holds well and lasts for a while. only problem was had to soke it in warm water when i got it to get rid of the primer taste but after that it was worked like a dream best out there buy buy buy!!
  • Can this be a replacement for Inferno? (inferno Low resistance Atomizer is out of stock)
    Review by Smokeyon 2/22/12
    Can this be used as a replacement for Inferno? (inferno Low resistance Atomizer is out of stock)

    Volcano- yes
  • Magma Tank kit
    Review by Gladyson 1/19/12
    Can this be used with the tank kit ? or do I need to order the same one that came with my Tank kit ?.. I do not use a drip kit...Thanks

    volcano- answer is no. Tankomizers (suplied with your kit) only work with tanks. Magma atomizers only work with a drip tip for manual dripping.
  • 5 Stars
    Review by VaporJoe74on 9/21/11
    Hey all ! ! some of you know me from my YouTube reviews i just want to say now that i have a volcano atti to compare to totally wicked and off brand...this item has a WOW effect. my other atti's don't produce nearly enough vape as this volcano brand does, im using cheap crappy cartridges to test this and volcano atti is the only one that kicks a great cloud of vape. i was a big totally wicked fan untill now. i am now a VOLCANO-MAN !!! oh and the inferno destroys the tornado hands down too, cant wait for my magma kit to arrive..and FYI don't ship priority it takes forever, go with FedEx... i ordered these attis FedEx two days before the volcano kit and im still waiting on My friggen magma kit..STILL!!!!!!!! lol ugh. lataz all
  • The best choice
    Review by Philipon 9/20/11
    This atty is like the energizer. It just keeps going for months with minimal maintenance. It's reliable and my number one choice. I've tried every volcano product in existence and I always come back to dripping with this atty.
  • Not bad
    Review by Theresaon 9/12/11
    Of the 3 magma atomizers I had 2 of them work well and the other one stopped working within 2 days (no flooding occurred). I tried cleaning it but it still never worked again. Otherwise the other two are holding strong and easy to care for.
  • Old Reliable
    Review by defaulton 9/7/11
    This thing obviously gives the weakest vape of all of the (Inferno compatible) atomizers Volcano has to offer, BUT it is definitely worth keeping around. While other atomizers last a couple weeks to a couple of months, this one will last you for several months before you need to replace it. The reliability of this thing alone makes it worth keeping in stock. I use this one while I'm waiting for replacements for the other ones in the mail.
  • Atty
    Review by Lorion 8/13/11
    I dont know what Im doing different but Im using the same atty I bought 6 months ago and it still works good. All I do is blowing out the excess liquid and truthfully thats it. I Love mine
  • Love the Magma
    Review by Mistyon 8/10/11
    I perchased my first ecig at a local shop. I loved vaping right away. I perchased a cheap 510 kit online and recieved just that... a cheap kit. I hated it. Poor quality and awful atty. After a lot of surfing the message boards I found Volcano. I am hooked again! This is the best atty in my oppinion. Great vapor, great taste! Thank You Volcano for the great quality.
    Review by amandaon 7/5/11
    ok im lost.. im new to this hole new ecig thing and i just got mine in the mail and i also ordered this atty well it's different from the one that came with my kit this one dosnt have the thing that pokes a hole into the fluid holder thing (lol) so i dont know how to fill it ,use it or anything i dont wanna mess it up can someone help me on how to use this atty
  • 5 STARS (out of 5)
    Review by tecvaperon 4/28/11
    I have been vaping 510's for about a year now. And..

    The Magma atomizer is the best 510 compatible that I have found.

    The relatively low resistance and high bridge yields a fantastic flavor, vapor, and TH.

    The amazing thing is:

    On a regulated battery (510, EGO, Magma, Inferno, etc,) these things last longer than any atty that I have tried.

    My experience does warrant the following cautions:

    If you use it on a higher voltage (3.7 box mod, etc) the life of the atty is way shortened.

    If you try extra cleaning methods (water, vinegar, alcohol, etc.) the atty life is way shortened.

    BUT, use it on the right battery and dry burn it every few days, these things last for at least 3 times longer than any other atty that I have tried. (Maybe longer - I have one that has been going for a couple of months that refuses to die)
  • Haven't Purchased Yet
    Review by Adamon 4/17/11
    Will my Magma T kit battery work with this? Also, can I pair this up with an aluminized drip tip? Thanks!

    volcano- yes you can buy a magma atomizer and it will work with your battery and drip tip.
  • start with magma first...for real
    Review by Alexon 3/14/11
    I started with the volcano starter kit. It was good, but the magma is just that much better. For me its about the pull, i don't like to pull that hard so this magma atomizer along with the batt makes vaping so easy. Good work guys. Keep them coming.
  • A Solid Part
    Review by Keithon 3/12/11
    By their nature, atomizers have a finite life-span. The repeated expansion and contraction from heating and cooling will eventually break the coil... and it's dead (in some situations, you use a high voltage battery source, where the electricity can jump the break).

    Now, it depends on how you use them as far as how long they'll last. If you get your atty up to sustained higher temps on a regular basis, your chances are higher that it'll break. Also, if they get so gummed up that they can't reach optimal temps, they'll go bad.

    To clean, once a week I blow all the excess juice out, give them a 30-minute soak in boiled water sling/blow them out again, and dry burn them as maintenence. I haven't lost one yet and it has been almost a month and a half.

    You should aways have a spare on you!
  • Just great
    Review by LVSurferon 2/15/11
    I started with a 510 kit from another company and came to volcano for their good deals. This addy came in my inferno kit. For some reason (I may not have had it wet enough) it popped the first week. I got another one to replace it and it’s been going strong for a good month. As others have said “No flood issues” “Good vapor production” and “Great taste to my juice”. Mahalos Volcano! I got my new addy.
  • Better living
    Review by Jordanon 1/29/11
    Since I've switch to vaping, I've noticed my lungs don't hate me as much as they use to. I live in Utah, so high elevation, plus climbing, snowboarding, and backpacking, really killed me. I'm still currently using Blu, but I'm switching because Blu recently combined the atty's and carts together.... not a bad thing in it of itself, but I like to refill my carts. I already have everything planned out, all I need is my paycheck. Happy vapor trails.
  • Good value on a good atomizer
    Review by wglowreyon 1/7/11
    I have been using these atomizers for about two weeks now. They have a lot of good things going for them for instance I have yet to flood one with carts or dripping and they seem to last forever (working as good as the day I got them with very little cleaning). In my opinion they don't provide as much throat hit or vapor as a genuine Joye 510 atomizer, but they are more durable and don't flood. So in a way they are more user friendly and better for people new to vaping.
  • Renewed Faith
    Review by Tonyon 1/6/11
    Love love love this atomizer, I started the trip to e-cig "slash" vaping by purchasing an e-cig from my local 7-11. I then moved to Blu 'cause they looked kind of cool and hadn't known about "V." On a lark I purchased an atomizer and a Magma batt + USB and while I kind of like like(d) the Blu, I'm sold on Magma and Atomizer.
    I could go on an on about how my craving for ciggys has been tamed but I'm guessing that there were many folks who went there before me! Oh and the kicker? it also works on Blu and the V series - not that I'm trying to say forgo the Magma 'cause while it may work, it definitely isn't the same!
  • One Month?
    Review by Matton 12/30/10
    Average lifespan of a month?! Don't be modest! I switched to you guys cuz I couldn't get my attys from another brand to last more than 2-3weeks. With consistent cleaning and a little learning the magma attys last me 3 months. Of course, some last a little longer and some less. Keep up the quality products and price and you've got a customer for life!
  • Awsome drip machine
    Review by Matton 12/18/10
    This is a great addition to any configuration and the vapor production is amazing.
  • good product
    Review by SmokeyJoeon 12/4/10
    Not much to say about these attys. They work good and give off a decent throat hit and good flavor. I like using these with the Magma Passthrough. Since I started using the Cisco, I don't use these as often as I did, but they're still nice to have.
  • Mind Blowing Vape
    Review by Cathyon 11/17/10
    I am a new customer and haven't been vaping but about a yr- this magma atty is really blowing me away. I was expecting a vape like my 510's- what a wonderful surprise for me when I put this on my new Inferno and juiced it up. I put the magma on my eGo and still blowing me away- the atty is great. I have been useing the Cisco 306 and have been loving it, but this magma just may be my new fave- the flavor of my juice is really good with the magma. Nice experience. I have to say I feel I have spent my money wisely ordering from Volcano.
  • best 510 around
    Review by tweeton 11/14/10
    I've used just about everybody's 510. These are the best, would you believe I have one that's still going strong after 4 months? Just clean then every day or so, a vinegar or alcohol soak then rinse and dry. These attys are about the best price too! You might get a 'burn' taste, so prime a new one with four or five puffs before really toking on it. (Same after a clean) What else can I say? They produce tons of vapor, give a clean real taste to your liquid and last 'forever' compared to all others!
  • Start with a sure thing
    Review by Brittanyon 10/27/10
    Today marks my first week without an analog since I began *******, 15 years ago. I started with the inferno kit and got the best of the best apparently. It came with a magma atty so I know nothing else of other brands.
    My brother is still buying parts here and there for vaping.
    If you want to ****, don't waste your time or money with anything else but a sure thing.
  • Love it.!
    Review by Matthewon 10/20/10
    Just switched to the Magma from blu these attys are much better all around love this with the drip tip and usb passthrough.
  • Definitely the best atty on the market
    Review by Williamon 10/12/10
    I have to agree with Eric, I've bought a lot of different ecigs from a lot of different companies, the magma was the 3rd or 4th I tried and I've got to say not only is the vapor production great, but most importantly for me, and why I always come back, the magma atty is true to the FLAVOR of the liquids.
    I don't use the magma batteries because I don't like the size of the manual button, i need a big fat clicky metal button and loong charge times heh, (maybe the inferno will satisfy me) but even going to other brands for batteries and some flavors I only use magma attys on them, I have yet to find an equal, after using magma attys virtually every other 510 i try will have a strange or skunky flavor to it, but with the magma it's just PURE flavor.
    I just feel bad that some people will give up after trying the other guys and resort back to analogs. EVERYONE should use these attys!
  • The best 510 atomizer in existence
    Review by Ericon 10/9/10
    After vaping for almost 6 months now and trying different atomizers from different companies, I can say that the MAGMA atomizer is the best one on the market. Even if you use another type of 510 battery, do yourself a favor and order yourself a nice little stockpile of these. Pop a drip tip on the end (skip pre-filled carts, dripping is by far the most satisfying and cost-effective way to vape) and watch as clouds of vapor fill the room.

    If you clean this baby daily, you can make one of these last a long time (4+ weeks). To do this, simply take a paper tower and hold the end that screws into the battery with it. Then, simply blow into the end that you attached the cart or drip to. All of the excess liquid that's clogging up your atomizer will come out the contact end and into the paper towel, giving you a quick and mess-free way to keep your atomizer clean.

    Order this, and never order another type of 510 atomizer again, because you won't find a better one.
    Review by e-rikon 9/29/10
    I have no experience with any other attys but, Iam surprised by what this thing can do. Its impressive. I can hardly imagine anything "better" than this is and honestly, I dont think i will ever need anything "better" than this atty.
    Im so happy with it you wouldnt believe. I love it.
    I allready do have a hint for the newbs that are sensitive to a hot running water while you need to rinse the atty from rubbing alcohol with help of a pair of tweezers or similar item...
    Please use a cloth or folded paper towel between the contacts and squeeze gently as I didnt do that and the atty now has paint peeling off day by day of using. And it really, really doesnt look good with the bright metal sticking up from beneath the whole black e-cig.

  • Workhorse Of The Industry... What An Understatement!
    Review by Gregon 9/12/10
    This thing is a Volcano at full eruption! Spews Magma like an atomic bomb! This is the Reason you should choose Volcano Magma Products over all others on the market! :)
  • Awesome
    Review by Jourdanon 8/26/10
    You cant get any better than these atomizers they are AWESOME!!!
  • Dont waste your time with anything else.
    Review by Nigel_Samhainon 8/12/10
    Nuff Said.
  • BY FAR
    Review by MerlinDaBldgon 7/10/10
    I had ordered a spare after the magma starter kit, just 'cause they hit real sweetly. these things are bullet-proof...
    Review by Brettcon 6/29/10
    These atomizers are something that you need to keep spares of. The Volcano / Magma atomizers are so nice to use! These atomizers provide you with a great deal of vapor and the flavor is superior when using the Volcano brand atomizers.
  • The best I have seen yet
    Review by massivaporon 6/27/10
    So after 3 months, around $600 dollars, and a lot of research, I have finally found the best of the best. The magma atomizer far out-performs anything I have tried. Blu is poop, joye 510 is much better, Absolute Maxx- didn't even bother trying to break it in. The magma has so much flavor and massive vapor. I believe that after almost 2 weeks without an analog, I will never need to smoke again!
  • great flavor, great throat hit
    Review by Joey the Mad Scientiston 6/25/10
    i'll be honest i have never used any other atomizer before. but i don't plan on it because this unit provides great throat hit, great flavor, and it's consistent.
  • So Great
    Review by Reszon 6/16/10
    This will probably be the last and only atomizer I will ever buy. I can't believe how well this atomizer works. I am so impressed with MAGMA... I can't imagine anything being closer to an actual cigarette.
  • Probably my favorite atomizer ever
    Review by Vladon 4/15/10
    I ordered a couple of Magma atomizers to try with my current 510 unit since the price is so good. I was hoping it would perform as well as a Joye 510 atty and didn't expect to get something even better. Even though I love the vapor production of a Joye 510 atty, I don't like how hot it gets and I always miss the juice flavor I get from DSE-901 atomizers. Well, the Magma 510 atty has given me the best of both worlds. I've been using it for about 5 hrs now and just cannot believe how good my liquids taste without having to give up a 510 atty performance. I haven't experienced any burnt taste even when chain-vaping. On top of that, it doesn't leak even though I overfilled it a couple of times while dripping. Very very nice! I recommend it to any 510 user. Just make sure to get a pack of their pre-filled carts which you can refill with fluval and your choice of ejuice until the blank carts with caps become available since standard 510 carts are too lose and cannot really be used. Thanks Volcano.
  • Excellent
    Review by Rasci2on 4/12/10
    I have several 510 set ups and these atomizers work as well if not better than any of the others. I am however, frustrated by my inability to find empty cartridges to fit them. I currently use standard 510 carts and it's OK but too loose fitting. When will empty carts be available?
  • Very nice
    Review by SleepyVaporiston 3/27/10
    I already own various 510 pieces and I must say these are good atomizers! Great vapor production, nice throat hit. Just as good as the JOYE atomizers for a killer price!!! All i can say is get one and put it on a manual battery and it is bliss.
    BUT any regular 510 cartridges do not fit well. I am still searching for carts that fit since there are no blanks yet
  • Amazing
    Review by Sevenon 3/19/10
    This thing is great. Doesn't get hot, great vapor and flavor. Only place to do business with.
  • The best..
    Review by Txinefon 3/18/10
    The best atomizer on the market. I'm genuinely impressed.
  • Awesome
    Review by CharlesDon 3/17/10
    I noticed a nice increase in the amount of vapor. It took a little longer to get going but I'm moving away from the reg volcano's and only doing Magma now. I think this atomizer is the key to the whole thing.