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  • MAGMA USB Battery Charger
  • MAGMA USB Battery Charger

MAGMA USB Battery Charger


Availability: In stock


A Replacement USB Charging unit for your MAGMA Starter Kit.


A Replacement USB Charging unit for your MAGMA Starter Kit.

* This charger can be used to charge M-Batteries ONLY!

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall
    Feel like it charges the best...
    Review by Courtneyon 10/12/12
    It charges my batteries very quickily, I have the magma. Takes about 30-40 minutes in the V-pack but takes half that time hooked up to my usb. It's also nice when you need to charge two things at once and get all your batteries charged and ready to go, you're not left waiting every 30 min to change, you can just do it all in one round. You need to have this if not any other charging device.
  • Let customers know they HAVE to order the USB charger
    Review by Maryon 5/3/12
    I ordered the wall charger and the car charger. I did not see anywhere that you must have the USB charger to use either of theses chargers. I was excited when I got my Magma but disappointed I can't use it until I now order the USB charger and once again pay shipping charges.
  • USB Ports
    Review by Candaceon 4/30/12
    I know this can be used in a USB port in a computer, but is it ok to plug it into a port in a wall outlet, or car charging USB port?

  • inferno?
    Review by Zackon 4/6/12
    Will this work for the inferno?
    volcano- No, we don't recommend.
  • MAGMA Mega Battery
    Review by atomon 2/1/12
    Will this little guy also charge the MAGMA Mega manual battery?
  • When will they get more?
    Review by James on 11/3/11
    i just want to know when they will get more in stock. i want to order a bunch of new parts but im not going to place the order until i can get two of these bad boys :/

    volcano- 1 week
  • Very Handy, but hoping they fix the one flaw.
    Review by Big Don 8/9/11
    This charger is very convenient. I just hope Volcano fixes a recurring problem I have with it. The plastic casing needs to be glued shut. The casing keeps opening around the battery connector side and releases the charging connector. I will probably just super glue the next one I order shut as soon as I get it. Second time I have had mine come apart now.
  • i think i might be the only one...
    Review by binger*real name*on 7/21/11
    im a blue collar worker. i work outside and never buy a cellphone charger has a usb port on it! SCORE for me. i do carry two mega magma batterys with me while at work. one for me and one for the charger...the problem is this. its a broken. the weight the battery on the charger, plus it just hanging out in open space. i think is what caused it. just kind of opened up. am i mad? not all. emo? not at all. im sure that it wasnt made for people like me in mind. im sure i might be the first tree climber that uses this. let me say as a whole. this E-cig thing is great! if VOLC. ever comes up with a heavy duty charger that needs to be put to the test let me know! i got you! ohhh and anything else that needs a heavy duty test.
  • Fast charge for Magma...
    Review by Razoron 6/10/11
    I got this in my Magma T kit. I use this as my main source for charging. Since I am on my computer a lot, I just plug it in and wait 15 or 20 minutes. When the light goes from red to green its ready to go where you go. Love it, just wish it fit the Inferno too.
  • excellent - keep a couple handy
    Review by Craigon 4/9/11
    these work excellent.....keep a couple handy
    so many electronics have usb ports these days so you can charge your batts anywhere
    at $5 its a steal for the convenience
  • Does what it should
    Review by Chrison 12/15/10
    This is pretty much a necessary accessory for anyone owning Magma battery(s). It charges pretty fast, although charging times will vary based on which USB port you plug it into. That isn't a flaw, its just because some USB ports supply more current than others. I mainly use my M Pack for charging, but the USB charger has been a life saver when both of my batteries manage to die and I need a fast charge.
  • Works
    Review by Matthewon 10/20/10
    Not much to say except it work and pretty fast.
  • Work
    Review by Matthewon 10/20/10
    Not sure what to say except that it works and pretty fast.
  • Manual friendly
    Review by Snatch ATKon 7/30/10
    I didn't use this much at first. Once I started using a manual battery, I found it hard to take it out of the M-pack without force(the activation button). I use this mainly for charging my manual battery, and it works great. Charges fast!!
  • does what it should do - and fast
    Review by Joey the Mad Scientiston 6/25/10
    it's as you would expect. it charges your magma. bonuses are it's small, lightweight, and portable. it has worked on all my usb ports across multiple computers, and it's fast. great product, great price.
  • Fast!
    Review by Reszon 6/16/10
    I was skeptical of the charging speed with USB but this charges the MAGMA battery SO FAST!