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Tube Tank - Refill Cartomizer

Tube Tank - Refill Cartomizer

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  • Overall
    Biggest part of expense
    Review by Micheleon 9/11/16
    Floods easily. Biggest part of expense
  • Overall
    they work if you get a good one..50-50 gamble
    Review by Michelleon 12/20/14
    In the last year it seems the quality has gone way down. Sometimes you can open it up and look at it and notice right away how thin the filter/filler looks more like mesh and is holey and not thick as when you get a good one. Then when you use them, you are lucky if they last 2 days. it is to the point a store not to far from my home, actually allows you to return them (if purchased there) because they have had so many recent complaints and they give you new one..which again is a gamble. I am so frustrated. They used to be good and last, now they are not at all reliable. Not only that, you waste alot of liquid filling em to try to get them to work. It is as if they want you to purchase more liquid, or upgrade. I am currently trying out different brands, as much as I prefer the Volcano.
  • Overall
    They last a month?
    Review by Lisaon 9/10/14
    It says in the description that these last a month. I've never gotten more than a week out of mine! I love this system and won't change to wicks but really? What am I doing wrong?
  • Overall
    they work
    Review by trentenon 3/24/14
    well these work but after a little use around 1-2 weeks and sometimes after a few days i find they start to leak onto the 510 battery connection and it isn't flooded and i am not drawing too hard it will seep liquid onto the battery connection without me even using it. i am in the process of dealing with this with the volcanoecigs customer service. hopefully they can help me fix this problem other than that they work good.
  • Overall
    Best I've tried
    Review by Anthonyon 2/27/14
    Experimented with others and I'm standing strong that this company is quality and I take pride in being a consumer..I can't complain but only compliment!!
  • Overall
    Love it....most of the time.
    Review by franon 1/9/14
    I am also having the same luck with the cartomizers. I buy 5 at a time and usually 2 give me trouble. Burnt taste and smell ,hard to get it to soak up the juice and just don't taste good. Always sounds flooded.
  • Overall
    So far so good!
    Review by Crystalon 5/23/13
    Been using this cartomizer for a week, used the suggestions of the previous reviews by filling it and letting it sit for an hour and haven't had any problems. Nice draw and good flavor :)
  • Overall
    I know how to make BETTER
    Review by PATTYon 5/11/13
    Buy the needle top cap. It makes it so easy to prime cartomizer without overfilling or getting liquid down the center hole. Caps also make refilling the tank a breeze! After priming cartomizer, take a few DRY (do not push battery button) hits. You will see bubbles coming up thru the liquid. This keeps it from having the burn taste because the cart is properly filled.You may have to do this during the life of the cart, but it is so easy, Try this. Believe me, I have been through all the pitfalls in the last 18 months. You will be amazed!
  • Overall
    Tried what Ruben suggested
    Review by Seanon 4/15/13
    Ok so I tried a similar thing as to what Ruben suggested. I filled a new cartomizer until I could see the the poly fill was moist through the wicking hole. I then put the white plug back in that they come with and put it back in the clear plastic bag. Then just let it sit for awhile (at least an hour). Put it in and it was good to go!!! I will try this a few more time and report back to you all. Peace
  • Overall
    Review by Seanon 4/13/13
    I've used an Inferno for the past year almost. Awesome product. But 50% of the cartomizers work and the other half like others have said are terrible!!!!!! They make any liquid taste burnt. I ended up getting a LAVATUBE V2 (Which is awesome) hoping the variable voltage would help me adjust for crappy cartomizers. NOPE! So far 3 out of 6 cartomizers were bad. C'mon guys! $3 a piece and shipping from Hawaii to PA. I very much like your devices but you are killing me with the cartomizers. :(
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Items 1 to 10 of 51 total

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