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Tube Tank - Refill Cartomizer

Tube Tank - Refill Cartomizer

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  • Overall
    wish there was instructions for the prime, fill and use of this
    Review by Rubenon 3/28/13
    I got my LTV2 on december 26 and the first carto that came with it, last for a month. Now, and after 5 more of them, the cartos look´s like they don´t work propertly, no instructions, and just like always, fill them and then the tube, find out that let them seat for over 30 minutes after the prime and tube filling, will help them last longer and have better taste (not like burned).. Lava Larry, please make a video review about it.. all of your new customers will appreciate it. and I´ll give volcano 5 stars for the liquid taste, it´s the BEST !!
  • Overall
    Wish they were more reliable.
    Review by Williamon 3/8/13
    I am fairly new to Volcano, bought an Inferno about 2 months ago, but I can already tell these things are going to be what I dislike the most. I am having about a 50% success rate with these. Half are perfect, the other half....burnt. I would not have a problem with this, if only these things were not $3 a pop + the juice to prime them. That being said, the ones that do work are great and I could not ask for more. 3 out of 5 for the success to fail rate.
  • Overall
    best buy ever
    Review by DeeDeeon 3/2/13
    thank you . you saved my life.... : * )
  • Overall
    Quality control
    Review by Krison 2/14/13
    I'v orded a bunch of cartomizers from you and i love them, when they work. It would be great if you told your supplier to use better quality control measures.I'm gonna keep using them but you gotta do something.
  • Overall
    Faulty Carto's?
    Review by itsmeon 2/11/13
    I've been vaping since right after Christmas, and i pick up carto's in packs of 5.. i've had to throw away 3 carto's. After priming and taking the first drag it taste's horribly burnt. Threw them away and primed another one. Is there a way to get a refund? The signs at your locations say no refunds.. I do love the product, and it works for me. Haven't been smoking. Would be 4-5 stars if they were consistantly working, in my experience i've bought 10 extra carto's and 3 didn't work properly. Anyone else have this problem?
  • Overall
    is there such thing as a faulty carto?
    Review by Rylanon 2/6/13
    Love the product.. i pick up once a month. I buy in packs of 5.. just got my inferno on december 27th and i thoroughly enjoy it. By faulty I mean it tastes bad right after priming. .I've thrown away 3 cartos. What is it?
  • Overall
    Review by Prashanton 1/11/13
    I am almost reaching an year vaping volcano egigs I had inferno and now I have lava tube.... So far the journey is good but at some point always felt something is incomplete...... I think its the cartridge either 1.5 or 3.0 both needs some more good work..... Some are not good straight from the time you unpack them.... Flooding or not vaping good and they doesn't go even for few days..... I think I am now an expert vapor of Volcano ecigs that even in dark I can refill the tube tank .... Need a smiley icon here.... what I mean is that I follow the exact refill instructions but still some new cartomizer floods and have no life..... Volcano is best and some work on carto and everything will be solved....... I still give them 5 star coz they made me quit analog cigs
  • Overall
    better than boges
    Review by jordanon 12/17/12
    Bought the tube-tank as a backup tank. Soon as i started to vape i instantly realized these cartos performed WAY better than my punched boges (more vapor and no carto taste). in fact they were so good i drove back to the store and bought a pack of the 3 ohm and tossed my boges. currently vaping these cartos on my Cartomator (fits perfect) at 5.7 volts.
  • Overall
    Massive Vapor
    Review by DeathTrippon 12/12/12
    The amount of vapor is great, and the flavor is really good. But 1 month life-time is really pushing it. If you vape every day you will get about 2 weeks of life at the very maximum.
  • Overall
    A Necassary Evil
    Review by Joeon 12/12/12
    Unfortunately, the tube tank is by far the best way to vape with volcano. That requires you to stock up on these cartomizers, which when they actually work function flawlessly. However, in my experience at LEAST half of the cartomizers I order don't function properly straight out of the box. They are obviously very cheaply made and have some serious quality control issues. Hopefully this gets addressed at some point in the future as there is no other alternative for the best possible vape with a lavatube or inferno.

    Fix the consistency issues and this would be a 4 or 5 star product.
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Items 11 to 20 of 51 total

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