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Tube Tank - Refill Cartomizer

Tube Tank - Refill Cartomizer

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  • Overall
    What happened?
    Review by Jeremyon 12/7/12
    I've placed a couple orders from here, both times being some 3.0 single coils (which are awesome), and a tube tank. The first order went fine, but the second, not so great. It took just over a week for a set of 5 cartos and a tube tank to come in, and when I finally did get it, the boxes were crushed and just horribly packed. Luckily nothing was damaged, but I was not happy. However, I have them, so it's not like I'm going to send them back. Hopefully the next order is better.
  • Overall
    Review by Prashanton 10/25/12
    I am using Inferno with tube tank 7ml and 1.5 carto, It works fine but I would like to know if Lava tube is much better than the inferno.... You know how it goes from e-cig basic models to Inferno type and the need for more and more vape.

    Lavatube, You control the amount of vapor. So if you want more vapor then you are getting from the Inferno, the get a Lavatube.
  • Overall
    Keep Plenty on Hand
    Review by Adrianaon 10/24/12
    When I first started vaping, I overused one of these. The vapor got yucky and smokey. After visiting the vapor bar in Honolulu, I realized I overused it. As soon as I learned these need to be replaced regularly, I have loved vaping so much. How do you know when to change? When the taste goes bad, change the cartomizer. Its sooooo worth it!!!! And, the hit is so much better! Depending on how much you vape, this might be 2-6 weeks. For me, I vape a lot at night and changing the cartomizer every 3-4 weeks is perfect, but let your tastebuds decide. If your flavor is tasting smokey or harsh, change the cartomizer...well worth it!!!
  • 1.5 or 3.0
    Review by bruceon 8/23/12
    After going through carts after carts I acually enjoy the 1.5 dual coil over the 3.0 single. I'm using the chrome lava tube @ 4v to 4.5 volts. For me the 1.5 generates more smoke along with better throat hit and for me better resistance. It's like drinking a melted smoothie with a straw with a 1.5 compared to drinking water with a straw with the 3.0 single. I even wasted carts and liquids to come up with this conclustion just trying to have the same effect as smoking a real cigg.
  • Question?
    Review by Karenon 7/31/12
    I am still fairly new to vaping and plan on getting the Lava Tube...also the tube tank and tube tank cartomizer...what is the best setup for loads of vapor but not a strong throat hit?? warm is ok not hot...and what do I need to consider? I am a pack to pack and a half smoker and am wanting to go to vaping instead...

    Volcano- Lavatube with 7ml Tube tank
  • Love the inferno with tube tank
    Review by Jeanneon 7/19/12
    Been using the Inferno with tube tank for 3 months. Been analog free for about 7 weeks. I have read the reviews got the carto and see most people say the carto last 2 to 4 weeks. I am finding that it only last me 5 to 7 DAYS, then they flood. Can I clean and reuse them?
    Another problem--I bought 10 cartos on 6/21. As of today, I used 5 of them. but 2 of them I could not use because after I primed them they had a severe burnt taste immediately??? What causes this??? Can these cartos be salvaged???
    I really love the product, and the service
  • cartomizers
    Review by hawaiivaporson 7/5/12
    How can u tell wen to change a cartoon?
    volcano- Im guessing you meant Cartomizer...The cartridge will flood or will clog. I would recommend changing once a month.
  • Quick question
    Review by Spenceron 6/20/12
    Can you use the 1.5 on an inferno with the 7ml tube? or can you only use the 1.5 carto on a 4ml?

    Volcano- Yes, but the tube will be much larger in Diameter of the Inferno...but it works exactly the same
  • Excellent setup for on-the-go vaping, except...
    Review by Joshon 6/2/12
    The 1.5Ohm Dual Coil carts won't work on my 1000 mAH batt, only on my passthru batt. What gives? Still love my TubeTank though. Thanx
  • cartos
    Review by Hawaiianvapor808on 4/24/12
    the carto refills don't really last a month unless you vape small amounts in a day...when you're a daily user the carts last about 2 weeks tops...then you gotta change em even though its cheap it could end up not so cheap... but it works well for the first week...thats from my experience....
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Items 21 to 30 of 51 total

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