Tube Tank - Refill Cartomizer

Tube Tank - Refill Cartomizer

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  • 1.5 or 3.0
    Review by bruceon 8/23/12
    After going through carts after carts I acually enjoy the 1.5 dual coil over the 3.0 single. I'm using the chrome lava tube @ 4v to 4.5 volts. For me the 1.5 generates more smoke along with better throat hit and for me better resistance. It's like drinking a melted smoothie with a straw with a 1.5 compared to drinking water with a straw with the 3.0 single. I even wasted carts and liquids to come up with this conclustion just trying to have the same effect as smoking a real cigg.
  • Question?
    Review by Karenon 7/31/12
    I am still fairly new to vaping and plan on getting the Lava Tube...also the tube tank and tube tank cartomizer...what is the best setup for loads of vapor but not a strong throat hit?? warm is ok not hot...and what do I need to consider? I am a pack to pack and a half smoker and am wanting to go to vaping instead...

    Volcano- Lavatube with 7ml Tube tank
  • Love the inferno with tube tank
    Review by Jeanneon 7/19/12
    Been using the Inferno with tube tank for 3 months. Been analog free for about 7 weeks. I have read the reviews got the carto and see most people say the carto last 2 to 4 weeks. I am finding that it only last me 5 to 7 DAYS, then they flood. Can I clean and reuse them?
    Another problem--I bought 10 cartos on 6/21. As of today, I used 5 of them. but 2 of them I could not use because after I primed them they had a severe burnt taste immediately??? What causes this??? Can these cartos be salvaged???
    I really love the product, and the service
  • cartomizers
    Review by hawaiivaporson 7/5/12
    How can u tell wen to change a cartoon?
    volcano- Im guessing you meant Cartomizer...The cartridge will flood or will clog. I would recommend changing once a month.
  • Quick question
    Review by Spenceron 6/20/12
    Can you use the 1.5 on an inferno with the 7ml tube? or can you only use the 1.5 carto on a 4ml?

    Volcano- Yes, but the tube will be much larger in Diameter of the Inferno...but it works exactly the same
  • Excellent setup for on-the-go vaping, except...
    Review by Joshon 6/2/12
    The 1.5Ohm Dual Coil carts won't work on my 1000 mAH batt, only on my passthru batt. What gives? Still love my TubeTank though. Thanx
  • cartos
    Review by Hawaiianvapor808on 4/24/12
    the carto refills don't really last a month unless you vape small amounts in a day...when you're a daily user the carts last about 2 weeks tops...then you gotta change em even though its cheap it could end up not so cheap... but it works well for the first week...thats from my experience....
  • Good and Bad
    Review by Thomason 4/22/12
    Starting off the lava tube is the most enjoyable product I've used since I started vaping 3 years ago. On the other hand i still think the tube tank and its cart. still need some work. The cart. often comes apart in my pocket, exposing the fabric inside and allowing the e-juice to leak out. This provides me with a very unpleasing supprise. But once again, when i can get my tube to cooperate i vape loud and proud. Long live Joe Volcano and to my fellow digi-smokers, VAPE LOUD!!!
  • Clean Vape!
    Review by Brianon 4/18/12
    This gives a nice clean vape and love using this on my lavatube at 3.6v with the 3 ohm. Dual core just gets too hot and kinda burns the throat, but some like that I guess.
  • 1.5 Ohm on LavaTube
    Review by Georgeon 4/7/12
    I have read several places in the reviews that the 3 Ohm is recommended for the LavaTube. But the 1.5 Ohm produces more vapor.

    Why is it recommended that I not use the 1.5 Ohm on the LavaTube? Is it because of the control circuitry? Vapor is my thing, so I'm looking to maximize the vapor.

    Volcano- With the 1.5 ohms atomizer, you cant use the full 3-6 volt spectrum. At the same voltage, the 1.5 ohms is better vape, but you cant go up to 6 volts. So we recommend the 3.0 ohms cartomizers, as they can give you the full spectrum on the Lavatube.
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