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Tube Tank - Refill Cartomizer

Tube Tank - Refill Cartomizer

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  • Good and Bad
    Review by Thomason 4/22/12
    Starting off the lava tube is the most enjoyable product I've used since I started vaping 3 years ago. On the other hand i still think the tube tank and its cart. still need some work. The cart. often comes apart in my pocket, exposing the fabric inside and allowing the e-juice to leak out. This provides me with a very unpleasing supprise. But once again, when i can get my tube to cooperate i vape loud and proud. Long live Joe Volcano and to my fellow digi-smokers, VAPE LOUD!!!
  • Clean Vape!
    Review by Brianon 4/18/12
    This gives a nice clean vape and love using this on my lavatube at 3.6v with the 3 ohm. Dual core just gets too hot and kinda burns the throat, but some like that I guess.
  • 1.5 Ohm on LavaTube
    Review by Georgeon 4/7/12
    I have read several places in the reviews that the 3 Ohm is recommended for the LavaTube. But the 1.5 Ohm produces more vapor.

    Why is it recommended that I not use the 1.5 Ohm on the LavaTube? Is it because of the control circuitry? Vapor is my thing, so I'm looking to maximize the vapor.

    Volcano- With the 1.5 ohms atomizer, you cant use the full 3-6 volt spectrum. At the same voltage, the 1.5 ohms is better vape, but you cant go up to 6 volts. So we recommend the 3.0 ohms cartomizers, as they can give you the full spectrum on the Lavatube.
  • 650 mah USB battery
    Review by Jessicaon 3/27/12
    Does the tube tank work with the 650 and the 1000 mah USB batteries??

    Volcano- Yes
  • What is the difference in the Atomizer specs can I use in the magma
    Review by Mariaon 3/8/12
    What is the difference in the Atomizer specs can I use in the magma
  • 1.5 vs 3.0
    Review by ronon 3/6/12
    if your looking for an exreamly high vape,get the 1.5 ohm cart. if you want to sit and work and work for a very small amout of vape then get the 3.0 ohm cart. it's up to you. i've tried both, and will stick with the 1.5 ohms.
  • ? On ohm's
    Review by Amberon 2/29/12
    I currently us a 1.5 ohm, on my inferno. I like a lot of smoke & flavor. What is the difference on the 3 single & dual coil?

    Dual coil 1.5 ohms is hotter and gives you more vapor then the 3.0 ohms single coil. 3.0 is best with labatube, and 1.5 is best with inferno.
  • This is the BEST!!!!
    Review by sharonon 2/23/12
    Thank you for whoever created this winner!! I have tried MANY gadgets & this one in my book is a keeper. I am a HEAVY vapor, quit REAL ciggs. 4 months ago. I smoked for 25 years & if it were not for products like this one I would fall off the wagon. This produces massive amounts of vape with great throat hit & I don't have too refill till the next day. In the beginning I had to adjust to the hit because I found it to be powerful, I also use 36 mg of juice which I need in order to remain smoke free. I'm still a newbie to vapin & with products like this I will never go back to real ciggs. again!!!!
    Review by Frosty09on 2/3/12
    I've been using the 4-mL and the 7-mL Tube Tanks for about three months with my Inferno 1000-mA batteries. These cartomizers are great. The vapor production is fantastic and the juice flavor really is intense.

    No more need for double-shots of flavoring in my e-juice. No more raw e-juice in my mouth. No more e-juice leakage.

    The whole Tube Tank and cartomizer set works GREAT.
  • great TH for a carto
    Review by Michaelon 2/2/12
    A great product and works like a charm. the only carto that gives me a decent TH. Not sure why some people are saying it's a steal at $3 though. It's just a single carto your getting, not a pack of them. $2 - $3 is standard for a single carto. Regardless, it's an awesome product when used correctly.
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Items 31 to 40 of 51 total

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