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Pre-filled Cartomizers - Blanks - Black

Pre-filled Cartomizers - Blanks

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  • Overall
    Review by Nickon 3/30/14
    I have used dripping, tube/tanks, clearomizers and mega-clearomizers, and the newer filled/blank carts... These BLANK carts are the easiest to fill and haven't leaked on me yet (which was a big problem with the tanks). They seem to put out more vape/per puff than their pre-filled sisters.
  • Overall
    can't live without
    Review by fegrrlon 9/29/13
    I got the Magma starter kit recently to switch from traditional cigs to e-cigs. I love the MAGMA. I haven't touched a real cig since. It came with the blank cartomizers and it was so easy to get going. When I needed more there were no black in stock and I was put off by the price. So I looked around. All the other ones I tried were a complete waste of my money. With these you definitely get what you pay for. They are easier to fill, give a better flavor and made much better. (I've only been vaping 3 weeks and I can tell). You can see the difference right away when you pull the rubber tip off. So even though I hate white I am getting some anyway.
  • Overall
    Review by Tomon 7/23/13
    awesome product! love filling up my own flavors! produces great vapor!
  • Overall
    hey hey hey
    Review by Djayfusionon 11/19/12
    HEY HEY HEY.....fabulous product. I get to fill this blank carts with my fave flavors. Not only can you fill them with one flavor...You can mix and fuse and get creative. Create and experiement your own tastes. btw good bye blu hello Volcano!!!
  • Overall
    Awesome! Waay better than the old cartridges!
    Review by Lisa Mon 11/1/12
    I just got these today, and filled them (so simple!) and I have to say, the vapor production is MUCH better than the old atty/cartridge setup. I was put off by the higher price- but they are so worth it. I just placed a second order today! They have a soft rubber-type tip, that is easily removed with just a fingernail- the coconut cartridges I got have a hard plastic tip, that's harder to get out. Gotta get lots of these blanks! And, I like the black.
  • Will the metal hurt my teeth?
    Review by Dawningon 7/15/12
    I like to hold my e-cig in my mouth with my teeth. I liked the carts and atomizer set up because I could refill easy and chew up the carts and just put on a new one. I am afraid of getting anything metal. I got a drip tip and had to put painter tape around it because it is stainless steal. I wish the regular carts were still being sold, you still sell atomizers. This is why I stopped using the Blu e-cig. I really don't want to stop using Valcano now too. This is frustrating. Right when I figure out what I like everything changes.

    Volcano, we have rubber drip tips. Metal may not hurt, depending on the person.
  • First time
    Review by William on 7/2/12
    Are these compatible with Blu premium batteries and if so wich one or is there a difference. If not compatible witch battery do have and recommend for the strongest fast n flavor
  • blucigs battery
    Review by abdulon 5/28/12
    Can i use these cartomizer with a blucigs battrey or not
    Volcano- Yes
  • Amazing!
    Review by Bryanon 4/20/12
    First off I love to drip, great flavors heavy vape but tough to do when driving. I tried the tank but it would leak all over my batt and my hand. I thought OK.... one more shot and tried the carts. From first fill to 4 hours later, no leaking, great flavor and modest vapor. These are a winner and will be picking up a bunch more soon! Thanks Volcano!
  • compatable
    Review by donon 4/6/12
    will the blank cartomizers work with the magma drip kit
    Volcano- Yes, they will work on Magma batteries.
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