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USB Car Charger

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  • Will wall charger cord work.
    Review by Kevinon 6/2/12
    I bought this for when I go on trips. Will this work with the cord from the wall charger so I can charge both the small and large Inferno batteries?

    Volcano- Yes
  • A must for USB pass-through in the car
    Review by Shandaon 8/20/11
    When I first received the USB pass-through I was super excited to have it while driving and not having to worry about having charged batteries. Unfortunately it wouldn't work with a normal USB adapter so I tried looking for one with high voltage but they were too expensive. Then I found out Volcano made one specifically for the pass-through in the car. This is another must Volcano accessory.
  • USB passthrough?? U need this USB Charger
    Review by Birdofparadiseon 8/1/11
    I have the USB passthrough and I had a car USB charger from somewhere else it was a cheapy and did NOT work so I was hesitant to purchase this....I am so glad I did theres no need to drag my laptop along anymore this USB charger gives you so much power the same if not more power than when its hooked up to a laptop!! I love it now I can vape with no worries at my computer and in the car so AWSOME!!!!! And it says it will charge anything that charges with a USB
  • I can't tell what unit this charger is made for ?????
    Review by Normanon 6/25/11
    I can not tell by the description if this charger will work with my INFERNO 1000ma batteries.

    volcano- this can be used with any electronic device that uses a USB port to charge or use, including our passthroughs, pcc, inferno batteries. You would still need the wires to connect to the usp port.
  • Is this for a Magma?
    Review by Barbaraon 3/26/11
    I'm confused. This is on the Magma accessories page yet it's called a V Charger. Is there an M Charger for the CAR? Thank you.

    volcano- you can use this for magma and volcano accessories
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5 Item(s)

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