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  • Overall
    It is okay, very neat but weak draws on battery.
    Review by Darillon 3/3/15
    This kit is okay, just make sure to get the high nicotine cartridges if you want a good throat hit otherwise if you get the low nicotine cartridges, you will not get any throat hits at all due to the magma battery are so weak they cannot give you a lot of vapor with low nicotine. The battery goes dead very quickly as well too, I suggest you buy extra batteries, at least two more so you will have 4 total to last you throughout the day. Especially if you are a heavy smoker like me. I am ordering a tankomizer so I have not yet to test that so I hope it will make me happy until then I will post reviews on my opinion of the tankomizer after I test it.
  • Overall
    Summary of Your Review
    Review by Lindaon 2/12/15
    i am very happy with my magma kit you get a decent hit and i'm very satisfied
  • Overall
    Exellent starter kit
    Review by Jay T.on 1/24/15
    This is an excellent starter kit with quality components. Cartomizers produce good vapor and the batteries last a good while. Nice that they have blanks available so you can use your favorite juices too. It offers more options than most of the standard PCC kits. Seeing it holds 3 batteries and it also handles the manual batteries too. I rarely use more than 2 a day so it carries more than enough for an ex pack a day smoker. Highly recommend this for the beginner and to someone that wants a convenient easy to use travel kit. If your gonna kick the cigs, This would be a good kit to start with!! Much higher quality that most other starter kits I have used!
  • Overall
    Aesthetic, Compact, Convenient, Durable
    Review by Kaleighon 12/29/14
    I like things to fit neatly into organized cases, and this kit delivers. Arriving with all its components nicely packaged in a gift box, it eliminates the need to wade through lists of visually unappealing modular components with no guaranteed compatibility. Quitting cigarettes is enough of a headache, so I wasn't exactly up for mastering the vapor world before buying.
    It's just all there and ready and new and nice. Even after gaining experience with the mechanics of vapor, I'd still choose these.
    The auto batteries are powerful and durable, withstanding all but the most extreme abuse (though I would recommend looking into manuals, as they have their own set of benefits). Similarly, the case is made of something incredibly durable that withstands the extremely harsh conditions of the ruthless environment known as the inside of my purse.
    Keep in mind that practically no physical components from other vaporizer vendors will be compatible with these devices. Volcano is a bit like the Apple computers of vaporizers in that respect: aesthetic but relatively isolated.
    Also, ALWAYS hold the bottom of the pack while pushing a battery into the charge slot. I actually managed to push the bottom out of it and expose the electronics. All in all, treat the kit nicely and it will do the same for you :)
  • Overall
    Magma Starter Kit
    Review by Gilon 9/20/14
    Overall I really like the Magma Kit. The only problem I have encountered with it is while using the M-Battery supplied with the kit. To me it seems that your draw on the ecig using this battery has to be ridiculously long to be able to get a decent hit off the product. When I purchased my unit I also bought two of the Mega M-Batteries - Manual Button which I am completely satisfied with. If it was up to me I would include the M-Battery - Manual Button as the standard battery with the starter kit. I do guess there are people out there that want it to look like a regular cigarette so they want it without the button but the control of the hit is much better with the batteries with the button.
  • Overall
    Summary of Your Review
    Review by Kathleenon 9/8/14
    I am a newbie with ecigs, so it's hard to compare to other brands, but so far I'm glad I stumbled across your website to learn how to get started vaping. I am very pleased with my Magma kit. Having a rough start learning the technique for vaping, but it gets better every day. Because it looks so much like an analog cigarette, it is a godsend to me. I'm at the point where I can barely breathe. After just a week with the Magma, I can already feel a difference. I love the M Pack. It is so convenient to throw in my purse on my way out the door. My only complaint is that I"ve had some problems with the cartomizers and have reached out to Customer Service to resolve the issues. You really are making a difference to thousands of people who had given up hope of every being able to quit tobacco.
  • Overall
    Review by Jameson 7/6/14
    This is a big improvement over the lava system and I am glad I bought it, being refillable is what really sold me. Not only that but refilling is very affordable, I was concerned that a 30ml bottle might not last me very long (used to smoke a pack a day) but these cartomizers only need .7ml for a proper refill.

    The M-Pack seems to work well just make sure the initial charge is done before you use it, it took a bit longer the first time (all batteries usually do). The M-Battery needs to be seated properly in the M-Pack and I wasn't doing it right at first but it's very easy to check if it is properly charging thanks to the indicator window at the bottom of the M-Pack.

    The kit is just as it was shown on the instructional video and some other brands aren't as honest so I was happy about that. I intended to use this kit to cut down on cigarettes but now I realize that switching to these exclusively instead of cigarettes is going to be easy in use and cost.

    The point reward system is pretty fair and doesn't seem like an uphill battle to see results as most were for me. The only thing I dislike is that I ordered my kit 3 days before the 4th of July sale and missed out on some surprisingly good savings, but these things happen.

  • Overall
    Good product.
    Review by Victoriaon 6/27/14
    I already have the inferno and purchased the Magma Kit for convenience. The kit is very easy to use and everything works great. The only drawback is that the cartridges that are already filled only equal about 10 cigarettes per cartridge. In the future I will be purchasing a couple of cartridges that I can refill myself to make them more economical.. I have tried another brand of e cigarettes in the past and found they were way too harsh; The Magma is not harsh at all.

    I am trying to eliminate all regular cigarettes from my life, which I hope will eventually happen. I spoke to another person, and upon purchasing the Inferno they never touched another regular cigarette again. For me, it helps me cut back to about 10 per day. Its a rough habit to break (to put it mildly).
  • Overall
    Overall great, but could be better with a few fixes
    Review by Bretton 5/19/14
    I have been an avid user of the old V-Pack and batteries for years. Hands down the best cigarette like setup I have used. I was a little worried when I saw it was discontinued, but decided to give the Magma a shot. Glad I did.

    The batteries are a little larger, but they last so much longer between charges. They also seem to have a little more punch in the vapor department, although that could be because I am switching from older V batteries. Overall, these are outstanding.

    I do have a few issues with the new setup though.

    First off, the new method of just pushing the battery into the pack to charge it seems great. It saves you time from having to screw it in which is a God send when you are driving. However, the fit doesn’t seem that great. Just walking around with the pack in my pocket can wiggle the battery loose and stop the charge. It seems to be more of a problem with the two batteries that came with the kit than the other two I purchased. Just the slightest bump and the charging stops. This is a real problem when you are only carrying two batteries with you and the one on the cartomizer dies. You think you have another fully charged and ready to go, but you don’t. I am now obsessed with checking the pack every five minutes to make sure it is charging. A little tighter fit would help here.

    The other thing I liked about the old V-Pack over the Magma was the small piece of foam in the pack that was cut out to hold the spare cartomizers/batteries in the pack. The holes in the new Magma are slightly larger diameter than the cartomizers and batteries you put in them. That means everything kind of wiggles around in the pack. When I walk around it sounds like I am carrying a rattle in my pocket as the cartomizers slop around. I still have one of my old V-Packs and I pulled the foam out of it. It is a perfect fit into the Magma. I just need to get a little glue and it should solve the problem. I’m thinking that will help with the battery issue as well. It’s a little issue I know, but it is one of those finishing touches that would have been nice on the new version. They already have the piece available, just use it again on the Magma.
  • Overall
    suggestion for improvement
    Review by Beverlyon 3/18/14
    The product performs as advertised now that I have had to return parts. I think that a tutorial encompassing all ways to use the product(s) would be helpful for beginners. I did not know, for instance, that I would need a needle cap for the liquid in order to fill the blank cartomizers.
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