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  • Overall
    Luv it !
    Review by Lisaon 2/19/15
    This is the absolute best thing to help me quit smoking, so easy and enjoyable to use, and i love the flavored liquids! Tastes a thousand times better than a cigarette!
  • Overall
    very pleased
    Review by Susanon 2/11/15
    I'm so glad I went with my instinct on purchasing this product.
    I couldn't be happy!
    Thanks to one and all for all your hard work and dedication in the development of your products.
    I will definitely be a repeat customer.
  • Overall
    love it!
    Review by Tracinaon 1/12/15
    Its great.should have included replacement tube tank o rings in the starter kit though, lost the one it came with in the first week of getting it.
  • Overall
    Review by Rachelon 1/6/15
    Had this for about two months now. It's great! I definitely recommend it to my vaping and non vaping friends. I've tried several other vaping devices and this takes the cake, especially for the price. I have a friend who has the lavatube which is almost twice the price and even she agreed this is almost as good. The quality is good, the amount of vapor is insane! Only gripe is after regular use the battery life has decreased a bit. Still okay since you can vape while charging.
  • Overall
    Great product right out of the Box
    Review by Aaronon 1/2/15
    Super product!! Works as vaper so I am most impressed
  • Overall
    Smooth but Powerful
    Review by Walton 12/20/14
    I have been using a different brand for nearly a year. On the other brand, I would need to replace the coil about once per week. I've had my Inferno for 2 weeks and the first coil is still going strong.

    It is very easy to fill. There is plenty of room between the inner and outer tubes to add your juice without flooding it. Where it comes apart for filling, it is metal on metal threads with a gasket so it comes apart much easier than a plastic to metal joint.

    The batteries are powerful and long lasting. Of course, both batteries are pass thru so you can vape while charging.

    Yes, this kit is worth 3 of the $25 starter kits that a lot of local shops sell. No regrets at all about my Inferno purchase.
  • Overall
    The Inferno Kit
    Review by Lindaon 12/15/14
    I loved everything except the juice. The Inferno e-cig is the best, not too big and it is easy to fill. The kit has everything you need to get started. I'm just wondering about the heating coils.... they don't seem to last very long. Can you clean them or is there any way to make them last longer?

    I was so excitesd to try the orange cream juice and was very disappointesd in it. NO taste and no orange flavor.
  • Overall
    Great Product Overall
    Review by Paulon 12/15/14
    I believe that Volcano hardware is superior to the vast majority of the marketplace because of the care and attention that the company gives to all of its products.

    I have had an Inferno since its first or second iteration (with the original Tube Tank). The batteries that came with my original kit lasted for about a year and a half of heavy use before giving up the ghost.

    So, I bought another starter kit with the new BCT Tank and find it much easier to use and less messy in general. Add in the fact that the BCT system makes the whole thing look classy, and you're looking at a great value for the money you spend.

    I will say that the BCT Tank system is not really a beginner friendly set-up. The first uses gave me the burnt coil blues, and I used up my supply of replacements. Prime and prime again did nothing to alleviate the issue. The one thing that I found that worked every time is to fill the tank, prime the coil, and then let the complete tank sit overnight. I have yet to have another burnt coil issue.

    The only thing that I do not like about the BCT system as a whole is the amount of e-liquid that you end up wasting because of overdraw into the tip basin. Maybe this is just an issue of too much suction on use. I am experimenting with draw strength in the hope that I can find a comfortable draw that won't waste much e-liquid.
  • Overall
    A Stunning Product
    Review by Kyleon 11/27/14
    I have been using electronic cigarettes for the last year and all of them seem to break, leak, lose power, or not produce enough flavor. Since I started using the Volcano Inferno I have yet to have any of those issues. I use it all day long and it never gives me issues. I noticed that the battery has a unique connection so it is not changeable with e-go batteries and other tanks. Other then that there is nothing wrong with this set up. It has to be hands down the best one I have used.

    I am thinking about buying a few more just to give out as gifts to friends so they can experience the greatness of this electronic cigarette.

    Volcano you have made an amazing electronic cigarette. I plan on coming back for years
  • Overall
    I like it...a more than sufficient substitute compared to regular cigs.
    Review by Jasonon 11/20/14
    If you're considering an e-cig already...go on and jump in...the water is fine! :-)
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