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  • Overall
    Great battery life
    Review by Tashia on 7/19/14
    I switched from a magma to the Inferno and LOVE the battery life and the ability to use it as a pass through if needed. But I find that the new BCT tube tank leave a little to be desired. The throat hit is awesome and it delivers a very satisfying vapor cloud but I have a continuous problem with fluid coming up the tube and ending up in my mouth. I have changed the o rings and even have a second BCT tube and both have the same problem.
  • Overall
    Love it
    Review by Rich Pon 7/19/14
    Love everything about it. The new Inferno style is much much easier to fill, and lasts longer per fill and even has a more consistent taste. The burner/heater unit last much much longer than the old style and the whole system requires little, almost no maintenance other than refilling, which as I said is much faster than before. I now own f of the new unites, one of each flavor and the zero nicotine unit for late night smokes so as not to keep me awake. Kudos to your R&D department!
    And the new type are much more visually appealing to the eye, more streamlined and NEVER leaks.
    I told my doctor how easy it was to stop smoking regular cigarettes and how easy this new unit is to use, he ordered one just to show to his smoking clients and colleges. And he's never smoked a day in his life, but told me he was tempted to start when I let him try some of my favorites. Any chance of getting amateur salesmen points added to my existing point system!!?! (Kidding).
    I made a quick short cost savings spreadsheet to show patients and he said that got the most attentions. Regular cigarettes cost $60+ a carton here in the Bay Area. There are few things in life that will pay for themselves in the first month of use ( with change left over!
    He made a good suggestion for your website, you should push the safety advantages of elderly people who smoke in bed or fall asleep smoking in their lounge chairs in front of the TV with regular cigarettes! He made a good point.
    I got my 90 year old mother to stop smoking regular cigarettes after 75 years of smoking. And her breathing improved noticeably in a few weeks, then I secretly and slowly diluted her 16% nicotine with 0% and now she is nicotine free and never knew it until I told her. The absence of nicotine in her system lowered her blood pressure so much the doctor took her of her BP medication she has been on for over 20 years. I honestly can say it is giving her a few more years of life she would otherwise not have, and her Geriatric doctor agreed.
    He brought up the fact that electric cigarettes haven't been proved safe yet. I pointed out my moms blood pressure, and the deaths from smoke inhalation and burns from smoking in bed and the fact my mother's smokers cough she has had all my life is now completely gone, he asked for your website address and now has one of your stickers in his waiting room! He said it was a big hit of families with smoking patients with early stages of Alzheimer's or dementia, no matches, lighters of hot ashes to worry about. And with the Magma models, no buttons to push!
  • Overall
    so nice I bought it twice!
    Review by jungle jamisonon 7/17/14
    I love my inferno the batteries last so long and now the kit comes with pass through batts. And as for the new bct tank I am amazed. I have put 5 different flavors through 1 coil and I cant tell. I have also heavily vaped on the same coil for weeks so long as u properly maintenance. It is in my opinion the most versatile and reliable mid size ecig not to mention they are durable and stand up to my construction job. Last but not least the flavor selection and taste are the best ive tried never lets me down.
  • Overall
    Very Happy With The INFERNO
    Review by Kyleon 7/14/14
    I love the new design much better than the old tube style. I get a much better hit with this one and it doesn't leak half as much. Only down fall is it does leak out the bottom from time to time and I have to clean the battery connection quite often to make it work right. Other than that I love it so much I got a second one. I haven't had a cigarette in two weeks, thanks to my INFERNO.
  • Overall
    Very happy with my Inferno
    Review by Tonyon 7/11/14
    My son got me the Inferno kit 2 years ago with the tube tank and I love it. I just got myself the new Inferno and I must say I am blown away. I just love how my older Inferno adapts to the new very easy and now I have 4 to vape. I have smoked about a pack and a half of cigs and this will help me kick it. I love vamping and I love Volcano Inferno. I know you will too.
  • Overall
    Inferno BCT System
    Review by Jessieon 7/10/14
    I didn't think it was possible for you to improve on the former INFERNO, but you did. It's perfect. Just the right pull (air flow) just was looking for. Great toke even using my 50/50 mix. IM IN LOVE!!!
  • Overall
    i quit analog cigarettes the day my inferno showed up in the mail
    Review by jessieon 7/6/14
    that was 15 May 2013. 14 months going strong. Volcano wouldn't like to know i don't even use their e-cig much anymore and it only took me 6 weeks to ween off it and now use it only when the mood strikes but I have ordered 4 others and plenty of liquids to keep them in business. My husband and a business associate quit smoking cigarettes using the volcano inferno and my mom will be the next. NOTE: I smoked a pack a day for 15 years before this attempt to stop smoking NewPorts!
  • Overall
    the bees knees
    Review by dillonon 7/4/14
    My first ecig and im loving it! Even my friends say this is the smoothest ego style they've tried. The flavor and MY GOD THE CLOUDS OF VAPOR. I love blowing massive clouds. So much better than smoking for sure.
  • Overall
    Inferno rocks!
    Review by Maurithon 6/25/14
    Love the Inferno, Have used it for 3 years and every time there is an update to the Inferno system, it always exceeds the original. I smoked for 20 years and this thing helps me from going back. Have suggested many people (smokers) that I know to give the Inferno a try and now they are all Inferno users! If you are reading this are thinking about trying it, do it! you will not be let down!
  • Overall
    I'm Loving It !
    Review by Kennethon 6/24/14
    Had tried other brands and types, years ago. Those were too much of a hassle. Read about the Inferno and returned to Volcano to give it a try. I couldn't be happier. I'm extremely Pleased with the Inferno product. The technology has truly come of age. This is everything I hoped for.
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