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INFERNO Complete Starter Kit

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  • Overall
    Good device but don't use thin Juice
    Review by Jebon 1/25/16
    Leaks and gurgles like crazy with thin high PG juice in my experience.

    -Good battery life
    -Excellent taste/flavor throat hit
    -Cool Vape not hot like some Mods
    -Easy to use
    -Super portable

    -High PG juice causes random leaks all over.. even 50/50 leaked occasionally
  • Overall
    Heavy smoker
    Review by Billon 1/9/16
    So far great product! I bought the Inferno complete starter kit which came with everything you need to get started vaping. I'm it as a crutch to help me cut down/quit. I smoke a pack and a half to two packs a day and spend way too much money on my habit. The Inferno has been awesome! I've only had it for 5 days and have gone from the above mentioned amount of cigarettes to 8 to 12 a day! This is huge to me! It's great that I can over time reduce the amount of nicotine in my vape. I truly believe that this product will help me quit!
  • Overall
    I love my new Inferno.
    Review by Lindaon 1/4/16
    I love my new Inferno. It is just perfect for what I need. I haven't smoked a real cigarette in 2 days. This Inferno is just what I needed. It keeps me satisfied.!!
  • Overall
    Review by Johnny on 12/15/15
  • Overall
    love it so far
    Review by Markon 12/12/15
    Moved up from Magma and this thing is awesome by comparison
  • Overall
    Very good
    Review by Lindaon 12/4/15
    Only product that got me away from smoking cigarettes 30 years. I've been ill currently I'm stuck at home a lot, appreciate the website. Just wish it was a little easier to navigate.
  • Overall
    Very good
    Review by Lindaon 12/4/15
    Very good
  • Overall
    Awesome !
    Review by Mary Louon 11/11/15
    I love it ! They delivered everything quick . I bought the complete starter kit and its awesome. I haven't had a cigarette since. I had also bought all the Lava line . I don't care for that. It doesn't have much of a taste . I was disappointed . I had gotten 18 mg in the Lava line so maybe if it was a lower MG it would have a taste and not be bland. I'm going to get another starter kit so I have a extra on hand. Customer care was awesome and very helpful. Thak you. I'm looking forword of trying other flavors you have.
  • Overall
    I love it!
    Review by Peggy D.on 11/5/15
    I'm in the process of quitting tobacco cigarettes & switching to an e-cig. I've tried a few different types of e-cig & this one is the one for me! I'm happy about everything this product is. Thank you so much-the search is finally over!
  • Overall
    The Best
    Review by Sheryl on 9/14/15
    The best liquid vapor I've found! And the company is awesome to work with!
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Items 1 to 10 of 560 total

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