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  • Overall
    Great product, definitely recommend!
    Review by Alanon 9/8/14
    This is a great starter kit! Comes with everything you need to start vaping!

    Definitely a must buy!

    Little advice, I smoked menthol, stay away from menthol from here, it was rancid and taste like old medicine! Otherwise great kit. Wish I could send back the menthol though.
  • Overall
    lve this product
    Review by starburston 9/4/14
    Am not a smoker but I do occasionally do smoke a cigar but my sister has asthma and has a hard time breathing when I somke so I thought I would give this a try and I lve it its so easy 2 use and its one of my favorite colors purple
  • Overall
    One of the best, and I'm super picky.
    Review by Jenniferon 9/2/14
    I have tried a number of different e-cig, starting with disposable-type e-cigs (don't even bother with those---waste of money and the satisfaction leaves one feeling just short of...well...satisfied). Out of all my various e-cigs (I have at least 4 others), this is my favorite. I just lost my 2 that came with my started kit. I have other e-cigs, but this one does the job...this e-cig has helped me practically quit smoking (smoke at most 1 regular cig/day----and really, I don't know why because I know prefer the e-cigs now). And, of note...I didn't even have to try and quit... Anyway, you get a full "hit" (I think "they" call it) and the battery life and size of the tank are more than impressive. The "smoking" feeling is excellent, and I don't think I would be down to 1 reg cig a day had it not been for this e-cig. It is really great for someone looking to transition up to something of better quality, and that will last; that is, of course, as long as you don't lose it like me. I wouldn't recommend for non-smokers (why bother getting addicted to nicotine?); however, for smokers trying to cut back or quit, this is a very reliable and enjoyable, not to mention, nice looking e-cig. Hoping I don't lose my new one coming in the mail ;-). Oh, and the 4-1/2 instead of 5 was because it sometimes does the "gurgle" thing---that is pretty annoying. And, although pretty easy to fix, it is still a bit of an annoyance; mostly because I think this is such a quality e-cig, I don't think that should be a problem. That said, it could be the cartridge and not the mechanism of the e-cig. Other than that small issue (that happens to most other e-cigs, I have found, anyway), this is a great e-cig, particularly for the price. Will be a return customer.
  • Overall
    Love it! Quit smoking cigs after 40 yrs..
    Review by Barbaraon 8/31/14
    I have not used any nicotine in the flavors since using the inferno. Do not even want a reg cigarette. And I like the new inferno I got for my husband better than the old one I got last year
    and am still using. Some of the different flavors are really good, like the red hot lava (cinnamon).
  • Overall
    So happy I swithched!
    Review by kahunapearsonon 8/30/14
    I had been using a different brand of ecig for two years. Good at first but the cartridge and battery quality was going downhill every order I made. A month ago, I switched to their refillable cartridges that supposedly had 20 refill life; and I found the design and quality to be so problematic that I gave up after 2 weeks.

    I made the move to Volcano, and after 2 weeks I'm pleased as punch! Battery life is great! Tank is easy to fill and I'm refilling less! The vapor is 10x better! Faster cheaper shipping! And quitting cigs is not a struggle once again......

    The only smail downside is that I wish the extra high menthol was a bit more minty....
  • Overall
    Inferno Fan
    Review by Lindaon 8/28/14
    I liked smoking but with all the negativity I wanted to try to quit. With this product I have been able to quit.
  • Overall
    Summary of Your Review
    Review by Diegoon 8/26/14
    I absolutely love it
  • Overall
    Got me to quit smoking cigarettes
    Review by Caroleon 8/25/14
    I never thought it would be possible to quit smoking, but this Inferno changed all that. I don't miss it at all. It has been over a week and I absolutely love this. The flavors are awsome. It has set me free. My lungs and my pocket book thank you.
  • Overall
    Love it but...
    Review by Rozettaon 8/21/14
    I am proud to say that I haven't smoked a cigarette since I bought this! I have had it for 2 weeks now and I love the vapor it allows me to have the action of smoking but I smell like a jolly rancher instead of an ashtray! I love it, but I am having a hard time removing the battery. This is very frustrating!!! Not sure how this is going to effect my ability to clean it...guess we will find out tomorrow.
  • Overall
    Wonderful!! 18 years smoking before and haven't looked back!
    Review by Jenniferon 8/18/14
    I purchased this after smoking for 18 years. I have tried previous electronic cigarettes including recently trying one that was comparable in price that my husband uses. I didn't ever find anything that would truly keep me from wanting to go buy "the real thing". I absolutely love the inferno!! I received it over a week and a half ago. I had about a pack of cigarettes left. I smoked them intermittently until a week ago Saturday. At that point I just didn't buy any more. I haven't even had the desire to buy them. It never crosses my mind. I am a menthol smoker and had a hard time finding a liquid that worked for me using my husband's ecig but the menthol burst is wonderful!! I feel better... My lungs are healing... I absolutely love it!!! Highly recommended for anyone who has tried to quit smoking before and hasn't been able to. I tried countless times before and failed..... Until now! :)
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