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    Review by Kimberlyon 10/1/14
    I've been a vaper for almost three years. I started out, like many people, with the slim analog style e-cigs. They worked great to get me off the analogs but was soon disappointed in their performance. I wish I had found Volcano back then, I would have saved all the money I spent on all the different batteries, mods, and tanks I've purchased over the last three years. I was hesitant about buying the Inferno kit since my every day set-up is a twist at 4.8 volts with a carto tank but I have to say I'm highly impressed with the performance of this little battery and the tank that comes with it. With proper use, this little device gives a great hit and the flavor of the juice is really fantastic. The battery lasts a very long time between charges too. Don't be put off by the price, this is a very high quality product and I would highly recommend it for anyone trying to make the switch from analogs. Customer service is great and shipping is super fast. I'm very happy with my Inferno kit!!!
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    A starter kit for my sister.....
    Review by greengrabberon 9/30/14
    Almost 2 yr.s since I got my starter kit...not 1 analog for me.
    I'm sending a kit, a steel lanyard and another yummy eliquid, to make a mix!
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    This Inferno is better than the first one I brought a few years ago.
    Review by Lamarron 9/30/14
    To those of you who are thinking about purchasing one stop thinking about it and go for it you will be delighted! Enjoy, enjoy!
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    Summary of Your Review
    Review by Tanyaon 9/28/14
    Love it!!!! Awesome colors. Love the it in 2 days and have using it ever since. Great product. I would recommend it to anyone that wants great quality in an ecig.
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    Great Bang for the Buck for the beginner (like me)
    Review by Casson 9/27/14
    I just got started vaping and the Inferno is my first non-disposable.

    After over 40 years of paying big tobacco to slowly kill me I decided it was time to ween myself from tobacco. So far so great! 2+ packs a day down to 8-10 cigarettes a day after only 2 weeks. Slowly changing my habits and moving stuff around. I smoked Newports for a large number of years and have found my Inferno BCT filled with a 75% Menthol E-Liquid and 25% Tobacco E-Liquid seems to satisfy most of my cravings.

    The Inferno kit had everything I needed to get started right out of the box - even a partial charge on both batteries! Fill it up, put it together, turn it on and away we go!

    Having no baseline to compare this kit against, I will disqualify myself from expressing an opinion on how good or bad it works or how it compares to others in its class. It simply works great for me. The workmanship and fit is excellent, the appearance is pleasing and the operation is flawless.

    Gripe: I'm very active in my occupation and find the Inferno settles to the bottom of my pants pocket requiring excavation any time I find time to take a puff. Carrying it in my shirt pocket is simply begging for a drop the next time I bend over. The lanyards sold here are not practical for my use - I'd catch it on something and strangle myself or break something (like my neck). I have multiple clips and pouches on order from various sources but to date I haven't found anything that works very well to secure the inferno into my shirt or front pants pocket. Just a suggestion for product development: A custom-designed high quality pocket clip attachment for the Inferno?

    I -have- designed and built a nice stand for my desk when I actually find myself sitting there. A 2" piece of 2x4 with a 9/16" hole drilled ALMOST through it. Keeps the Inferno upright and handy without allowing it to roll off the desk.

    Overall - I Like the Inferno. A Lot!
  • Overall
    Love it! Helped me quit smoking cigarettes! Long battery life. 100% satisfied.
    Review by Susanon 9/26/14
    Thank you for the excellent product. The INFERNO rocks!
  • Overall
    Review by JAzzyon 9/22/14
    This is my first e cig that i have. So far i like everything about it. Thank God they insured my package
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    Great product
    Review by Mathewon 9/17/14
    I have had mine for a couple of weeks and I am very pleased.
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    Summary of Your Review
    Review by Rodneyon 9/14/14
    Much improved product. No leaks and longer lasting igniter.
  • Overall
    Great product, definitely recommend!
    Review by Alanon 9/8/14
    This is a great starter kit! Comes with everything you need to start vaping!

    Definitely a must buy!

    Little advice, I smoked menthol, stay away from menthol from here, it was rancid and taste like old medicine! Otherwise great kit. Wish I could send back the menthol though.
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