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INFERNO Complete Starter Kit

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  • Overall
    don't tinker with the Inferno
    Review by Bonnieon 6/8/15
    You can redesign the rest, but don't mess with Inferno! I have 3 units plus spare coils, tank, ,rings, etc.. It's a classy looking e-cig and the best performing one out there for someone who wants a dependable, vapor delivery system and isn't interested in seeing how big a cloud they can make. I just want a good e-cig with long lasting components, and that's Inferno!
    Sorry, but I'm not into funky, chunky, blocky, teckkie, or mega clouds.
  • Overall
    Order it you won't be disappointed.
    Review by Jameson 4/2/15
    This is one of the best vaporizers I own in this price range. Gives good flavor and plenty of vapor . I was impressed with the product enough that I will be ordering a lavatube today just on the fact of how great the inferno is.
  • Overall
    I like it
    Review by Roberton 3/23/15
    Its one of my first pens and so far its great easy to change out the flavors and clean it I only have a few problems with it.
    The thinner liquids tend to leak a little bit into the airway and my other complaint is I wish it used the same charger as my phone but other then that its been working great
  • Overall
    Review by barryon 3/19/15
    I love this e-cigg, so much, I upgraded after a few weeks already. also, I got my tax return so I could afford it now. but if your thinking of getting this,it's a good choice, but I would just save up and pay a little more to get the top end model. the main reason I upgraded is that the e-liquid goes fast, so I wanted one that I didn't have to keep filling up. but I know they also sell bigger tanks for this model as well. but I also purchased the extra huge tank for the bigger model. will review the new one when I get it.
  • Overall
    I like it!
    Review by Randyon 2/27/15
    The volcano inferno is a great kit! I've been using it for about 6 mo and just bought another "starter kit" for back-up before going on vacation. So far it works well replacing cigarettes for me, and I can "smoke" in the house now instead of going outside. With Iowa winters, that's a good thing!
  • Overall
    Luv it !
    Review by Lisaon 2/19/15
    This is the absolute best thing to help me quit smoking, so easy and enjoyable to use, and i love the flavored liquids! Tastes a thousand times better than a cigarette!
  • Overall
    very pleased
    Review by Susanon 2/11/15
    I'm so glad I went with my instinct on purchasing this product.
    I couldn't be happy!
    Thanks to one and all for all your hard work and dedication in the development of your products.
    I will definitely be a repeat customer.
  • Overall
    Awesome product
    Review by Bozzon 1/22/15
    I've used several other brands and was never totally satisfied until now. The inferno is a solid-well crafted and stylish looking E-cig. There have been many reviews stating "it leaks." Simply put, if you care for it properly and follow the "tips" from customers service, you'll never have an issue. A slow-long draw is key. Also, keep it clean and replace the O rings when needed. My wife and I use ours heavily throughout the day/night and it still works like new. Again, follow the tips provided by volcano customer service and you'll love this product.
  • Overall
    love it!
    Review by Jenniferon 1/17/15
    Had one that I bought in Hawaii and hubby wanted one and refused to get anything but volcano. I recommend this to everyone. No problems with our products.
  • Overall
    love it!
    Review by Tracinaon 1/12/15
    Its great.should have included replacement tube tank o rings in the starter kit though, lost the one it came with in the first week of getting it.
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Items 1 to 10 of 536 total

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