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INFERNO Complete Starter Kit

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  • Overall
    Order it you won't be disappointed.
    Review by Jameson 4/2/15
    This is one of the best vaporizers I own in this price range. Gives good flavor and plenty of vapor . I was impressed with the product enough that I will be ordering a lavatube today just on the fact of how great the inferno is.
  • Overall
    I like it
    Review by Roberton 3/23/15
    Its one of my first pens and so far its great easy to change out the flavors and clean it I only have a few problems with it.
    The thinner liquids tend to leak a little bit into the airway and my other complaint is I wish it used the same charger as my phone but other then that its been working great
  • Overall
    Review by barryon 3/19/15
    I love this e-cigg, so much, I upgraded after a few weeks already. also, I got my tax return so I could afford it now. but if your thinking of getting this,it's a good choice, but I would just save up and pay a little more to get the top end model. the main reason I upgraded is that the e-liquid goes fast, so I wanted one that I didn't have to keep filling up. but I know they also sell bigger tanks for this model as well. but I also purchased the extra huge tank for the bigger model. will review the new one when I get it.
  • Overall
    I like it!
    Review by Randyon 2/27/15
    The volcano inferno is a great kit! I've been using it for about 6 mo and just bought another "starter kit" for back-up before going on vacation. So far it works well replacing cigarettes for me, and I can "smoke" in the house now instead of going outside. With Iowa winters, that's a good thing!
  • Overall
    Luv it !
    Review by Lisaon 2/19/15
    This is the absolute best thing to help me quit smoking, so easy and enjoyable to use, and i love the flavored liquids! Tastes a thousand times better than a cigarette!
  • Overall
    very pleased
    Review by Susanon 2/11/15
    I'm so glad I went with my instinct on purchasing this product.
    I couldn't be happy!
    Thanks to one and all for all your hard work and dedication in the development of your products.
    I will definitely be a repeat customer.
  • Overall
    Awesome product
    Review by Bozzon 1/22/15
    I've used several other brands and was never totally satisfied until now. The inferno is a solid-well crafted and stylish looking E-cig. There have been many reviews stating "it leaks." Simply put, if you care for it properly and follow the "tips" from customers service, you'll never have an issue. A slow-long draw is key. Also, keep it clean and replace the O rings when needed. My wife and I use ours heavily throughout the day/night and it still works like new. Again, follow the tips provided by volcano customer service and you'll love this product.
  • Overall
    love it!
    Review by Jenniferon 1/17/15
    Had one that I bought in Hawaii and hubby wanted one and refused to get anything but volcano. I recommend this to everyone. No problems with our products.
  • Overall
    love it!
    Review by Tracinaon 1/12/15
    Its great.should have included replacement tube tank o rings in the starter kit though, lost the one it came with in the first week of getting it.
  • Overall
    Review by Rachelon 1/6/15
    Had this for about two months now. It's great! I definitely recommend it to my vaping and non vaping friends. I've tried several other vaping devices and this takes the cake, especially for the price. I have a friend who has the lavatube which is almost twice the price and even she agreed this is almost as good. The quality is good, the amount of vapor is insane! Only gripe is after regular use the battery life has decreased a bit. Still okay since you can vape while charging.
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Items 1 to 10 of 535 total

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