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  • Overall
    Review by Seegson 10/30/14
    Biggest vape cloud I've been able to get and I've used several devices. New design is near perfection.
  • Overall
    Review by Feliciaon 10/27/14
    I don't even know where to begin. This is by far the best product available for vapers, without a doubt. I have completely quit smoking cancer sticks! I feel like Volcano has not only saved me money from buying cigarettes, but also saved my life! Lightweight and stylish, the Lavatube 2.5 is the only device you will ever need to quit smoking for good! Don't even waste your time with any other brand. Volcano exceeds any other brand, hands down! Be sure to include a lanyard in your purchase. It is the easiest way to carry this beauty! I couldn't be more happy with my decision.
    The Volcano Team is truly amazing with their customer service! I would never buy from anyone else!
  • Overall
    Research paid off
    Review by Mikeon 10/26/14
    I researched a few different models and decided to go with the LavaTube. Awesome kit, started vaping right out of the box. Almost completely done with tobacco cigarettes. My peeps at work are envious because there shitty mods don't have the functionality of the LavaTube. Every time I hot shot to the field they line up with their tips just to get a vape off me. They claimed I paid roughly $30 too much for this product yet they constantly want to vape from it. Hopefully Volcano will be pleased with the referrals they will be getting.
  • Overall
    No matter what... Volcano wins.
    Review by Sertoviskaon 10/23/14
    I have been vaping since the beginning, when eCigs first made their appearance. I started with Blu, but never got what I wanted out of them. Then I found a review of the Inferno from Geek Group and decided to give it a try. While it is a wonderful and well working unit I was still trying to get in the groove. So I ordered the first lavatube and was blown away. When the v2 came out, I ordered it and it was wonderful, my unit had a minor issue but as is par for Volcano they helped me out and replaced it. Then the v2.5 came out and I must say I was blown away yet again. I have 17 mods, but this knocks even my Provari out. I use it every day and I couldn't be happier with the product and Volcano in general. I was a 3.5 pack a day smoker... I now vape only. If you buy this? You will not regret it.
  • Overall
    Great product! Not too confusing once you watch the video
    Review by Mikeon 10/22/14
    I just started vaping a little over a week ago. I purchased a cheap pen unit from my local gas station and while it helped a bit, it left a lot to be desired. So while searching the internet, I came across this unit. I read a lot of reviews and watched some videos on YouTube and decided to give this a try. Just got my LT yesterday and overall impressed with how well this piece is built. I love the variable wattage/variable voltage feature. The juice I used was a bit hard on my throat but after dropping to 5 watts, it's a much smoother pull. That is my main reason for getting this piece so that I could enjoy my current juice after adjusting settings. The storage case isn't as good as I'd hoped. Maybe a bit harder of a case with some mesh pockets on one side and a foam cut out for the LT on the other. But, overall a great kit and great unit. Would highly recommend to anyone that sometimes gets juice with high throat hit unintentionally or when just getting into different juices and strengths as I can change around voltages/wattage to really enjoy my juices.
  • Overall
    Love it!
    Review by Cloudchaseron 10/21/14
    I purchased the Lavatube starter kit with the chrome finish and utterly love it. The fit and finish are excellent. The lighted display is handy and easy to read. - Sleek, modern and sexy. Paired with the BC Tubetank this is a great combination for people just starting out or experienced users. Ultra easy to fill and maintain. Coil replacement is a breeze. Extremely pleased with my purchase.
  • Overall
    Great buy
    Review by nickon 10/20/14
    If you need a good ecig for your house. This is the one ithat will keep you safe from a battery getting over heated and from a short.
  • Overall
    IMPORTANT INFORMATION!!! They have removed the vRMS/Average Voltage Option!!!
    Review by John-Paulon 10/13/14
    As stated, Volcano decided to remove the option to change between average voltage and vRMS. I'm not exactly sure when they made this change, but it had to have been fairly recently. I liked this option, but, as the kind customer service rep I talked to when I ordered my second device(first one was stolen at a bar)told me, people were burning up their coils like crazy with the average voltage option. You really need to know what your doing to use this feature, and there is really no reason to use it in the first place, so I suppose they did the right thing, as not everyone is an advanced vapor. It took me an hour of trying to change to average voltage before I decided to call customer service, which is when I was told of the change.

    I wouldn't have bought another one had I not been in love with the Lavatube 2.5. This is truly my go to daily device, and I think it will stay that way for quite some time. I've used many different devices, including rebuildables and apvs, and this one is the best in my opinion. Yes, it may be a bit big, but for me, that is one of it's most redeeming features. It makes me feel confident that if dropped, it won't break like so many other cheap apvs out there.

    I own 13 APV's, including two Provaris, and this is my favorite one. I use it constantly, and it never leaves my hand. The only thing I worry about is if it will hold up to my constant use. I think it will, but that remains to be seen, and is the only thing I can't comment on right now. I do know that my first one, which had the option for average voltage/vRMS, lasted for at least three months with no problem until it was stolen.

    I couldn't live without my Lavatube, so I purchased another one as soon as I could. Lol

    You will not find a device like this one with a one year warranty, except for maybe the Provari, and Volcano stand by their products, so I don't worry about my Lavatube crapping out on me, as I know they have me covered.

    People complain about the price, but there is a reason for this price. As I stated, earlier, they offer a one year warranty, and these things are built like tanks. I love the way they feel in your hand also. It just fits so perfectly. You won't find any other device with a one year warranty, except for maybe the provari, and that doesn't have a wattage option. Just Variable Voltage. I mainly use wattage, and rarely use the voltage option.

    Switching between Voltage and Wattage is as easy as holding both buttons down for 10 seconds. You also have the option of reading your battery's remaining charge by holding the left button down for a few seconds, and with the right button, you can read the resistance of your atomizer/cartomizer. These are really great features!

    I stand by this device and I recommend anyone who may be on the fence about buying one to pull the trigger. You won't regret it. It's my favorite device, and as stated, I have many. As long as this thing holds up to my constant use, I see no reason at all not to recommend it to first time vapors, and advanced vapors. It vapes like a champ, and consistently delivers a perfect hit.
  • Overall
    The BEST!
    Review by Auriannaon 10/10/14
    Love the Lavatube! Classic looks, variable power levels. I started off with the Inferno, but soon realized I needed something with more power and longer lastinf.. Lavatube was the answere. With the larger batterie, 24 hour enduance, and the ability to raise or lower the heat of the draw it's perfect. Easy to use, clean and maintain, Lavatube is a great vaping device. I especially like the BTC head.
  • Overall
    Great service
    Review by Giulio656on 10/8/14
    I ordered this kit with a wrong e-juice. The next day I called and a nice lady answered the phone and in 5 minutes she switched the juice. The kit arrived in two days with the correct juice.
    The product is great. It feels good in the hand, and it is very nice looking. It also looks very well constructed and hard to break. The plastic of the tank is very high quality, and it is extremely easy to fill in and close.
    The coil makes great clouds of vapor.
    Nice product and service. Can't complain.
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