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  • Overall
    Excellent battery but tank is no good
    Review by Brody on 1/8/15
    When I hit my package I was super impressed the battery excellent, ejuice delicious and everything else was awsome some good product right here but you thing is that I really do not like the tank you might want to upgrade it to something better
  • Overall
    48 hours cigarette free
    Review by yankeedadon 1/3/15
    Got my lava tube 2.5 new years eve. Top quality product. Charged battery, filled tank and have not had a cigarette since. Amazing product and amazing people at volcano. After 22 years smoking , I can finally say I'm smoke free thanks to the volcano lava tube 2.5.
  • Overall
    Love my vibrant pink
    Review by Kelly on 12/28/14
    Love my new lava tube!!!!! Only reason I gave it 4 stars is because the tank is a little difficult to suck on, (In other words) the circulation isn't the best, but other than that LOVE IT AND WOULD BUY AGAIN!!!!
  • Overall
    Is ok product
    Review by Keithon 12/26/14
    I would recommend this battery pack is great is big but great , on the other hand the liquid tube is not that great it leaks a lot not real happy with it but I have other thank that I can use so it works
  • Overall
    Very Solid Product
    Review by Eliason 12/24/14
    This Kit is my first foray into the ecigs market after smoking for nearly 3 years. I must say this product is reliable, excellent in quality, and the battery life is amazing. Being an individual who enjoys the pleasures of nicotine and other alkaloids present in tobacco, finding this safer alternative has been stupendous.

    I recommend anyone who is thinking of making the switch to start with this kit. It is intuitive and well-made. I look forward to the the developments that Volcano eCigs makes in the future.
  • Overall
    Really Happy
    Review by Joseon 12/23/14
    I have really enjoyed the kit since I have gotten it. I became interested in getting one after a friend of mine let me try his. I was super impressed with the look and feel of it. I am happy that I got it. I have had different devices and this is by far is more superior to any of them.
  • Overall
    Great product!
    Review by Williamon 12/23/14
    Received my Lavatube 2.5 last Friday and have not had a single cigarette since. The flavor and hit is perfect for me and has not had me craving once. I have found being new to vaping that this has been very easy to learn how to use. I really like the flexibility that this offers to any user.

    Only downside, the o-ring on the driptip split as I was putting it together after cleaning the day I received the product. Outside of that, the unit seems study and durable. Even given the size, it is pretty mobile for on the go.
  • Overall
    Two Thumbs up
    Review by Chanel on 12/20/14
    I had some trouble with the shipment from UPS and the customer service I got from the team at Volcano was beyond satisfactory.
    My Lavatube is even better than I had imagined from what I had gathered from my researched on it. The color is amazing, it feels great in my hand and the settings are perfect. I could not be more satisfied and will definitely be shopping with Volcano ecigs regularly.
  • Overall
    LavaTube is great
    Review by Rachelon 12/16/14
    We just got a new LavaTube to share - we each have Infernos. Love the LavaTube! The clouds are fantastic. I haven't given up my Inferno yet though, since the tube is large and is tough to fit in my girly pockets :)
  • Overall
    nice unit but a little heavy
    Review by ThomasWon 12/15/14
    It's a bit on the heavy side and too big for the pocket. I ordered the lanyard for it. Hope it doesn't wrench my neck ha ha! Battery life is good and like being able to control the power output.
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LAVATUBE User Manual

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