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The LAVATUBE v2.5 Kit

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  • Overall
    Total garbage
    Review by Wackon 6/25/17
    Been using Lavatube 2.0 and 2.5 since 2014 and they are truly horrible. Always ALWAYS LEAKING, phantom fires, weak power...I can't even count how many tanks and other junk I bought in the past. I am so done with this company and their overpriced products. I switched over to Smok Alien last week and just finally realized what real vaping should be.
  • Overall
    best i have used
    Review by Penny on 3/2/17
    you have to find your sweet spot setting then its the best flavor ever with plenty of vapor. easy to use for anyone that can follow instructions :) I have used many types of setups and this one is my favorite!
  • Overall
    Great, but...
    Review by PAULAon 3/2/17
    The Lavatube leaks if I'm out in the heat and it has leaked in my car a couple of times when it wasn't even too hot, and only left in there for more than 10 min. Other than that, it's been a great device. I leave this one at my desk at home for when I'm working, so it's easy to clean up when it leaks (yes, even when it's not in hot air, but it's less often). Maybe mine is defective some way, but I do still enjoy it while home.
  • Overall
    Great Product
    Review by DDMon 2/6/16
    The Volcanoe Team consistently delivers top quality products and service. I have been using the Inferno for a couple of years and decided to try the LavaTube. It is awesome and I now have different style products to use depending on the situation. I recommend reviewing the on-line user manuals before and after purchase to ensure you select the product that fits your taste and for proper maintenance/supplies. I have never had any issues with any of the products and always receive outstanding service. "Thank you" to the Volcanoe Team!
  • Overall
    Awesome Product but...
    Review by Johnon 12/9/15
    So... I finally got my Lavatube 2.5 kit. I've been dying for this kit since I first found it about a month after I got my EVOD. So far, this item has been totally awesome. I've only had one flooding/spitting issue in the first week and that was my fault. The only reason I can't give this five stars may be my own fault as well... I usually vape with Dekang Menthol or Dekang Desert. I order the Menthol e-juice along with this item and was totally disappointed. The ejuice tastes like yak byproducts and smells like burnt, wet dog. Very disappointed in the ejuice and very happy with the Lavatube. I'm still trying to figure out which voltage setting is correct for me, but that appears to be a trial and error concept with less error once you know where to look on the web for suggestions for specific ejuices. ;)

    Thanks, Lava, for the great product. :)
  • Overall
    Review by Jeffon 9/21/15
    Best by far this is I've had about 4 other devices all around a hundred dollars and the lavatube 2.5 is the only one that has survived was really impressed when I discovered that I had ran it over with a 6000lb skidster push it 10" in the mud and it still performed like the day I bought it still vaping all day long hooray for the lavatube 2.5
  • Overall
    quit smoking
    Review by Georgeon 9/2/15
    thanks to the lava tube I don't smoke cigarettes anymore..will all ways use volcano for my needs.
  • Overall
    Love the device, hate the tank
    Review by Claytonon 9/2/15
    Device is as promised, durable, and works like it should. However, the tank is a disaster. You eat more juice than you vape, the atty floods and leaks, and the overall design is flawed. Previous reviewer is WRONG!! KANGERTECH HEADS ARE COMPATIBLE WITH THIS TUBE. I use Kanger exclusively with this tube and have had no issues. I use most of their tanks and even sub-ohm at 15w. Overall a great device between cheapos and mods, and if you dont like the box feel this is a good choice for you.
  • Overall
    Good, strong vape, easier to use than I thought
    Review by Rosalynon 9/1/15
    I got this on sale and was well worth the price. I was intimidated by the wattage/voltage thing, but it was easy enough to work out. But be very careful and very sure about what you order, though. Unlike other ecig companies I've purchased from in the past, Volcano does not refund your money for returns even if you return an item in the same condition you received it, sealed and all. Customer service is a little lacking in that department, so be sure of what you're ordering.
  • Overall
    I do a lot of vaping..
    Review by Matton 8/4/15
    just wish it was rechargeable so I would not have to carry batteries . I do a lot of vaping..
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Items 1 to 10 of 212 total

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LAVATUBE User Manual

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