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The LAVATUBE v2.5 Kit

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  • Overall
    Worth it
    Review by IslandGirlon 7/5/15
    I've been looking for a mod that I really liked and my son had the Lava 2. I tried it and love it. Love the hits. And it stays consistent even when the battery starts running low. Definitely a steal for the price. Also did not expect the freebies I received. Love!!!!
  • Overall
    Review by Jeannetteon 6/18/15
    I love my new Lavatube! It puts out way more vapor than the small e-cigs I tried before and is very stylish. Easy to put together and use. The video helped immensely. I got it in purple with grape e-juice. Starting with the highest nicotine level and then going to drop it down gradually. I may get the lanyard for it next. Very impressed!
  • Overall
    Not much to complain about
    Review by Chris on 4/7/15
    I've been a Volcano customer for some time now and have always been very pleased with the quality of their products. I can honestly say that after buying the Lavatube V2.5, I'm still very pleased. I had purchased the Lavatube V2 a little bit ago and loved it. I was a little surprised that the battery unit was the same on the V2.5 as the V2, minus the capability to select the voltage/watts. The only other downside is when I received my Lavatube and got it out of the box, I noticed the on/off/ activation on the V2.5 felt a little flimsy... especially when I compared it to my V2 battery. It felt loose in it's housing and just did not have as solid as a push as the activation button on my previous model. I thought about sending it back and exchanging it for a new one, but I'd hate to be without my new vape for even a day. The device seemed to function fine, I've noticed sometimes if I don't hit the button in just the right way, it want activate to pull a hit. Other than that it's worked great and km very pleased I just hope the flimsy activation button hold up to my intense usage... there's very rarely a point in time on any given day that I do not have my vape on me. Great product! 4/5 only due to the activation button. If Volcano recommends I send the device back for a new one then that's what I'll do. Luckily I have many backups! (Just not in my preferred color). Buy this device!!!
  • Overall
    The best e-cig
    Review by Brittany on 4/4/15
    I haven't had too many electronic cigarettes, but with the few I've had this is by far the best. It's easy to maintain, and easy to fill. You get a good bit of vapor without using all of your liquid in one shot.
  • Overall
    Review by Barbaraon 3/28/15
    Great MOD - arrived very quickly. Had some issues getting started but customer service was excellent. Up and running now and loving every minute of it. Great price too!
  • Overall
    Good variable wattage mod
    Review by Matton 3/25/15
    The LavaTube works very well. The modes No.1 and No.2 from the instructional video seem to have been stripped out of the firmware but no big deal. The blue color I bought is very nice. The fit and finish is excellent and it's smaller than I guessed from watching reviews on YouTube. Since this is a kit I will also mention that the BC Tube Tank has leakage/flooding problems. I'll be replacing that. They sent me a better battery charger than advertised which I was very happy with. Vaping variable wattage is definitely the way to go if you don't want to do a lot of math regarding ohms and volts. I highly recommend the LavaTube but not the tank.
  • Overall
    Review by DANIELon 3/10/15
    Huge Amounts of vapor, well worth the price. The Only complaint I have is color selection, decent colors seem to be out of stock for quite a while.
  • Overall
    Review by Alyssaon 3/7/15
    I love being able to change the volts and watts to find what is best for the juice I'm using, and it is really simple considering I don't know much about this stuff. This is my first ecig and it is so great I don't need cigarettes any more. Plus the battery life is awesome.
  • Overall
    Great product
    Review by Lonnyon 2/27/15
    It would be nice if Volcano made and sent drip tip covers with the product. I work in a saw mill, if i had some type of silicone cover for my drip tip i wouldnt have problems with sawdust in my tanks.
  • Overall
    Great Product
    Review by Kyleon 2/24/15
    I had smoked for 13 years and tried everything to quit. This e-cig system has been my answer. I was intimidated at first with how advanced this system was but I wanted a top of the line system and I found it with The LAVATUBE v2.5. The resources that are provided throughout the Volcano website have put my mind at ease and am enjoying my experience. I would recommend this product to anyone.
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Items 1 to 10 of 192 total

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Lavatube User Manual

LAVATUBE User Manual

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