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    Inferno & LavaTube....
    Review by Pamelaon 7/20/14
    My Son-in-Law is in the Army, he and my daughter & Grandson are stationed there!!!... He had one {An inferno} and let me try his and the next thing I knew, my husband bought me one!!!..
    I started out with the Inferno kit, silver in color!!! ... Bought it while we was in Hawaii, March 2013!!!! That changed my life forever!!! ... I was a 30 year Smokers!!!... But like I said "Was"!!!...
    Must say, I never thought, in a million years that I would be able to quit smoking, but VOLCANO changed my Life 4ever and 2 of my sisters, and my Mom, all quit smoking!!! ...
    I have to give that credit to VOLCANO!!! ... THANK YOU ALL THERE AT VOLCANO!!!...YOU ALL ARE ANGELS FROM HEAVEN...

    I own all the colors that you all have in the Infernos, except the purple and white... Now I have went a step further, Bought my first Lava Tube, purple in color!!! ... The Granddaddy of them all and I am in heaven, I love the Lava Tube!!!... Love it so much, I have two more of them, Green and the Blue one!!! ... I still use my Infernos but the Lava Tube takes the Cake!!!...
    Volcano has the BEST service EVER and they definitely stand by their product, I am living proof of that!!! ... Any problems, they fix it, Period! ... You guys are GREAT!

    Very proud of my Son-in-Law and that he too quit smoking cigarettes and got me to stop by shaving his Inferno with me and then me letting my sisters and my Mom tried mine and they too stopped smoking and I owe all that too again, VOLCANO!!!

    If you are thinking on buying one of these products from Volcano, DO IT, I promise you will not regret it!!! ...

  • Overall
    I was surprised.
    Review by 8luedevilon 7/17/14
    The unit is MUCH larger than I expected. If I could include a pic of it next to an Inferno for comparison I would. Without a tank attached it is as long as an Inferno (short battery) AND tank. It is as wide as TWO Inferno's side by side. Too big for my tastes but that is obviously subjective.

    The unit uses a Tube Tank which holds a lot but I still prefer my BCT tube tank on my Inferno, partially because I like the smooth look and partially because I prefer the vapor it produces.. You DO have a lot of control, through the voltage/amp adjustments) over what kind and how much vape you get.

    If you are not concerned by the large size, are a fan of the Tube Tank and like a lot of control, then this is a great unit for you! Personally I will stick with my Inferno. Perhaps I will try this thing again if the offer a BCT style tank in the future but until then it will go back into the package.
  • Overall
    Great mod
    Review by Hunteron 5/6/14
    Love it , it gives you a great cloud of smoke and makes the flavors stick out more , the tank could be better. But all in all the lavatube is an excellent product and I couldn't be happier
  • Overall
    Love it!
    Review by Natalie on 4/28/14
    After a few days of owning my LT, I had to order DH one! We haven't mastered the lingo of vaping or how to avoid getting the carts just right so they don't taste burnt, but we're learning and loving it. It's really helping us refrain from using tobacco cigs. Def worth the money to be able to kick that nasty habit. Thanks, Volcano! My only 2 complaints is that a military discount (offered to those there locally) is not granted via online purchases. And, the fact we waste every other cart for no apparent reason at all. If this continues at the rate it has, I would hope they either lower the $3 a piece cost or fix whatever everyone has a problem with getting it to not taste like burnt plastic. The liquid quality is far superior over the options offered here in San Diego. I just wish we didn't have to waste so much to figure out the cart is bad. That sucks.
    All in all, we are happy with our 2 lava tubes.
  • Overall
    LavaTube Fan
    Review by Kevinon 4/23/14
    Received my LavaTube V2 about a week ago. Much better than the Original, which was hard to improve. But, you've done it!!!
  • Overall
    Review by Liamon 3/31/14
    I've been vaping for about a month, but I wanted a quality ecig. After watching numerous reviews on Youtube, I settled on buying the Lavatube for two reasons.

    1. It received excellent reviews from die-hard vaping fans.

    2. It's a local product (I live in Hawai'i)

    So this morning, after dropping my daughter off at school, I headed to the Pearl Ridge mall and waited for the Volcano kiosk to open. I purchased a purple Lavatube starter kit (plus an extra battery). The staff was extremely professional and helpful. I received a complete explanation of all of the technology and the maintenance required for maximum use.

    It's now nearly 10 hours after the purchase and I'm still enjoying vaping from the original battery! I went with the Blueberry Breeze flavor (I'm a sucker for blueberry) and have been completely happy with that decision all day.

    The quality of the Lavatube is impressive. Very solid, tight construction. It pulls perfectly and gives me clouds of pleasure. Mind you, this is an early review, but unless something catastrophic happens in the next year, I'm giving this mod 5 stars.

    Bravo, Volcano.
  • Overall
    Just got it but love it so far!
    Review by Jonathanon 3/26/14
    I just got my lavatube today and it is amazing! The flavor you get is unlike any other ecig on the market. I can't wait to use it more and become more familiar with all of the options. It is by far the best ecig in the world! Worth every penny!
  • Overall
    Love the Lavatube
    Review by gueroon 3/26/14
    This is my second Lavatube, (I lost my first one). I've gone through a lot of different brands, and the Lavatube is the first that gives me everything I want. Great vapor, adjustable voltage.
  • Overall
    Excellent device
    Review by Jasonon 3/25/14
    I bought just the device as I already have clearomizer tanks I use and have no interest in going back to cartos or cartotanks. The device is larger in diameter than the Lavatube V1, which may be a plus or minus depending; I feel like it fits the hand better. The aluminum is *thick*. I love that it unscrews in the middle rather than at the bottom. It's easy to use, everything seems very solid, and the 1-year warranty is hard (impossible?) to beat at this price point. I never figured I'd use a lanyard but gave it a try and now I love it LOL. Overall, big thumbs up on this device!
  • Overall
    this thing is the best!!
    Review by trentenon 3/24/14
    I love this lavatube V2.5 E-Cig. this thing worked almost instantly to make me quit smoking. also i got the chrome version and it looks stunning. very good quality build and very solid. it vapes like a champ. love the variable voltage and variable wattage. and the batteries last all day in this. overall the best thing i have done for my health in a long time. all i can say is point blank BUY IT YOU WON'T REGRET IT!!!!!!!!!!
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LAVATUBE User Manual

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