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  • Overall
    I do not know if volcano can top themselves
    Review by steven on 9/5/14
    The kit is great, But I just bought 2.5 device and bc tube , I had received the original lava tube for a gift so i had case and charger, But not so satisfied with charger bought an Xtar charger just like the one in 2.5 kit except for car charging cord i use while traveling, Personal Preference, So overall this kit cannot be topped , really like bc tube tank so far as i have only had a few weeks use , Well done Volcano Staff
  • Overall
    Ono Vaping Experience!
    Review by Juanitaon 9/3/14
    I also have The Inferno, but the Lavatube is high quality, serious vaping equiptment! I love the watt feature that gives you a choice of vapor flow. It is top quality and with all the flavors available from Volcano, it's a new experience each time you vape. With this "bad boy", I never miss cigarettes anymore. Congrats Volcano on an excellent product!
  • Overall
    great tube
    Review by DAVIDon 8/31/14
    love the lava tube, if i had known about the kit a the time of my purchase , i would had gotten it instead of buying just the lava tube, tank and lanyard, i really would have liked the kit better, the only complaint, and it's a small one, i wish the thank held more juice, other then that, lava tube is my favorite new ecig.
  • Overall
    The best Mod that I have ever used.
    Review by Juliuson 8/31/14
    Of all the different e-cigarette versions and configurations, this is absolutely the best I have ever used. The quality, the features and everything about it is number 1 in my opinion. As with all e-cigarette products, the startup can be a little "bumpy" but after a little trial and error, I have mine working perfectly and the experience has been a very good one. It's very simple to use and refill and has the best flavor and vapor production of anything I have ever used. Thanks Volcano

    Also, shipping is fast and pricing is very competitive.

    The only thing I haven't figured out is mine is supposed to be the new Version 2.5 and I have yet to figure out how to change it between the two modes. I held the buttons for as much as a minute and it never changes from N01 to N02 and visa versa. Not a big deal but it is a little confusing.

    Anyway, keep up the good work Volcano!

  • Overall
    LavaTube is the sh......
    Review by Codyon 8/10/14
    I've tried many different ecig configurations and this blows the lower end stuff out of the water! I just got my kit 2 days ago and am blown away with the quality and the vapor output of the TubeTank that comes with the LavaTube kit. I'm not too fond of the design of the TubeTank for the reason of refilling. I have spilled the entire tank about two times now which wastes quite a bit of liquid with the tank being 7ml lol. But if you know how to use the tank and how to fill it, it can be a pretty decent tank. What impresses me most about this carto tank is the airflow! It doesn't feel like a tight pull at all. All in all, great kit for someone who is wanting to get into the higher end of the ecig market, loving mine so far and it has now kept me off cigs for 2 days! Thanks for saving my life Volcano, literally ;)
  • Overall
    Best vapor product in the world!!!
    Review by Alfredon 8/6/14
    I got my Lavatube less than a week ago and I have never been so happy about an ecig in my life. The vapor production is outstanding. The taste of the juice is amazing and sweet. It holds very well in the hand. My finger does not get tired from using the fire button because it's so easy to fire. This is the perfect mod in the world. As a matter of fact I am going to look into purchasing the other ecigs from Volcano and I am going to highly recommend them to my friends who are looking for new models and especially for those who are switching from traditional cigarettes to ecigs. Volcano you son a new customer.
  • Overall
    Inferno & LavaTube....
    Review by Pamelaon 7/20/14
    My Son-in-Law is in the Army, he and my daughter & Grandson are stationed there!!!... He had one {An inferno} and let me try his and the next thing I knew, my husband bought me one!!!..
    I started out with the Inferno kit, silver in color!!! ... Bought it while we was in Hawaii, March 2013!!!! That changed my life forever!!! ... I was a 30 year Smokers!!!... But like I said "Was"!!!...
    Must say, I never thought, in a million years that I would be able to quit smoking, but VOLCANO changed my Life 4ever and 2 of my sisters, and my Mom, all quit smoking!!! ...
    I have to give that credit to VOLCANO!!! ... THANK YOU ALL THERE AT VOLCANO!!!...YOU ALL ARE ANGELS FROM HEAVEN...

    I own all the colors that you all have in the Infernos, except the purple and white... Now I have went a step further, Bought my first Lava Tube, purple in color!!! ... The Granddaddy of them all and I am in heaven, I love the Lava Tube!!!... Love it so much, I have two more of them, Green and the Blue one!!! ... I still use my Infernos but the Lava Tube takes the Cake!!!...
    Volcano has the BEST service EVER and they definitely stand by their product, I am living proof of that!!! ... Any problems, they fix it, Period! ... You guys are GREAT!

    Very proud of my Son-in-Law and that he too quit smoking cigarettes and got me to stop by shaving his Inferno with me and then me letting my sisters and my Mom tried mine and they too stopped smoking and I owe all that too again, VOLCANO!!!

    If you are thinking on buying one of these products from Volcano, DO IT, I promise you will not regret it!!! ...

  • Overall
    I was surprised.
    Review by 8luedevilon 7/17/14
    The unit is MUCH larger than I expected. If I could include a pic of it next to an Inferno for comparison I would. Without a tank attached it is as long as an Inferno (short battery) AND tank. It is as wide as TWO Inferno's side by side. Too big for my tastes but that is obviously subjective.

    The unit uses a Tube Tank which holds a lot but I still prefer my BCT tube tank on my Inferno, partially because I like the smooth look and partially because I prefer the vapor it produces.. You DO have a lot of control, through the voltage/amp adjustments) over what kind and how much vape you get.

    If you are not concerned by the large size, are a fan of the Tube Tank and like a lot of control, then this is a great unit for you! Personally I will stick with my Inferno. Perhaps I will try this thing again if the offer a BCT style tank in the future but until then it will go back into the package.
  • Overall
    Great mod, but not perfect
    Review by Maxon 7/8/14
    Overall I'm happy with the PERFORMANCE of this mod. The vape is super smooth and strong. No noticeable voltage fluctuation. Nice button. Nice weight. Very nice vape. It does seem to fire or half a second after you release the button, but you get use to just pulling after letting the button go.

    However, there are some things that bother me.

    First, the 510 connection on mine is a bit off the 90 deg line. Its only by a hair, but any tank leans a bit to the side when screwed in. I'm sure if I hand the mod to a friend, they won't notice right way. But I did and now it bothers me every time I pick it up. I'm half serious of course, its not that big of a deal, but I did not expect to see that on an $80 USA designed device. Not acceptable.

    Second, the airflow is a bit tight, so I would definitely use this with tanks/rda's with adjustable airflow. I currently use the Kanger Aerotank Mega and the Aspire Nautilus. Super happy with the flavor and vapor production. Once you get the airflow dialed in, they both vape amazing on the Lavatube. The Protank 3 I have however, has a draw that's way too tight on the Lavatube compared to my buddy's Provari. I ordered the Airflow adjuster, which will fix the issue, but keep in mind that the draw may be tight on some tanks.

    Third, the red in the picture and the red I received to not match. The picture on the website shows a vibrant, deep red, where as what I received was more of a magenta, pinkish red. I don't mind too much, but I expected to get what was in the picture, and would have chosen a different color if I knew this is what was gonna arrive. I know its important to post process images to look good, but if they don't reflect the actual look of the product, then what's the point?

    The performance of the device far outweighs the quirks that bug me, so I'm going to go and recommend the Lavatube V2.5 to anyone considering a Variable Wattage/Voltage device in this price range/form factor.
  • Overall
    Tank leaks
    Review by WILLIAM on 7/5/14
    good mod, but tank leaks. had to get better tank. Very good other wise.
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