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    I'm blown away!!!
    Review by VprGrlon 9/29/14
    I did a lot of research and this is (in my opinion) the best put together kit you can get! That being said, the products are top notch, any answers to your questions or instructions you may need are right on this website and the customer service is outstanding! The Lavatube is so easy to use along with the BC Tubetank, what an amazing combo! My vaping is on a whole other level now, pure bliss. Finally, a company that gets it. Bravo Volcano, mahalo!
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    Incredible. Just simply incredible.
    Review by dcyuri7on 9/29/14
    I've gone through a total of 3 Inferno's, and a drawer full of crappier models from years ago. And I wish I had just bought the Lavatube from the start, it's a completely different world and class.

    I thought that controlling the voltage/wattage would just lead to more atomizer failures and thus - more costs. However it's exactly the opposite. When I vape a heavier fluid (the dark ones, carmel, choco, etc), the lower voltage of 4.2 (which is my preference) doesn't cut it. There's less than half the vapor production, and the atomizer pops and hiccups -- it chokes..
    I have to kick it up to 5.7 for the atomizer to function properly. Which simply proves the usefulness of that control.

    And when you abuse an atomizer, it fails quickly. So having control over the voltage means you can maximize the properties of each fluid without harming your gear. And THAT is what they need to put on the description page, because it's the only thing I was worried about.... cost of maintenance of this product. This is the most intelligent purchase you can make on this website.

    And I'm so happy to say that I'm in love with this device, like no other before. I wish the fluid was a bit cheaper, but I can't complain. No head shop anywhere in town has the quality of fluid as Volcano. I don't know why, it's just pg and vg, but whatever it is, they are doing it right. And the lavatube just blows it out of the park.

    One downside would be the size of it. I'm worried I'm goin to strip the BCT system that screws into the top of it. And I ponder what happens when that occurs (no warranty, so... im screwed ya?)

    Other than that, it's amazing. If there's one thing i can reiterate over an over -- it's that this is absolutely worth the cost. If you're debating it, like I was, and settling for less, trust me, save the cash, run through that hard week of analogs, and outright buy this device. Idunno if there's a better one on the market, haven't researched it. Probably not though. The fluid is just so damn good from Volcano, I'll never go anywhere else. Brilliant product.

  • Overall
    Have 6 inferno,s and finally went for the Lavatube, am 63 and been doing this for 8 mo. And quit after 50 years of smoking
    Review by Johnon 9/20/14
    I was disappointed that there was no instructions in the box, Only the video, I think the should. Have them in the box and maybe some starting points for watt or volts. That said in the video they talk about this # 1 and # 2 setting and beginners should starts on # 2. I Played with this for a day and half and gave up. After 2 hours my BC tank started leaking a lot especially when I would draw on it, I tried two new coils and anything else I could think of and would not stop. So not knowing that the #1 or # 2 feature where removed (until I made a phone call) I thought the Lavatube was bad or I was doing something wrong. I gave up and new of a Volcano dealer in Illinois. Drove out ther and they could not figure out what was wrong with the BC tube. I am leaving for a vacation Tuesday and really don't have time for discussing problem with Volcano or waiting for new tank so I bought a new BC tank and a tube tank for backup. Now all this being said it is working fine with new tank and after figuring out what volts I needed to run on the product, this thing is awesome and will probably by a second at later date. I Just think with allitle more instruction in the box would of helped. Not with the BC tank of course. That was just my bad luck having one that leaked
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    Overall good product with minor issue
    Review by Kevinon 9/16/14
    I purchased 2 Lavatube v2.5's. One in silver and the other in blue. The fit and finish on both appear to be great and they perform amazingly well. My issue is with the menu system. When holding both top buttons to access voltage or wattage, both revert back to 3v and 3w regardless of where they were set previously. While changing the battery preserves the settings, accessing power controls on the menu does not.
  • Overall
    i love it!!!
    Review by corinnaon 9/11/14
    i own both the Inferno and recently bought the Lavatube for my husband. He enjoys the ability to control the temperature setting. I also bought some coffee. Its so yummy and smooth. Thankyou Volcano for fine quality products.
  • Overall
    Definitely a MUST purchase!
    Review by Toddon 9/10/14
    Been a customer of Volcano since October 2013 when I purchased the Inferno. If you want ultimate gaping, then the LavaTube 2.5 is the one for you. I received my LavaTube a week ago today and I'm completely happy with it. I'm sure it's just me, but when I change out my battery, I seem to have an issue turning the LavaTube back on. Don't I just press the button 5 times to turn back on? I'm sure this is user error, so I'm giving this 5 stars regardless. Thanks Volcano!!!
  • Overall
    Love My New Pink Lava Tube!
    Review by K.Joon 9/9/14
    After my old MOD crapped out on me, I did a lot of research and the Volcano Lava Tube came with high recommendations from multiple places. I am soooo glad that I ordered from y'all. It is the best vaping experience that I have ever had. The unit is sturdy and is very stylish. It has multiple features that let you have a personalized vape and overall produces a nice thick vape cloud. I tried the tank that came with the kit but I'm not really a fan. It clogged up way too easily and I spent more time getting it to not gurgle then I did vaping . Since then, I've been using my Protank 2's on it and it is the perfect combination. Long live my Volcano Pink Lava Tube!! Best investment I have made in a while!
  • Overall
    I do not know if volcano can top themselves
    Review by steven on 9/5/14
    The kit is great, But I just bought 2.5 device and bc tube , I had received the original lava tube for a gift so i had case and charger, But not so satisfied with charger bought an Xtar charger just like the one in 2.5 kit except for car charging cord i use while traveling, Personal Preference, So overall this kit cannot be topped , really like bc tube tank so far as i have only had a few weeks use , Well done Volcano Staff
  • Overall
    Ono Vaping Experience!
    Review by Juanitaon 9/3/14
    I also have The Inferno, but the Lavatube is high quality, serious vaping equiptment! I love the watt feature that gives you a choice of vapor flow. It is top quality and with all the flavors available from Volcano, it's a new experience each time you vape. With this "bad boy", I never miss cigarettes anymore. Congrats Volcano on an excellent product!
  • Overall
    great tube
    Review by DAVIDon 8/31/14
    love the lava tube, if i had known about the kit a the time of my purchase , i would had gotten it instead of buying just the lava tube, tank and lanyard, i really would have liked the kit better, the only complaint, and it's a small one, i wish the thank held more juice, other then that, lava tube is my favorite new ecig.
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LAVATUBE User Manual

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