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Salted Caramel E-Liquid - 15ml

Salted Caramel E-Liquid - 15ml

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Customer Reviews

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  • Overall
    Awesome taste
    Review by Tinaon 12/20/13
    I've been vaping for about 1 year, this is the best tasting liquid this company makes. This is sweet and tasty.
  • Overall
    Review by Janeon 12/19/13
    Because of an allergy to milk, caramel is one of the many things I've had to give up, and it was one of my favorite candies. So when I saw this flavor pop up, I knew I had to try it. I admit, I've tried caramel liquids from other companies, but the flavor was never quite right (overly sweet, too buttery, too I-don't-even-know-what-this-is-but-it's-not-caramel, etc.).
    When I opened the bottle, the scent was very prominent--and delightful! When I vaped it, the flavor was spot on! Though it's sweet, it doesn't have that cloying over-sweetness that cheap caramel candies have, which pleases me a great deal. I don't get any salt taste out of it, but that doesn't detract from the flavor for me. I've mixed it with Vanilla Bean and Milk Chocolate (each flavor separately, and also together) with great tasting results.
    The vapor itself does not smell, but beware spilling any of the liquid! I had a minor leaking incident (no more than a drop or two) in a canvas bag I carry and the scent lingered pretty strongly for a week (until I threw it in the wash).
  • Overall
    Review by Crestonon 11/6/13
    Wonderful flavor. great taste and smell.
  • Overall
    wicked awesome
    Review by Tiffanyon 11/4/13
    One of the things I miss since I went vegan a few years ago was carmel as most of it contains milk. This flavor is a wonderful memory of one of my favorite flavors in the world. Thank you Volcano for creating and selling this flavor. Its now my number one fave.
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4 Item(s)

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