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Vanilla Bean E-Liquid - 15ml Sale

Vanilla Bean E-Liquid - 15ml

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Customer Reviews

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  • its okay
    Review by Brianon 2/29/12
    i selected this to go with my new inferno kit, starting to wish i requested menthol, im not impressed with this flavor, its an okay taste, but its more like marshmellows
  • thick vanilla flavor
    Review by Ericon 1/31/12
    Im not a fan of vanilla, but picked up some VB cartomizers for convenience reasons. Its a thick vanilla flavor with a nice mellow taste,

    I was a menthol smoker, and have a sweet tooth so I usually get menthol or the candy flavors. I can see non-menthol smokers really loving this. Not sweet, but more of a hearty rich taste to it.
  • Great Taste
    Review by Kinnason 1/20/12
    I was expecting it to taste a little different but all around its a great flavor and best with a nice hot cup of coffee :)
  • Lovin the Bean
    Review by Jasonon 1/15/12
    Finaly i got the chance to buy vanilla bean. I was not dissapointed. This will stay in my main stream of juices. It's great to vape all day long and so far my taste buds have not been overloaded to the point of not tasting the vanilla. Some juices i have to switch off of for a day or so to get the full flavor back. So far this isn't one of them. I always taste the vanilla. Highly Highly recomeded. Here's to lovin vanilla bean!
  • orgasmic
    Review by chasityon 1/1/12
    i love it........smells beautiful tastes amazing i can use this flavor all day
  • The name says it all
    Review by Kristinaon 11/22/11
    If you are expecting this to taste like a vanilla ice cream or vanilla candy, you will be disappointed. It's not like smoking a black n' mild Vanilla or Vanilla cigarette.

    When you try this, keep in mind the name. It is like vaping a Vanilla bean. Very nice Vanilla flavor with dark undertones.
  • Some good stuff!!
    Review by Ryanon 11/16/11
    This was my first flavor that came w/ my Magma Kit. As a recent smoker I was apprehensive that going vape was the way to quit smoking.
    This juice has such a good hit to the lungs and satisfied my cigarette need.
    I have been vaping for almost three weeks now and this past week has been completely smoke free.
    If you like vanilla and are looking to quit smoking....... I'd start here.
  • The Best I Ever Had!!!
    Review by Efrainon 10/22/11
    Smooth, Tasty, and satisfying! God Bless U.S.A. smoke juice
    Review by DeeAnneon 10/21/11
    Vanilla is great tasting smooth not to sweet it has become my fav so if your thinking bout trying go for it I used to only vap the menthol now I mix the two but always go back to the straight vanilla ummm good have a good one guys and KEEP VAPPING :)
  • Taste like homemade pancakes.
    Review by Lennyon 10/20/11
    Seriously it's so rich in flavor that once I put it into my tankomizer I couldn't stop. When you drip it oh lordy lordy it's even more of an awesome flavor party in your mouth. (Puns intended.)
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Items 11 to 20 of 31 total

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