Vanilla Bean E-Liquid - 15ml

Vanilla Bean E-Liquid - 15ml

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  • This Is It!!!!
    Review by JDon 10/11/11
    This is my all day vape!!!! This is the best vape... hands down!!!! Get this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • All day vape
    Review by Rielon 10/9/11
    This flavor at first was alittle different than previous vanilla flavors I have had before. It was at first a little smokey with a good amount of smooth sweet after taste. I have been dripping with my inferno this flavor since I bought it and used almost all of my first bottle and will certainly not be my last. Great stuff!
  • love at first vape!
    Review by Rebeccaon 10/5/11
    this is my all time favorite :) i love it straight and mixed with my menthol burst. you can count me in as a lifer with volcano and with this V-Liquid
  • Good flavor
    Review by sterlingon 10/5/11
    This is a good smooth vanilla flavor would not vap all day with it but its a good hit every once and a while
  • Awesome!
    Review by Timon 10/3/11
    Love this stuff! Ive tried others, but this is the flavor I come back to everytime. Its clean, doesnt leave a wierd aftertaste like some other liquids, and just plain tastes and smells great. Its like lighting a vanilla scented candle while vaping! <3 it
  • Volcano why you so good?
    Review by Jordan(Kraze)on 9/21/11
    This is very very good, It is not your average vanilla...

    It has a very strong but not over powering taste and smell, I cannot wait to run out so I can buy more!
  • Smooth
    Review by Richardon 9/20/11
    Love this juice...not overpowering...Very smooth and a good juice to use as an all day vape!!!!
  • My Go-To Flavor
    Review by defaulton 9/1/11
    While I wish the vanilla taste were a little stronger and sweeter, there is no bad taste to this liquid at all. When I get irritated with the dirty flavors of other liquids I keep coming back to this one. On top of that it mixes perfectly with just about everything. Vanilla-Tobacco-Menthol is one I mix regularly.
  • This has broken my idea of smoking!!!!
    Review by JayNFLon 8/23/11
    This flavor is amazing!!! Thank you Volcano as this flavor alone has saved me hundreds of dollars! When converting from traditional cigs to e-cigs I was sceptical until I tasted this flavor. No more lighters for me as this one tastes great, has a nice throught hit and just picks the spirit up. The taste and aroma makes any day a great day! Since picking this one up I have not smoked an analog and each vap gets better. Thank you so much Volcano but watch over your shoulder as I am sure *.*.Reynolds and associates maybe upset for a customer loss.
  • Great! All day vape.
    Review by Jordanon 8/15/11
    This flavour is great, The smell is amazing, the taste is amazing. I always get compliments from people when i vape this, saying, " you smell great! what is it" I would recomend this to anybody who likes vanilla or just enjoys vaping in general.
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Items 21 to 30 of 30 total

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