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Red Hot Lava E-Liquid - 30ml

Red Hot Lava E-Liquid - 30ml

45 Review(s)

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Customer Reviews

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  • Overall
    Holy Grail
    Review by Kimon 1/30/15
    This is the best flavor e-liquid of any brand I've ever tried. I would say that it tastes exactly like cinnamon candy but it's better than candy, seriously. The only drawback is that it's a strong flavor and after vaping nothing but Red Hot Lava for weeks I'm unable to taste any of my previous daily vapes! Bluewaterpunch and Cotton Candy are too mild for my tastebuds now, not that I'm complaining too much. It mixes very well with Apple Pie.
  • Overall
    Review by Timothyon 11/6/14
    I've always been hardcore against fruity or candy flavors. Mainly focused on tobacco, coffee, and maybe a few drops of milk chocolate.

    Thought I would vape outside the box when this appeared on the 'flavor of the week' shelf. Holy crap. My new favorite flavor. Tastes just a Hot Tamale. Now, if that had been described to me before I bought it, I probably wouldn't have bought it. Never would have occurred to me a hot tamale flavor would be good. Something about the mouthfeel and throat hit though, awesome.
  • Overall
    Best Liquid Ever!
    Review by MrsHeinkeon 9/16/14
    All time favorite! No one else's cinnamon compares!
  • Overall
    The best
    Review by Jasonon 5/19/14
    Ice tried them all this is a everyday vape.
  • Overall
    Love it!
    Review by Jennon 5/10/14
    I've tried many different favors but, by far, this is my absolute favorite. If you like red hots or Big Red gum, you won't be disappointed. Great throat hit, perfect flavor!
  • Overall
    My #1 Flavor
    Review by Sharonon 5/6/14
    Excellent flavor! Always keep one of my carts full of Red Hot Lava.
  • Overall
    a must have
    Review by Andrewon 2/17/14
    Amazing taste and vap. For a former smoker this really took the edge off and helped me get away from smokes. The taste is like a big red and just awesome. A must have or try
  • Overall
    My favorite, hands down!
    Review by Maschelleon 2/16/14
    For once a flavor tastes exactly like what the reviews claimed it did! This is the single flavor that I cannot, for any reason, let run out! I add just one drop to almost every single other flavor I buy! Red Hot Lava, Vanilla Bean and Choconilla Haze are the three flavors I never allow to run out! Red Wings is almost at that level of "Must always have on hand!" Like those three! This is a bold, sweet strong cinnamon candy flavor! It is not for people who prefer mellow flavors. It's just perfect!
  • Overall
    Review by Vaughanon 9/9/13
    I was truly skeptical of this liquid, but my wife told me to get it anyway. To be honest it tastes exactly like Big Red bubblegum. My wife says it tastes like red hots. What reminds me of this flavor is talladega nights. "If you don't like Big Red then F you!!!"
  • Overall
    Review by Audreyon 8/29/13
    I received the Red Hot Lava found it to be very tasty. So much flavor its like I am eating red hots or cinnamon candy. Delicious!

    I have been smoke free since Mother's Day 2013
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Items 11 to 20 of 45 total

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