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Red Hot Lava E-Liquid - 30ml

Red Hot Lava E-Liquid - 30ml

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Customer Reviews

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  • Overall
    Review by Peteron 3/11/13
    really yummy. does not taste like splenda or sweet and low like other sugary liquids. kinda makes me hungry and then totally satisfied by the type of flavor this has. yep. order it.
  • Overall
    My Very Favorite Of All Flavors....
    Review by MsAbigailon 3/5/13
    I'm new to vaping just now going on into my 3rd month, and I have to say that I credit Red Hot Lava as my saviour from ever going back to analog cigs. I absolutely love-love it, and I vape it all day in my wonderful new Inferno. The only problem is that I haven't so far found a flavor I like as well, or better!

    But, I'm still trying new flavors, and have ordered just about every week getting something new to try. I have mixed a blueberry from another company with RHL and it is mighty tasty, kind or reminds me of a Juicy Fruit flavor?! But for the most part I vape just the straight Red Hot Lava w/o mixing it with anything.

    Thanks Volcano, I love all of your awesome things and will be a customer for life, because I will probably "never" stop vaping. :-))
  • Overall
    Pleasant Accident
    Review by Bradleyon 2/18/13
    I asked a friend to order "Red Wings" for me but he ordered "Red Hot Lava" instead. I dislike cinnamon greatly but have to say that this was a very pleasant surprise! Very good taste on it's own. Also, a very good flavor to add a single drop to other flavors as a flavor enhancer. For anyone that vape's with Menthol, I highly recommend adding a drop of "Red Hot Lava" to enhance the experience!
  • Overall
    Review by Alfredon 1/14/13
    It tastes just like Red Hot chewing gum or Hot Tamales candies. If you've never had that before (I feel bad for you), the easiest way to explain it is cinnamon, sugar and fire. STRONG taste. Love it.
  • Overall
    My personal favorite
    Review by Nathanon 1/8/13
    I've been vaping on the inferno for about a month now and have tried 5 flavors. This one is my favorite by far. It has great flavor every hit and the throat hit is great. It doesn't get old for me either. I vape this all day, all week. Highly recommended.
  • Overall
    very tasty
    Review by Tracon 12/26/12
    one of my favorite flavors! Mix it with menthol burst and even taste better. If you like big red gum you'll love this.
  • Overall
    Review by Trenton 12/23/12
    I have tried many other flavors, but this is by far may favorite. I vape this flavor all day!
  • Overall
    Review by Maschelleon 12/18/12
    I tried, and liked, several volcano flavors and then this came along and WOW! Blew my taste buds away! I love this strong, candy sweet, cinnamon flavor! I have this straight every day! The only other flavor I liked straight (that I have tried) was the Bonzai Banana. I used to have to have Bonzai Banana every I have to have THIS flavor every day too! I do think the higher the nicotene content, the stronger the flavor. No "mixer" needed, but the strong cinnamon flavor, when added to some of the milder flavors, really adds that extra "something" without overpowering the other flavor. Was able to quit smoking fully last month when I got my hands on Red Hot Lava!
  • Overall
    Flavor with A Bite!
    Review by Courtneyon 9/25/12
    Tasty, Tasty, Tasty. This one really hits all of my mouth, gets a full body of flavor and hits my tongue going in and going out, this is the best flavor I've tried so far.
  • mmmmmmmm
    Review by Damonon 8/25/12
    I souly bought this off the review taste like red hots. This liquid is amazing, I will be a repeating customer over and over. I have the blu. But i will be buying lava tube next.
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