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Red Hot Lava E-Liquid - 30ml

Red Hot Lava E-Liquid - 30ml

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Customer Reviews

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  • mmmmmmmm
    Review by Damonon 8/25/12
    I souly bought this off the review taste like red hots. This liquid is amazing, I will be a repeating customer over and over. I have the blu. But i will be buying lava tube next.
  • OMG!
    Review by Angelicaon 8/23/12
    I looooove cinnamon candy! This stuff nailed it! My mouth feels so fresh after vaping this stuff! Was a little apprehensive before trying afraid it was going to burn my throat and lungs, but it has the flavor of a certain 100 proof cinnamon schnapps with gold flakes without the burn! DO NOT change a thing with this liquid! You have a winner!
  • Pretty Decent
    Review by Erichon 8/8/12
    This is not the best cinnamon flavor I could have expected overall, but it's pretty good, I can't complain the initial cinnamon flavor is pretty strong on your tongue, but it's not like most of the volcano flavors where you can also taste it on the exhale.

    Rating overall about 4 / 5

    *Note: Mixes well with the Aloha Apple Flavor.
  • Cinna-Awesome
    Review by BigJuiceon 6/19/12
    This is THE BEST cinnamon you can buy. I started with Volcano - Red Hot Lava and decided to venture out and see what other juice was like.. HUGE mistake. When it comes to cinnamon there is no comparing. This tastes like cinnabears, which taste like pure deliciousness and who doesn't like pure deliciousness!?! Don't vape something that tastes like wood go Volcano!
  • Very Very Good
    Review by Joshon 5/10/12
    Absolutely delicious!
  • Best flavor yet
    Review by Fredon 4/9/12
    If you like red hots, you going to love this. They nailed it, Great Taste with a hint of cinnamon. I vape it all day. Well worth a try.
  • Love it!
    Review by Stacyon 4/8/12
    If you love cinnamon red hots candy, you'll love this. It tastes just like a red hot. By far my favorite flavor!
  • Fun Flavor
    Review by Moon 2/29/12
    Red Hot Lava is one of the flavors I always keep on hand. It reminds me of Big Red gum. Its sweet, spicy, and cinnamon and provides one of the better throat hits. It does not have an odd "artificial" taste as some liquids do. I do not use it as an all day drip but I'm usually unscrewing the cap for a few really good throat hits at the end of the day.
  • freakin wow
    Review by Bobbyon 2/28/12
    this is redhots in a bottle with a fire jolly rancher chaser, not much else needs to be said. TH is great and vapor is plentiful
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Items 31 to 39 of 39 total

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