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Grape Escape E-Liquid - 15ml

Grape Escape E-Liquid - 15ml

23 Review(s)

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Customer Reviews

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  • Overall
    Review by Davidon 2/15/14
    This flavor is the best grape e-liquid I've encountered. New favorite flavor, adding two drops of menthol burst tastes awesome
  • Overall
    Review by T-Ganon 1/19/14
    Tastes like Purple Drank baby! Mmm its purple
  • Overall
    Good solo or great as a mixer!!
    Review by Krakatoaon 1/15/14
    I Grape Escape tastes good…mix it with Aloha Apple….awesome!
  • Overall
    Grape Escape
    Review by Davidon 12/22/13
    It does not get any better then this flavor!. This is now my number one Volcano flavor. It is also great to add to others. Very Happy with Grape Escape and will always have it on hand.
  • surprisingly good
    Review by Nicholason 3/26/12
    tastes like grape coolaid, actually just got it for fun but quite pleased.
  • thanks for the tip Jason
    Review by Jayon 2/25/12
    Just ordered some sweet tart to add to the grape. Grape is good think the tang of sweet tart will add to it. Thanks Jason for the idea.
  • Favorite Flavor of all Time
    Review by James on 2/4/12
    This is the best flavor I've ever tasted. It's the perfect vape to use all day long or in short spurts. Its smooth, with an awesome taste that lasts longer than most. Love Love Love it.
  • Very weak
    Review by Markon 2/2/12
    Tried it in my tube tank for my Lavatube. Very weak flavor, could barely taste any grape, low vapor production. Won't get this again but tobacco pure and choconilla haze are excellent.
  • So good!!
    Review by Crystalon 1/18/12
    Fantastic grape flavor!! Going to order the big bottle next time! Definitely my favorite vape!!
  • Good - Not Great
    Review by defaulton 1/10/12
    This liquid doesn't have some of the funky tastes or aftertastes that some do - and the grape flavor tastes good. Personally I think it's more like a grape Gatorade. But, the flavor is slightly weak and my girlfriend could hardly make out what flavor it was at first. I like it - could vape it all day but am hoping to find some more flavor.
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Items 1 to 10 of 23 total

per page