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Coocoo Coconut E-Liquid - 15ml

Coocoo Coconut E-Liquid - 15ml

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Customer Reviews

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  • Needs more flavor very weak
    Review by ladydragonon 12/7/11
    ok i have tried this flavor every way you can
    first was the cart that had no flavor so ever so then i tried the liquid (drip and tank) and have to say im still disappointed in this flavor.. with the drip tip you get just a hint more flavor but not much.. and with the tank it seems to smell like it just burning

    Volcano- taste buds will taste more the longer you have stopped smoking
  • New flavor misses the mark
    Review by Dawnon 10/24/11
    For the past year, the original coconut was my favorite flavor. Sadly this new mix lacks flavor! Please, please fix this because I am missing my coconut…vaping vanilla waiting for a flavor fix.
  • Needs more flavor
    Review by chuckon 10/12/11
    It has a good TH and is very smooth but the flavor is just weak. I noticed after a week the flavor was a little better but still a little light might have been a fresh batch and needs some time to cure. I would definitely give this a try.
  • Not Bad, But Weak
    Review by defaulton 9/7/11
    On the plus side, I can't find anything to dislike about it - no aftertastes or nasty feelings in your mouth. On the con side the flavor is one of the weakest I've tasted - the coconut flavor is so light I can hardly taste it. Might be best used as a mixer, but Volcano seems to be good at perfecting the flavors, I'm sure they'll perfect this one over time too.

    If you try the 30ml bottles, it has changed already and is much better
  • Ditto!
    Review by Michaelon 8/30/11
    Gotta agree with dp1977. Best coconut juice on the market. This juice is the only one with a great throat hit while also being very smooth. mjc1959
  • OMG! W00t!!!
    Review by dphillips1977on 8/24/11
    Just the right amount of delicious coconut flavor and great throat hit. A very fine juice. I mixed it with a little pineapple punch for a yummy pina colada vape.
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Items 11 to 16 of 16 total

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