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Coocoo Coconut E-Liquid - 30ml

Coocoo Coconut E-Liquid - 30ml

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Customer Reviews

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  • Overall
    This product needs to be re-vamped
    Review by Antonon 6/6/17
    This is for the candy lovers! I mixed some vanilla custard and tobacco with this Coconut blend,to make more tolorable.This might be best added wiith some type creamy flavor to it (perhaps) Roasted Coconut Cream Pie.
  • Overall
    Very toasty and bold after taste
    Review by Lelandon 3/13/17
    Not your typical coconut flavor. Very toasty and bold after taste. A really nice change of flavor if you use mostly fruity flavors.
  • Overall
    Too sweet for me
    Review by Jeffon 11/27/14
    Definitely tastes like coconut, but a tad too sweet for me. If you like coconut, give it a shot though!
  • Overall
    Normally love coconut but.....
    Review by Danielleon 8/17/14
    This was like inhaling a bottle of suntan lotion. I ended up purchasing some pineapple e liquid to yummy up the suntan flavor. I couldn't bear to waste money and throw this out. Almost done with this flavor.
    I love coconut, but this does not resemble real coconut. So far this has been the first flavor I was dissappointed in!
    Gave it 3 stars because you can rescue the flavor by mixing it. Maybe my taste buds are still broke from smoking analogs for over 20 yrs.
  • Overall
    Terrific flavor!
    Review by TygerLyllyon 7/24/14
    I absolutely love the Coocoo Coconut flavor. It's has a wonderful flavor by itself and can be mixed with several of the other flavors available. The smell from this liquid is pleasant also (I have found that several of the tropical flavors make other people stop and ask what I am "puffing" on). This flavor in particular is one of the only ones that I have found I do not lose the taste of, some flavors I cannot taste after using them for a few days in a row. This is a great replacement to the terrible odor and taste of the cigarettes I smoked for 19 years. Thank you Volcano!!!!
  • Overall
    Review by Kimberlyon 9/30/13
    I ordered the small bottle at first bc my plan was only to use this flavor as a mixer with blue water, but I soon found out how great it was by itself. Love it! And everyone around says it smells amazing when I vape. Don't notice a perfumey after taste like some have mentioned...?? And I used to be a pack to a pack and a half daily smoker for almost 18 years and I do get a pretty nice throat hit off of it. It's now my favorite. :)
  • Overall
    Great MIXER!
    Review by 3Percenteron 8/11/13
    Giving it 5 stars because I love the flavor mix I get when I mix it 50/50 with Blue Water Punch. By itself I would rate it a 4, but as others have rated it is an awesome flavor for mixing.
  • Overall
    Love it!!!
    Review by Yokoon 6/9/13
    very nice flavor themself. very yummy. I mixed with pineapple, it taste like Pina Colada! I also mix with mango. I like them'too. Taste like little peachy.
  • Overall
    like y'all say, it's best as a mixer
    Review by Nathanon 5/30/13
    alone, the coconut is a great tasting (although a bit perfumey aftertaste). but added to chocolate, vanilla, and some other fruit flavors, is when it really shines. lighter TH at 18mg than others, but thats OK. get higher nic if you prefer TH. lots of vapor, great taste. MIGHT order again if I'm jonesing for some coconut one day.
  • Overall
    Very Nice
    Review by Arthuron 5/15/13
    Great coconut flavor, with a very smooth taste. I shared a bottle with my friend and the only complaint I have is that it disappeared too quickly. It is very true to the flavor, and will taste like what you think it will taste like.
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