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Choconilla Haze E-Liquid - 15ml

Choconilla Haze E-Liquid - 15ml

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Customer Reviews

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  • Delicious!
    Review by Sherrion 1/25/12
    First Timer here. Just bought my Inferno and love this flavor. Just like Coco Puffs, delicious Chocolate Flavor with a nice nutty blend. I didn't taste very much Vanilla, which is good, because I don't like Vanilla, lol.
  • Pretty good!
    Review by Curton 1/17/12
    I like it alone and mixed with the Bonzai Banana. Very tasty dripping and working on the perfect recipe in the tanks before I dump a bunch in my new tube.
  • TASTY!
    Review by Steveon 1/11/12
    Holy cow, this stuff is AMAZING! The first puff tasted like coco puffs at first, but the hazelnut tends to be the dominant aftertaste. Definitely is worth a try!
  • Hmmmmm......
    Review by Shaneon 1/6/12
    So I got this and the tobacco flavor with my new Inferno. I like this better, but not by much. I think I need to accept that I may do better with the fruity flavs. The tobacco was sickly sweet......and this reminds me of that too much. It's good if you like that type of flavour......just not for me.
  • If you like cocoa puffs, go for it!
    Review by Brennanon 12/8/11
    I didn't even have the shrink wrap off the bottle yet before I could smell the flavor. I recognized the scent instantly, but it took me a minute to put my finger on it. Then it came to me: COCOA PUFFS!!! This smells and tastes IDENTICAL to cocoa puffs. Pretty trippy but enjoyable experience vaping a classic children's chocolatey cereal.
  • Perfection
    Review by Bonsaion 11/16/11
    Simply put this might be the best thing ever. Great silky smooth flavor of chocolate and hazelnut with a hint of vanilla bean. Perfect in the morning with coffee. Great TH and tuns of vape. This is perfect!
  • No need for dessert!
    Review by Johnon 10/26/11
    Whilst I am not a huge fan of hazelnuts, this blend is wonderful. I get a nice blend of chocolate and vanilla on inhale and a slight hazelnut finish on the exhale. Will definitely be ordering this again when I run out!
  • This stuff is the BOMB
    Review by chuckon 10/12/11
    This has to be one of the best flavors i've every used in my 2 years of vaping. It has a great TH and is so smooth. This is my favorite flavor and my new all day vape I can't get enough of this. I Highly recommend it !!!! You probably should order 2 of these so u don't run and have to wait its so addictive :)
  • one word...amazing
    Review by Gordonon 9/28/11
    i thought the vanilla bean was the best thing that this site had to offer, because of how rich of a vanilla taste it offered, but take that, add a hint of chocolate on the initial inhale, followed by a DELICIOUS nutty taste on the exhale, and you have a stellar, EVERYDAY vape, that gives one of the smoothest tastes i have ever had.
  • very pleased!
    Review by pipo1224on 9/24/11
    Coconilla Haze if a very enjoyable flavor, but has its draw backs. the initial draw give a sweet chocolaty flavor. the inhale gives a rich and pleasing vanilla taste. upon exhale the flavor has transformed to a woody, creamy, and fresh hazelnut flavor. i am over all satisfied with the flavor .i ordered the full flavor bottle, and when it arrived i noticed that this particular flavor has a low amount of vapor production, and the nicotine content is a little low for my taste. i recommend this flavor to anybody that has not tried it before.
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Items 21 to 30 of 42 total

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