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Choconilla Haze E-Liquid - 30ml

Choconilla Haze E-Liquid - 30ml

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Customer Reviews

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  • Overall
    Getting my wife to quit with this
    Review by Stevenon 12/5/12
    It's take over a month of trying different flavors, but this one finally won her over. I'm very thankful this flavor exists. Thank you Volcano.
  • Overall
    Good but a little rich
    Review by Justinon 11/29/12
    Allow me to first say I'm much more of a traditional tobacco flavor person.. but this and the Blue Water Punch have had such good reviews I can't help but try them. Haven't tried BWP yet, but next order will be a definite.

    This is really an amazing taste and a very well mixed flavor. Considering how rich it is, I don't think it would ever be my "All-day vape" liquid, but it is DEFINITELY worth a try, and I would quickly suggest it to anyone wanting a nice sweeter change on occasion.. Five Stars once again, Volcano!
  • Overall
    Feeling like a Coffee shop
    Review by Djayfusionon 11/28/12
    Everytime i used this it reminds me of going into a coffee shop. It taste like one. it feels like i get all my "ines"... caffeine and nicotine! Vape on people!
  • Overall
    Oh my
    Review by Seanon 11/12/12
    This is so good I wanna drink it! Used it in my "tester" kit...and WOW is all I can Vaping the best chocolate milkshake ever made....
  • Overall
    Review by Richieon 11/11/12
    Tastes like that count choculla cereal lol
  • Overall
    bit of heaven
    Review by christopheron 11/3/12
    Volcano u have wrongly named this should be named a bit of heaven cuz this product is by far THE SH!±... PUT THIS IN ANYTHING AND OMG ITS TASTE IS GORGEOUS... EXCEPT THE TANK SYSTEM IT MIGHT CLOGG UP THEN UD HAVE TO CLEAN THE VOLCANO WAY....
  • Overall
    not bad
    Review by Houstonon 10/11/12
    I bought this one because I heard of its awesome throat hit. 5 stars smoothe and not too sweet. A perfect balance of chocolate and hazelnut with vanilla in the background. Tastes like I just ate a piece of Toblerone, love it. thanks volcano.
  • Nice
    Review by Angelicaon 8/23/12
    Dripping is the best way to use this liquid. It stains my clearomizers. I clean my drip atomizers with gin to get them squeaky clean. This liquid is great! Very smooth!
  • This is my "UNWIND" flava....
    Review by Kuuipopualanion 8/19/12
    Thanks for letting me sample at the Ala Moana Kiosk. As soon as I hit this I was "SOLD", I just imagined myself on the computer at night unwinding and easing my mind to shut down. This flava is awesome. I found it to be better by itself without the menthol and just with the light nicotine that I need. Awesome...
  • Sweet!
    Review by Dustinon 7/11/12
    The flavor is good, but VERY sweet. Like other dark liquids I have tried do NOT use this in a tank setup it will clog in about a week, but it works good in the regular atomizer. You will have to clean the atomizer every couple of weeks in a hot water soak though if you want longevity out of it. Awsome flavor, smooth throat hit, but overly sweet for regular use for me.
Page: 1 of 6

Items 41 to 50 of 51 total

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