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Cherry Lava E-Liquid - 30ml

Cherry Lava E-Liquid - 30ml

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  • Overall
    Cherry, cherry?
    Review by shaunon 12/6/15
    Just wanted to help improve your wonderful company ( that I so encourage every smoker/vapriror to swtch! And now one of local vape shops now carries -tried your new 4 flavor internationals)...sorry got off track....the cherry tsste like citrus, but only lemon lime...weird, right? And I only smoke and use volcano products and really love your attention to the details. Keep Vaping! !!!
  • Overall
    Code Red!
    Review by Matthewon 10/8/13
    I bought the Mauna Dew when I first ordered my Inferno kit and a friend had the Cherry Lava. We traded flavors just to try and I did a 50/50 mix of this and the Mauna Dew expecting it to taste like Mountain Dew Code Red and let me tell you, I was nothing short of impressed. It tasted spot on like my favorite soft drink.
  • Overall
    Review by RRon 9/1/13
    You HAVE to love cherry if you are buying this!! I did hesitate a long time ago once when reading some thought it tastes like cherry cough "sort" of does, but it never bothered me. It IS a strong cherry flavor so those who hate cherry be warned. The Vape is very nice and strong (as just for some reason coffee and "dark" vape juice just seems to not get as much vape in my experience (having been vaping for 2 years now). But this one can be mixed with others if you think the cherry is too strong. I do love it though! Not my number one fav to vape all day long every day, but one flavor I do enjoy occasionally. ;)
  • Overall
    Luden's Cough Drops
    Review by Gregon 7/10/13
    Many on here say it has a medicine-like taste. It almost immediately reminds me of Luden's cherry flavored cough drops. I always thought the Luden's cough drops tasted more like candy, and I always liked them so the Cherry Lava is one of my favorites. It is also good to mix with other flavors. It is great mixed with sweet tart. If you mix it with tobacco pure it kind of reminds me of the old Swisher Sweet cherry cigars. I think I'll always have a big bottle of it.
  • Overall
    very good!
    Review by ykvirgoon 6/9/13
    This flavor is very strong kick to my throat and I love it! So I reordered this flavor again but this time the flavors like medicine. Maybe I'm into the different flavor now. I'll try again tho.
  • Overall
    WOW, that's a cherry, cherry!
    Review by Nathanon 5/30/13
    yeah, VERY cherry. a little strong for me. but mixing with a tobacco or maybe peach will tone it down a bit. I did order the 24mg nic and that was probably a bad idea. good vapor, decent TH, CHERRY FLAVOR BLAST. if you love cherry, you'll love this too.
  • Overall
    My main flavor
    Review by Edon 3/16/13
    Cherry Lava is by far the best eLiquid on the market. I love it!
  • Overall
    Strong Flower Perfume with a Hint of Cherry
    Review by Colemanon 3/14/13
    This was the first flavor that I received with my starter kit. I am a cherry fan, but this one does have some serious flower, perfume undertones that almost ruin it. After trying other fruit flavors I can now say that Volcano did drop the ball on this one. It does not taste as cherry as it should. I agree with the other reviewers here, this is one of those flavors that you will either love or hate, there is no middle ground...well not much of one at least. Overall, you have been warned! Don't expect a fruity flavor with this one.
  • Overall
    This one is not for me.....
    Review by MsAbigailon 3/5/13
    I don't care about this flavor at all, but my Hubby just loves it! lol So I will give it a 4 out 5 just for that fact, but on my end it just doesn't cut it. To me it has a mediciny taste, kind of like cough drops or to that affect. Again, it's just the difference in delicate taste buds for different folks!
  • Overall
    Awesome to Mix
    Review by Kimberlyon 2/21/13
    I bought the cherry 8 mg and mixed it with my tobacco pure 16mg. Made the pure not as harsh. Then I bought the Red Wings and mixed it with the cherry and cannot put it down. Kinda strong by itself but a great mixer for other flavors.
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Items 1 to 10 of 19 total

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